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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm dying at this fairytale... OMGS 
11th-Aug-2008 01:02 am
HAHAH So that fairy-tale-creator-story was posted on jrockhumor, and me remembering that drabble creator went to do my own little fairytale.

Lo and behold... Mao in bra? =DDDDDD
I'm cracking up.

But read for yourselves xD

My little fairytale...

OUTORI was treated very badly by MIKARU, IVY and ERINA. Made to do many chores around the house with no time to rest, OUTORI seeks refuge in his/her own little UNDER THE KITCHEN TABLE, where she daydreams of a better life. Meanwhile, the King and Queen are preparing for a(n) LOST SMEXY LOVESCENE they are giving in order to find a wife for their son, the guest of honor. MAO wonders when he will find true love, and the King assures MAO that lasting love will come one day.

On the night of the SMEXY LOVESCENE, OUTORI fantasizes about attending. OUTORI is teased for harboring impossible dreams of attending the special SMEXY LOVESCENE. OUTORI is miraculously provided with a beautiful CHAINS AND CUFFS and super fast PUMPKIN by a URUHA. Warned that this magic will last only until midnight, OUTORI leaves for the SMEXY LOVESCENE. The URUHA tells OUTORI that dreams can indeed come true.

At the SMEXY LOVESCENE, MAO invites a mysterious stranger (actually OUTORI in her CHAINS AND CUFFS ) to SMIRK. OUTORI and MAO SMIRK all night long. IVY and ERINA glare and spitefully criticize MAO's choice of partners. OUTORI, and MAO marvel that they have fallen in love after knowing each other for less than THREE HOURS. As midnight is about to strike, OUTORI , flees, leaving only a(n) BRA behind.

The next day, OUTORI, SLICKLY recalls the SMEXY LOVESCENE to MIKARU and IVY and ERINA. IVY and ERINA , believing that OUTORI can only be imagining the SMEXY LOVESCENE, marvel at her accuracy. A(n) GUITAR announces the arrival of MAO, who, armed with the BRA, has begun to search far and wide for his mysterious love. MIKARU orders OUTORI, out of the house so that she won't ruin IVY and ERINA's chances with MAO. To the delight of OUTORI and MAO, magic once again provides assistance, and MAO recognizes OUTORI, He places the BRA on her TONGUE and, lo and behold, it fits. OUTORI, and MAO are LOUDLY united and live happily ever after.

Seriously... me in CHAINS AND CUFFS? Ahahahah sure he liked that XP ... And and... *cries* Mao "armed with the bra" ahahahaha... but but... Mao... you should errrrrr inform yourself a bit about where bras really go... xP

Anyway... lmao. You can do it on here.
11th-Aug-2008 12:11 am (UTC)
hehehe, very amusing. you..in cuffs and chains..i can only imagine why....maybe mao got to you before you went to the smexy lovescene XD

mao...ahh...bras don't go on people's tongues!! dork. XDD

and since we all know the story so well...hehe, uru's the fairy godmother. XDD
11th-Aug-2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Heheheh... it's just great... and all fits so very well *___*
Seriously... Uruha... mmmm *dreamy gaze*

XD Maybe he just wanted to try new things after all? xD ... Or maybe I talked too much? (though I actually really don't XD)
11th-Aug-2008 01:37 am (UTC)
hehe, i bet mao wanted to try something new....like creating a new level of kinkiness that can't be matched by anyone.

and i have a feeling you wouldn't talk so much....though..you're still rather loud....at least that's what senpai says.. XD
11th-Aug-2008 10:51 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, surely... he's a bit into experiments ... He wasn't really as much when I met him, but just somehow he really got into it.... o-o Maybe just because it's so easy to experiment with me? .... *purses lips* Nnf. And ahhh yes, his desire to be the best =D ... ^__^""

*cough* ... A sou... 's that what he says.... *slanted look*
12th-Aug-2008 02:25 am (UTC)
ahhh...well that would explain it then? you're easy to experiment with...though very very fun too!ラブラブ

and yes, hehe, senpai says that with a very interesting look in his eyes.....it's almost though they sparkle. or something like that. 笑。
12th-Aug-2008 07:11 am (UTC)
Hrrrmmm XDDDD I can only imagine... I like experimenting with myself as well so... xP *smirk*

Hahah awwww rly? *_______* ... Guess he likes those sounds =D... Though... didn't expect him to not like them, the way he wants me to ... uh... Did he ever mention that he makes me be... loud? xD
13th-Aug-2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
uwa, that sounded so wrong in my mind. (//・_・//)

uuu? he makes you...be loud? ahhh....well....when it's him...he likes 'em loud neeee? -chuckles-
13th-Aug-2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm *smirks* You sure it was wrong? hehehehe~ I'm sure it's quite correct either way you understand it hehe

*grin* Hmmmmmmmmm~~~~ maybeh~ *bites her lip to hide the smirk*
13th-Aug-2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
uuuu~! -flails- and my family wonders why my mind is the way it is.....specially with that.....candle incident (_ _。)

-pokes- admit it, outori, we both know it's true anways. he told me himself. -grins-
14th-Aug-2008 12:19 am (UTC)
*laughs* Ohhhhhhhh ... they wonder, really? XD What 'candle incident'? xDDDDDDDD Explain before the ideas I have in mind take over haha~

Mmmmf x3 ... That man tells you too much...

