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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] D'espairsRay - SCREEN 
21st-Feb-2010 03:27 pm
For some reason, I decided to finally listen to something like a normal playlist again, and well, when this song came up after such a long time of not listening to it at all, I went like "Oh~ Let's translate it~♪"

So here I go.

Kanji are from the MIRROR-booklet, romaji and translation by me. English parts are in italics in the translation, and notes are to be found at the end of the post.
Thanks to tonbo_no_arashi先輩 for assistance *laughs*

As usual, don't repost etc etc without links back to here ♥

誰も居ない no discord in melody...
心塞ぎ no more pain left to feel...

残酷な程 誰も癒せない

腕の中で崩れ去った 無情に赤く焼きつく太陽はもう...見えない

嘆き果てる no tears for me to cry...
闇が照らし no more hope left to live...

鳴り止まぬ悪夢 何もかもを暗闇に変えていく

月よ抱いて照らしてくれ 夜空の星屑さえも映さない...この目が
行き場の無いこの想いが消えてしまいそうな程 孤独だと伝えて...

もう一度 忘れかけた空を...

祈り高く願う空へ 暗闇の先の声を...今はそう信じたい

daremo inai      no discord in melody...
kokoro fusagi      no more pain left to feel...

zankoku na hodo      daremo iyasenai
mou hikari made mo me wo fuseta

ude no naka de kuzuresatta mujou ni akaku yakitsuku taiyou wa mou...mienai

nageki hateru      no more tears for me to cry...
yami ga terashi      no more hope left to live...

nemuri nakushita mimi nari ga tsukisasu
nari yamanu akumu nanimokamo wo kurayami ni kaeteiku

tsuki yo daite terashite kure yozora no hoshikuzu sae mo utsusanai...kono me ga
ikiba no nai kono omoi ga kieteshimaisou na hodo kodoku dato tsutaete...

sleep... samenai yume
mou ichido      wasurekaketa sora wo...
shallow... howling... haze...

inori takaku negau sora he kurayami no saki no koe wo...ima wa sou shinjitai
dakara ikite... kizu wo daite... hikari karete mo kimi no yobu hou he arukitai
ataerareta toki wo inochi no hi ga kieru made

No one is there no discord in melody...
I block up my heart no more pain left to feel... [1]

To an extent that is cruel I cannot be healed by anyone
I already covered my eyes even to the light

The sun that crumbled away in my arms and heartlessly, redly scorches ... I can't see it anymore

Reaching the end of grieving no tears for me to cry...
The dark is shining no more hope left to live... [2]

Having lost sleep, buzzing pierces my ears
A nightmare that doesn't stop ringing Just about everything is going to change to darkness
Moon, embrace me, please shine upon me Even the night sky's stardust isn't reflected... in these eyes
These feelings that have no place to go speak of such loneliness that they seem to disappear...

sleep... a dream I won't awake from
Once more the sky I started forgetting
shallow... howling... haze...

I soaringly pray into the sky for the voice on the other side of darkness... Now, this is it what I want to believe in
Therefore, live... embrace the wounds... Even though the light withers away, I want to walk towards where you call
Until the flame of life disappears over the bestowed time

[1] Pulling the two Japanese lines together, a new meaning comes up - If doing so, it could mean something like "I block up this heart that holds no one". 'Hold' again as in showing the contents of it.
[2] Also here, if pulled together, it can turn into something like "The dark that is finished grieving, shines"


Enjoyed doing this. For once, I didn't get mental headaches from this. Longlivethedeadpuns

I'm still the comments-lover♪

And just in case you want to see more, my lyrics translation archive is →here~

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