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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Hmmm you know... 「第二誕生日ポースト」 
14th-May-2008 04:09 pm
You know... you don't have to take things from me and then give them back later just to... hmm. かお But yeah. ありがとう.Because...

Well I'm grateful for every little thing I got, I am, but it's true, sometimes even though people are, they're not conscious of it. [Too many don't even know...] I'm damn grateful for everything I have. Or not have, for a matter of fact. Every thing. Every book, every little piece of paper, every piece of clothing hmm... every small and big device and damn yes for my fam, my friends...

Just everything.

So maybe it was... no not maybe. It was a good thing. To just take it away, leaving me with the 'dread' that I won't be able to have it back for another couple of weeks, as it was the case last time... and that on my birthday ne. It's a "stupid little thing", but thank you. Made me conscious again.

Seriously, my day so far, until a certain point was... well. Not that splendid to put it like that. I got totally surprised by a text message from a friend I got to know in Ireland. She lives in Munich too... and remembered. ニコニコ

I sneaked my laptop in to college, that way I was able to reply to some comments... and talk to my girl, which was ドキドキ ありがとうね=Dラッブユーもみじ

After college I got back home... very quickly because I had to head to work right after it. Hm. But I took out that envelope that was too huge to fit in the letter box, wondering whom it would be to... Hah. Me. =D And from. ルクス =DDD You can't imagine how much I beamed then. I mean... be the first and again the first, ne. With telling me おめでとう and with the (material) プレゼント too. [Unless you count the sort-of-name-godparenthood and varjot_virvas =D. And マオs entries But those are presents to me everyday... But those aren't material ne. ニコニコ]

Hm... Well. I really just wanted to sit down and blog straight away, when I opened it cause... just so damn overwhelmed. But I had to leave again... And damn me, I shouldn't have opened it right then, I thought, cause I just sat there ... well I read the letter first before I saw anything... Already that made me like (人´∀`o) [ルクスの日本語の書き方が好きよ。*笑顔*] Hnnnn and yeah I went like... *Badannng* inside when I read it... hyyy... And well, taking it out then, the sheet first, opening it and just... just... I couldn't even take it all in in one go I just... sat there on my bed and bawled. ... I... I don't know if I ever got a more thoughtful and hmmm effort-put-into-handmade-プレゼント like that one... really. I just sat there with hot tears running down my cheeks and nyah... looked at it closer and closer and too close? XP ^ ^" Gods. Just. Thank you. So. Damn. Much.
And... at that point, the other one came in handy... I actually needed the paper to... clean my nose xD *sighs* And ...


I feel like crying... again. Heh. It means a damn lot much to me urr I know that's not proper English but who cares argh just thank you thank you nnnn... I guess it's good that you're not actually here. I might have squeezed you to death ^ ^" Ummm... It's already on my bag. Of course. And you know what... Well I went to work then, and I sort of clung to that one ^ ^" アイ·キャン·フィール·ゼ·ラッブ〜 Gives me strength. Thank you. m(__ __)m tayru... sooooo much. For everything. And I'll say it again, because I'll say it again and again ...

I love you so damn much.

*sigh* Oh dear. xD That entry was mostly about my ルクス it seems but... that prezzy is worth 100 entries. にゃ〜

Why does everyone link me with Mao? xD
//end random side note.

And you, yes you did make me blush. In the middle of everything. ... =____=" and twitch and nnnn... okay. Heh. I won't tell you you made me groan in all public too with everyone there too hear cause... well it wouldn't be true XD I held back. *cough*

I'll just post it here... My reason for feeling warm already in the morning xP

Hah yeah... Your presents will keep me warm *laughs*

Ahhh well... Work. You know... after getting that present... the day went just strrrraight upwards.

For one:

I arrived at work. My co-worker had been thinking about the thing, cause I could only work until 6 today, instead of 8, so couldn't close the place down, confusing everything and making it complicated for everyone ^ ^" So. Instead. I'll work extra on Friday. But. Not today.


Was about to head home, went into a bookstore, when my phone rang. It were the people from my internet provider. I told them I could be home in about half an hour ~ so I went home instead of spending more time there... Went home. Checked the modem. And. Hah.

FUckiNG WoRkInG!


I was about to tell that guy that it was just another lubbely bday present but... aw... Guess it would have made his day a bit brighter =D I mean seriously... he was working at 11pm yesterday, and again, today noon. Sheesh. Must be tough, ne.


Just... thank you all so much.

