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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Another PV dump! And... things.  
5th-Jun-2012 10:16 pm
Because this is too good to not share.

I was actually just in the middle of listening to the new NEGA Album, when I got side-tracked by yet another discovery: MEJIBRAY released an album.

In my last phase of absence, a lot of stuff got released, and as I just felt like getting "new music" these days, it's like 丁度いい. Perfect.

Okay anywehs, I started to DL (SHHHHH!) the album, when I found OH GASP! PVs! I've been loving their music in months, yet I've never seen anything by them. So that's what I did.


Mind: Blown.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha what.

I, uh... yeah. Okay.

So there was another one! Ha! Haha! *insert hysteric laughter*


O... okay. Haha. Hi!

Oh man. And then I found this one, putting that beautiful guitar play in spotlight. That, and the voiceee. And, uh, a little fanservice.

Like aaaaaauuugh I wanna listen to that album! Why's it taking so long to loaaaad! Was still half an hour when I started this entry, but luckily I might be getting there pretty soon.

Which randomly reminds me to utter some sort of lament. My nerves. My nerves. My computer is killing my nerves. Factually, it's been working at murdering them for a little longer than a year already, like poison, but I doubt it's ever been as bad. Sometimes I sit there cussing at it, minutes before it reacts. And I don't even do much! Open one link - I'll bet you it will take at least thirty seconds before the link has loaded. Then another few before you can actually scroll.


Imagine the fun it is to update things! Or look through photobucket for my gifs. Haha. Hah. Random freezes and daily "irresponsive pages" are le norm. And it's not just internet, alas. Freeze my music, and I won't forgive youって言う話だが

If it hadn't been such a loyal and expensive companion, it might have ended up smashed against a wall already. Oh well, and then there's raison, of course.
Be that as it may... I suppose five years is being too old these days. I might have to consider doing something for my nerves one day not too far away. I just don't see the point in having to waste hours just because your machines work too slow for you. Fucking grr.

But back on topic! 8D Peeeeveeees.

There also have been some Lycaon PVs and releases that I missed. Three PVs or something? Woah.

Mmmhhhrr... His voice ♥

Also, lynch

And from NEGA's new album, the beautiful beautiful song 虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意. Which might translate to "the hidden meaning of living vainly = the true meaning of death". I've only ever listened to the album once, I just got it recently, but that song, and WILL, woah.

So here's the PV.

Wow, this is just... it's like a CURE photoshoot, brought to life in this PV. And, I won't even start discussing in youtube comments, seeing to that most people trying to discuss on there have the mental capability of an ice-cube, but I will well mention it on here. It seems like people are bitching about the beginning of the PV being so much like Gazette's Chizuru PV. And they're right there is likeness! You'd have to be blind to not see the parallels. The beach looks similar, even the outfits, especially Jin with his Rukiesque hat. But, excuse me while I yawn, anyone moaning about one Jrocker "stealing" something from another obviously doesn't even know a fragment of earlier Japanese history and how much "copying" was and is a form of art, and much less connected with "stealing" as it is here in the West. Ever wondered why the artists themselves rarely even mention when something else sounds just like theirs? Surprise surprise, they don't fucking mind. Their whole culture consists of copying. No, I apologize, not copying, but taking something that might or might not be an original, and trying to make it better, give it some personal note, and give it to the world. I mean, come on, old historical facts like numerous copies of ancient wood-cuts aside, don't even mention science and all those gadgets that the Japanese for some reason make better than some of the rest of the world do, even Karaoke basically is a culture of "copying". Oooooh wow, Nega mi~~~ght have liked Gazette's PV and therefore integrated details of it into their PV, maybe it's a coincidence, who the bleeping horse shit gives a fuck. Well, seems like a lot of people do. Oh wow, for some reason I keep yawning, let's change the topic.

... Or rather, let's get back on topic. That PV is... like a work of art. Mmh. I love it! From the ... sorrowful? landscape of a windy beach right into the pits of hell. I guess you'd need to watch it several times to really catch all the everythings in there, but ohhhh I love it. The bass solo! The bloody hands, the bloody Jin. Ah, what I love about their PVs is how they often, if not always have some sort of split aspects of themselves. There'd be at least two different Jins in one PV. It's the same, here. Was it in Quadrangle, where there is both a Jin inside and one outside the mirror? Things like those. Outori likes.

When I realized that also my Kismesis hadn't been inactive while I was gone, I had some funny little incident happen to me. Which, if I end up writing here, will reminisce of all my other past "incidents" of that matter. Which is to say... woah no, is she really going to go back use that old, boxed, stowed-away-faaar-faaar-away word? She isn't, is she? SHE IS, which is to say, I mao-phayled. Yes, with ph and y. It's a term.


