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What I like about going by train. Explaining how these girls are actually guys - and rockers. 
24th-Mar-2009 01:25 pm
Traveling by train for nine hours (like I did on Sunday) surely is a bit exhausting, but there are some good things about it, too.

Let aside traveling with three girls, two of them curious of what I was reading (my Heisig Japanese blog) which led to me babbling on and on about Jrock and ... the lots XD That was entertaining. A lot.

However, what I really like about it, is the landscapes passing outside.

The first hours weren't anything special... most of the landscape there I knew. However, it changed the more we went North. The Vogtland area had me gaze out the window with my mouth standing open. Seriously... I've never been there before, but woah... The landscape just a bit before we arrived in Werdau was so incredibly beautiful that my heart felt as if it was about to overspill. Seriously.


Red Soil.

Red Soil. After a couple of minutes of staring at it, it reminded me of the blood-drenched fields in Watership Downtown. And then it reminded me of old sagas and tales, when they say that battles were so devastating, the grounds were coloured with blood.

Red Soil...

Those trees. Looking like crippled moor-trees. Alders, possibly. How much I love these kinds of trees. They're pretty rare in Bavaria, but there they passed by frequently...

At one point, we passed a village. Hilly landscape. And there there was this road winding up a hill, with patches of light painting the ground, dividing it into places of darkness and places of light. The road was seamed with those moor trees, their arms stretched out pleading into the blotched sky. And maybe the most impressive about it all was, that the soil on the left side to the road was deeply red. while the field on the right was brightly green.

I sat there and stared. How much I would have loved to go out there and take a picture. Or watch someone paint it. So beautiful.

Other impressions were the houses. They looked different. A couple of them weretimber-frame houses [I don't know the proper English word for it. The German equivalent is Fachwerkhaus] And there were towers made of yellow and red brick stones. Towers and chimneys, with stork reeds on top that seem about to fall down.

Old sheds, made of nothing but askew planks, scantily nailed up, next to stone buildings made in the 90ies ...

Old and new

Trees with drooping branches.

The flow of time - in a cradle - by Rentrer en Soi playing.

Ah, and we passed the longest station platform of Germany in Güßnitz.

Are those girls?

Those two, asking me about Japanese and VKei... xD

I personally love talking about Japanese and Vkei, to newbies who have no idea in general... time flows by so quickly, and you still haven't really said anything at all hehe.

I think it started as they asked me about what I'm reading - both me and the girl next to me were starting to read and study on the train. The other two went like "eehhh? It's vacations... As soon as we're on vacations, we'll never even once look at our stuff anymore XD" Well, that's linguistics to you, lol. I told them that especially to a lot of us - Japonologist, Sinologists, ... - it's like "Whee, vacations =D At last I've got time to study" ... lol.

Especially Klaudia was very interested (she who, when she slept, slept with mouth and eyes open O.O... First time I've ever seen that about someone. It might be ever so slightly scary when they don't move, hehe). I explained he difference between 'kanji', 'hiragana' and 'katakana' using my Gazette(finger)nails, kehe.

Like "This *showing them the れいた middle finger* ... is hiragana. *sly smirk*" They didn't really think that it was looking like anything special though. They preferred Ruki *laughs*

And when they saw the caps of my shoes, one time we were outside one of the 4 trains, they asked jokingly whether it means 'left' and 'right'. I laughed and told them no, the one that is left is the one that is right - I moved around and pointed at 葵 on the right side of my bag - The moment I pointed at him, Klaudia's brow furrowed a bit. I grinned. I mean... Aoi usually does look a lot more manly than Uru, don't he...
Well, I went on like "And the one on the right *lifts shoe* is the one *moves around to proudly present* the guy on the left, here. *points at thighalicious Uruha*". The other's girl eyes went wide. [They both were Polish, and as I don't have much clue about Polish names, I have no idea how to write her. It sounded a bit like "Kasha" thanks saku_ryo]

Kasia: That's a... guy?

Me; *huge grin* uhuhhhhh x33333~~~

Kasia: No no. that's not a guy. *somewhat insecure laugh*

Me: Oh yes, he is.

Kasia: No. That can't be. It's not. *laugh*

Me: Oh yes he is. *shows them the other Gazette pic on her bag and points to Uruha and Aoi respectively*

Klaudia: Ohhhhhh *__* Can I see? *looks at all of the pics* Ohhh... is that a girl though?

Kasia: *leaning over to get a glimpse, too*

Me: No, it's all guys.

Kasia: *pointing at Mao* ... isn't that a girl?

Me: ....... xD *too many manly images of him in mind unable to say anything at all*

Klaudia: Yeah, she said they all were guys...

It all was pretty funny. When we were on another train, Klaudia asked me a lot about Vkei, the scene, the music, and so on. She was really interested, which made it just so much fun. I had a shoxx with me (*cough* one of the latest with シド on the cover) and showed them. Hoping they'd be careful with the mag, which they were. Kasia was especially incredulous "What... that's a girl, isn't it?" I was just able to repeat that I believe that in that issue, about everything was male. Klaudia was the one to frequently tell Kasia that it all were guys, believing my words, yet still looking at me a little insecurely, especially when it was about Versailles. *laughs*

Klaudia was really cool. She even requested listening to some songs, so I lent them my iPod, giving them a couple of Gazette songs to listen, Kagrra, heidi, vistlip... Klaudia liked heidi. a lot hehe.

Well, so much about that. I was pretty sure I wouldn't see much of them after we'd exit the last of our trains. 19:43, Berlin Central Station. Getting outside, scanning left and right, hastily waving at them and woosh I was gone, heee, everything else but that little black spot blurring out x3 懐かしんだ。

Nega's guilt trap ... wow. I love that song.

... Totally pointless comment, right? XDDD

24th-Mar-2009 03:30 pm (UTC)
haha, poles are everywhere XD but you had nice journey, didn't you? and that girl's name is Kasia ^ ^

so you listened to nega finally? guilt trIp! so... old dir en grey-like for me. but still great <3
24th-Mar-2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Heheh, oh yes. You infiltrated Germany xD And yeah, the journey was nice ;3
x3 Thanks for the enlightening information kehe *corrects*

Mmmhmmmmm... It's great ♥
28th-Mar-2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, didn't anybody first think "that are girls" - or at least some of them are girls?? But once you get used to that look ... ahhh strange things happen ...

Your travel report sounds great. So going by train was worth it, I guess! That's the only way to really see the landscape. Puh, my trips to Berlin were by plane. Nothing to see. What a pity.

Maybe you infected those girls now ... a little bit ...

YEAH let's spread J-Rock!!!!!
28th-Mar-2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
Hehe, well, I don't think they'll go on with and into the music, at least not Kasia. We'll see ^ ^
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