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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Dio - LIVE Munich 2008/11/18 [Part III/III] 
3rd-Dec-2008 12:44 am
Chapter III


I can’t give you a playlist, as I can’t recognize all their songs and assign the proper name to them. And it wasn’t me who took one of the playlists that were attached to floor and ‘wall’, hehe, so I really can’t say.

I only know the beginning for sure -

Lord’s Prayer
- I already mentioned that one in the first part, ne.

Carry Dawn
- People that hadn’t gone wild yet, went wild now. Madness from the first beat on, right when we realized it would be Carry Dawn playing. Jumping at the chorus… and I’m not totally sure but he might have… grinned at my neck towards the beginning of the song… as I had a “slight” hint of that song on it. xD During the ‘interludes’ of the song, there was so much headbanging… Hands always up in the air.

God Forsaken ~僕は君の着飾った身体を共有する世界の隣人などでは無い~
- People sang along with this one as well as the other two. There was just so much jumping and headbanging, so~~~~ much fun. I thought it was a rather excellent choice of starting songs.

For the following ones… I don’t remember any order, nor am I sure whether they actually played them x-x

上在という現実絵 Fuzai to iu genjitsue
- One craze head bang song. I rarely looked up during it, always going right left, right left, front back front back… moving wasn’t always that easy, you really had to fit into the other people’s rhythm. Which worked out as long as everyone was able to do it hehe. I let the girl in front of me lead on, leaning to the front when she did, and back. During some song, I don’t remember which one, there was this beautiful flow of her, me, and mom… I could practically let myself fall back each time, knowing I wouldn’t fall and would be pushed back up, to ‘fall’ into the other direction, and back again… it felt so damn good… so much harmony, just like a piece of paradise, I could just let myself go so totally … ♥

Last Dance

抒情成せるも唯唯生きて在ればこそ Joujou naseru mo tadatada ikite areba koso
- If that really was the song I’m thinking it was, then it was rather in the end, and one of the wildest headbang songs there were, practically catapulting our head from left to right and back… and if it really was that song, then towards the end I finally did it the way I tend to do it = Gazetstyle = moving the head all around around around around…

断頭台は誰が為に揺れる~汝、我は全能の者也 編~ Dantoudai wa Ta ga Tame ni Yureru ~nanji , ware ha zennou no mono ya hen~
- … All I can say is… So fucking much grrrrrrowlinggggggggraaawrgh!

? Day after Day ?


? M ?

? 雪華 ? Yukihana
- If it was that song, then he danced :3

Final Call
- Oh yes, that one was just so much fun. All the ‘hoi hoi’ shouting, then throwing up our arms after he did/when they told us to, more shouting and wah, so much interaction, shouting and head-banging it was just great.

- Well he … probably announced it with a name as well but … I failed to catch it xD Everybody cheered when he told us they’d play a new song now, clapped and shouted and then I stopped moving when it started, sort of hypnoticed by the new sound… the most part of the hall seemed at a standstill at that moment. The melody in beginning was so lovely, very synchronized, almost close to trance (the music-type), but then it went into a lot of (quick?) shouting, or at least some harder style, yet with an undertone of softness, if I remember correctly. And all in all we received it well I’d say *___*

~ Probably Other Songs I Don’t Remember ~

Other Happenings

I think it was the song right after they got onstage again for the encore, and if I didn’t mishear (which is rather easy with Jrockers XD), what they had us shout was “D!” … “I!…” “O!…” [obligatory “I CAN’T HEAR YOU! D!!” “D!!!!” “I!” “I!!!!”… xD] for quite a while, pumping up the volume again. At least it sounded like it… and would make sense *laughs*

And maybe it was the same song, or a different one… memory totally fails me with this…, but I have the impression there was one song when they let us sing (or shout?), stopping to play (I think that denka played on though, giving the beat and rhythm), until kei, erina and Ivy started playing again, and mikaru sang/shouted on with us.

We weren’t the only ones who headbanged, ne, as I mentioned before - the guys really rocked out themselves. Ivy, standing with his legs as close as possible in the very beginning, when I noticed how long his legs looked with those fabulous boots, and then standing all spread legged later, with his head between his legs, headbanging as Hel ahahahah… Pure love XD

They all headbanged that typical way, head deep between their legs, left right left right… not the spinny Gaze-way though, ne. ^^

Mikaru talked a bit as well, I just forget to mention so far. I’m not sure now whether he said some pieces in German in the beginning, but I’d say so. Else, he talked in English, and of course all the “Thank you”s and so on, ne. Somehow I think it was before God Forsaken, yet that feels much too early… Anyway, he practically said what he had written on his blog just a couple of days before. The thing about “Do you want to touch me more? Feel me more?” [Or was it “I want to feel you more. Touch you more.”… Makes sense xP], when I just thought “fucking tease” when I read it… and there he’s on stage and… hmmm his English voice, he makes it sound really deep, unnaturally (overnaturally? *-*) deep, haunting almost. *slight shudder* For some reason though, I was a bit amused about it as well as I was goggling in fascination. *laugh* No way that man’s real voice is like that. But just somehow, I won’t get myself to find out yet xP

Letting go...

