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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Update on my computer's life 
6th-Jun-2010 02:39 pm

Short and simple... w

Well, I don't really want to write too much about it here, as I'm not yet done with organizing it all, which I do think I'll have done tonight.

What we think that happened, is, that FileVault messed up majorly. For people who don't own a Mac that won't ring a bell, and for those who do and use FileVault, never do it without using TimeMachine as well.
Somewhere during the FV-process, somehow it must have messed up, leaving my whole user-account bundled up in a single 63GB file, encrypted in unbreakable, non-dechiffrable ways. That's the good thing about Macs, w, but well, can turn against you as well. And as for my part, I tend to have happen things to me that the experts "haven't ever come across before".

Happened before... w

I stayed at the experts' on Friday, when they tried to fix it. Well... turned out there was no way of fixing it.

So the only way out of it was deleting the users. As in, totally. And start new.

They did that, or rather, tried, deleting everything works pretty fast on Macs. Then, loading the system back onto it [we settled with updating it to new newest one, Snow Leopard, which I very much wanted. There had been minor discrepancies with Leopard that were fixed with the Snowy one, so that was grand. Not that expensive with 30€ either], etc.

However... that didn't work either. The system stopped the install-process twice just a bit before the end.

Harddrive = defect.

To cut things short,

・ Everything has been deleted
・ I got a new harddrive
・ I got my system pimped
・ For everything, I had to start over


So to speak.

I DO have an external hard drive, luckily, or else my state would have been rather... VERY bad.
Unfortunately, the only things that I hadn't backed-up recently were the most important things.

Being all my documents.

So in the end, I lost 2.5months of writing... which, to me, is rather a huge loss, considering how much I write.

If I'd guess roughly, I probably lost 200+ files.

(Includes my personal writing =a lot of stuff you can't even imagine w, some poems, there are ALL the translations... but even excluding all the blogs, all in all it were 100+ pages in 10pt that I won't be able to get back... if a hundred is even enough. w
I also lost all pictures from beginning of March)

It was a pretty hard blow, but at least it could have come worse, much worse.
It's just that way... for a writer to lose what he's written, for an artist to lose what he's painted... it's not just "something created", it's part of one's self.

I can't do nothing but accept the loss, there's nothing else to do.

I can not retrieve my personal writings...
The only things I can get back are the UnsraW translations, obviously, because I posted them. I won't have all my comments and trackbacks and whatnots, but well, doesn't really matter. And lyrics and their translations, as they should be online some where.

The fun part was, that after I had already copied most of the things to my "new 'me'", I realized ... well, something, just a minor thing actually, but something I didn't like to have on the surface I'd be living with for the rest of its lifespan, as the user surface the experts had created wasn't quite the way I'd liked it to be, and to change the certain something I wanted to change I, well, had to start over again.

So again, a complete night of work to Hel. *laughs* Oh well.

Yesterday night I started over. Still working at it...

The first thing to do of course was getting iTunes somewhat started. One of the worst things while I couldn't access my account was the silence. It really got to me. I'm okay with silence sometimes, but just then I wasn't.
Also had to re-do that part a couple of times, because I first had loaded 'old' back up versions, most of which had neither album artwork nor lyrics, and I'm a geek like that, I want them to be there. Without it's just... bleh
So I think in the end I created itunes up to 3 times or so the last couple of days.

Then I set up my firefox to the way I had it. Then the next, and the next, and the next thing...

Had to get some DLs that I hadn't back-upped, but it weren't that many. Hadn't been downloading that much, so it were just a couple of singles.

One thing that is really good about it all...
The new hard drive I got is, instead of my old 120GB... [back when I got my laptop I thought it was plenty of space, but for about half a year or more I realized it's just much too little, with my steady growing music files and whatnot. Hadn't more freespace than about 12GB the last couple of months, and well, my computer wasn't working as fast as it used to anymore either. I really had been feeling in need of more space, dearly, for quite a while.]...

