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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Hurray, Playlist... and Hurray, Yesterday. 
13th-Aug-2009 12:15 pm
My playlist decided to shuffle in awesome ways today after I got up.

The first song to play was ゾディア's Scary Call... and just as it did, somebody who's Caller ID didn't show, called... I hesitated in lifting up the receiver (but that's just me rarely lifting it up when it's the home phone w), and when I did... lovely female voice, but in the end... wrong number... hahaha...

After it, 証言 came up. Just had re-added it to my playlist yesterday. ごきげんよう〜

I found that the titles would actually make sense when put after each other:

Scary Call ~ 証言!…Fall out IN THE DARK ... 合鍵… [BRILLIANT YEARS, Den lille havfrue]

After the spare key, there was BRILLIANT YEARS... hn... well who knows, burglars using the spare key could live some brilliant years with everything they found xD ... And ... 愛情だって救えた… Oh well. That's just my mind spinning fantastic threads.


Talking about yesterday...

Strangely enough, I was off yesterday... I guess she just forgot that I'm working more hours this week. Oh well, that way I had more time on my hands. [I was probably right, as a couple of hours later I got a message by her, asking me how many hours I have left to work this week and was surprised as I told her 11 xD]

It was such a lovely day... After my first stop at the pharmacy I had planned to go to the main branch of the bank - I had wanted to exchange money the day before at the bank just opposite the house, however they said that they can't do it unless I have an account with them. I should go to the main branch, as they should have all kinds of currencies at hand.

Well, all that's planned ends well? XD Well. Just when I was about to head off to said bank, I remembered that I didn't really know where it was located, and how I had wanted to check on google maps first. Okay well, headed back up and ghosted around in someone's room ( XD ) while finding out.

When I got there in the end, I was pretty surprised. The main branch is the oldest branch of all of them, of course... I checked them out on wikipedia. They opened on November 2nd, 1834. Equity capital 801,4 Million, total assets some 14,642 ... quadrillion? 8D

Anyway, as I have no idea of finances... I marveled at the building.

I think the court used to be on the outside. However they'd built this glass roof that links one building with the other... It looks pretty amazing. I've never been in there before.

Another building I quite like is this one:

It's the town hall. Naturally, living there, you get used to it. However just somehow I re-discovered this one, and other buildings a couple of years ago. Just got to look at it with other eyes and... to tell you the truth, all the foreigners go there during the city guides so... there happen to be gatherings of Asians there *laughs* I love that place. ♥ Just when I passed it yesterday, one of the guiding tours was called "Third Reich Tour" how intriguing.

Well the day was rather perfect for going downtown... Or well, depending on how you like it. I'm not really a fan of huge swarms of people everywhere, especially where you want to walk... However yesterday that didn't bother me at all. I didn't bump into anyone either, nor were there any almost-crashes. Even though it seemed as if 80% of the masses of people were moving towards me, I had no problems in filing between them. Hehe.

What I love about downtown is all the little markets, street musicians, comedians and other strange folks.

Which reminds me... a couple of days ago these ladies here were on the street:


I did record some funny guys yesterday, too but... just happened to delete the video. Well done. 8D

There also were some strange guys... ah... lately we're getting street preachers, too. How interesting. Especially the onlookers' faces. Most of them are like. o~O' or >ω> or... faces you can't depict with 顔文字w
I always switch off my iPod whenever I pass some, as well as when I pass musicians. It's just too entertaining to miss out.

No idea what this guy was about... *laughs* It looks as if the one belonging to the green one was sort of... exhausted.

And these!

I saw two, one of them seemed to be a historical person no one seemed to know >>' He looked like Roosevelt. And I only know that, because I watched Night at the Museum 8D and the leprechaun ♥ He really looked like one, and how funny he was ahahah...

There was this little dog that was scared shitless. He just had to turn into its direction and the bulldog barked and barked and barked, pressed to the ground. *laughs*

He turned back to the dog there

*waff waff waff WAFF!* xD

He made strange noises, a bit like a bird's or sometimes like a ... squirrel's... like... nyuunyuu tchiitchii nyuu~ brrreep Fantastic. *laughs*

Well well... Reminded me of one time I was in Dublin. There was this pretty awesome Leprechaun. He wasn't quite as child-friendly though. Nor child-safe. He was... scary. Which is good for... fairies. *smiles*


These fellas just didn't change their appearance at all, ne? *soft smile*
I had a slight shock though when I found out that the bus-ticket from the airport→home would cost me more than half of this if I don't get student discount %|

Everything's cleared up about Norway too, I think. I fi~nally managed to reach them yesterday... Lars-Helge was at home when I called, he asked "ARE YOU IN NORWAY? *___*" ahaha... "No... not yet XD"
He told me his mom's number at work... managed to reach her after two tries. She was pretty surprised. Hadn't really expected me to call there at all. *laughs*
Well... Actually I was prepared to apologize (sort of) for not calling earlier - I did, it's just that I never reached them 8D - but one of the first things she said was "Ahh so are you gonna come one of these days?" so... she really didn't mind me calling five days before I'd be there.