Edited at 2008-08-14 12:20 am (UTC)
14th-Aug-2008 12:30 am (UTC)
hnn...okay. well, it was happening when we were getting the decorations ready for my sister's 1st communion. they had this rather large, pink candle and my aunt picked it up and....umm....slid her hand up and down the candle...and well..um....she was saying things like "oh~~~! this candle is very slippery! here, feel it~!" and she started handing it to me....continuing to stroke it...and um...well....it was pink...and um....shaped like that....and what she said...ahhhh...all that combined made my little mind go straight to the gutter and all of my other aunts and my mom started making fun of me because i was blushing and stuff....and they made fun of me all night because of it....and i couldn't say anything seeing as it was 4 against 1! they all ganged up on me!! no fair~! 。゚(T^T)゚。

and he tells because i ask, niaaa. though he's happy telling me his adventures with you. -chuckles-
14th-Aug-2008 12:43 am (UTC)
Oh dear gods... that's so evil xDDDD Though, if I'd been one of the aunts etc, I'd probably have done the same XDDDD ... Wouldn't you? Sheesh though. I can feel your shame *hehe* I bet they had an awful lot of fun xD ... Haha! I can imagine you paying that back to your children, grandchildren, or however related XDDDD

A...souka... o-x What a lil ビチ。
OO" errrr... *quickly looks around with a heavily thudding heart cause she just heard a noise* errr uhhhhhfffffuck... O////o
14th-Aug-2008 01:00 am (UTC)
ah, well of course i would do the same....i did do the same to my mom....her and her perverted book. my aunt read one of 'em to me and my sister in the park while we were waiting for them to come back from the bank...and....my mom's books.....ahhhhh....they're just as perverted as what you write....just not as hot. xDD

ah~! gotta watch your mouth there, girly. 先輩 has very good ears! -smirks-
14th-Aug-2008 01:32 am (UTC)
Hahahah WHAT? I write perverted? xDDDDD sheeeesh... *laughs* nyar... Well, hot sounds good XD

Nffduh... Amen't saying anything... I don't dare looking over my shoulder though... =___= but uhhh he's asleep. N. I'm sure. *cough*
14th-Aug-2008 01:46 am (UTC)
you WRITE perverted, whether you believe it or not...or maybe...was it mao-kun that did that? hnn...i could see why he'd like uruki....but...i highly doubt it's him...seeing as how i can clearly see you writing those scenes. -smirks-

-raises an eyebrow- hnn? sleeping? hnn....i can clearly see a pair of brown eyes gazing at us..i mean, you...from over there -points behind you-
14th-Aug-2008 10:13 am (UTC)
*smirk* Hmmm nah... you're right, it's not him... He's more into girls anyway~

*shudders* I'm sure you're wrong... or... he's sleeping with open eyes... x-x *won't look behind her* *hears another soft sound from there* Uhhh... *another shudder* *nervous*
15th-Aug-2008 12:42 am (UTC)
はい。maybe that's why sid doesn't have fanservice that isn't :solo-aki:!

-looks behind you then grins- hnn...then he can sleep with his eyes open...does that mean he can sleep walk as well??
15th-Aug-2008 12:03 pm (UTC)

*lifts an eyebrow, still resisting the urge to look* Sleep.... walk? Uhhmmm... You're implying he'd capable of sleep-anything? O-O' *tries to ignore the soft snicker behind her* >///<
15th-Aug-2008 05:03 pm (UTC)
sleep anything? like....sleep sex too? or something like sleep-love-bites too niaa? kehe.
15th-Aug-2008 06:53 pm (UTC)
O___o" DOn'T TALK SO LOUD *cough**whispers*He might get ideas... in his...*cough* dreams...
*a hand crawling up her back making her squirm* EEK! O_o|"
15th-Aug-2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
あはーんish....ideas?...-purrs and smirks- i think he already has...a..plan niaa....
16th-Aug-2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
oO" May...be.. Uh I mean NOT.. cause... *sweat* he's all asleep and... *hand crawling further up* ... =___=' ummmmm~ *hand tugging at her shirt, almost making her fall backwards* Do you think I can still try and ignore that and get away with it? ^ ^""
16th-Aug-2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
-purrs- hnn...if he's now acting like that....i guess you should go....and....kehe, let him carry out those plans....ne? -smirks-
16th-Aug-2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Ugh... Just a figment of your and mine Imagination x_X

Mao: Nyaanrrr! Bet you NOT! *clutches my shirt and wrenches at it, pulling me over the chair*
me: EEK *topples over and lands next to him on the bed*
mao: *moving to lean halfway over me, staring down with a knowing smirk on his lips*
me: *moving just an inch only to find myself trapped by his arms* >//.//< Nnngh... *staring up* ... uh maaaao... =__=""" just what... *blushing heavily*
Mao: Just showing you *purrr* that I'm not *moving his hand to have his fingers walk down my arm* asleep... ....
me: *growing goosebumps on my arm*
mao:... at all........... *leaning closer*
me: *mewl* *squirm*
16th-Aug-2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
kekeke, i knew it wasn't a figment of my imagination. niaaa.....

