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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
I'm there... again... we come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun ... 
17th-Aug-2009 11:58 pm
... and it seems, I have a stable internet connection. *smiles*

To get right to the point... or well. I don't know how much I'll be able to write today, I'm pretty much spent. Didn't sleep quite as much as I should have (less than 5 hours I think x-x), got up at 5:15, and well, had some traveling behind me.

I will spam you with pictures that I took during the day, and I won't size them, so please bear with them in original size ['tis a bearable size I think though :3 Just that it's a lo~t of them... the boring ones in the beginning *laughs* -well unless you don't find the all-abouts of traveling boring *smiles*]



07:29 Check in done in ten minutes. Nice. 21,7kg. All's well~
[I checked in at the first one to the right of the middle... if you can see the lady with a light pink top, that's where I was]


07:30 Oh lol... (as I am planning to go to a washing room before heading to the plane)


07:40 How fleeting! Made it through step2, the security check.


07:49 Can you find my flight? ^ ^


... Can you find something else?


07:59 Waiting for Gate 09 to open its ports ...


I didn't really do anything at first while I sat there and waited for boarding time. I looked at people around me, wondering why there were... so many Asians taking just that flight >>’ Also marveled at the norwegianness of the man sitting opposite me, and smiling. Especially bursting into a beam as I heard an arriving child call out something with "... tilba~ke" in wonderful around~Oslo dialect.
As I practically wasn't doing anything, I decided to just sit and write.

And that's what I did, during the whole day, to different times, different places, different begivenheter. Erm. Omstendigheter. Erm. Sheesh xD... circumstances.

08:42 Boarding! ...
In the end I actually first noticed that we were boarding when people already had filed through that check-in zone *laughs*


That was not... quite our machine though. >>

08:54 On the machine, still there, waiting for it to start.
The last picture I took with ~that~ cam here (I took lots with the real cam up in the air though.)


11:20 Arrived!
Now go and tell me, though in both countries the weather was perfectly fine... which sky is bluer...


Already while flying over Norway... it was so... Well. "You haven't changed much, have you?" I smiled at seeing how there were residential areas in the middle of forests... how they tried to chop down the least amount of trees as possible. You just saw forest, and roofs. Ah... I smiled at so many things.

Fighting my tears at some point.

Really about to want to cry when I got off, was there... finally.

Not quite our machine either, but it was much more this ... size... <<


11:23 *smiles* This picture is obligatory ...


Lol, before I got my luggage, I went to the washing rooms again and... wondered... why I always seem to get a slight nosebleed whenever I get off flights...-.x [遅れちゃったら、ごめんね。鼻血のせいかも@-@]

Well, I originally had planned to go straight to Fredrikstad once I arrived in Oslo. Well. When I got to know that I would have had to wait over an hour for the next bus, I decided to take the train instead. Head to go over Oslo and would have to change the train then... instead I decided to stay just for a little while... it was only just noon, so I had plenty time left.

11:55 Waiting for the train to Oslo S~


This would be only the first of a couple of pictures of... that fascinating sky. There was much more... much greater to come... I didn't know... *smiles*
And already there, though it was pretty much ~not~ REALLY on the country side... I could smell... that air. It's real air. Fresher than fresh. It's AIR.


And from then on, I got NoRwAy in some full blows.

No actually already before that - when I went to get my luggage, I saw one of the bigger clocks in the hall. ... It read a total wrong time. "... Am I in Norway?" I laughed.

While waiting for that train, a good-looking norwegian man of small stature and in uniform stood there, waiting, making me wonder whether it used to be that way - most of the good-looking norwegians of small stature? Well just when I was on the train and the ticket collector went to check mine, just then I saw the other one - supersized *laughs*

And right there was Norway full on:

I had bought a ticket for students. Had asked a man at the ticket window whether I, as international student, could get the %off. And it seems, in some ways, I could. (just a bit before that I had a soft rush of panic as my purse was missing. Ho Gawds. I was like SHIT NO!! but... 'no' indeed. Huh~)
So when the nice man checked my ticket and his eyebrows started to furrow, I began explaining about me being a student etc etc, but that... wasn't quite the problem.

He turned to me and said "Well... nah... you see...? *points to something on the ticket* ... that's a different company."

I had bought a ticket for the special flight-express train. Not the normal one.

... I sorta froze.

"Ugh... and... what am I to do ~now~? *getting sorta shocked eyes*"

... Suddenly he flashed a toothy (did I mention good-looking? ^ ^ Man in his 40ies~) grin at me and said "Hm well, just take care next time ^,~" and clipped it.

