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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
(my) Mental Disorders [Lucky#Slevin related] 
8th-Aug-2008 10:31 pm
I am amused.

I've been wondering how many mental disorders I would be diagnosed with if I ever let myself check.

Well, maybe depression, I thought... but that's so common, it's almost boring.

Currently, I am watching the movie Luck Number Slevin, and oh gawds, having such a great time. Poor Slevin. Ahhh and Bruce Willis. Gotta love that poker face.

Anyway... Slevin (I love Slevin. I love him XD I love personalities who are just a bit too forward for their own good... quick tongues. I love quick tongues. [nopunsintended]) gave me another idea. There are just too many mental disorders around... probably everything that makes you tick just a tad different than the norm could be diagnosed as a disorder. Gotta love science haha. [yes, I find it amusing]

Scene with Slevin and Lindsey

(Slevin just told her about his very very unlucky day, and how he ended up being mistaken for someone else who owes two major gangsters in the city 96 and 36 grand.)

Lindsey *sitting on kitchen counter, turning her head to look at Slevin*: Shouldn't you be a lil bit more worried about all this?

Slevin *smiles*: I have ataraxia.

Lindsey: oO' Ataraxia?

Slevin: *takes another bite from his sandwich* It's a condition characterized by freedom from worry or any other pre-occupation really. *chews* Hm. *shrugs* Ehe. ^ ^"

heheheh... People asking me "Are you nervous?" "No... I'm never really nervous... *shrug*" [I'm so rarely nervous that when I actually am, for people who know me it's quite alarming. Hehe.]

People asking me whether I'm worried... "Nah... *pondering whenever I have ever been worried*" ...

People asking me whether I'm not terribly home-sick, or terribly miss xyz ... "Hmmm... no, not really. *pondering whether that's actually true but not able to come up with the real feeling of 'to miss'" [I do miss though, at times...]

People asking me whether I always keep cool even in situations like the current one. "Uh, yeah, hehe, dunno why. ^ ^' "

Oh yeah... You know, sometimes I lift eyebrows at myself and the current situation, and think something close to "uhhh you might be really fucked now... err..." but I hardly do anything against it... Okay... it's not that I totally don't care. I might have this current in my stomach but... most of the times I just shrug and try to get out of the situation just somehow. [Aaaa like Slevin... my new hero ♥ ... *teehee*]

I could be on a wrong plane and ohhh of course I'd hate it, but would I be worried? I doubt it. I mean... that one time I missed my plane... and there was no information at first at all... Was I worried? No xD I had to be reminded to maybe call my mom who probably would be rather worried xD Ah yes.

EdIt: What I remembered the a couple of hours later, is that in ethics class this word had been mentioned, ataraxia. Isn't it the highest possible state of euphoria, or well, happiness that one could be in? Wasn't it somewhat related to that? Or was it the idea of the ancient Greek of the most favourable state of one could be in was ataraxia... not to every worry? Was that it?

EdIt II: Holy oh my shit, I'm one hour and 17 minutes into the movie, it's the 9th of August now... Ahh I should have known... xP I always fall for those kinda guys... ♥ Slevin ♥ *sigh* ... hehehe~
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