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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Can't hear you over the sound of my heartbeat 
4th-Jul-2010 03:02 pm
aoi thinking
☆ This is mainly about mah iPod, or apple rather, and various adorablenesses such as a certain Asian customer and eh, Irish actors |D

Yesterday I went to the apple store to get new earphones for my iPod.

My old ones seemed rather destroyed, outside as well as inside. The sound suddenly had started to sound as if coming from far, far away a week ago or so... for listening in my bed at night I almost needed to turn it up to 50% of its volume. ... Which is like, the max. I usually let myself turn it up to. Orz.

I still had this bittelite thought of it ma~~~ybe having to do with my ears.

I hoped not |D

So when I changed the earphones to the new ones (seems they only come with a remote control these days, fine with me x'D), held my breath and hit tapped Play.



Ri~~~~ght, so... the volume was back to its normal strength and... 8D and the bass as well! 8D

It's the first apple earphones I ever bought, actually. I tended to swap to much cheaper versions of earphones by sony whenever one of them was broken (and the sony ones lately broke after a couple of months already >.>), used to have those for years. Until I got my iPod touch, and that was when I realized what immense difference there was between the earphones I used to have (which still were the best out of three or four types that I had tried) and the apple ones. The depth was just so amazing. I remember the first time I listened again with apple earphones, I just lay there all stunned and gazed at the dark ceiling above me, gaping at the wonders of sound. Just... woah.

So swapping the old for the new yesterday night was very much like that experience. Earphones can make happy. w I was one beaming, squirming worm there, with my new ones XD

By the way apple store... They even have apple-designed cash... tills... I don't even know how to call those little things! They look like hyper sized iPhones, and work both as scanner for items, as cash 'till' and ... remote control to have the ACTUAL cash till open, 'open' as in "have a cash till suddenly jump out from what looked like an ordinary wooden table"... O______O wth, just! Apple, applause. You make things actually look like sci-fy 8D. Pretty amazing ahah 8'D

Some Asian surprise

On Friday at work, this tiny, smiling Asian man entered the store. Something about the way he smiled was just utterly pleasant and sweet, something about his eyes and the wrinkles, and as soon as I saw him, he nodded softly and almost simultaneously I hinted a row of nods at him. Whenever I started doing that "greeting Asians with nods" I'm not quite sure, might have been years back already but... |D When what ~I~ did automatically also was reflected in what he would do automatically, I already beamed across the whole of my face XD

Well, I left him to search through our store, until the point he came up to the checkout [I work with these things every day, it's bothering me to no ends that I don't actually know what all those items are called in English -_- Next time I'm in an English speaking country, I'll go and bother the shopwomen or whoever |D] and put some chocolates there. I smiled at his smile and lifted the scanner, when he bowed a bit in a way that seemed apologetic, and went like "not yet not yet!" And he went back to gather other items. *laughs*

Well, I had some other customers before he came up to me again and motioned at me to come with him. He led me to the coffee and asked in very accentuated and broken English, using more hands than actual words, whether "that coffee" was about the same as "this coffee"... "Is' i' powder?" and I told him that the coffee he pointed at was ground coffee... he didn't understand the word but made grinding motions with his hands, much the way one would actually grind something per hand, and I nodded.

Innerly flailing, because his accent........... The way it sounded it was just!!! Like a Chinese version of Fukuokaben in English! I don't even KNOW! It's justtttttt... it was SO CUTE, GAH! >_____<

I was going like "heeeeeee 8DDDDDDD " on the inside and just wanted him to keep talkingggg... which he didn't, as I did have other customers and eh, had to help them out, too, but hyyyyy! T^T

He ended up buying coffee and a LOT of chocolate *laughs* He probably wanted to get them back home. Strangely most Asians that do 'chocolate shopping' fail to buy our typical chocolate. They either buy diet chocolate from companies no one knows about and happen to be over-priced, or eh, just generally miss out what those in the know would buy. Oh well |D

And just a bit after he had left (;-;), I realized that he had forgotten a print out of some pages that he had been keeping in his hands during his whole shopping trip. As soon as I was alone, curiously, I checked them out.

Surprise surprise! The writing on it was of no Asian writing I've seen before! No Japanese, Chinese, Korean...

(Romaji) Parts of it were highlighted, such as, surprise, coffee and chocolate labels (as to the choc, the highlighted ones WERE the right ones xD). There also were names of drug stores (including ours XD) in handwriting *laughs*

I thought maybe it was Tibetan (a mere blind guess w), ુso I tried some scripts out with my input menue, like randomly typing...
તકો્ દાકતે્િરેત્િરેિરેદૈાગ્ુે

... 4-6 were tibetan, and indeed looked closest to the actual writing, but hn... the whole document didn't really have descenders [or whatever they're called. Under-lengths |D] at all. And 7 was Vietnamese but o.o it's the same as tibetan. I know too little of those worlds. >.O

Ah. *headdesks* I forgot the obvious. It was actual Thai |D > เ้สหกาำนะากฟหแสีร That's EXACTLY what it looks like. Whee XD *randomly types names in thai* ทฟน เไำืกนสัื ำทรสั Orz. It looks so pretty.

