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[翻訳] Dir en Grey - 空谷の跫音 
25th-Dec-2014 11:16 pm
I bring another translation from ARCHE. This here is probably my most favourite song out of the whole album. It flows perfectly, which 濤声 also does, but... ah. Either way, after the 15th time of listening or so, I realized just how much that song is me. No wonder I love it.

I transcribed the lyrics from the booklet directly, romaji, translation, blood-and-sweat-shedding are done by me. Prepare for a mountain of notes at the end of the post.

If you want to share this, please don't repost without linking back to this post, and leave me a message if you do, that would be utterly considerate ♪

君を降らす 意味を見上げる瞳

響き重なる もう何度もこの胸を砕く
慣れた痛み振り解く もう君も感じられない

醜さと笑い合い 忘れれば良いの?

気付かされた 心の眠る音
115時間 誰を忘れ 生きた?


醜さと笑い合い 忘れれば良いの?

愛が止む頃 狭い空でも

Kuukoku no kyouon
shiroi iki ni mazaru kako to tomo ni
kimi wo furasu imi wo miageru hitomi

hibiki kasanaru mou nandomo kono mune wo kudaku
nareta itami furihodoku mou kimi mo kanjirarenai

abiru hodo no omoide ni
minikusa to waraiai wasurereba ii no?

kidsukasareta kokoro no nemuru oto
hyakujuugo jikan dare wo wasure ikita?

yowai kara to kuchiguse wo mune ni shimai
ikiru tame ni kawaru kimi he
「ore ga ore wo korosu riyuu」

abiru hodo no omoide ni
minikusa to waraiai wasurereba ii no?

ai ga yamu koro semai sora de mo
itsuka kagayakaseru

The Sound of Footsteps in a lonely Valley (0)
Together with the past mingling with my white breath,
I shed you the meaning of which my eyes (1) look up at [1/2]

The echoes overlap just how many times have they smashed this heart [3]
The pain I've gotten used to shakes and untangles (2) I can't even feel you anymore

In the memories that are to drown in
I laugh with the ugliness [4] is it alright if I forget?

I was made notice the sound of my heart sleeping
At 115 hours did I live forgetting someone?

'It's because I'm weak', that phrase I keep to myself [5]
To you, who changes in order to live, I say [6]
"The reason for why I murder myself is myself" [7]

In the memories that are to drown in
I laugh with the ugliness [see 4] is it alright if I forget?

The time when love stops even a narrow sky
will be able to brighten up some day

[1] This could be read and understood in various ways, just as quite a few verses here. In version one, the meaning he looks up at is the meaning of "shedding you (at the same time) as my past mingles..." In Version two, he looks up at the meaning of the shedding (only), simultaneously as the past happens to mingle, etc.
[2] Note that the shedding here isn't the shedding or molting of a snake. It's a shedding blood/making it rain kind of shed. I guess the imagery is not that far from molting, but it's still not quite the same, is it.
[3] Literally it's "smashed this chest", however mune, the "place where the heart is", is often synonymous with "heart". You could also say "broken this heart", but the real meaning here seems stronger than just a simple breaking, hence smashed.
[4] If one really wanted to, one could probably read something else into this, like "I laugh (together with a not-mentioned you) at/about the ugliness", but the to strongly suggests that ugliness is his partner in laughing.
[5] I like how "keeping sth to oneself" literally means "put it away in one's heart/chest".
[6] Again, one could choose to interpret this differently, when pulling the first part apart it could be read as "in order to live, I say to you who changes,..."
[7] First of all, it's really murder, not kill. Secondly, you could also read this as simply "(I tell you) the reason for why I murder myself", where the ore ga simply clarifies that whoever murders the "I" is in fact no one else but the "I" and not a "you", however I personally find that too weak, or rather the way he wrote it seems too emphasizing to me (while being ambiguous and not emphasizing at all ahaha *shot*), so I chose my version.

(0) The song is written from a male POV.
(1) Again, hitomi, is more lit. "pupils", here for "eyes".
(2) Kyo chose to not mark the "pain" with any kind of particle, so the pain could be the object of the untangling as well ("I shake and untangle the pain"), but normally the object particle can't be dropped, so I chose the other version where the pain is the subject. Since Kyo is omnipotent with his lyrics though, I wouldn't argue much if it were really the other way around *laugh*


Hou what, I'm done? 8D Okay, that was a lot of notes. I like notes though. I like to clarify certain things in lyrics translations, and I find notes to be entirely too helpful to omit them.
Footsteps in a lonely valley. The imagery I find breathtaking. There's really not that much text, but there's so much in the text, that I find the song so strong. But that might just be me~

Hope you enjoy, feel free to discuss and object etc.

