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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
So let me tell you of the first time I had a Japanese over at my place.  
11th-Jun-2012 12:24 pm
uru leg

Today I met up with my new tandem - for the second time!

Which reminds me, I totally forgot to tell you about the first time. And how I even got to know her.

Okay let's start there, in short.

I was working, and since we didn't have anything to drink, I went downstairs to the supermarket and got a crate with drinks. I'd already seen her in the market itself, thought "hey, she looks Japanese." She happened to be the one in front of me in the queue. When the person before her went to pay, she pulled out her credit card a little, and I saw her name started with "Shizu", so I immediately reacted and asked her in Japanese, whether she was Japanese XP That always works.

She was so surprised! Hahah! Well, we talked just a little, and luckily, the cashier was a new guy [for some reason the people at that supermarket almost exceptionally are "new guys"] and was a little bit floored with the crate filled with different drinks, so it took a while. I found out that she also was searching for a tandem, so that was just great.

Also, she seemed pretty cool to me. Not one of those "whee cuuute" Japanese girls, but one of the cool kind.

Her name by the way, is beautiful. She's called Shizuka Hoshi, which could mean "calm star", but obviously her first name is written differently, so it's not that. Yet it sounds like it. I think it's beautiful. ;-;

So, about a week later, we met up to go to the zoo. We just went down to the subway, when she posed one of the first questions... if it wasn't even the very first question at me, ever.

She asked: "Do you have pets?"

So. My previous experiences with me, mentioning of my pet, and other Japanese people = IYAAAAA EEEEEEHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAH SO SCARY HOW COULD YOU EEEEWWWWW

... So I was being elusive. It went as follows:

Shizuka: So, do you have pets?
Me: Yes... Yes I do~
Shizuka: ... ... What kind of?
Me:... Uhhhhhhhh... *looks left*
Shizuka: ? [that beautiful face Japanese make when they wonder about something or don't understand]
Me: Uhhhhhhh *looks right* Well uhm you know [basically "aaahh anooo ettttooooo eehhhh anoooo", seriously]
Her: Yes...?
Me: Uhm. *small voice* A ... snake? *expects the outbreak*
Shizuka: *outbreak* WAAAAAAHHHHHH
Me: (Uh oh there it goes)
Me: ... ... uh~? oO
Shizuka: SOOO COOOOL! HAHAHAHA! From your reaction, I thought 'huh, maybe she's got a snake or something' hahahaha!
Me:... Eh... XD Seriously?
Shizuka: HAHAHA YEAH! Oh man.
Me: Uhm... eh... so you like snakes? oO
Shizuka: Yeah! They're SO CUTE! I've head one before...and a lizard *___*
Shizuka: What kind of snake do you have? I got a corn snake...
Me: *thinks of Otogi and grins* Aaahh cute! I don't know the name in Japanese, but a ball python?
Shizuka: OHHH yes, ball pythons! (same fucking name in Japanese XD) SO COOL!

Okay. She. Is. Fucking. COOL. Okay?

So we spent that day at the zoo, and it was great. She loves animals. We spent about six hours there. Orz. Obviously I didn't really know what to say here and there and she had the impression I understood everything she told me, while I thought "damn I should really keep my dictionary open at all times uhm okay I think maybe she meant this AHAHA urgh" but hey, 8D she never realized.

It was a great day! We decided afterwards that she'd want to meet my baby snake next time we meet up, meaning at my place.

However, she didn't feel good last Sunday, so we didn't meet up. Then I didn't really hear from her for about a week, when suddenly she wrote an email yesterday night whether it would be okay to meet up today noon.

Uh SURE! I just hadn't prepared nor cleaned yet or anything, and that would mean going to bed about "NOW" after I'd replied to the email, also, what is Japanese how do I words, fuuufufufu, but okay. So we did. Meet up.

Here goes the story of today.

Before she arrived, I was basically scurrying around, wondering what I should hide and what is okay for her to see. Like OH GODS is there any compromising stuff lying about openly and visible and SHIIIIIT woah, what about all the yaoi stuff OH GODS, uhm hahahahaha 8D what about the pairings on my walls and she doesn't even know I listen to underground iibiru rebellious demon music and

... okay whatever, fuck that, she'll just have to live with that shock.


So that was my resolution. After stowing away almost nothing [apart from one DVD that had some yuri-esque stuff on the cover HAH] and selecting only some of the less aggressive bands on my current playlist.