Eh, it was kinda amusing, while I sat there at the expert's bar, reading in my book, and they realized I'd need a new hard drive after all, and then looked for the hard drives they had there... he went like

Guy: *searches the racks for hard drives* Hm... looks like we only have 500s left.
Me: *looks up from book and blinks* ... eh... *not daring to realize it* five hundred~...?
Him: *grin* Gigabites!
Me: O...h... (O_____O') In...deed |'D
Him: What did you have before?
Me: Uh... 120~?
Him: XD
Me: ... Well then! 8D

So yeah. I'm really really really glad for that. Not only that I have plenty of space, it's also running as fast as lightning again. Haven't been having that state in months anymore.
It's just so... GAH. It's not that I've not been warned by 'someone' about backing up my documents, recently even, and maybe She warned me several times actually, but heck I just didn't listen to Her.
You always have to be SO careful about what you're wishing for, I've been just shown, again... or want, actually, as I haven't really uttered that wish... or wait up. I think I might actually have... ugh.
Anyway. It was a high cost but.
Wouldn't have had to pay quite so much of blood if I had just listened... so yeah, it's accepted. Lost and accepted, I realize the mistakes I made and am repenting in our own little ways.

And I really, really, really hope that I learnt for life. (>_<)

So that Friday was just really weird in some ways. Everything regarding my computer... the their card-reading device couldn't read the card I was going to use in order to pay... so I had to use mine, however the device suddenly had a system error... w... until THAT was fixed, orz... and after all that, I was 1.5 hours too late for work, but I had warned my colleague about that emergency situation, and she was fine with me being so much late.


Another good thing is, I totally pimped Adium now >D (it's my messenger device w). It already was pretty pimped, and I'm sort of surprised that I still remembered most of the defaults and the way it looked like etc, but I added some extras, and now it's super great heh. ... Of course I could already have done that earlier... I suppose. But new starts just have that certain energy to them, ne.

Also it's good to be totally concentrated in these ways. Having to rebuild and build things one daily uses. Oh, all these dependencies jyan. I really won't be bored this weekend w

... The one thing I'm kinda horrified by, is the idea of syncing my iPod... and ... whatever... might or might not happen. *shudders* But well, before that I have to re-build all the playlist... haha >.>'

That's one of the things I'm gonna do next.


So that's me, on a practically totally new laptop. Just the shell is the same but... hnya...

REBORN indeed.
6th-Jun-2010 01:00 pm (UTC)
Wow, I'm so sorry; that's horrible!

I guess the only good thing is that you have you got a new HD and an updated OS. Still, to lose all that writing... quite horrible.

I guess it'll be quite the project to try and remember all the things you couldn't save.
6th-Jun-2010 02:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's something one shouldn't really wish to happen to anyone, really.

I'm definitely glad for the good sides of it all... but I don't think I will purposefully try and remember the things that were lost. A loss is a loss.
As for the creative parts, those I won't be able to re-produce anyway. And all the other things, those that I ~might~ still get back somehow, I won't hunt for them... however if I feel up to it, I might try, bit by bit. First of all I got to see to that all I have is fixed and ready for use, etc. :3
7th-Jun-2010 05:46 am (UTC)
Good to hear that Mac works again, at least ... and it's pimped up to 500GB??!! WOW! So there's no need for a new Mac, am I right?

And what about the defective "i"? Did they fix that, too?

Yes, when it comes to data safety, you have to go through hell before you REALLY realize that you should do that more than regularly.

I will never forget my personal harddisk-crash. More than 200 pages of a dissertation: GONE. I had to write it again ... from then on, I regularly saved my data.

Hm, you knew before, why you wanted to have this Fuji Instax, did you? This pics are memories nobody can take away (but fire or theft or loss, of course). Yeah, that's the curse with digital photos if they are only on a harddisk.

