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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ohhhh cat allergy ~ 
8th-Aug-2008 11:28 pm
sid friends
Aw, poor Neil...

From his blog:

I discovered tonight -- was heartbroken to realise -- that Zoe the cat who lives in the attic (my cat to begin with, but these days am really just looking after her until she can be reunited with her person, currently overseas) is totally blind: she was navigating entirely by memory and whiskers (I was writing up in the attic, in the house's Tower Room, which I've just turned into an internet-free, phone free, writing den).

I adore Zoe, but am terribly allergic to her.

Normally this is not a problem -- I simply wash my hands after stroking her... but when you realise your cat is blind you go and pick her catnip from the garden and then you put her in your lap while you write and you stroke her and let her rub herself all over you... and now I have to stop writing to have a bath, because my eyes are swollen and red and almost too itchy to see out of. Sigh.

He's a bit of a masochist isn't he... Though, I guess all of us catlovers turn to little Masochists for those creatures ~ Anyway thanks for amusing me. Hehe.
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