I collected her from the bus stop - she came one bus later, so I'd taken a little walk along the lake in the rain while waiting. Pretty ducks everywhere. We went back to my home, when I realized OH SHIT I should tell her at some point I like Visual Kei. I just... at some point I should. Because, uhm, I really didn't want to shock her that much.

We walked down between the trees... commented on some birds. Silence. We came closer to the houses... said this or that, or nothing, silence. Entered the house, got into the elevator. Pressed the button. Made some comment about the floor.

Then I realized.


Like. I have about twenty seconds.

Me: Oh hey, what kind of music do you like?
*elevator doors open*
Her: Uhmmm... Let's see uhm... VOCALOID and the such...
*at the housedoor*
Her: Hatsune Miku... and so on...
Me: Oh... so you like J-Pop and the such?
Her: Yes! I do!
Me: Ahhhhhh ... hahaha 8D Uhm I basically... don't listen to anything but Visual Kei 8D Just so you know and...
*key in door*
Her: What?
Me: Visual Kei.
*opens door*
Her: OH!
Me: ............................................


So we are like in my apartment, and the first thing she says about it is like "Oshareee"... stylish, sort of.

Then the funny things started happening.

A) Shoes.

~ She walked into the living room with shoes on. I wondered "eh, this is strange for a Japanese person... but maybe she missed the threshold and that's why she did that..."

~ Later when she wanted to use the bathroom, she took her shoes and asked whether she should put them on for using the bathroom. I almost laughed my ass off "Iyaa I never really know how you do things here..." aaahaha, no don't use your shoes XD

B) Snake things. Of course, snake things. She'd come with the purpose of doing snake things. I think we might have spent an hour or more of just petting ゆどか, giggling at him or mentioning how cuuuute he is, or how great of a feeling it is when he slithers around on you, and how wonderful snakes are. And so on. He also really liked her, pretty soon even. Well, she's good with snakes. :3 He still came back to me ever so gladly whenever I was close, like "moooommmyyy *panic*", ahaha, but he was pretty cool and non-shocked with her.

C) Youtube. Animals and youtube. Us watching animal videos on youtube. At least half an hour of little foxes, cats, jaguars, dogs, more foxes, and foxes again. We both want a fox. So bad.

D) Uhm... My "compromising" material lying about turned out to be different than what I thought would be. For example, hot sexy, vampire sort-of-yaoi "Vassalord". Her reaction: "Uwaaah, Vassalord! It's fu~n!" and "Ohhh, it's in Japanese? Cool~" Also "Aaaah, Gazette! I know them! I listen to them a bit.", and "oooh I wonder whether I know who's on those pictures."

Then she saw the ... books. And... that book which I thought would not be compromising at alllll well oops, so suddenly she pointed and laughed and went like ~ "Aaaahahah! Shido! MAO! You even got that..."

... "A... haha 8D yes uhm. Kinda. I uh, like them, like, a lot. 8D"

No further comment.

E) Pokemon! We'd been talking about Pokemon before, and she saw my Black, so she wanted to take a look at the gaaaaame. She did XD And then she showed me hers. Like HOLY FUCK, she's got like fifty pokemon at least at level 100. LIKE FUUUUUCK what is this person even doing. Like oh my Gods. And those she likes she has like 10 times, all with different personalities and AAAHHHHHHH. Uhm. Yeah. Okay. Impressed. In a slightly weird way.

F) Songs!
SID's モノクロのキス came up. Her: "Aaaah, I know this song!" - Me: "Yeah! It's from Kuroshitsuji!" - Her: "YES! Knew it."
Some BUCK-TICK song comes up. Her: "I KNOW THIS SONG!" aaahhahahah

Then I tell her about how SCREW are coming next week, and A(エース) next month, and ask whether she knows them. She shakes her head. I'm like "Okay. I'll show you :3"

So I go to youtube and show her Knight of the... no, Night of the Knights.

We watch the PV.

Her head moves along in rhythm.

She's like "this is... I like this. Man, I like this."

Me: *___________*
Her: I love music like that!
Me: They've got a violin...
Her: HO SHIT, I love when bands have violins!
Me: I KNOW RIGHT! His name's Rookie Fiddler.
Her: Rookie, huh.
*we watch and bob our heads*
Her: I really like this.
Me: Heee 8D
*we watch on*
Me: Heee, Rookie's so cute.
Her: He is! So cute.
Me: And Nimo is so cool. I love his voice. Man I love his voice.
Her: I love voices like his! I think Rookie is my favourite though.
Me: I'm not sure, I'm somewhere between Nimo and Rookie XD HE'S JUST SO CUTE!