Okay, at 'home' I would have been fucked over three times by then.

As I said, I decided to stay in Oslo for a bit. So I put all the luggage into a locker, and left.


Already passing through the central station, I was flooded with all the goods of norwegian butikker. So much richness... as in... taste, odours... Helt vanviddig. I didn't go into a single one though. Just walking past them, taking it all in... so wonderful.

And then, when I stepped out the buildings of the central station, and onto Osloer ground... I again felt like crying, or laughing, or both. I was just overwhelmed. Haven't been here in years, and just as I step out there it seems as if I'd never really been away. As if I'd just been there last weekend. Every thing so familiar, so close, so ... there. *points at heart*

So I started walking.

12:54 Karl Johann~ Oslo's main shopping street. Or actually... main main street.
Of course there just had to be some random Asians standing around just when I want to take a picture... >>


13:01 Remember those street artists I posted last time? Well, Oslo got these, too. I counted four.
This one was just priceless XD plastic horns 8D


13:04 And as I'm trying to be a bit touristy... (nah, I like buildings...)


I went up all the way, almost to the castle. Took a spontaneous turn to the right, up some steps... instinctively. I've been there before, to that park up there. Only once. However, I walked determined to just the very same bench I've been sitting on before. Two benches to my left there were some Asians.

I started writing again... Amazed at the sounds, amazed at the scents, the air, everything. The earth, so dark. I could smell the earth. ... I saw a mouse, and a rat *laughs* and so many butterflies. So much life.

And you know what took the biscuit?

Just when I had been writing for a little while, I started to hear, to discern... sounds.

And I realized.

Those Asians... a man and a woman, both in their 50ies I'd have guessed.

Yepp, they were Japanese.

... >> He talked incredibly fast though, it was hard *laughs* but... at some point he left, I think to throw something away, and when he came back he grinned at her and said something and 「完璧じゃない〜?」 and I just grinned the more from one ear to the other. A bit later then there seemed to be some misunderstanding on her part about the word 'drugstore'. He laughed and said 「ドラッグじゃない!」and some other things I can't quite remember, he made some comic movements as if going like "hey yo, give me some drugs ugh" and me, I sat there and started giggling, if not laughing, just heck...
And he looked over and said (I didn't look) a bit lower 「……あっ…笑ちゃった…」... he used something like 彼女/あいつ, I really don't remember, referring to me, ne. And I just laughed out again and smiled at him and... tried getting back to writing. They suddenly didn't talk all that audibly anymore, later back to normal XD and then they left aw... I smiled and twinkled at him when they did. If I'd met them again, I would have apologized for laughing out XDDD Might have confused them slightly after all hahaha~

Then off to a little harbour. I like going there, always have enjoyed being there, though it's kind of in the middle of the city, not exactly that idyllic (compared to other places), but such a wonderful atmosphere.

13:56 I loled at this.


13:59 And then I just sat there close to the water, and gazed, let the sun shine down upon my face, the warm sun that does not hurt (a fact I had forgotten), a comfortable sun, cool air, my perfect weather and...


No, I am not crying, even though the sun shining directly into my face-with-damp-eyes... I am happy. So damn happy.



No one painted there. The clouds are real. It's all... real.



And then I got Norway right there again. Just when I was about to leave from there, getting up ...
I just looked out (as I had been doing for most of the time anyway~) and thought, from the bottom of my heart, to this here that is still in my heart
"I love you."
And right then there came such a strong wind I hadn't had that day before or after, and ... blew my ... long skirt like... completely and perfectly up and over and... leaving me bloody (half)naked as I face the sea ahahahahahahah!!!! YES I FEEL LOVED TOO! Gods lol... I could have cried from laughing, on the inside.
Ah, when I direct things like these to 'Norway', it goes to a whole bunch of Entities as well, ne... *smiles*

Sheesh yeah, I take that as a reply. *laughs*
I was like "*smirk*...herhem... *pushes skirt down* right... xD Sure... ahahaha~"

Well, and there I headed back to the station.

14:28 Being somewhat like a tourist again *laughs*


15:01 And there I sat on the train back. Had rung up Joy just before the train left. There was some confusion whether I would take the bus from the station to home, or whether she should collect me... I said that it was fine, I could wait 40mins and take the heavy&much luggage like that but... xD Just somehow she was convinced she could pick me up *laughs*


15:51 And there you get a bit more sky. You know... It's always like that. I never forget the Norwegian skies. You are there... anywhere practically, and all you see around you is to 2/3 sky... or sometimes... even 3/4.





