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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] FriendsList meme 
12th-Oct-2008 12:52 pm
sid friends
Snatched it from tayru as I got tagged. Finally a meme I haven't seen before, hehe.

.... Kehehe... *choosing an icky color*... *then actually growing to like it*

01. How many people do you know in person from your friends list?
Umm... in case you count talking on the phone, then it's eight, if you don't count talking on the phone, it's six. I didn't count the double accounts xD

02. Who are they? How do you know them? When did you last meet or talk?
fancytunefish He's the one, and only one, to call me a name that I only recently found out wasn't only a Gremlin's, but an Indie band's as well *laughs*. I'm his pet and plushie a lot of times... there's this plan of kidnapping tiny kittens with him... what was that, on a pinkandblackstriped bike? ... And a secret plan about Dieter Bohlen *nods lots*
I met him during my first semester at college - he still was a student of Japanology back then, however as it is him, he's quite volatile at heart and kept changing his sub-subjects a lot. Yet, for some reason I found him interesting and asked for his msn addy... he wanted to sell it to me (for love, lol) ... and well, some Gummibaum Gummiflaum friendship started growing.
[[gazerockgirl]] - never met in person so I'll keep this short- My dear seven, worshipperess and 'older sis'. And the Ruki to my RP Uruha. T---T Met her by accident on LJ, after seeing her entry about wanting a decent RPG I told her of my place, and suddenly there was this Ruki that started to somehow attract my Uruha... and that was long before I got into Uruki. O.O
keimaxwell I think she's one of those who added me without me having an idea who they are... I don't remember why she did, probably because of a fic ^ ^" I met her finally at (after) the Kagrra, live in Cologne this August though - relieved she didn't totally cosplay Isshi, or I mightn't have been able to move XD~
tayru My Ruks, my ベイベー, one of the most precious persons in my life. I met her at the Gazette signing last year October in Berlin, as I sat there in the queue, and she and her friend were the next ones to arrive. In the beginning I listened more than I talked... I listened more than I talked most of that day anyway... or at anytime we met XD The first thing I remember, after them sitting down there, is that I held her pins in my hands while her and Ru went to the merchandise place to see whether they could grab a poster or so. I also was the one who went on cigarette breaks with her only to have her have some company... and it helped so much, having them there to talk, or just be there, as we all were nervous wracks after a while. I always felt that something special is going to happen when I went to Berlin, but I blamed it on Gazette and never saw the other possibility, not before it was there again before I went to Cologne in December. Well. Since I didn't have a place to stay the night that time in Berlin, she offered me to sleep at her place. ... I quickly was introduced to her night-life as I sat on her couch hours and hours while she talked and talked and talked and didn't seem to grow tired at all... *laughs* I think I got 3 hours of sleep that day before setting of to the airport the day after. We'd exchanged msn addys, and from that time on talked on a daily base. Met again in Cologne, then in Munich, every time a different city... until I went to her place for two weeks, which is almost 3 weeks ago now. Nya. ... I could write novels about you XD... That that I hadn't already done it *laughs*
[[tonbo_no_arashi]] Yukari. I got to know her 20067 while I was in Ireland, through youtube. I actually just commented on a video she'd made, and weeks later when I was in Norway for the Easterholidays, and got a reply by her, telling me to add her to msn. I guess, something made her want to establish that contact, human-phobian she actually is... we hit it off right away, talking for hours and hours... She was still the Japanese girl to me then, and I tried my very very bad Japanese, lol.. the first talk she almost wanted to make me believe she's not able to talk English *laughs* ... didn't work though, I knew she could speak it XD Oh well. And from that time on, our friendship grew stronger and stronger, until at some point you couldn't call it friendship anymore. ... So much about that. まだ愛してるね。Just in a different way... and I'm glad about that. I want to be there for you as long and much as I can ♥
unsraws_bitch Well ... she's my mom XD... So, I guess I met her for the first time when I finally slipped out of her after hours of pain... xD I guess I started talking her into LJ to encourage her writing - which she's not doing often, but nya. Love you mommy =D ...
yuri_desu Diru's Embryo just came up and totally reminds me of you ;___; Well, I met her, my ちびちゃん in Ireland at the Pagan Soc at college. Already the first time I saw her I knew I wanted to be friends with her... unfortunately she was feeling very unwell and left very soon. I commented on her cool LedZeppelin purse though :3 She was so terribly shy back then... but I got through to her after one ritual (was it Belthane?) when I started talking about the fascination of Jrock... *laughs* Miyavi's "Selfish Love" totally drew her in and from that time on, we started meeting at a cafe, just to watch PVs on my laptop for hours and hours, drinking their lovely hot chocolate or eating their dreamy to-die-for banoffi pies. Until I started to go to her place, staying there over night, two people in a bed that was made for one *laughs*, always listening to my iPod wherever we went, also when we slept... I cherish those memories. They're very dear ... And somehow I'm sad they're over ne... Us two at wagamama's... getting slightly tipsy of sake and then walking back home *laughs* ... I also spent my first Jrock concerts with her... Diru in Munich, August07, and Gazette in Munich, Oktober07.
yuuki_ra That's Yuki, my Flöckchen. She doesn't use her LJ at all... but I added her nonetheless. We got to know at college this year. Actually it was one of those 'moments', you know. I was on my way to the room in which I'd have the next lecture, she came towards me from that direction, I smiled at her, she grinned back. *_* Startling smile sheesh. ... Well I sat down in the room, setting up my laptop, starting veoh to watch Rentrer en Soi's Stigmata just because I... was addicted... and there she came inside again, asking whether the seat next to me was occupied. I just grinned and said 'not yet~~'... she watched a bit with me and hey, she liked the music. Found out pretty quickly that she's a Jrockerlover as well :3~ Well, her love is concentrated on mucc... But, well. We used to chat with each other on msn during classes... ^ ^" It was so much fun nya. And after her birthday party (the first time I was at her place), I spent more time there than at home for a couple of days that her flatmates joked they had a new mate there x-x" ...