My entire lyrics translation archive can be found here → here

26th-Dec-2014 09:07 am (UTC)
Oh, thanks for this, too ...
Interesting that the title does not show up in the lyrics.
This gives the entity of the song more significance, or a special kind of significance - it's hard to put it into words.

1st-Jan-2015 01:40 am (UTC)
It's a beautiful song ♡
5th-Jan-2015 11:34 am (UTC)
Hey there, thanks for taking the effort to translate this, esp. with all the notes and additional information and all! :))) Good to see the fandom isn't completely dead on LJ. XD
5th-Jan-2015 01:57 pm (UTC)
Haha, you're welcome!
I know right? Seems like most people have fled LJ for one or the other reason. Idk, I like it here. I'll stay |D

If you like "additional information" you might want to check out my translation for Phenomenon, there's quite a lot of ... that... *SHOT*
7th-Jan-2015 07:21 am (UTC)
I did already read that one as well, actually *coughs* Thanks for that as well!! Very... in-depth. A___A Seriously, awesome job, thank you so much. ♥

I love LJ, but my friends list is completely dead apart from George R. R. Martin and like, one post in diru_tabloids every couple of months? u_u Haaa...
9th-Jan-2015 01:38 am (UTC)
Ahahah, so you did huh xD
Thank you so much ;D I don't think I could have translated that one without interpreting it as well, there was just too much imagery there, and not very subtle either, ohoh.

Ah, same here. It's not just the diru fandom though, other fan-communities I'm on are practically dead, even though they're partially popular bands. It's like everyone's migrated to other places, idk where to. I hardly go on my FL anymore, I just use LJ mostly for my own random stuff, mostly to drop off lyrics and yeah.
Oh George, the number one character murderer ;D It's pretty much the same for me, one sort-of vip photographer I follow is posting, otherwise there's not much going on. Le sigh.
9th-Jan-2015 10:38 am (UTC)
I did read another translation before and honestly, I had no idea what was going on, so thank you for clearing that all up. 8D I think it really fits with the song, the first time I heard it I already felt it was a very sensual song, so I'm glad the lyrics reflect that!

I guess LJ is dying in general. It really makes me sad. If at least I knew where they'd all gone to. Some are on Tumblr apparently, and I like Tumblr but it's not the same. u_u
Haha I'm not even particularly interested in most of the stuff GRRM writes because most of it isn't even GoT-related as far as I can see ^^;

Speaking of which, mind if I add you? So at least there's some chance of activity on my FL (plus I get to see when you post a new translation :D). You don't have to add me back, if I do post I just post boring crap about myself and nothing useful, but I'd really love to keep up with what you post ^^
9th-Jan-2015 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ohoh, that makes me happy x'D Mhm, it's alllll about the rhythm... coughcough

It's been dying for quite a while :/ Maybe because the Russians took over? I've been inactive for quite a while, so I didn't really realize the change. I basically came back when it was deserted, hah. I did get the impression that lots of people changed to blogspot -maybe-, and of course tumblr (whichIalsolove), but as you said, tumblr is different. And I kind of dislike the blogspot style, it's not as... pretty as LJ... although that might just me being biased, after all, I've been on LJ for quite a long time 8D

I don't mind at all :D I can't promise it will be so much more on your FL, I come and go. I also don't mind personal "boring crap" either ;D
And I seeeeeee... Echelooooooooooonnnnnnnn heheheeeh
9th-Jan-2015 01:53 pm (UTC)
Oooh yes, the rhythm and dat bassssss... 8D

I don't know when it all changed so much, either. I just realized sometime last year when "ARCHE" was released and all the interviews and videos and stuff were popping up on Tumblr etc. and nobody cared to post or get excited about it here. :( It's sad, this used to be THE place for my fandom...
I didn't know about Blogspot though, thanks for the hint! Maybe I'll try to seek out some blogs there... I'm really just so scared the overseas fandom is dying and that they won't come to tour Europe anymore as a result which would kill me X(((.

LJ is (or was) a special place, right? It's been almost 10 years for me on here now, too *ack* (Used to have another journal here before I got this one)

Ah you don't have to promise anything or feel under pressure or anything ^^; Just do your thing as you always do and I'll be casually lurking around XDD

Oooooh Echelon, yes! Haha, to be honest, I've known about 30STM for years (like, since 2006 or so) but I only listened to them very casually and then for some mysterious reason I only became OBSESSED with them last summer. Like, I was listening to NOTHING else for 2 months or so. XD I've calmed down now, but they still rock. ♥
9th-Jan-2015 07:52 pm (UTC)
I honestly have no idea if there's communities on blogspot, to me it seems like it's just lots of singular individuals on there. Back in the days (uhm I think I started LJ around 2006, so yeah it kind of is that special place... deserted now *crie* I'm stubborn enough to not leave, it's like this hidden cave no one knows about anymore. That does have some advantages), when I'd ask people I meet whether they had LJ, lots of them did. The few past years I never heard that... ever... but some people I've met or reconnected with did mention they use blogspot or I just stalked and found out on my own ORZ, so there's that 8|
Do tell me if you find anything good heh.