I'm excite----d *sque--*

EDIT OH RIGHT. And I found out that the reason for me not getting any email notifications from LJ (for... a couple of days now) is most probably because of the recent DDoS attack... -___-'
13th-Aug-2009 01:28 pm (UTC)
Ah~, I'm such a sucker for this type of post. 8D

That town hall looks absolutely beautiful, I love that kind of architecture. :3
And the street entertainers! So awesome. xD
13th-Aug-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
hahaha! Pictures from daily lives and cities? Real ups? *laughs* I'll keep them coming, bb, and be you the only person to read my journal then 8D ... Oh well ... and now that I got that phone ♥ I take immense masses of pictures, too, so... 8D

Oh yes... It is pretty beautiful. There are much more of that type buildings downtown it's just that one doesn't really notice when used to them XD At times I seem like a tourist though, in the city I was born *laughs* The town hall is actually famous for its glockenspiel... *smiles* even though the chimes sound slightly off nowadays but... xD the foreigners don't seem to mind XD
Moah, gonna take more street entertainers' pictures and vids, I'm pretty sure *laughs* Too bad I deleted the other one... ;-; *slaps self*
13th-Aug-2009 09:40 pm (UTC)
Yep, I love seeing pictures from other cities, especially European ones! There's something to their architecture that fascinates me~. As I put it sometimes, I love that old vibe Europe gives off. x)
And you'll take more pictures for me? Yaaay! *hugs*
Be sure to take some of Norway too, pretty please! ^____^

That type of buildings is more common downtown in Lisbon too. That's why I love going there and twist my neck trying to look at everything. |D And I really am a tourist, ahah.
I'll await those eagerly~. :D
13th-Aug-2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
Hahaha well... I probably won't go downtown anymore before I leave ...
... and in Norway I guess I'll take more pictures of the landscape and of forests *laughs*... as I won't really be that much in cities or towns themselves... or so I think. Though I do have to pay that lovely cafe a visit... with the best milkshakes in the whole world *__*

Nyan~ ^____^
13th-Aug-2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
Un~, it doesn't necessarily have to be cities, I'm happy with anything that's different from what I usually see. And since I haven't traveled that much, almost everything is fine. 8D

Also, milkshakes! <3
13th-Aug-2009 10:45 pm (UTC)
Hehehe, well then~ Enjoy the future! *laughs*

Oh gawds, yes........ so terribly good ;_______; you have like no idea how good ;_____; All of them were, but my favo was the pistaccio one 8D sooooo goooooooood oh gods XD I'm developing a dangerous sort of appetite just now xDDD
13th-Aug-2009 06:54 pm (UTC)
Beautiful pictures:D I think I'd like your town, it looks interesting, with nice atmosphere... I love musicians, artist on the street remind me a little bit of Tokyo^^

I used to play like this, with two friends, all of us playing flutes... That was fun^_^

Waaaaa, you're going to Norway?!!?!!? I'm late, I know-_-; I hope I'll go there one day *sigh* Have fun there!!!!:***
13th-Aug-2009 09:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you~
Mm, my t...city, it's quite lovely =3 I love the downtown area... and yeah, the atmosphere really isn't bad *laughs* ... You should come and visit my place one time... maybe when シド come here 8D *shot* ugh... -__-'

Really? すっげな−!I probably would have, too, if I ever had had enough skill *laughs*

Yeah I a~m... It has been two years since last time... *smiles* and it's already so~~ close. Just got scales from Yuki so I can start panicing early, about how much I canNOT take with me 8D
Thank you thank you! I should be blogging during that time though~ we'll see. *smiles* Unless their internet dies, I'm pretty confident I will ^___^
14th-Aug-2009 07:11 am (UTC)
Puuh, mom's relieved a bit now, eventually you reached your norwegian family ... how cute, Lars-Helge asking if you're already there - he's so sweet, he loves you so much and is so excited that you're coming!!

Well, I had no doubt that everybody there would be relaxed even if you only would call hours before your arrival - they know you quite good, don't they??

It's nice to see pics of my home-town. Usually you don't take pics of the town where you live, it's all so "normal". But it's a different angle if you don't live there anymore. Like your pics! Looks like good marketing for travel agencies, hehehe, come to visit Munich!!!
16th-Aug-2009 08:49 am (UTC)
I'm so excited xD He must have changed a lot though. I mean he's thir~~~~teen already O.O

Well I guess that would have been a bit... too ...short-dated.

Yeah, there's that. But I guess with me being in foreign countries so 'often', realizing and seeing lovely buildings there, I found them again here. ^ ^
16th-Aug-2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, Lars-Helge is thirteen. Usually a age where he has no interest in "big sisters" coz girls are fucked-up, anyway.
That's special about your relationship. He still does love you and he's definitely excited to have you back tomorrow!
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