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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
What I didn't really want to know 
21st-May-2009 08:06 pm
Rosie came back home about an hour ago, and one of the first things she did after greeting the cats, was to ask me whether she could interrupt my 'doings' for a while.

Sure, I said, as I always do. Ahhh, as soon as she entered my room, I noticed that she was... drunk. I could smell the alcohol from where I was sitting, and she had to cling to the door and my wardrobe for support. Un.
She wanted to apologize for the current situation, being the one that one of her sons, Alex, currently more or less lives here due to heartache and related problems. Not that I have any problem with him being here, he's a nice chap. I don't mind. She just wanted to talk about her frustrations, I guess.
Somehow it's always interesting what she's got to say. And luckily I was already almost done with the chapter I was reading about Japanese History, so her, as usual long talk, didn't disturb as much as it could have although I already was quite hungry at that time and had planned to start making dinner soon.

Interesting how she talked about Alex' manipulative ex(?) girlfriend, manipulative people, cutters, how people destroy others' lives, and the such. How she talked about cutters was almost as if she were giving a lecture. Her opinions are interesting, but it's sad that she sees things so stereotypical most of the times. This ex-girlfriend of his is a cutter, and an ever-lusting bitch, so all cutters are manipulative bitches, ne... Best thing to do when she talks about things in a drunk state is to smile and wave, smile and wave... or something.
She's got some points though. It is dangerous to involve yourself with cutters when you've got a helper-syndrome. Won't make you happy. So "running away" from them - in some sense - might be a smart thing to do, fair enough, but saying that all cutters only want to manipulate others, are looking for unstable, fragile people they can drag down to gain strength and as soon as they're stronger again, they get bored with their 'new friend', dispose of them and cut again to make them feel miserable and so on... Ne. "They don't want you to pity them, they don't even feel the pain anymore" na~

Well I guess my helper-syndrome isn't as strong as hers or her son's, as I'm perfectly aware that someone who is not qualified will not be able to perfectly help cutters with their problems, and the chances that I could help them are pretty slim. I in fact do know some of those manipulative cutter bitches, and am actually quite fond of them, quite very much so of some particular ones, but their cutting isn't my problem. As it would be Vice Versa.

So much about the last hour

Today was an off-day, and how much I appreciated it. I haven't touched my computer all day except for when I started writing the entry.

I made my own schedules today that I wanted to follow... and hey, I like making schedules on my own. *laughs* Sadly with college and work about every day, it's a bit hard to do it like that on a daily base naaa~ My plan was all structured, beautifully at that, like a timetable, and NeilGaimanBreaks in between. *laughs*

All in all six hours of working, or rather, five, as I used about one hour in total for Mr Gaiman. Feels good. It's more than a start ... I hope.

So... there weren't that many things happening lately that I wanted to blog about. Nothing much out of the usual happened [yet I say 'nothing much', because there did happen a couple of things that would fit into that "category" (^,~)]

Bits and pieces
That guy...
I just remembered that about a week ago or so, when I was going to college... hm, it was on the bus I think, as usual, pretty crammed with people, I didn't really notice any of the others around me. I only do, when I'm in the mood for it, but right then I wasn't. Too early for me to observe people, lol.
Anyway, just when I was leaving the bus again, for some reason I think I turned around, and noticed that the person who had been standing just a bit to my right, was that (cute&sexy...maybe...) Japanese guy who used to be in one of the classes I attend last semester... he, too, was listening to an iPod, but noticed me, looking up, smiled (*MELTED*), nodded a bit and waved at me.
Ah... I beamed. (*\\\\*) ... and my heart went like キュン~ I'm such a sucker to all the things guys Japanese 8D

Another day, I was about to leave from college. Crossing the street to get to the (almost replete with people -) bus-stop, I thought that one of the figures standing there had some rather stunning resemblance to one of my profs... Pörtnerちゃ〜ん, that is. Lol.
No, I'd only ever called him that once (when he wasn't there, of course), 'chan' has been sticking to him ever since then. He's actually one of the oldest professors, and oh how he loves to ramble, and aaaaah so slow, but whatever he rambles about is so interesting, I tend to go to most of his courses *laughs* It's just very educative. If you've got the nerve, that is. And a lot of patience. Which I do, luckily, hehe~
He's a very interesting personality indeed. I'd say he's in the beginning of his sixties, grey, almost white hair, huge glasses, a rather quadratic face and rather roundly body, droopy blue eyes and always a bit of a white three-day stubble. When he talks, he talks slowly... with a lot of adjournments. *laughs*
His speciality is the Japanese language in itself, myths and popular belief and poetry, yet he knows a lot of other things from all over~
There had been this discussion amongst us students last semester, whether he'd actually recognize people from his courses. This girl there had been to his courses a lot, but whenever she meets him in the corridors, he doesn't seem to recognize her at all.