Heh. I don't usually promise things anyway, I just ~do~ them, or not :)

eheheheheheheheheh well isn't that something I'm familiar with... Although for me I think the obsession started a few years back... 3 or 4 or so ago, not sure. They stuck with me ever since, and while I really don't listen much to western rock/music in general, they're definitely one of my favourite (western) bands x3
Did you go see them live last summer then? Because ACK ♡
11th-Jan-2015 04:35 pm (UTC)
Well, finding some individuals would be great, too. I don't really have anybody to talk about Dir en grey with anymore. u_u Most people I know from the "old days" don't like them very much anymore. ;___; Or I've just contact.
I'll let you know if I find anything good X) One blog I recently discovered is this: http://theninjapanda.wordpress.com/ Though it's mainly uploads, but it helped me when I was desperately waiting for my copy of "ARCHE" to arrive in the mail XS

I didn't see them ;_____; Sadly. I did see them YEARS back at Rock am Ring 2007 (from veeery far back XD) but I wasn't much of a fan then. And when I discovered them this year was literally the day they played their last Germany date this year. XDD I was so angry, I almost jumped on the train to see them play in Switzerland, but I chickened out because of work and money and uncool stuff like that u___u But I really do wanna see them properly very badly!

How about you? Did you get to see them? What were they like? ;___; ♥
12th-Jan-2015 12:58 am (UTC)
Ah, there's wordpress too, yeah... but don't you find it so bland? D: Why would you choose those blogs over LJ *cry* ... Well, it is tempting in a way, but I don't need yet another blog ><'

Meh, I don't know what Dir fan wouldn't appreciate Uroboros or Arche (if I tried I probably could - those who prefer very very old vkei Dir I suppose)? There's just too many great songs on both, and Arche is a work of sublime art. I can admit that I didn't like DSS as much as the other two, but it's not like I hate it. I find their style still Dir-style, just matured. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Aw man ;-; I was lucky I could see them twice! Once when they toured for This is War, and once when they toured for LLF+D. They were amazing both times. The first time I was with my mom and stepdad (mom loves them, too hahah, it was her idea initially to go otl) and they chose to take ~seats~. We quickly realised that was a VERY bad idea, you just can't take part in it all. The second time around they didn't go, but I did, and I was in the fucking arena not too far from the front, and fuck it was one of the best western things ever, like shit. I mean, the level obviously is entirely different from Vkei, they've got crazy laser shows and acrobatics on stage and whatnot. And they are very good live. Or, Jared is. I can't really say much about the others my attention was a little transfixed 8DDD ... his voice is sssss.....thing, live, like seriously, ugh.
Next time they come, go. Go go go. I'll go, too 8D
12th-Jan-2015 09:39 pm (UTC)
I don't know *cries too* So far I haven't found any "proper" blogging platform that made me go "YES I totally need this too" (again, Tumblr doesn't count because I don't really use it for personal stuff, only for reblogging fandom-related stuff - and you can't comment there either so no nice comment-conversations like this one here 8D).

I know a few people who were seriously turned off by Dum Spiro Spero. I do admit it's probably my least favourite album they've done >_> (apart from a few songs that I love to bits - and it's Diru, so it's still better than most other albums in the world 8D). I am so, so, so superultrahappy about "ARCHE", I didn't expect I'd love it THIS much. I feel like they've... hm "found themselves" again with it? Apart from "Revelation of mankind" which I don't overly love, I'm pretty much in lovelovelove with all of the songs on there by now. *sigh* When I first heard it, I felt like they had found the "spirit" of their old days again, but combined with their matured musical expertise... or something. XD

SorryforbabblingbutasyoucanprobablytellIdon'tgettodothisalot *coughs*

Oooooh you saw them with "This Is War" *.* Wow!!! And lucky that your Mom loves them! XD (I dragged my Dad to my first two Diru concerts when I was 15 because I had nobody else to go with and was too young to go on my own, but he wasn't... very fond of them. XD Bless him for going anyway...)
Jared's voice is UNNNH I swear XD *lacking proper words* Love it when he "sing-screams". I get shudders. ♥ I can only try to imagine how awesome it was to hear that live. *.*
I'll definitely go when they come here the next time. 8D (I mean the LLF+D tour had like what, 10 legs, 3 of which in Europe?! Maybe they'll do another one here before Jared vanishes to film the Suicide Squad movie XP)

Have you seen the "Artifact" movie? I loved it, it was really well-made and I found it both honest and inspiring. I love this about them and Jared in particular, they're so positive and convey so much energy and try to encourage people to pursue their dreams... X) Annnnd now I'm just babbling again XS
13th-Jan-2015 12:50 am (UTC)
Babble away 8D I've missed conversations like these 8D Look the comments get all squished up because there's so many I MISSED THIS WHEEEEEE *SHOT*

I love tumblr, but it's not made for lengthy entries, and as I have a tendency to write a ... ... a bit more than the average of people might 8D it's not really meant to be a blogging site in the traditional sense, heh. And yes, yes, the commenting like this... ok, it's possible on there, but not in an aesthetically pleasing sense, hurr.

