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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
LOL@inbox in the Morning, and another dream 
10th-Apr-2009 11:22 am
mao distorted
Eh? I've only been away for seven hours xD ... 28 emails, okay not always so surprising, if you count spam and advertisements and stuff but... all of them were comments from LJ 笑

The シド com really has grown over the last year. I also did a SIDday entry last year, but

the response wasn't quite that huge笑.

So, but before I go to all those, I wanted to put down a small little thing before I forget because

I dreamt of him again.



Well, I actually only read an entry 葉月 had written, but at the same time I saw him, as if he were sitting behind his computer, telling us about it.

He'd been invited by some friends of him to join them in attending a hockey match of one of their mutual friends. 葉月 said yes - the game however was a slight disaster. The young man, that is, their friend, had just started out with Hockey, and wasn't that much of a prodigy to start with. He was the keeper but every time he slid to block the puck, it just hit his chest and jumped over him. In the dream, that still was a goal XD It was amusing though. Unfortunate, but well, it wasn't meant to be such a competitive match , ne. There was a lot of 'Ganbatte! FAITO!'-air, but it was fun at the same time) So that happened like eight times in a row, and the ending of the match was near...
And then 葉月 wrote that for the very last puck, he did his utmost, stretched, jumped up [almost basketball xD], and there he wrote laughing "Just like my メインキャラクター [Maincharacter... a sketch he received from someone with a ghostlike figure that represented himself], it seemed he was rising to the heavens! *laughs*"

Aww... He's so sweet even in my dreams ahaha...

Hm, there were more things going on before this and later, totally unrelated. One of them had to do with me walking over rivers... and very quick floods and ebb tides... and a strong gust of wind that suddenly get a hold of me and shoved me over the actual water, through the little wood at the other side of the river, and wham against a wall, where there happened to pass by some friends of mine. Curiously enough, they seemed to look a lot like the main characters from La Corda D'Oro... and I seemed to look a lot like Kahochan from that series out of a sudden... *laughs* One of them, one of the senpais, carefully pulled me from the wall, as they blinked at the bloody scratches and slight splatters of blood on my white (O_O)/ shirt. I looked somewhat sheepish... and suddenly the scratches disappeared. At first I wondered whether I'd become a vampire but... it seemed to have been that 'magical wind'... hm (o.O)∫
Walking in the middle of the river, all alone and bare feet, was hella exciting though.

Okay, as much about dreams.

Off to reality. Or half-reality, lol.


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