嗚呼 I'd love to be able to add some more on here... especially those that I've been knowing for a long time on LJ... or... _meikyuu_, ママオラッバベイベー, and kazamesu, the geekiest person I know, though meeting up might turn out weird *kehehehe* For some reason I doubt it though, orgazemic just because [She's one of my 'oldest' LJ people...], milith because even though we haven't been knowing for that long yet I think we'd get along pretty very well... There are a couple more... some of them I would have met if it wasn't for circumstances to be different nya... but I'll stop here... at 'o' ... okay well then I'd have to include orange_coconuts, cause she's o-y too ~

03. If you could meet ONE person from your friends list, who would it be and why?
Ahaha... If I had マオのブロッグ syndicated to my LJ well *laughs* ... but I don't, luckily, so if I had to choose out of all the people on there, for once it would be simple. tayru. And why? Because it's tayru
However in case the question is meant as a 'if you could meet ONE that you've never met before' type thing... hmmm... Dunno. _meikyuu_, I guess. It's just a feeling nyah.

04. Who is the 6th and 9th person listed on your friends list? Who are they and why are they on your friends list?
[I think this meme was made in regard to people who haven't got long friends lists xD]
Well, so I'll just count the persons, not the communities, and it's... anglelight... I have no idea why she added me... well, probably a fic as it tends to be the case XD I just can see that she makes a lot of icons. *laughs* ... And the 9th person would be beppin14. I don't remember why and how... but I remember commenting on some of her entries a while back. XD

05. Pick a song that reminds you of person #11.
candybadboy... It must be... any SiSen song, because she's SiSen in the RPG *laughs*

06. How well do you know the last person listed on your friends list?
zero_dice Awww I once added her because of her fics... I commented quite regularly back then, and we used to chat much more than we do now. She's so nice though, crazy Torafangirl :3 ... Once she got me a magazine over there and had it sent to me, because I had wanted it but didn't know there was a store around that would have had it... x___X" And she sent me a vistlip flyer when she was in Japan the last time ♥ I tend to read her entries, and vice versa... So, I do not know her terribly well, but I have much more clues about her life than others' on my FL xD

07. List two - three people from your friends list that you talk to the most.
That must be tayru... and used to be hyuktsu, yet we don't talk so terribly much anymore... Still, I'll list her. And lately, leikochan14 Though I have more convos with fancytunefish, on a daily base, though we I don't always talk so much. ^ ^"

08. What do you have in common with the first person?
Ummm judging from the name, 6gatsu8ka, it would be Gazette nya? But when I go on her LJ, I see SID translations in Spanish @-@

09. Who posts most often on your friends list?
soushin_nokoe and leikochan14

10. Is there someone on your friends list that you wish WASN'T on your friends list?
Hmm well just for the sake of manageability it would be nice if I didn't have so many people on there that just add me without telling me why and so on... yet I won't cut them. Not yet, anyway, until the day I might set up a huuuge neon-coloured sign that I definitely will kick you unless you tell me why you added me etc.

11. Are you one of those people that do constant friends list cuts because people aren't COOL enough for you?
No. I tend to get random adds just when I upped with a new fic, so it would be logical to say that they add me because of them. But as I said above. Ne.

12. Have you ever been cut from someone's friends list? Were you angry?
Not as far as I know... none I knew anyway, but I can imagine people adding me because of reason ? might defriend me because of reason ?2. XD

13. Do you have a free or paid account? Did you pay for it?
Paid. ♥ And yes, ~I~ paid for it.

14. Do you expect people to read and comment on ALL your entries?
ALL? Oh lol. Okay there are people who spamblog mu~~ch more than me, even when I still was spamming a lot more ... but still I wouldn't expect them to read everything. ... If there's someone out there who meticulously reads every bit of what I write... REVEAL YOURSELF, FIEND! ... *laughs*

15. Do you read all of your friends' journals?
No way, I don't have that much time. But I read them when I see some entry on my FL that seems to want to be read by me. And I always comment when I read something... or well, usually.