... So far XD But... the day isn't over. I might have to blog again にひひ

NYAAAAAAAA... Love my 21st bday *__* ... [Yeapp I'm that old XD... Or. Young hehe ^ ^]

And I don't know what's up with Suba lately... he totally 'knuddelwuggled' me yesterday, today and... o-O WHY? Not that I can complain. =D He seems to kinda love me. Heh. And he called me 'darling'. 'Liebling', actually. I was like o-O 'What's up with YOU?' ... Must have taken drugs hahaha! He said I'll soon grow laughlines ... XD Already have them, no? XD Well. He loves them ahaha...

aber ich freu mich dass wir uns morgen doch sehen :3

~Ϟ• ѹ › ζӈз ϚιяԼ ѽӈө їՏ νἒҏӯ διςτἁἣζ ‹ ѹ •Ϟ~
^______^ Ich mich auchh

ich werd dich von oben bis unten abknuddeln und dir die füße massieren

~Ϟ• ѹ › ζӈз ϚιяԼ ѽӈө їՏ νἒҏӯ διςτἁἣζ ‹ ѹ •Ϟ~
oh godd xDDDDDDD

also bis dann liebling :3
(wink wink)

~Ϟ• ѹ › ζӈз ϚιяԼ ѽӈө їՏ νἒҏӯ διςτἁἣζ ‹ ѹ •Ϟ~
Shhh xD

Something is wrong xDDDDDD *is afraid of tomorrow's class* ... *will hide her feet* ... LOL! OH GODS! It's too warm to wear anything but sandals! ARGH! ahahahah!....

*laughs* Oh Gods... Well. Time to get ready. Gonna meet mom/unsraws_bitch for 寿司.(yeapp, she got LJ now ^____^)

*heads out beaming*

*turns around to thank everyone who made her beam*

*sighs happily*

*leaves* ~ ~ ~ ~
14th-May-2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
Omg, your NOT old..now I AM OLD!
Im way older than you-hahahaha!!
Have fun!
14th-May-2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
Ahahahhaha.. yeah xP But since about everyone in their twenties I know says 'Ohh gods I'm so old now' I just wanted to practice and do the same XP

Thank youuuuu~ had it xP
14th-May-2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
happy birthday~!!! > O </ +hug+
14th-May-2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
Thaaaannnnkkkks heheh ^____^
14th-May-2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
*more glompage*
Well, I'd say that your day went incredibly well for the most part~ ^^
14th-May-2008 08:57 pm (UTC)

Haiiii xP Well. Apart from the fact I died to often at that restaurant eherm ^ ^" XD
14th-May-2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
Sounds like it must have been very... memorable. X3
14th-May-2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
Fuck yes XD ... I mean. The sushi chef already knows me. He always gives me sweets and stuff I like most xD *rabbu* But well. =-= Did he have to see me with THAT o-O"
14th-May-2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
Ah, so you got something rather embarassing then? XD
14th-May-2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Well no yes but... How would you call it if ...well. She made a maopillowformeandIhadtoholditupandsoshecouldtakeapictureandIwaslike (////.////)

... x_X

^ ^"""
14th-May-2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
I thought of not putting my name on the envelope, but for it was that huge and I was afraid there could be something wrong with it, I decided to do so.
*needs to get something to eat*
So I was the first last night? *hehe*
*laughs* O yeah, you shouldn't have opened it before work. Fuck it, what am I saying? Of course you should. XDDD
Fine, you first read the letter this was how I planned it like. That's why the letter was put the way it was. ^^
日本語の書き方が好きよ本当に? I don't like my handwriting.

I'm so happy that it worked out that great. I'd like to have seen your face while opening, but yeah, not possible, ne.

Don't know, somehow I thought, I love this, so you also need to have one. Uruki-colored. ^-^

I love you too, so fucking much. if you think it could be understand in a wrong way, I somehow have a slide clue why, ne. anyway, you and me know how it's meant, ne

And it was much effort, but I love doing things like this, so in the end it was no effort, ne. And it's worth everything if you love it.
It was much harder to not say anything. But I made it, because this surprise should be of 100 %.

Why マオ? えぇぇ let me think about this question.
Don't know. Maybe because you mentioned him once or twice? *えへへ*

Argh, Suba is so fucking love. ^-^ give him a hug from me tomorrow, ne

and thankies to you mom for not saying anything before, but I think she enjoyed it ^__^

Ahhh, and don't forget about the pic, I just took one, when I finished the house and the garden, without all the rest.
14th-May-2008 09:15 pm (UTC)
Hahah of course you were XD No one can beat a midnights msg, ne ^ ^

Yeah I thought so... for one I was like "ohhh fuck... I can't go to work like that... *dries tears* xD But... On the other hand, from that point on, everything went uphills. *sigh* =D *hugest happy beam*

Heheh, even if you hadn't put it that way, I would have read the letter first. I always do that XD I always unpack things extremely slowly as well, if I have the chance, and read everything before getting to the present (big T__T when some aunts or relatives had given major hints in the card already, when I was a child xD)

Well you could have installed a hidden camera that starts running when it's opened XDDD ... um. yeah. xD

I absolutely did need one =D And not any. But this one.

Slight? XD Oh dear lord. Well. Well at least I would wonder, as a mom xD But ... well I told her how it is, with Uruki, ne. So she should ~sort of know~. ^ ^ And I don't mind if she thinks anything else. She doesn't know about neither my girl nor my lover ne xD So. yeah XD Lol.