... [a littuhl latur] ...

Her: Oh man, seriously, you even like Visual Kei, this is like awesome! Back in Japan, everyone I know is like "Meh, I only listen to the songs that are used for anime, but that's about it", sheesh, I never had anyone to talk about this!
Me: Seriously?
Her: Yeaaah... Haha, that I could even have talks like this with you, this is so awesome, haha!

... So I show her other things by ACE. All the PVs. She's like "I LOVE THEM ALL! HECK thank you for showing me such great music!"
I show her more by them.

Her: Damn, I like this song... And this one. Man, I might even like all of them.
Me: They just released a new album yesterday!
Her: Really? Oh damn. Now that I'm away from Japan, all those things get released and I can't get my hands on them... Maaaan...
Me: ... Uhm.
Her: When I get back home today, I gotta check them out.
Me: Uhm. Do you per chance have an USB stick or memory stick or the such with you?
Her: Uhh... I'm not sure... Don't think so... *rummages in her bag*
Me: I just uh... happen to kind of have all their stuff 8D
Her: O_O Oh...
Me: 8D
Her: Uhm... *finds stick* Here! 8D
Me: 8D *puts stick in* ... 8D *copies all of ACE* Now you've... got their music 8D
Her: Ohhhhh aaaah thank you thank you thank you uwaaaah!

Me: Have you ever been to a live?
Her: No, never... but I've always wanted to go... You?
Me: I've been to... some 8D Uh, they'll come next month!
Her: WHAT! Seriously? If ACE come, I WANT TO GO! I SO WANT TO GO
Me: !!!!! Gaaaaah okay uhm uhm it's not sure they'll come to here but but we'll see about that!

Me: 8D Do you know Matenrou Opera per chance?
Her: ? ... no?
Me: 8D ... *looks for the live version of COCOON on youtube*
*we watch*
Her: *___________________*
Me: Sono's voice is so amazing.
Her: It is! Haha, you even know all of their names, you're quite something!
Me: Ffff XD Well uhm.
Her: I like this. This is. Good. So good.
Me: *silently copies all of Matenrou on her stick* We still have like 1.5 hours... would you like to... uh watch a live? ^^"
Her: !!!! YES! YES !!!! YES!
Me: ... 8D One moment. *gets external hard drive* Would you like to see a Matenrou Opera live?
Her: YES! I want to see that, fuck yes!
Me: 8D *starts up live* Okay. Here we go.


So we watched the live.


SHE MOVED ALONG TO EVERY FUCKING SONG. She even raised her fist in the air like me, and tried to copy all the hand movements I randomly did, although she seemed to be rather inexperienced with furis, she was like the typical westerner "what the fuck are they even doing with their hands" aaaaahaha isn't she adorably amazing XD

And then there was this thing when this really moving, amazing, orchestral song was playing... The music stopped... there's just Sono's voice carrying the note... we hold our breaths... there is silence... Suddenly, from outside, a crow caws loudly, and two seconds later the most amazing orchestral music starts playing again like whaaaaadadummmm mind=blown, and both of us go like "waaaah that crow! The timing was sooo wrong, crow what are you even doing aaaah, and it was such a great song ahahaha why!" xD So great.

We applauded after each song, and she was like "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN" during about each one of them.

Fuck this is amazing xD

I had been a little worried about what to do with her once she was here, other than marveling at the wonders that is my snake companion, but haaaah 8D



And there are so many good bands she doesn't even know. Gawds. I must show her. Every. Thing.

Show her ALL
the Vkei.

*laughs* Well all that she might like at least. She seems to like voices, and drums, she loved Yuu's drumming.

I knew she was cool. But that she was even that cool, that I didn't know. Haaaaahah.

Aaaaannnnnnnnnd... I guess I should go to bed at some point *laughs* mmh.


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11th-Jun-2012 01:07 pm (UTC)
omg omg she is sooooo cooooool! Even here in Japan I didnt find much people who I can talk visual kei and stuffs like how you did with her! (cause its not Tokyo)
11th-Jun-2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
Iiiiiisn't she? Hahaha... So unexpectedly cool xD And always those alibis "I like JPop 8D (I'm being innocent, look) Oh what you like Vkei, ME TOOO *everything about JPop is suddenly forgotten*" ... well, it's a tiny bit tragic. Maybe x'D
And you know, she's from Saitama... it's not like there are no Vkeirs over there @_@
12th-Jun-2012 01:55 am (UTC)
My place is really far from Tokyo that's why. Its more like a inaka >.>

It feels really high when I actually do found one vkei fans here and we were screaming of joy in the class when teacher is teaching XDD

Still *A* Snake and vkei are really coooooool!
12th-Jun-2012 11:34 am (UTC) - :D
She sounds brilliant ^^

Brings back memories of slowly falling under the influence in "Tribes".