So it was... a Fukuokan-Thai-English? |D ... *shot*

Hn well, as I already started to talk about things I flailed about lately, I guess I'm obliged to mention this as well.

[Watch out! Incoherent flailing ensuing]


kazamesu mentioned [Thank you SO much for doing so ;-;] in some of her entries how wonderful and flailtastic that show supposedly is, and since I felt like watching something non-Asian again, I promptly followed that sort-of-recommendation.

And Gods. ;-;

I don't know how long it is ago I flailed SO much about somebody ... male and western!! T^T

*lays head to the side* ... I'm thinking... have I ever actually "flailed" over ... western guys at all? >.O [Possibly actually, but probably not before I did so over Japanese X'D I wasn't into flailing before eh, Jrock and the such |D] I might! But. I can't remember |D Slap me anyone in case I'm forg---- OH HECK! Of course. Mulder様. If I had been into flailing back then, I would have flailed. So I just silently admired him X'D I'd definitely flail nowadays though! *nod*

Hnf... But really, that series is just awesome ;-; It took me like, twenty minutes or so to get into it, and then I seemed to not being able to stop |D Merlin is just SO adorable, save me! *CRIES* And his accccent! The actor is actually from Norther Ireland, *CRIESSSSS* which isn't, erm, not quite Ireland, but it's similaaaaarrrrrr *CRIES MOAR* I mean, the accent!.... TT^TT awww I really dislike how all this mixed up English around me kills the sort of accent or whatever it was that I had. I want it backkkkk (>_<)

Merlin might just help me wonderfully with that. I meeyn. Oll the acturs actshelly raylly have a noice accent! Merlin the moust, bot!!!! Olltogethar it's jost sou wonderfool! *CRI* [That is actually pretty hard, typing in non-mother-tongue-quasi-dialect |D] I missed that.


Isn't he jost!!!! TT^TT


Here with Arthur in the background. For some reason... Arthur reminds me of Matt |D I'm not even that sure why, surely I know neither very well, and YET... there's just SOMETHING XD
[And yes, Muse's Matt xD Don't think I know any other >.>]

Here, Arthur.

I simply love their, ehrm, relationship. The series only faintly has to do with the actual Arthur-saga, which is fine for me. It's something different for once. Even Gwynnyver is just a maid here, and called Gwen, and so adorable and embarrassing herself all the time, why am I reminded of myself *SHOT*
Arthur's the King's son, and a bully, keh. The hnn... second... or third time he and Merlin meet, (Merlin had called him ass before, oblivious to the fact he's indeed the king's son XD) it's like

Merlin: Oh I'm sorry, I was mistaken. I thought I was talking to an ass!
Arthur: *self-satisfied smile* *he's apologizing after all harrrr I'm the best*
Merlin: ... I didn't know I was talking to a royal ass! >.O
Arthur: ...... *gapes*

XDDDDDDD The humor is just wonderful.

And the king... I puzzled and puzzled over who that actor is, cause I KNOW that face, I SO KNOW it. Well, thank you certain fan-blog, for telling me he's indeed Buffy's Giles |D I knew that face so well.

Giles! ♥ Or well. Uther. Bot!

Here, Matt.

Or, noht actshelly, not at oll, bot STILL >.O Bot maybey that's jost meyh! |D


and jost because~


I feel like throwing sticks for him and have him get them back for me |D

... or give him shoes to chew on!

... or wool-balls to play with! 8D [Wait... that was... different >.O]

... how could I turn into a fangirl so quickly. -_-
I'll be all sad once I made it through season one... and two ... and... >.> thenrewatchone8D



Oh well xD

I'll ららバイ〜
4th-Jul-2010 01:39 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad you got into the series this quickly! XD The humour, along with the adventure, magic, and fantasy just makes for such a wonderful show. And as you said, Merlin the character is absolutely loveable. Though, that's not the say Arthur isn't as well... he's full of crap, but you can't help but love him as well, when you discover how noble he is, and how hilarious (sometimes unintentionally) he is. Merlin deserves some compensation for how often he saves that prince's hide. XD
4th-Jul-2010 07:05 pm (UTC)
It is wonderful indeed. I'm really glad I found it through you *laughs* I am not quite sure to what extents I might get addicted, but heh, as long as it doesn't lose any of what it's made of, I guess it'll stay a growing addiction |D
Oh well, yes, I love Arthur, too, in some way XD He's so spiky, but that's just wonderful. I like spiky, "edgy" characters. Him and Merlin just go so (reluctantly) well together X"D
(Deleted comment)
4th-Jul-2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Yea~h... I've always loved stores where you can try out things to your heart's content. It's great that's possible there, too. Plus the staff usually are just ~really~ pleasant.

*nods ardently* Yesh! I'm in love already xD It's going too quick |D I don't mind the length at all xDDDD ちょうどいい〜♥
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