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[翻訳] UnsraW - 〜追憶の彼方〜 
30th-Nov-2010 01:41 pm
This was another one lying around, waiting for me to post it.
I don't really know what else to say, it definitely is one of my favourites, but then again that is just personal preference. |D I'm just glad I found the time to post lyrics again at all, hah. Enjoy~

The lyrics are from the ABEL/KEIN booklet, romaji and translation is done by me.

If you want to repost this, don't do it without linking back to this post, thank you~♫

蒼に打たれて 泣き叫ぶ
灰の屍 磔けた ほら 鮮やかに

嗚呼 零れてゆく欠片…
嗚呼 壊れ墜ちてゆく心は雨模様

アスファルトには 張り裂ける 涙歌に愛と
灰の屍 磔けた ほら 鮮やかに
戻せない時間 闇に抱かれて 私は独り

嗚呼 零れてゆく…
嗚呼 剥がれ墜ちてゆく

苦しかった 胸の痛み
心溺れ 渦に溺れ

指を解き さぁ還ろう

〜tsuioku no kanata〜
ao ni utarete nakisakebu
namida uta ni ai wo
hai no shikabane haritsuketa (1) hora azayaka ni

aa koboreteyuku kakera…
GARASU no you ni
aa kowareochiteyuku kokoro wa amemoyou

ASUFARUTO ni wa harisakeru namida uta ni ai to
hai no shikabane haritsuketa hora azayaka ni
modosenai toki (2) yami ni dakarete watashi wa hitori
kokoro wo korosu…

aa koboreteyuku…
GARASU saiku no you ni
aa hagareochiteyuku
kizu ni tokete ai wa kieteyuku

harisakesou ni natteita ne
kurushikatta mune no itami
kokoro obore uzu ni obore
sukuwarenai kara

kizu darake no ude wo mitsume
saigo ni natte yatto wakatta
yubi wo hodoki saa kaerou
yoake no umi he

〜beyond reminiscence〜
Struck by blue I cry and shout [1]
Love to the tear-song [2]
Ashen corpses crucified look brilliantly (see 1)

Aah splinters, going to spill…
like glass
Aah my heart that will be broken and fade shows signs of rain [3]

If you give love to the tear-song that bursts open on the asphalt
Ashen corpses crucified look brilliantly
The time I can't restore is embraced by darkness I alone
Kill my heart… [4]

Aah it's going to overflow…
like glass-works
Aah it's going to come unstuck and fall [see 3]
Molten into my wounds the love is going to disappear

It's come to that it seems to burst open, right
It was agonizing the pain in my chest
My heart sinks it sinks into swirls
For it cannot be saved

I stare at my arms, covered in scars
As it became the last, I finally understood
Unfastening fingers come now, let's return [5]
To the sea of dawn

[1] The blue doesn't only mean the colour itself, but could also mean 'young' or 'unripe'. Feel free to interpret as you wish.
[2] If you connected the first and second line, it could also mean 'love to the crying and shouting tear-song'.
[3] Here it could both be interpreted as the heart going to be broken and 'fade', or 'fall/crash'. The verb could mean both.
[4] These lines could also be read as "I am alone. I kill/it kills/... my heart".
[5] Since there was talk of time before, what is meant here could also be the digits of a clock, not actual fingers. Also, it's the fingers/digits that are unfastened.

(1) What I found interesting here is that usually if you'd hear haritsuketa, you would probably expect 貼付けた (paste to, stick to, attack, ...), not 磔けた (crucified). When I looked for the kanji lyrics online, I actually found them with the first, wrong one. A paragon to not trust anything but the booklets themselves.
(2) Written jikan, sung toki. Both mean 'time'. The latter tends to be a certain point in time, as opposed to a time-span, but in songs they are often interchangeable.


I love being in song-mode *laughs*

Comments are always welcome, also if you find mistakes and the such, do not hesitate to contact me.

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive is → here

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