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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
☆°•Dir en Grey in Pratteln•°☆ 
9th-Nov-2007 10:52 pm
mao distorted

I should probably write at least something about the concert, ne. I havn't written down anything yet, nowhere. The only thing I ever did was tell, but not too much... Most of it was "O__o ... ... Kyo... .. ... Kyoooouu... ... Kyo... Kyo... ... ... hmmm... Kyo, you know... hm... Kyo..." Hehe. Havn't even uploaded the pictures etc... Should do that now actually since I'm at it. I havn't even looked at what I ... filmed, ne. xD I didn't take pictures during the concert. I made little (TINY to be exact XD The cam doesn't have a lot of memory you know) films though.

While down/uploading them.

First of all... I don't think I've ever been that late for a concert. Not that we were late per se... It's just that usually, I tend to stand there waiting for hours and hours and hours... Yesterday, we [Luise, a girl who's never been to any JRock show yet and only ever heard Diru in the car XD; Dani, bit Gaze and Diru fan ハート; Anna, major Diru fan, and me] arrived at the place hours ago, right enough, but we didn't bother with going to the place of the event yet. Instead, we roamed around through Media Markt and Ikea, spent nearly an hour eating and talking at a [very very small] McDonalds... It was all much fun. ... I could write so much... *slaps self for not being in the mood to*

We probably deepened the 'waitresses' prejudices against Germans ne XD By asking a lot of... stupid strange questions. She was a but grumpy and impatient heh. I usually don't get things of McDo... it's just not my favourite kind of food. BUT! In Switzerland... they... have... ... ...

Mousse au chocolat


I h a d to have it. And it was. ... SOOOoooOOoooo good.


Anyway XD Enough about food. ... On the journey to Pratteln, which took us about 5 hours all in all, [We took it slow, ne], 麗さん made me bleed. ... ... ... Not my nose, for a change. Haha... no, I decorated my ドキドキGazette bag, ne, and pinned photos onto it [aaaahh booootiful... バラ]. I didn't even notice that I was bleeding before I saw the spot on the inside of the bag. Aaaaahhh well XXD

Well, how much 'late' did we arrive? ... About an hour before they let us in, an hour, or more... like 45 minutes. But there weren't many people at all. I'd say around 50. The poor souls that had been waiting since 6am that morning... sheesh. I mean, it was a tad milder in Suiss than in Germany, but still... too cold to be anywhere near comfortable while waiting.

We didn't have our tickets yet, but got them when they started to let the people in. To be exact, there were no tickets, just a pring on the back of your hand. Security let me in with my cam... very nice... and as soon as I was in there and had checked out the venue... [I saw the little stage and the small number of people in front of it and just thought 'Oh my Gods...'], I skipped to the merchandising. Ha! One of the guys from the NeoTokyoShop in Munich was there XXXD Fun.


The Show

And again, nervousness before the concert. We stood in about the 7th row, between Kyo and Die. Practically directly in front of Shinya, so I had the illusion I might see him more, be able to concentrate on him more. ... ... WELL. Didn't quite work out. It was rather a ... KyoKyoKyoDieKyoDieKyoKyoKyoDieKyoToshiyaKaoKyoDieKyoKyo-thing. XXD

I think Dani was quite nervous herself. ... She even said so. Anna was just very excited and happy... and Luise, the girl who's more into JPop *coughingatthefactshesneverseenanyJROCKbandandseesDiruasastarter* was excited and curious as well.

Diru started about 10 minutes later than scheduled... so quite good in time, ne. Started straight away... and don't ask me about a playlist... I know they played...

Grief, Namamekashiki, The Final, Conceived Sorrow, Higeki (I think), Dozing Green, Dead Tree, Ryojoku no Ame, Kodou... The rest I'm not 100% sure. Guess Rotting Root, C, ... Agitated Screams, Jesus RnR... and more.

Kyo, as always... darn hypnotizing.

Ne during a concert, there tend to be those little moments... sometimes it's one or two only, seconds only, but things that stay in ones' mind for quite a long time afterwards. After my first Dir en Grey concert, there were just so so many things that kept coming back... The first impression always is such a h u g e one, ne.

Well... I remember quite a lot about that time, too, ne. But that ONE thing that is most prominent, that had me hypnotized... it was the face on Kyo's right forearm. I stared at it for quite a while. His arms... He's all tiny and has this fragile quality about him, but only speaking of the physical. Well he's fragile on the inside too, ne, but I'm more talking about size. His INNER size is just... overwhelming. The fact that he's so short doesn't matter at all. He's taking you in. Sucking you up. With his looks, the way he moves, the way he dances, the wayS he stares, his... v o i c e.

At one point or the other I just GaPeD, though I actually amen't exactly new to those levels of his voice. Yet. And darn I forgot which song it was, it was NOT one of the ACapellas. But he sang... then suddenly his voice became a whisper, and then a hissss. My hairs were on ends. Durrrrrrr... *shudders*

Die was rocking out so hard... his hair was ... everywhere. I'm glad we were at that side of the stage, because though I had really wanted to watch Die at my first Diru concert... I just couldn't manage from where I was standing, ne, haha. I hardly ever saw Kaoru yesterday though. His typical putting-out-chin... haha. And Totchis "yeah give me more"-gesture, and the lifting of his bass.

Die scanned and looked at the people a lot (I had eye-contact for quite some time, though not as much as I had with Toshiya in August, ne). Not the way Kyo does... that way you can never be 100% sure he's actually looking at you. Most of the time, if he's looking at all, he looks at ... the distance. Though one time... and I might be wrong, but it doesn't really matter, because it sent a tingling shock through all of me: Kyo was looking, and about in my direction, when his tongue suddenly stuck out and slowly yet swiftly licked across his lips... I immediatly licked my lips and >___<" I think that second, he fucking stared at me. *shudddder*

... Those mesmerizing, hypnotizing, dragon-like movements of his... ohhhhwow. Even though he *cough* didn't remove his shirt during that show, it was still...... a LOT nice to look at. The woman's head and the Damned on his neck were two things I kept looking at.

I actually did see Shinya some of the time... I love the way he's treating the drums. It looks nice... Don't ask me why. xD I just really like it.

Hmmm... I might write more about the concert, and about afterwards later, but for now, I'll set the... fullstop XD
10th-Nov-2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Hah...sounds like you had a really good time *smiles*
10th-Nov-2007 01:00 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had fun!
10th-Nov-2007 04:01 am (UTC)
Haha, that's pretty funny with the waitress. Lol. My friends do that a lot. XD

I'm glad you had fun. =D I'm not a DeG fan but gosh, you're so lucky. =D
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