So I reached the other side of the street and filed into place, looked over - ah, it was indeed him. *laughs*
The best thing is... we looked at each other... and then he slowly nodded his head, in a way almost as if he was the one to take his hat off to me. *laughs* I grinned and nodded back, then turned around to face the street. How strange for him to take the bus, really. The profs normally have their cars parked at the institute~

Some self-observation of mine.
Pretty funny. I've noticed this before, but last Tuesday at our weekly Japanese film-night, I realized once again that... when there are a group of Asians on film, bowing their heads to each other in quick succession, I find myself nodding lightly, if not bowing ever so slightly myself.
When I noticed, I laughed out so loud... on the inside. And smirked.
Hello there, influence XD~

Other small notes

I have this strange habit nowadays to wake up about an hour before my alarm clock goes off. And this indiscriminately, no matter whether I had seven, six, five, less or more hours of sleep, and no matter what time it actually was that I had to get up at. I tend to wake up, notice that my alarm isn't on yet (meaning, there's no music playing), turn around to fish for my iPod and check the time. Then going back to sleep, with now idea for why I woke up in the first place. Guess I got used to it *laughs*

Anyway... today when I woke up (again, before the alarm clock... this time I thought I might as well get up though, for a change), well the first thing I automatically do is trying to recall what has just passed... 夢のこと. There was nothing I remembered, and the first thing I thought of when my mind was back in this world wasn't a thing per se, but well, a moving, living object called human being, or jadako for that instance XD Don't ask me why, I don't know...
... only have a slight idea, but...
... it's all so clouded over... within this 'idea'... うん... (.///.')

I'll type this before I start thinking of reasons for why I would want to, or would not want to thank you. *laughs*

There was something else I wanted to say, just a small thing, unrelated to this... doesn't come to my mind right now, so ~
Mah, well... seems I'm moving on, from いろいろなこと. In different ways. Not so from others. Ah, Ms No-Sense will post and then go eat ノムノム\(*ω*)ノ

21st-May-2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
I'm alwyas impressed that you're able to wwrite about so many things in detail.

At first I always get put off with the length of your entries. Always xD But in fact they are very nice to read ^ ^

I know the pain of waking up before the alarm clock goes off. Painful thing, ne~

And even you wrote about so many things you always forgot about something more or it comes to your mind a few minutes after posting the note XDDDDDD
21st-May-2009 08:50 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Well... that's me, ne.

xD It's good that they are then.

Well, I got used to it, I barely notice anymore. Or well, it doesn't seem to affect me much.

There's always that XD
22nd-May-2009 04:57 pm (UTC) - ^-^
It's so nice to read things from your day-to-day life ^^

I have one exam left on Monday at 2 and then
GRADUATION ふうう〜〜〜!ハルドガイです!


I do the bowing thing too lol. I can't help it! and also I find that my head starts to incline when I say thank you to lecturers or shop assistants and I bow just a tiny bit XP
Like: "Thank you" *head starts to go down* then I turn it into an embarassed head nod lol!
22nd-May-2009 08:55 pm (UTC) - Re: ^-^
*smiles* Neee... hahaha... well xP よかった〜

Oh wow, that's lucky... it's so close that everything will be over... I'm sure you'll all 頑張る. *gives you energy with her heartfelt 200%-beam*

Oh yeah... I think you've mentioned that before >D I think I started doing that long after you. (I think you even did that slightly while I was there xP) It's a good thing... (maybe) lol. I mean... one of my bosses, you know, I went "hai!" at her frequently when she explained something, and she looked at me and said "What?" me: "uh... hai? =D"... her:"... I think we already said hi. Enough of that. *kahahha*"
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