Another reason to smile was, when at some point during going by train, while I was writing... without really thinking about what I was thinking I thought "Hmm... are we reaching Moss soon? It... smells... X-x" There's this one place that just really stinks. It's so weird *laughs* But that way you know exactly where you are. As I did, still. I found it also rather adorable that even though it wasn't even 4pm yet, most of the people on the train had dozed off ... *smiles*

And there's that with the picture spam. The most interesting must be those from when I arrived in Oslo I dare say. *smiles*

Lars-Helge didn't really know when I'd be arriving... he knew it would be today. Also, as I heard from Joy, did he not go swimming today because he didn't know when exactly I'd be there. Even though Joy, his mom, told him that I would probably not arrive before evening, he didn't go. *laughs*

So when we arrived there... Lars-Helge nowhere to be heard. She, in the door. "Lars-Helge~! Kom hit litt...♪" and he went like "Yah, be right up"... and I stood there...hehe... and he saw me and... aww ♥
That was some hugging right there *giggle*
He's grown taller... Well. He's 13 now.

The rest of the evening I spent with them eating dinner, talking to Joy, watching some videos about ... well actually the burka band... ho gods XD It's a YT link, watch it if you don't know it yet.
... well and of course, in Lars-Helge's room, while he played WoW, and I, after a while, got internet running on here. Tried chatting at the same time as doing a by-him-ordered quest as he had to run downstairs to eat his supper. *laughs* I just had to walk some place for him in the meantime (without getting killed by a hu~ge meanie), which I managed quite well *laughs*

And no matter how much they change about and around their house... in so many ways, it's still the same. The smell... the smell is still the same. I loved that already last time. Stepped into the door, and there it was.

So yeah, here I am, it's 1:41 now, I'm pretty exhausted (have been so for hours and hours) since this is done... somewhat... I'll take my leave. *smiles*

... A thing about the couple of pages that I wrote and found pretty interesting... the longer I was here, the more smilies, emoticons, and else did I use while writing. Entertaining actually. At times I laughed at myself when I again felt a need to draw a heart. *laughs*

Well! Let's see how the weather'll be.
Until then~
18th-Aug-2009 01:23 am (UTC)
What a lovely place! D:
I especially loved the picture of the old sailboat.
18th-Aug-2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
And that 'lovely place' is in the capital. The capitallll D: That means... greyness, city... or well, would usually mean that. ...
I'll up with another one a bit later. :3 (I doubt that sailboat was so old... there's this 'boat parking lot' around here that used to have really old boats there. The kind that would sink if you put it on water. Highly fascinating. Like Ghostships.)
18th-Aug-2009 04:50 am (UTC)
Made my eyes wet.
Can feel your heartbeat, and it absatively beats for Norway, and this is good how it is, and that makes me so happy!

18th-Aug-2009 07:37 pm (UTC)

You should come here with me, once. By now I'm sure you will feel it, too.
19th-Aug-2009 04:54 am (UTC)
I will, my dear, I'm sure of that ...
18th-Aug-2009 07:20 am (UTC)
There's a lot of love in your post *smiles*

The sky... perfect<3
18th-Aug-2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm... so it seems. *smiles*

Hnnn *__*
More pictures following.
(Deleted comment)
18th-Aug-2009 07:43 pm (UTC)
Ah I wonder... Well, I've been really genki since quite a while now, no downfalls whatsoever since months... but well, I haven't been upping so much lately either and... Norway definitely is special to me. =3 I am the most glad maybe that I went there...

Lol, I don't really take pictures of people in front of buildings or so, I like things in a natural state. So... with people around that don't notice and so on~

They do ne... *、*
18th-Aug-2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Ah~, you sound so happy. *laughs*

It's a shame you can't record smells, ne. You described so many of them that now I'm curious.
But Norway looks beautiful, the sky especially! I can't wait to see more of it!

Ah, I laughed with that wind thing. |D It seems like Norway does love you too, lmao.
18th-Aug-2009 07:47 pm (UTC)
I do huh... *laughs* Well, I am...

Mmhmm... today there were some lovely smells too. In the forest. The smell of warm pines and forest animals... And more. :3
You'll see more of it later today ^-^ It doesn't only look it, it is. To me, anyway.

xDDDDD Yes Norge seems to do that in many ways nee~~~ *lays head to the side and smiles* ♥
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