All in all, that live was just so damn powerful. I liked them a lot before but that concert definitely did a good job with me XD Their songs are just so much more powerful and alive when played live, it’s amazing. I mean, I never was such a hu~ge fan of for example Final Call, but LIVE… that’s something totally else. And I have to say… all the times of headbanging (which was a great deal of the whole live), I more and more got into a state of trance. It was just so… fucking… great. The music then also sounded more like… “one thing”, one mass of sound - not noise, just sound… if you know what I mean… and me in the middle of it, just totally letting go. Once there was this lovely flow… I mean, I always had to gear myself to the girl in front of me, went back and forth when she did, and then out to the sides when she stopped going back. However, it was some song before the encore, that girl, me, and then behind me mom moved in this perfect unison. I could practically let myself fall back, because I knew I wouldn’t fall, and then be ‘catapulted’ back into my previous position with the next wave… Mom also noticed that particular time. I really… some part of me wasn’t really there just then… it was so damn great, really. (>_<)

I used to try and keep an eye on the guys (at least at times when I wasn’t totally phased out *lauhgs*) to see what they were doing… the way Mikaru bared his teeth, the way his mouth gaped open a couple of times and you were able to see… well, the whole of his mouth O.O’

A couple of times I noticed that when he had stopped to headbang already, while we still were at it, he used to look over the crowd… and he seemed so damn proud of us back then, it made me laugh xD

Fans and the Band

He really did interact as well - besides all that touching. *lauhgs* There was a song when he hit his heart at a particular line… and there was some rather funny episode happening quite in the beginning:
One of the guys that had attended the live (called “emo”… poor guy xD) had brought his special PINK, huge light-stick… *chuckles* Ah yeah, that thing was great. Well, he was a huge Ivy fan, ne, so his goal was to somehow get into touch with him… Alas his position was somewhat right from mikaru, and about two rows behind me. So he didn’t really get many chances. T-T
Anyway, somehow, suddenly that stick wasn’t in his hands anymore… but in Mikaru’s XDDDDDD At first I didn’t really believe my eyes when I saw him waving about with that pink, very pink, very lovely gay stick *laughs*, totally incorporating it into the song, walking back and forth with it for a bit, before he would be leaning on the speaker again, hitting the stick against his forehead (or rather, touching his head with it as if it were a gun) during a line, furrowing his brows as if something was really troubling him (well, he was acting out part of the lyrics ne, I just don’t remember which they were ^ ^;)… I looked over to the guy during this, to see him in some sort of slight desperation… or maybe that was after the song, because suddenly his stick had gone missing ahahahah! He totally went like “Where’s my stick gone?? Where’s my STICK????” xD But somehow, he retrieved it a couple of songs later. *laughs*

And another thing that happened was that… was it Kei or Ivy? I think it was Kei - once towards the end, he leant over the speaker in front of us, his boot on it, with the laces hanging down. One of the fans reached up, took the laces, and bound them again *laughs* Rather nice, caring fans, ne? ^3^ It also was either him or Ivy that I tried to push a bit against once they leant over the speaker, fearing he might just fall into the crowd hehe.

The other guys got very close to the fans after (and a bit before?) the encore as well, though of course they tried to be a bit careful with their instruments. I can’t take it amiss, that they’re afraid something might happen to their babes, ne… I think I’d be really careful about that. Depending on the audience, ne.

One time, Ivy leant into the crowd… and there were at least three hands at his, holding around, some of them trying to grab the plectrum from him… hehe, but no, he moved backwards and pulled his hand away. Tch. That guy had some left, he could have given that one away. xP

He also bared his teeth a lot, sometimes holding the black pic with them as he did… He seemed to look more at the people in rows further back; it seemed as if he wouldn’t contact the front rows much at all - at least not before the end of it. I caught him smiling at people a couple of times though ^ ^

It also were him and Erina who leaned against each other during the live, playing back to back… there was much more interacting, but I can’t remember anything precise about those anymore. x-X I just know that they frequently switched positions.

Encore and the Ending

As for the encore… When they had left the stage, mom had to leave to the back of the room, not able to take it anymore (bad circulation ne X_X). If they had gone on straight away, she said she might have made it, but not with the break. So she watched from back there. We did have to shout at least ten minutes for them before they got out again. And yeah, it were the same people that kept shouting before the concert, who were the ones calling for them ceaselessly, despite the fatigue. I didn’t really have much breath for the whole three syllables of ‘encore’ so… you know that there usually are two parts of the encore shouting? The “EN...CO...RE!” and then the section B, that goes like “GROWL” right after the “re”… right? Well, I growled and shouted and growled, hehehe. (Mmm yeah, I do enjoy it XD)