The bit, *silently copies onto USB* brought back memories too XD

You are providing such a valuable public service lolz they should make you International VizKei embassador XDDD

Outori, "Bringing visual kei to the masses"
14th-Jun-2012 07:54 am (UTC) - Re: :D
Hahaha, Triiiibes. Yes. Tribes was beautiful xD

Did I do that with you, too huh? XDDDDD Aw~

I know right? I'm only bringing it to the special masses though xP

Totally off topic, but I dreamt of Tyrion yesterday night O-O' Idk. I should have dreamt of Byou or something, since the live was just yesterday but eehhh?
14th-Jun-2012 01:18 pm (UTC) - Re: :D
Yessshhhh you did DO "THAT" to me
*specifically remembers a "certain" bassist who I thought looked strange when you first showed me a photo of him (with corn rows) "Is that a girl or a guy?" but then I saw a "certain" SWEET? PV and then GAAHHHHHHH<----sound of being unceremoniously dropped into J Rock fandom*

Awwwwww I'm special!!!! (*,*) WHeeeeeeee!!! <3!

Tyrion hmmmm? Tells us what happened precioussss <---(random LOTR reference) XD
14th-Jun-2012 03:44 pm (UTC) - Re: :D
XP I have nooo idea whom you might be talking about XD

Beri supesharu!

Hahaha! I don't think you want to know. Or okay, you do. But I'm not sure I want to remember. Not that I do. Oh burn.
All I remember is that I either was in his debt, or he thought I was... I doubt we were actually a couple, I got the feeling he wanted to blackmail me and he wanted me to repay him with physical favours. For a longer period of time than just one night/day o_O
12th-Jun-2012 12:39 pm (UTC)
lol this is like an encounter of fate! She sounds like cool person too and very true to her name, Shizuka :3

I get extremely nervous when speaking to a Japanese, I usually move away when I spot one. And my mom will be poking me to go and talk and I'll be hiding behind her... xD
14th-Jun-2012 07:57 am (UTC)
Haha, yes-ish. Although she does seem like the person who would be able to go totally wild in a live. Less shizuka then haha~

Aww, being made talk to someone is horrid xD You should just go on your own accord. And then perapera :3

waah, 輪るピングーーーー♥
14th-Jun-2012 07:36 am (UTC)
Shizuka looks like the perfect Tandem-match and so on.
Your entry made me smile all over :-)
To me it's always strange to learn that Japanese people exist who know nothing about V-Kei. Hehe ...

What about Satoshi? Heard of him again?
14th-Jun-2012 08:00 am (UTC)
Haha, she's so much fun ^_^
Yeah, it seems like whole Japan must be Vkei, but we both know that it's just a tiny little amount. A tiny amount that still fills the hugest of live halls, hah...

XP I might have been a little too intellectual with my last email, haven't heard from him since.
19th-Jun-2012 06:18 am (UTC)
So here I am about week late? after saying I'd drop by because I saw the immensely interesting title of "So let me tell you of the first time I had a Japanese over at my place."

When you said your new tangent, my first thought was that Japanese guy you met on the train! but it seems that is not so.

OH MY GOSH I'm having such a fit reading about how sneaky you were in finding out her name! Stalker, stalker~ Just kidding :P It's exactly something that I would have done to find out someone's name~

By tandem do you mean a person to hang out with?

It's nice to hear that she's one of those cool girls as opposed to the "whee cute" kind. Almost every single Japanese girl I've run into seems to be one of the cute ones. Her name is extremely beautiful~ So elegant!

WOW SHE REALLY IS VERY COOL! I loved the exchange between the two of you as you were ~confessing~ the fact that you have a snake. Seems all snake lovers/owners do know of normal Japanese people's reactions which are hilarious, I must add and she could already halfway predict you had a snake.

I also love how you are able to be so confident and collected when talking to Japanese people even though you don't understand some of the things they are saying. If it had been me, I would have been flailing and stuttering and so nervous that even things I would've understood on a normal basis I would have blanked out on.

