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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
BBQ and memes 
14th-Jun-2010 01:35 am
mao distorted
got for... gimmick! ♪

Fooo, I'm so tired. Actually just want to slip into bed, but then again it's so early still, somehow I don't quite feel like going to bed yet XD Well, there's that.

So I just am here and randomly sing along to very very random lines...

Glad I managed to totally re-do one of the translations I had to do for uni. I lost it due to the "hard-drive事件", only ever realized that I had lost something for uni when I had that random thought "Gladly I haven't been writing on any papers or dissertations for uni kaha |D" ... well X'D Not really. Just a page of translation or so w!

Well, it wasn't that difficult doing it for the second time. Managed that in a couple of hours. Stilllll not quite sure how I should ever manage summarizing another text for uni until end of this week. It's like, I don't even know how long. Three pages in small Japanese fonts 8'D

救いの手 唯一 僕の左手

BBQ and Playlists

Besides than what I mentioned, today I went to Yuki's in the evening for a barbecue. It's ages ago that I actually had one, lol... Two other friends of her were supposed to come, too, turned out to only be Constantine in the end. Not sure I ever met him before, but when I entered the building, and saw the elevator doors close just before me, and saw the face disappearing behind the doors, I just ~had~ that feeling it must be him *laughs*

And I had been right. Just when I got off the elevator and just walked down the corridor, she just opened the door for him hehe. [Seems I always abuse at least one word per entry, this time it seems to be 'just' www]

Anyway, it was fun. And yummy XD I've never bought real steaks for myself before, I think [SO EXPENSIVE!] ... and with real steaks, I mean like... beef. Mooooh-type meat. >.O ... yeah. And luckily none of them minded me eating my steaks the way I like them |D

And it's true... it seems I don't only have an extra-stomach for desserts, there's also one for meat xD I remember once when I was a young teen, on one of the many BBQ events we had at home, I ate like, 6 steaks. Years later I wondered how I managed. I did though. Somehow xD

A funny, uhm, 'coincident' was her playlist. Actually it wasn't even really a playlist... It had something close to 800 songs on it, Japanese, Korean, English, German... It was all in the mix, right?
Well, that didn't really seem to bother her itunes at all. The only thing it seemed to need was ~me~ being there, and suddenly it started firing off one SID song after the other. Seriously, there were several periods when there were two to three of them right after each other. And stuff like 右手のスプーン, 循環, ミルク, 刺と猫, 泣き出した……… there also was sweet? and smile and 空の便箋, キャラメル, 土曜日, 御手紙 and I don't even know.

As soon as she realized that I was reacting in any way she skipped without asking though. Even though I wanted to listen at some points XDDDDD Maybe she thought I just got too distracted, orz.

I mean... eating is fine. I can manage. Even with distractions, I somehow can manage. Somehow. But even though I don't actually ~listen~ to the song, just somehow talking didn't quite... work out. It's weird w

Well, Yuki just grinned, and Constantine never asked XD. Good boy.

Oh you footballers

When I headed back home... lots of football-crazy people filled the subway trains. Haha... of course. It had been Germany against Australia. I tell you, the guys were crazy. There was a group of at least ten, all of them so pissed, and uhm, well, they had fun! They stood there and saaaaang and shouuuuted "GERMANYYYY, GERMANYYYYYYYYY!!" and jumped up and down, they rocked the subway SO hard you'd think the car would derail. I've never had a subway car shake that hard under me before. It was just the way that cars shake when you jump up and down in the seats. or do... whatever >.>

It wa~~s kinda fun though. I mean, LOUD, but bearable. There was an Asian family sitting to my right, mother, father, and an about 12-year old daughter, all of them with Germany-colours in their faces. The father and daughter suddenly started jumping up and down, too, they sure had some blast w... The mother just laughed and laughed and laughed...... and laughed XD

And at one point while they were "singing" their "GERMANYYYYYY, GERMANYYYYY", suddenly one of the guys went like "Hey, common lads, sing along with us!", and then one of the passengers simply replied "We don't know the lyrics."

Great wwwwwwww

Suppose that's about it. It's slowly about time, too *laughs*

My actual purpose was the meme I found on ortsi's a little while ago, thought I'd try it out. Although it seemed quite difficult at times but uhm, here I go. It's the 30-days-video meme. 8'D


DAY 01: Your favorite Song

... Which is already problematic, because I'm not sure I HAVE a favourite song >.O I mean... there are top-songs on my last.fm, obviously... but most of them don't even have videos |D
So I'll post one that IS definitely one of my most favourite ones, and just happens to have a PV.

Heavens forbid, it's been so long... *gazes* ... Such... beauty...

Uhm, ri~~ght. >.O
Night, everyone.
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