I hope I don't have to be afraid too much of the withdrawal from my bank account???

btw: did you look at my lj account recently? Have posted some pics
7th-Jun-2010 11:44 am (UTC)
Yeah, 500 is really great. I practically ~do~ have a new laptop now, just the old shell :3 ... And the i-key is still the same, so when it comes down to it, I might have to go again to exchange the keyboard, when it really won't work anymore ^ ^"

"more than regularly", that's funny w All my other files were saved, of course. But not the documents, ahah. -_-
I faintly remember that crash, yah. and whatever I've written, all in all were a LOT of pages. Heh. (only the 5 files for the UnsraW blog translations were each around 100 pages already, but at least I can retrieve those again, it's not really that important nya...)

Yeah. I'm so glad I at least have the REAL photos... :3 Really really glad. And you can be glad that you saw the digital ones, because no one else ever did. Funny enough, I remember so many of those pictures.

Hm, it won't be withdrawn from your bankaccount, because the visa didn't work, I had to use my master. And I didn't have your master with me. It were over 200€... lol. So yeah, glad I had enough on my account.

My printer/scan isn't working wth the new system (yet), so I can't give you the bill or anything, but hn. Am re-installing it, I'll see whether it'll work then.

Haven't been on your LJ yet, will go in a bit :3
8th-Jun-2010 06:20 am (UTC)
Oh, I guess you wanted to express that they don't accept Visa? I hope there are no problems with the Visa itself?
Yeah, luckily you had enough money on your account. If it must be refilled - because of a maybe flight to Canada, just tell me!

It's great that Mac works again. You know, I thought about buying a new one in the US (the only positive thing, I thought, coz I'm not THAT fond of the idea that I have to go to the US for training ...). But now I learnt you can import max. € 430.- so that wouldn't have been enough for a new Mac ...
8th-Jun-2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with the card itself, just their card-reader couldn't read it at all.
Oh by the way, the Gackt concert was already sold out in the afternoon... Not with neo, just were there at their place today, but hn, their site broke down when people tried to order, so some of the orders didn't even get through, and there's this hu---ge chaos... but anyone who hasn't preordered probably won't get a ticket. Unless some are left in the end, but I doubt it x'D

Yeah, it really is! Just gotta hope the 'shell' is gonna work for long enough now. Gotta buy another external harddrive though, so that I can use it for the mac's back up function. Can't use mine, as I need an empty one for it :3
... You could buy an iPhone? w
Would have to check previously on the netz whether they work with European sim cards though, but iffffff.......!!!!!! xD
9th-Jun-2010 06:32 am (UTC)
Hehe, I KNEW that you would ask for a I-Phone ...
Well, we'll see.

Erm, 'The Killing Dance' already is here on my desk, just in case that you think about buying it ... and a book about Japanese fairy tales, as per your request ...

I was sure that there would be a run on Gackt tickets. Maybe you are lucky, after all. Actually I don't know if I am here in Munich at that time, but my belly tells me, I won't...
9th-Jun-2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
It's iPhone. same as iMac or iPod, with small 'i' and without '-'... X'D... Gotta teach you the jargon! XD

Ah, okay, great. Am still on the fourth novel, and already have the fifth here, so yay. When will I be able to collect those though? My course on fairytales starts tomorrow x'D

Hn, well they added another 200 tickets to the show as it seems. I doubt I'll be able to get these, either, but we'll see, ne.
10th-Jun-2010 06:36 am (UTC)
Oh, don't reprimand me ... I'm sorry for writing iPhone wrong ...

I will send you both books today, d'accord?

Just received (and forwarded to you) the NeoTokyo mail regarding the GACKT tickets. Good luck! Me, I won't be able to go there, will be in Washington (my belly was right, hehe).
10th-Jun-2010 07:14 am (UTC)
^ ^
Thank you~~

Yeah, I heard about that. I'll see about it then, I guess.
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