Before she arrived, I was basically scurrying around, wondering what I should hide and what is okay for her to see. Like OH GODS is there any compromising stuff lying about openly and visible and SHIIIIIT woah, what about all the yaoi stuff OH GODS, uhm hahahahaha 8D what about the pairings on my walls and she doesn't even know I listen to underground iibiru rebellious demon music and Oh my, THIS. It almost feels like you're going to have your grandma over at your place or something!! Ahahaha you're just so cute! It was also really cute how you were freaking out over how to break the visual kei to heeerrr~

AND THEN THE NEXT SNIPPET OF CONVERSATION I can just feel the suspense building up inside you when she said "What?" and the when she said she liked it too, the relief you must have felt!

The shoes thing did seem kind of weird. As far as I know, Japanese people remove their shoes first off when entering someone's home...

You can tell how she's truly a person by how comfortable ゆどか was around her, ne. I'm glad that they get along~

I've never watched animal videos myself on Youtube but maybe I should? But then I shall get fox cravings too...

I love how you describe it as "compromising" material, just like how one of my friends calls porn "controversial images".

Hmm...what is that book, hmm~??


~To be continued~ Ah, whenever the comment is written by me, it is always very lengthy xP
19th-Jun-2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
Hahah, I love your comments!

Yeah, I haven't heard of Satoshi in quite a while. Oh well. He was cool, but maybe I was creepily intellectual or something ahah.

Tandem = language partner. You teach them of your own, they teach you of theirs. :3

;) It's the only true way to go hehehehehe. It's smart, no lies. I only saw the beginning of her name though, she wrote the full name down for me later. It IS a lovely name, I know right... We've had a little joke about how she's ms Star and I'm ms Stone xD

I guess I'm already used enough to speaking to Japanese people. I know where my limits are, sdjfosdf which I have to break through, but at least I really don't have a problem with talking to them and making an idiot of myself at times. Really makes things easier if you just don't care and simply enjoy their enjoyment xD

Hahah, well I wasn't really freaking out, I was just... uh well, a little bit. I didn't want to scare her off, you know xD If she saw how indecent I was uh ohhh maybe she'd be like "nah I don't think I'll meet up with her again..."

I LIKE VISUAL KEI TOO! thisssssssssssssssssss so made my day aaahaha.

Oh don't watch them. You probably wouldn't be able to stop soon XD (or look for "pet fox" or "pet fox making noises" or something SO CUTE OH GODSFJSLDFJSDLF)

About the shoes... I guess it was because there was no actual threshold... as they usually have, between entrance and rest of the house haha.

The book... I can show you a picture later when I'm at home, don't have one here at hand 8D

YEAH! Well, it wasn't a "I LOVE THEM", but a "I listen to some of their songs", which I think is great, because I have no need to be watching SID things all teh htimes dfsd see me thpoing all ofver the palce.

Uhm. *breathes*

*goes to next comment*
19th-Jun-2012 06:19 am (UTC)
For the remainder of your post, I just read along as if I was in the room with you; rather as if I was you having all that fun with her aaahhh aklfjsoitaerugoidj and you introduced her to so many new bands and gave her all that music good thing she had a USB handy! now I'll know whenever I go over to someone's place to bring one ~just in case~ and got to watch a live with her!!! I can just feel all of your energy and enthusiasm bubbling over to introduce her to all the people that you love~ And she was even trying to furi, haha. That must've been cute to watch. Oh great, now I know I'm going to be so awkward at the SID live; I won't know what to do with my hands at all >.<

I wasn't that surprised when she mentioned that she hadn't really found anyone to talk Vkei with in Japan since to my understanding, a love of Vkei is always kept underground. But then again, most girls in Japan are the "whee cute" kind and they don't like Vkei.

I'm glad that you two ran into each other or rather, that you ran into her! You're a perfect match~ You do seem to have quite a penchant for running into Japanese people though...perhaps you just attract them to you or something!

Aaaaaahhhhhh~~ after reading this post I'm so jealous of yooouuu heheh. May I steal her for a day? May I?? *begs with puppy eyes* Ah but on second thought, I would just kidnap the both of you and all three of us could just have fun spazzing together XD

P.S. What PVs/songs were you showing her? I've heard of both SCREW and Matenrou Opera but I haven't heard any of their stuff and the thing about Rookie and Nimo you mentioned I was completely lost on...so perhaps I myself may also require a bit of introductions.

P.P.S I love that mood icon/picture.
19th-Jun-2012 03:25 pm (UTC)
Haha, all my friends tend to bring USBs with them when they come to my place, they tend to find things they want xD It's cute. Sharing is caring and so on.