16. Share memories linked to someone that is dear to you:
What if I don't want to share? :3... Hmmm well I already did up there at Q2, ne xP Right now I'm thinking of having tayru experience one of my falsdlfjsldifsdj Maoreactions live xD らら 楽しかったなのか

17. Is there someone you'd like to spend the rest of your life with?
Oh yes. outori... ♥ Forever and ever. .... XDDDDD~

18. Someone you aren't friends with anymore and miss.
There's no one here on LJ that description would apply to.

19. Who is the last person who added you? And who last removed you?
If anyone removed me, I wouldn't know... and about adding *checks* It was aoi_luv.

20. What are the tags you've used the most?
Uhhhh... =_____=... ummmmmmm I'd say uhhh 'blog' and errrr.... *sweats* erm maybe...m..maybe... umm...mmmmao? X_X" I don't wanna check I don't wanna check I - blog 331 mao 143 gazette 94 fun 91 .... ... ... ... 嗚呼にゃー...ワタシの生活のルーラでしょうx−x

21. What are the tags you used the least?
Oh lol. 'lost name', 'playlist', 'uruxsaki'...

22. What are the tags of your most favorite entry?
Haha... I don't know whether I have favourite entries... oh wait. Well they would be tagged 'mao' and/or 'fanfiction' I guess *shifty eyes*

23. What are your favorite tags?
'mao', 'fanfiction'... 'truth'

24. Have you added back all the users who added you?
No, and I will only add those back that I either know, or know why they added me. Sometimes I only add them back once I know more about them.

25. Do you use custom groups? If so, how many do you have?
Oh yes. I do have ... 15 groups right now... though some of them I don't use anymore. Used them for, with (or against) people that I was in closer contact before, for example. ... The more people on my FL the more I'll have. Regularly I use about five of them.

26. How many interests have you listed? Are some of them listed by you only? If so, which?
87101 interests. (I have to updateD them I think xD) By me only: bring me 2my knees, moerugomi, びすとりっぷ, people being どうs [X_x"], people whor great withwords, 先輩, 寒しこ, どうs. ... GAH X////x"
I was just being honest... XD

27. Which are your favorite interests?
UUhghghh...thinkidng about them ahs me be unable to sype corroecldty do i'd say you fmight starts knowing what stheysa rea;soure about . ... *pulls self together*... so THAT is what any comments, entries, blabla look like when it's アレ and I don't correct what I write. ... That's why in such situations, it tends to take me a bit to reply or say/write anything at all ... just because... correcting takes so much time ^ ^"" Up until the point I don't care anymore *laughs*

28. How many communities have you joined? Do you check all of them?
77. No, I don't.

29. Your lj stats:
Account type: Paid account
Date created: 2007-08-22
Date updated: 2008-10-11
Virtual Gifts Received: 0
Journal entries: 661 [whee, soon to be celebrated :3]
Comments Posted: 7,789 Comments Received: 5,603

30. Lastly, tag five people on your friends list:
12th-Oct-2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
oho~ I have been tagged |D *posts new entry*
12th-Oct-2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
Hehehe yes you has :3
12th-Oct-2008 03:40 pm (UTC)
ahaha. i've been tagged. :D (plans to do it and make a better comment upon return)
12th-Oct-2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
Do so do so. ^ ^
12th-Oct-2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
Yes, sirrrrrr! Mission accomplished:D

Oh, and I may not comment on all of your entries, but I well damn can try!!! YOU'LL SEEEEEEE!!!! ^_________^
12th-Oct-2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Sirrr? since when am I - -- ah but ... nn don't mind me lala, I like it XD~ *chuckle*

HAHAHA yeah... go on and try... if you daaaareeeee :3
12th-Oct-2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
:D I COUNT, OMAIDUCK YAY! XD *hugs you* Gwen-dear, I'm sorry that I haven't been around lately...er, a long lately. D: *slaps self* I've been trying to get back into my "groove" of keeping updated with everyone, even though I haven't been for months.

I guess I just wanted to say, ILYBB, and that I'll be stopping more at your journal from now on. ♥ 'Cause you mean too much to me for me to keep on being like this. *hugs tight*
12th-Oct-2008 07:19 pm (UTC)
*squeak* Omgs dnyaargh *_____* ... ♥ You're so.. you're just so... loveable, to me =D

I know about the long lately, but I didn't mind... I guessed there were reasons enough for you to not be there, ne, so I just thought you'd drop by sooner or later when you're back and ready nya. ^_^

Thank you bb <3... I got teary eyes from that last sentence *shot* XD
13th-Oct-2008 06:44 am (UTC)
*picks you up and twirls you around* ♥ xDDDD You're such a sweetheart. @___@

Thank-you for understanding; it means a lot. ;o; I'm back, though. ^^

Aw~!! *giggles and licks tears away* ^3^
13th-Oct-2008 07:09 am (UTC)
Awwww hahaha... you're just getting cuter with each second... *laughs* But that is sooo you... I'm happy to have you back for a while ^__________^

∏ *giggles and shakes head laughing* <3333
12th-Oct-2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry we don't talk much anymore : (
12th-Oct-2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
Nyuuuu... but you stalkedeth my LJ rite now? :3 That's not too bad now, is it ^------------^

*checks whether you're online* ... oh nuu ;__;
(Deleted comment)
12th-Oct-2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
*paws* Rrrrr great :3~
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