-pulls out camera and grins- ahh~! watching this...so much fun...uuuuu.....told ya he wasn't sleeping niaaa....hehehe, senpai is the best, na no!!
17th-Aug-2008 12:19 am (UTC)
Shut up xP Bitch it so was. >_>

Me *some instinct telling her to glance over* o_O
Mao: *leaning down to flick the tip of his tongue against my neck*
me: Uhh... *squirm* MAO! ><
Mao: Mmmmmm? *doing some motion with his body that fires up my whole being*
me: *trying to control self* shhshshsh...shee... nnn don't... uhh she.... *gesticulating*
17th-Aug-2008 12:30 am (UTC)
NEVERRRRR!!!! -pumps fist in the air and laughs- I KNEW IT WAS TRUE!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

hehehe, yes....outori...i?...i what?? -cackles and continues taping- ahh~! and you have a nice vocabulary....even under these circumstances -winks-
17th-Aug-2008 12:44 am (UTC)
*protests loudly*

me: YOU! *glares, reaching out to point at you*
Mao; mmnf... *obviously not caring about any you, pulling my hand back and nailing it down next to my shoulder, doing the same with my other before I can pull away*
Me: Eeeeeh? *writhing* Mao ssstop! Just listen to me ONCE! *desperate*
Mao: *amused* Mmm...? *kissing down my neck to suck on the crook of it* *mumbles something into my skin*
me: *about to go on with trying to gain his attention, for some strange reason wanting to know what he said though* -wh-at?
Mao: *lifts his lips up just a tad* I just... *pant* love it so damn much when you're all writhing under me like some lost and bewildered pre-
me: *trying to kick him* MAO! *writhe* .. *noticing I just did it again* Now will you PLEASE listen to -
Mao: No. *grins and leans back down*

Edited at 2008-08-17 12:45 am (UTC)
17th-Aug-2008 12:51 am (UTC)
-continues laughing- CAN'T HEAR YOU~~~!!

ahh~~ naisu!! -grins and walks over towards you two- nee, mao-kun, move over so i can tape this better~~ -mao ignores me- nnn....-looks at you-...at least i tried~! -snickers and continues taping-
17th-Aug-2008 02:12 am (UTC)
Oh yes YOU VERY WELL CAN *desperate* And you KNOW it's true T^T

Me: Nee but mmmaaAAAaaooo~
Mao: *soft grunt* *stops moving and stares at my dithering, vibrating carotid* Dothatagainahaan~~~
me: UH... ng~ :x *doesn't move and closes her eyes in order to not be lulled*
Mao: *not losing another second, he does something to my ribcage that comes very close to actual hitting, just somehow he did it in a different way, with the same effect*
me: *whimpers loudly, wincing in pain* nghhfuck *pantgasp*
Mao: *lilting* Ahaaaan?
me: *watering eyes* Mao just... please, just please~, it's just that she-
Mao: *slides my arms over my head, his body coming threateningly close to mine, his face exactly over mine, staring down with mesmerizing brown eyes*
17th-Aug-2008 02:25 am (UTC)

-stares with wide eyes- uuuuu....no wonder she's so sore after all of this aha-n.....-continues taping-....uuwa~! -bites her lower lip- this is definitely going on my blog!!
17th-Aug-2008 11:34 am (UTC)

Mao: *whispers* Is there anything you want to tell me, bebeh?
Me: ... o-----O *stares up, now not daring to say anything at all*
Mao: *a slow smirk running over his lips as he moves his hips against mine* No?
Me: *squirm* UH yes um... *sweat* It's just she has a CAM and -
Mao: *licks my lips to silence me, then bites my bottom lip* Don't talk of other people when you're with me...
me: ehhhnnn*soft sob* but MaaaAAa~aaaooooo!!
Mao: *soft purr* You're very very intrrractable today haaan~
Me: =___= nnnn it's just bec-
Mao: Mm, いや...〜 *taking the chance of my parted lips to slide his warm tongue between them, then whispering against them* ススス好いとばい

18th-Aug-2008 01:10 am (UTC)
EH? -blinks- I AM NOT~! NIAA!!

nee~! it's not like i'm doing anything bad niaa~~! i'm just taping....for...mao to....ehhhh....hehehe, forget i said anything niaa~~~~~~! -gets closer and zooms in, grinning-
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