And I only introduced her to two bands back then! Hehehe I didn't want to overdo it (yet xD)

Yeah, it's definitely underground. You'd be seen as a punk or rebel, which isn't exactly something positive over there, if you openly stated it... so yeah. :3 But the point where I broke it to her and she to me was like aaahahwersfsd
Other Japanese tend to be very careful about that issue, when they "once liked Vkei", it tends to be portraied like a folly of their youth. With a smile on their lips and a little shake of their heads.

Watching lives helps with the furing! That's the way I learnt the bits I know *laughs*

Or maybe it's just that I'm attracted to them... XP and then be all shitsukoi and that's why it ends up like that hahaha!

No, don't be jealous! You could steal her for a day or so XD She's very eager to get to know other vkei fans.

I haven't shown her anything by SCREW yet (you could watch ANCIENT RAIN, GATHER ROSES (...hot), or DEEP SIX, for example), I showed her all of A(ACE) (Rookie and Nimo are from them) Pvs, "Night of the Knights", then "Black Butterfly", and some other things that were floating around on youtube about them.
About Matenrou Opera... I only showed her one Live, "COCOON"... but there's some PVs from them, too. Not sure about the titles, but when you look for "Matenrou Opera PV" on youtube, you ought to find them ^^

By the way, I shall soon write a Part II of this story :3 Just a short one, but stay tuned.
20th-Jun-2012 04:55 am (UTC)
Oh, why thank you ♥

Maybe he's busy? Why would someone refuse to speak to you even if you were being "creepily intellectual" ahaha. Though if you saw you were that, maybe you've been writing him long messages and he hasn't had time to reply yet.

Aah okay. So are you teaching her English then?

Ms. Star and Ms. Stone~ Both elements of nature, eh? ...wait is that to mean that your last name means "stone" in some language or it really is stone?

You're correct about how it's easier if you just don't care. Japanese people are (from what I've seen) very happy whenever someone tries to speak Japanese to them, no matter how inept you are at it and generally they can piece together the meaning of what you are trying to say even if you're blundering all the words and grammar. I would say for you, you've gotten over the self-conscious part of speaking Japanese and don't get hung up over making mistakes.

I wasn't really freaking out, I was just... uh well, a little bit Ahahaha. Yes, yes, I understand. I'm glad that she didn't think you were indecent. You probably made a better impression with all those things lying about because she found more interests in common with you.

Yeeaahh...that's why I decided to reserve the watching to after I'd finished writing this comment for fear of never continuing it and then you'd be sitting there wondering why is there only half a comment :P

Ah, that's right. I just remembered how Japanese houses are laid out and yes, there is a prominent threshold area.

Oh yes please do show me a picture~

There's no need to watch SID things all the time for you otherwise you'd be a serious case of oatiuidgdgiepr hahaha. I've been meaning to watch SIDNAD 4 for days now but I keep getting distracted by the internet every night so I haven't watched it yet >.<

*pats you on the back*

Aww you're so nice~ You always give people things ^_~

yet~? hehehe

Other Japanese tend to be very careful about that issue, when they "once liked Vkei", it tends to be portraied like a folly of their youth. With a smile on their lips and a little shake of their heads. Aww, what a shame. They shouldn't be afraid to say that they like Vkei! but then again it's a different culture over there so perhaps it is seen as something they half-regret getting in to.

Oh really? Perhaps I should watch more lives then...and start learning! I have roughly a month >.<

Perhaps, perhaps ;-) Probably more of the shitsukoi actually since Japanese people are pretty passive and usually won't start speaking to someone they don't know.

Oooooh I'd looovvveee to steal her for a day or twooo~ But my level of Japanese is not even adequate to have much of a conversation with anyone and then also how would I steal her unless we met online or something? You'd have to be my accomplice in the stealing ahaha.

I've heard that GATHER ROSES is quite risque and has tons of innuendoes, haha. I think I was going to go watch that on Youtube after knowing of its reputation but I got distracted by something else so I never watched it.

I've never heard of A(ACE) before but then again you are pretty deep into Vkei so you know a lot more people that aren't as spoken of as much.

I shall be awaiting said Part II impatiently~

Edited at 2012-06-20 04:55 am (UTC)
22nd-Jun-2012 06:51 pm (UTC)
It doesn't want to post the picture bleh. But I'll try otherwise, so here's the book I was talking of.

24th-Jun-2012 03:04 am (UTC)
Ooohhh thaaat book. I was expecting it to be that one, hehehe
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