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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Aaah...dventures. And me off to them. 
1st-Sep-2010 12:45 am
nao smex
Kay, so today I got my laptop back (was perfectly computer-less since Thursday), and it's working again. Apparently something with the hard-drive wasn't okay... Got a new one, and since the 'old' was actually new as well they didn't charge me anything... guarantee thing.

So uhm, just now I got a phone call from uhm, Canada.

... 8D

Didn't really expect my phone to be ringing at quarter past midnight and kept staring at the name and picture on my screen for like a couple of seconds before I actually took it. Lol. Dazed much?

Well, seems much like tomorrow will be a bit chaotic, keh, with flights and busses and all, but well! I'll have yet another experience with sleeping on busses xD (Gonna pack my pillow for the occasion >.>)
And uhm, seeing a bit of Canada. [Sure, at midnight, whom are you kidding xD]

Well I'm glad. The phone-call already perfectly took things off my mind, and heart respectively, it's like... phantoms suddenly materialized in my phone. |D And like that I might actually really get some vacations. Free from all the weights and heartburn and ... all, for a while. In short, I'm excited and think this might really be something niiiiiisssshe.

So! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I'll go to distant continents tomorrow, it seems! Actuallllly! ... |D

Not yet really grasping that it will happen, plus people I more or less only know via pixels finally becoming actual people and everything... it's weird... but I love that, right that. Getting to ~know~ people. The way they are as people, as opposed to the bits you know of them via online means etc.

Wellllll... Long travels = a lot of things that can go wrong (shoot now), and I'll prolly be so dead when I finally arrive (after like 24hs of traveling in total xD Still doesn't top the time I had to go via 5 countries Berlincountsasacountryonitsown to get back here from Finland last April though), but well! It's those things one remembers best XD

Hee... I got all *whee* when your mom called me sweetie and all xD I feel slightly dizzy xD It was interesting to suddenly have her on the phone and being passed around between mother and daughter, lol. I felt so close to there all of a sudden ;-;
Well no idea whether you'll go on LJ before but just in case.

<3 This is so exciting, gah. XD
What did I tell her mom?

Mom: Are you a bag of nerves??
me: ... Me? Ah... nah, no, I'm usually really calm and all.
Mom: !! We're bag of nerves!

Look where I am now. >.> Well okay. I am still all calm and all. But: excited xD
And obviously I should be in bed and stuff. But as I doubt I'll actually be able to sleep in time when I have to get up early, fft.

Me alone in Canada!
For a bit of the time anyway XD
This will be interesting.

I just feel so strangely relaxed, knowing that everyone will be able to understand me and vice versa, it's... eh, well, relaxing. Or so. >.O And oi, it's been three years I've been to an English-speaking country! And as I've never been to one before Ireland, it's only the second time XD

Kay. So I'll see how tomorrow will be and all. Very meっぽい travels after all keh.

I have to go to bed, seriously.

Aircrafts! Yosh! ... Long flights! Absolutely first-timer, too. Shall see how to best spend my time.
And excuse me if the first thing you and your fam is ever gonna see of me is gonna be HUGE dark bags around my eyes which I can't seem to open properly, clothes I've been in for more than 24hrs, unbrushed teeth and staggering feet, plus the inability to actually express myself verbally due to lack of sleep XD

Sounds interesting, that, too.
Anyway, sorry for that! |D

And I don't know when (/whether) I'll be online or so, we'll see about that.
For a while anyway, bye bye ♥ (← this is for whom feels spoken to, にゃう)

I'm offffff~~
(Deleted comment)
4th-Sep-2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
thank you, I am ^^
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