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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Just what exactly is his point? oO 
13th-Jan-2010 06:15 pm
sid friends

Randomly, I got a comment from some stranger on my last.fm page... Curiously enough I actually saw it just when he did. I'm not very good at keeping track of my last.fm comments (恥)

Anyway, they went like

Oh god, a Japanophile! ;D Saying that, I saw Mucc live once and they were fucking amazing. Also, hi. I'm Batman.

... [Hello, Batman. w ... His last.fm name isn't even that xD]

Well, I felt like correcting his 'statement', so I told him I couldn't exactly be called Japanophile. So he, a 19 year old Englishman, according to his profile information, went like

So you're a German who just loves Japan? hawt. *head combusts*

For some reason I again felt like clarifying that I don't really love Japan, so I told him that I just really loved a certain style of Japanese music (lol) and the language, the food, and a couple of individuals w

His amazing (orz) reply to that was

Right, so we'll steal the culture and bomb the fuckers. GOOD PLAN! :D

*raises eyebrows*

At first I wasn't really into saying anything at all, but then told him that if he wanted to do that, he should just go ahead, as I'd be very curious to watch their "non-existing army" jump into action ffff

Ri~ght. 勉強続きまそう〜
13th-Jan-2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
wow. what a guy.

*raises eyebrow*
13th-Jan-2010 07:44 pm (UTC)

Had a couple of eyebrow-raising moments with him there. I'll see whether he'll write any more after this. XD
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