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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] Lycaon - 結晶華  
29th-Jan-2011 07:39 pm
So I've really been feeling like translating Lycaon-songs in ages (and frankly I already did this one a month ago or so, just had it revised), but just somehow I can't seem to find any originals, which bothers me.

I can't guarantee the kanji lyrics are correct, as I got them from a blog here, due to me not being able to find anything else, as stated above.
Other than that, romaji and translation are done by me. English parts are in italics in the translation, and notes are at the end of the post. Else, enjoy~

And please don't repost without linking back to this post, thank you~

手探りで探し続けた あなたの薄れてゆく温度は







without falling asleep in long night.

震   え   た   ま   ま   の

両   手   で   ど   う   か

心   ま   で   届   く   よ   う   に

tefuri de sagashitsudsuketa anata no usureteyuku ondo wa
naze itsumo chikadsuku hodo ni toozakaru

kanashii hodo ni atataku

YURARIYURARI maiagari iroawaseteyuku
douka douka atashi wo wasurenaide

garandou ni saita anata no saiai wa
ne wo nobashi ima mo yume miru
chigireta itami sae kankaku mo nai kara
nee aishita anata no sono te de kowashite

okizari wa karehateta tsuchi ni umete mata yume miru nemuri ko
sakendemo naitemo tada mukishitsu de
atashi no koe wa todoiteimasu ka

BARBARA ni saku anata no utsuru hibi wo
fukaku fukaku ni shizumete mo mada atashi no hitomi wa

kogoeru te no naka koboreru konayuki

garandou ni saita anata no saiai wa
ne wo nobashi ima mo yume miru
chigireta itami sae kankaku mo nai kara
nee aishita anata no sono te de
without falling asleep in long night.

fu  ru  e  ta  ma  ma  no
ryo  u  te  de  do  u  ka
ko  ko  ro  ma  de  to  do  ku  yo  u  ni

Crystal Flower
Fumbling about, I kept searching for your temperature which is going to fade away [1]
Why does it always become more distant the closer I get

Warm to an extent that it's sad

Swaying, whirled up, going to fade [2]
Please, please, don't forget me

Your beloved one that bloomed in hollowness [3]
Extends its roots and dreams dreams even now [4]
Because I don't even sense the pain of having been torn off [5]
Come, destroy me with these hands of the loved you

Desertion lies buried in the earth that finished withering, and still the sleeping child dreams
Even if I screamed, even if I cried, being just of inorganic matter
Will my voice reach you?

Scatteringly ripped open, your days that are reflected
Even though they sink deeply, deeply, my eyes still [6]

Inside of freezing hands, powdered snow overflows

Your beloved that bloomed in hollowness [see 3~5]
Extends its roots and dreams dreams even now
Because I don't even sense the pain of having been torn off
Come, with these hands of the loved you
without falling asleep in long night.

p l e a s e w i t h b o t h h a n d s
t h a t s h i v e r e d s o
l e t i t r e a c h t h r o u g h u n t i l y o u r h e a r t

[0] Note beforehand that the song has a female perspective.
[1] Believe it or not, I actually struggled with whether I should put warmth or temperature there. I usually don't change the words just so that they fit in English - warmth surely does sound smoother, but temperature is what the artist chose, so I will stick with it. Not a big deal with these two, but still. /random note
[2] The fading that is mean here is the fading of colours.
[3] In hollowness/hollowly. As you wish to see it.
[4] Note for this whole paragraph, that I chose to go with "it" due to how I solved the first line, however, this "it" should be identical to the "I".
[5] It does not sense pain, because it lacks the sense of doing so - sense with the meaning of "sense of hearing", etc
[6] They, or maybe I; it's not specified. After a while these two lines felt to me a bit like "no matter how much x sinks, your days are still reflected in my eyes", but hm, as you want to see it.


I think, this is a beautiful song. It was one of the first Lycaon-songs I ever heard, and still is one of my favourites.
And for some reason, not quite as easy to translate than I would have thought *laughs*

As ever, do comment and object if you feel like it~ Comments are always welcome.

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

29th-Jan-2011 07:47 pm (UTC)
I thank you deeply for translating and I know your pain of not finding the legit kanji or so,but I think it went well:D
29th-Jan-2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
*puzzled* You like them? No wait, didn't you get into them after I posted about them? hahah... amazing.
Well yeah, but just imagine he actually wrote different words than those I found, that would change the meaning. Some artists just play a lot with kanji, I wouldn't trust anything that's not original in that case. (not that I do at any other time, either XD)
You're very welcome <3
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