It was 'much effort' still, yet not in the negative sense nee ^__^

What? Mention him once or twice? I really did? *rubs back of her head* ooooiii... hmmm... xD

I just told him now on msn XD

Auf jeden fall soll ich dir von ihr nen Hug geben ^ ^

sag ihr danke, aber ich bevorzuge das mehr links : O

~Ϟ• ѹ › ζӈз ϚιяԼ ѽӈө їՏ νἒҏӯ διςτἁἣζ ‹ ѹ •Ϟ~

sei denn natürlich man sieht aus wie eine gewisse alessia
alessia darf mich auch von rechts anfassen

XDDDDDD His beloved Alessia, ne.

And yes, my mom's eyes GLEAMED o-o ... Such a sadist XDDDD

Noooooo won't ^ ^ Won't touch it/him/it/HIM/IT uhh umummmm before yeah erm. b..before what was I gonna say? o_O
14th-May-2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
There could have been another message at night. You should get it on here, but then you had been away.
remembers your words on msn, while I wasn't here "how are you?" and when I returned and you had 'gone' I just thought "well, first of all WHERE are you?" XDD

本当にとても楽しいです that I could do this to you. You did so much for me during the past weeks. And even if you hadn't, I love to do things like this for people that are important to me.

I was not sure if you would have get the letter first because everything was packed so tight.
I also love this, that's why I tried not to give too many hints within what I wrote.
And I also love to unpack presents very slowly, the more the others get curious, the more time I take. ^-^

ファックイット wanna give you a real hug.

Well, I think I would wonder too. Don't know if she got this about me during the talk, but yeah, it's just a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep deep friendship, ne. *drifting thoughts* *gets them back, because doesn't want to think of 翔 now*

To me it's not important as long as I like to do things or as long as I know whom I did it for, you know?

Yeah, just a few little times. XDDD

Don't get this about links or rechts. o_O ^-^
15th-May-2008 12:57 pm (UTC)
I always seem to fail to notice when I help people. ^ ^" Guess that's okay though. Incounsciously, more or less, helping people is great =D

You can't... At least you're someone who was able to hug me for real a couple of times...

Who knows. I didn't ask her. And now you do have to tell me what you were talking about xD And how. ... let me guess. "Es gibt keine Zufaelle", was that one? xD *pulls your thoughts back out there*

haiiii.........what? Mao? *sound in the distance* Ehh? *another sound* What the heck are you doing in the kitchen??
*mao appearing in doorframe* Wha?
Me: "What the heck were you doing oO Sounded like you were redecorating the whole room..."
Mao: *innocent face*

xP *did it again*
15th-May-2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
I know. And I also know this. But I never did at your birthday.

I will do ~~~maybeeeeee~~~ (at least what I can remember, ne), if you come online at MSN. Where are you? Is your net not working again or are you just busy?*not thoughts to pull back, because she's beaming half of the day* 武瑠

hahahahaha *laughs* That's it. You know. Luv it.

Yeaaaah, and you can do more and more and more. ^-^
15th-May-2008 08:29 pm (UTC)


アイ ノー ユー ラッブ イト ^^-
15th-May-2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
You asked about the left/right. It's... just Suba ^^ He's crazy. xP
Well... for example. He would say "Massage me..." So if I did, he would be like "left..." and I'd do it left, and then he'd go like "Nooo the other left"

He has his own sense of direction ^ ^ And he doesn't like to be hugged from the right side ^ ^ (though he didn't care with me today xD)
15th-May-2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
あぁぁぁ okay. ^^

I know he is, but I didn't know about this.
And you hadn't wrote something about 'right' to him, so I was a little bit confused.

That thing with left and the other left I also use. If I say left and someone turns right I say the other left. ^^
16th-May-2008 05:08 am (UTC)

But that is a smartass comment that is useful. He's just doing it all the time XD Just like that heh.
15th-May-2008 07:50 am (UTC) - our secret ...
... was kept well, the whole time, YEAH!!!!!! First thing Outori spoke about yesterday was YOUR present and HOW MUCH she loves it!! And she showed me the photo of both of you, and yeah, I was SO much impressed about what u did for her!

Thanx for loving her!!

... *coughs* there was no time to talk about our phone con ... ermmm ... and how long it actually was ... *smirks*

So I'm WARAI ONI again, lalala
15th-May-2008 11:50 am (UTC) - Re: our secret ...
*hehe* thx for keeping it, ne. ^^
Aww, she did? OMGS *beams*
It was not much what I did. It wasn't in October and it wasn't now. It just came straight from my heart.

I'm grateful for her being there.

*ehehe* *laughs* It is fun doing those kinda surprises. Even though one has to take care not to make a mistake. ^^
17th-May-2008 10:32 am (UTC) - Re: our secret ...
I can positively confirm that Gwen was lucky you wrapped some things in kitchen paper, so there was something to dry the tears ... very clever thought!!!! :-)

And it WAS much, because it came from your inner most, not just from the heart. That's something you can not buy ...

I was choked up, too ...
17th-May-2008 12:33 pm (UTC) - Re: our secret ...
Hihi I never thought about this use for it. I just needed something to cushion the star from the rest. ^^ I thought of this could look not that good, but I had nothing else. ^-^

Aww thank you for saying this. ^///^ I didn't think about it, ne. Well, I thought about how to give her the sweets that I planned since the beginning of the year, but I never thought about effort or anything else. Just something I knew she WOULD love.
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