So, what else is there to say… I might mention that the guys naturally threw their pics into the crowd before they finally left the stage… they also had distributed some bottles of water for the encore (just a few, though). And weren’t there towels, too? That I’m not sure of. However, Denke threw his drumsticks. And damn… one of them went down somewhere behind me, and I actually did get a hold of it… lol, me and erm… five or six other girls? Two of us going down with it, the others clutching around it, pulling like mad… the one on the floor gave up after a bit, shouting “OKAY you can have that fucking drumstick, just let me get up already…” oy oy… I don’t know, to me it was rather fun xDDDDD I let go though, feeling that it slipped my hands more and more and well… finding out that the lucky one who’d gotten it in the end was none less than my dear friend Dani… *chuckle* That was just fine hahahahah! (Mom and me admired the state of worn-out-ness of it later XDD)

At quarter past eleven, we were outside again, heading back to the bus stop. A couple of the things my mom was able to say after it was… how much more manly mikaru is in real life, and how much better he looks than on the pictures (she should get used to that hehehe. Already Miyavi surprised her there hahah!)… and yeah, she mentioned his biceps a couple of times like “Oh my GODS that BIceps! *A*” Hehe…

So hmmm… after another rather lengthy report *cough*… conclusions?

The way it was, at least for mom and me, it was perfect, venue great, position more than great, technic more than acceptable, and in case it wasn’t for others, I wouldn’t know why.

Mikaru is one hell of a man. 笑

I had so much visual and physical contact, my eyes sparkled for hours after it…

I was able to totally let myself go at a lot of times during the live, transforming it to something I think I’ve been in need for a long time now… The guys really don’t know how fucking happy they made me with whatever they did…

There are a lot more things that I could mention now, and again, things that were and are important to me I guess, but all in all... they're kept in here. *points to her heart*

Right ‘now’, as I made all the notes that turned into this ‘review’, my voice was really deep, raspy and sexy… thanks to them XDDDD

So now I just have to find the courage to actually post it. ♥

3rd-Dec-2008 08:59 am (UTC)
It was experience you can't forget, wasn't it?:D

My friend, who was with DIO all day (as in cooking for them and talking and drinking) told be that they all look even better without all the make up and gel, even more beautiful *sigh*

Anyway, thank you for your lenghty but veeery interesting report!!!

And say 'hi' to your amazing mum<3
3rd-Dec-2008 10:37 am (UTC)
Totally. (As most lives somehow are, but... being able to be that close is really something more...)

Woah... O_O" Hmm well yeah, the community is rather small still so... there always are people who know people that ... yeah, that. (they liked her food? Was it Polish food? Or did she cook Japanese? xDDD) And yeah... at times they really even look better without or... *sigh* just pretty enough to ... eh... *thinking of wrong person right now* hmmmpfh X__x"

You're welcome =DDD Thank you for commenting nyan!

Heeee I will. I'm gonna see her on Friday. And ... she might read that report before that, I'm sure she'll comment on your comment *laughs*
3rd-Dec-2008 12:16 pm (UTC)
I've yet to experience being that close, but I will, one day^^

I didn't have time to ask her for details (yet), but it was like "hey, the guys are really hungry, could you make something quick?", so no chance for Japanese food:D
Oooh, I have to meet with her and get all details!

Always, and if it wasn't for exam I would probably comment more *nod nod*

3rd-Dec-2008 12:22 pm (UTC)
Nyan~ it's a rare thing to happen indeed *3*

Hehehe... oh but you WILL ask xP for all the dirty little details *laughs*
Hmmm well XP Raw fish is... quickly done. >_>”xD

^,^ ♥
5th-Dec-2008 08:23 am (UTC)
*Sighs heavily* it's so great to read your report in all that length, it's interesting to read it because it shows quite clearly that witnesses see different things - I was so close to you and I experienced the same thing, but I wouldn't confirm all you're writing. Did Mikaru really take off his cuffs?

You see - the only thing I could write about was Mikaru's PRESENCE and the touches ... couldn't concentrate on much more after my first touching *coughs*

Gosh. Now it's all so very NEAR again. It was a mind-blowing experience, yes it was.

Should see my "Wall of fame" now ... lots of Mikaru's ...
5th-Dec-2008 08:31 am (UTC)
Mmmmmmm ^____^ I love rereading my reviews after some time has passed.
Yeah he took them off after a couple of songs. at least those around his upper arms, but I think, all of them. hehe.

5th-Dec-2008 08:17 am (UTC)
ooohhhhhhh I would die for a glance at "naked" Dio - I mean, Dio without any make-up, oh yeah, I'm damned sure they look more than gorgeous ...
And, yes, I've read the report shortly before leaving for Munich to meet my daughter *grinning* and all that feelings from the concert came up again ...
5th-Dec-2008 08:31 am (UTC)
hehehehe ♥

See you in a bit :3 I'm heading off to college hehe~
5th-Dec-2008 08:47 am (UTC)
I would too *jealous*:D Need to hear more! Patrycja, where are you~~??? *off to search for said friend*

And hello, outori-chwan's amazing mamaヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
6th-Dec-2008 11:44 am (UTC)
Thanxxxx for the "amazing" ... o____o
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