Okay, I'll make a new entry. Just for that. ... Yeah.

I'm getting hungry, which is another reason for why I will cut this here.
7th-Jun-2012 09:16 am (UTC)
Kpokfij JKJKO>I u!!!!!! LIJ sfjijfölm JOIHjb j ------ !!!

Well, back to normal wording.
Seeing Mejibray is not fair. I mean: that guy has fucking awesome abs from his belly up to his throat!!!!! This is more than a six-pack, this is a sex-xxx-pack!!
And he's practically glued to his guitarist - LOL.
Did I tell you before that I always think I hear Leda guitar playing? He's a real guitar hero, that guy. I mean: Leda, and the one from Mejibray. Ughhhh

Oh, to NEGA. After listening to the new album twice in my car, and listening to THIS song three times in a row (now traffic jams seem to be great) still I wasn't prepared to watch a PV for this.
I completely agree with your opinion. Two Jin's.
What's happening to NEGA? I dare to compare this song to DeG's 'Vinushka'. Much more than a song, more than a hymn - like a complete opera, definitely artwork. For the ears and the eyes, yeah. I love the guitar solo at 10-something, besides the bass solo, of course.

Hm. Will there be a non-pixeled version? Might be such cruel/explicit scenes like in DeGs 'Different Sense', he?

Gosh, their outer appearance changed so much. At least in this PV. No more cutiness. Serious. And manly.

Thanks for letting me know about the title of this song. But that was sort of what I sensed, anyway. Thanks to Jin.
7th-Jun-2012 11:21 am (UTC)
Heee heeee it made you key-spazz~

Especially in the second video, Tsuzuku's like advertising sex -_-' Did you notice how low his pants are in the first? it's like... waaah they'll drop 8D
Anyway, no I don't think you told me, but it's funny, since MiA was a roadie in the same band that LEDA was in - so they both practically learnt from the same Guitar God. Didn't even Kazu call him that? Was Shuu his name? I can't recall. Either way, so no wonder their guitar style is similar. MiA even looks a bit LEDAesque what with his outfit and the way he presents himself. Especially after seeing him play... woah. He might now be officially one of my favourite guitarists.

Hmmm, I can't recall any time I ever thought of NEGA as cute, ever, but they've definitely grown a lot. I'm really glad I like NEGA, their style is just unique, I really love that. The album, too, is one that tells a story from the first song to the last, I love when they do that - just like DSS. Guilt Trip I think also is one of those songs that tells a whole story, just like munashiki here. Not sure how they'd pronounce it, probably munashiki "shou" no gui = (wa) "shi" no shin'i
I LOVE the bass solo! I must say I haven't really fully realized what kind of great bass player Ray is, haha! I think there was another song on the MEJIBRAY album though, in which the bassline just flies away with Kuzuku's vocals, I was like woaaah.

;-; I want the lyrics...
10th-Jun-2012 07:06 am (UTC)
Hm, didn't Leda also have this zigzag guitar? As if 'such' sounds only come out of a guitar in such a shape, and this always reminds me of the good old long-haired 70s/80s (western) rock bands.
Tsuzuku is the singers name? Something more to learn for me. I feel so ashamed because I even don't know SCREW's names, besides of Byou, of course. And I don't know why I'm so f*** nervous about this life.

See how slow my brains are. What's Nega's drummer's name? He's the one I would call 'cutie' with all his make-up. But in the new PV, no more such make-up cutiness at all.
Hm, most of the time you can only tell how good a bass player is, when he actually has a solo, and basically that does not happen very often, alas. However, I do LOVE the guitar solo at the end. It's so intense, it deepens the feeling about anything, can't explain in proper words. It causes a lump in my throat and watery eyes.
My admiration of Nega started with "Negativism" I guess. This album was so different, fascinating and hard to understand, so "grown-up", so much DeG-direction.

This year I will go anywhere to see Nega live. Just because of this one song.
10th-Jun-2012 07:54 pm (UTC)
Well, it's a SCREW live after all xP Uhm.
Kazuki, huebsches Gesicht, Lippenpiercing, rechter Gitarrist (uhm, schwarze Gitarre hier in DEEP SIX I think, mein Icon)
MANABU, linker Gitarrist, hat meist wenig an.
RUI, knuffiger Bassist
JIN, Drummer mit ebenfalls huebschem Gesicht.

NEGA's drummer, Yuu. (means tenderness)
Would be great if they come nya~
Roaded on Feb 21st 2018, 4:47 pm GMT.