Haha, wow I'm happy you feel similar about DSS, I thought maybe I stepped on some toes there XP I do feel exactly the same about ARCHE. The first time I listened to it I was at home with a friend, whose also into Jrock, and I just sat down and stared into nothingness with a remote not far at hand and there were some points where I just grabbed it and turned it up and felt somewhere between crying and screaming and went like "OH MY GODS OH MY FUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKK shit shit shit shit" and she was like "8D" too hahaha (but yes, she's not as... expressive as myself XP) Oh and I did say fuck a lot. Did I mention? Like especially those that I've come to translate as well, e.g. Kuukoku, I was like HOLY FUCK I WANT TO CRY hahah... haaah. I really hadn't expected it to be that smashing. It has spirit, it has emotion, it has GREAT music, great vocals, great lyrics? as far as I can tell? I haven't translated too much Dir before because I didn't dare lmao so there's not much to compare with apart from bad translations I've read in the past |D, there's depth and beauty and energy and everything I'd ever want from them.
I don't think there's been a Dir album before where I liked so many songs so much as on ARCHE to be honest. Well with Dir I tend to like ballads, deep songs or songs filled with despair best when listening just like that (at lives it's a different matter, give me that raging shit yessss 8D uhm... yeah *cough*), so I'd say that I listen less to Chain Repulsion, Inferno and Revelation than the other ones, but I'd very much enjoy Inferno live *_*

... I need them to do a tour outside of Japan with ARCHE, damn.

Oh man XD I'm glad I was old enough to go to concerts on my own when I did X'D seeing all those bored/pissed off parents getting dragged along by their 13year old daughters ahaha... Kudos to your dad tagging along though!

Hehehe shudders is good! Yes! Bless stereo 8D and patient neighbours OTL He's got one of the most beautiful voices I let touch my ears heh x3

Oh man, no I actually haven't! But I found that's true, that honesty things. Lots of, let's say superstars, lose touch somehow, but they really seem to be living their dreams, or he is anyway, and he doesn't seem to take off too much, at least he keeps his roots somewhere in sight *laughs* Wow, did that make sense to you? Sometimes words are too much and they just spill out and meaning is sometimes lost ah.
And I just watched the trailer to it and got goosebumps from that alone (tells me I need to put some 30stm with my ARCHE/sukekiyo playlist |D) ah and Amanda Palmer is in it too ♡
Their feelings really transport down from the stage though, and get delivered right through your heart. It's beautiful.

Feel free to babble. Look at me babble, too -_-' Guess we should get each other babble batches ahaha.
13th-Jan-2015 07:31 pm (UTC)
I MISSED THIS TOO, SO MUCH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA ;___; You're actually making me very happy with this, so thank you ♥♥♥

My LJ entries have grown lengthier over the years, haha. XD Sometimes I look back at my very first ones and I'm like "Wow, I really wrote entries with like three sentences?" (and mostly also like: "Wow, I found this relevant enough to write about?" XDD) But these days (if I do post, which I've been lacking motivation to do, sadly XS) I write and muse around a lot. 8D I know there are people who do that on Tumblr, but I'd rather reblog GIFs of Dir en grey or Doctor Who, haha. 8D

And nope, no toe-stepping, don't worry. X) HAHA your ARCHE listening experience sounds familiar! 8DDD I sat in the dark on my couch wrapped in a blanket (it's cold in my apartment XP) and had my good headphones on listening to it and everytime a particularly delicious bit of song/bassline/drum part etc. would play I'd bite down on my hand in order not to screech with delight and wake up the old lady next door. XDDDD
Kuukoku is special, isn't it? I listened to the "promotional edit" they released a bit before ARCHE came out and already then I was totally floored with the sheer EMOTION end EPICNESS of it. *____* Especially the last chorus/ending part. Oooooh myyyyy.
I can't really say which songs of them I like in general tbh. My favourites are pretty different. XD Though the melodic/emotional ones tend to get to me the most as well, I think. And happy-ish stuff like "YOKAN" and "Taiyou no Ao" (musically happy-ish, not lyrically XP). For a while my super-ultra-favourite song was "embryo". And the reason I felt encouraged to listen to more of them in the first place was "ain't afraid to die" (I didn't listen to any hard music at all before I knew them XD), so yeah, their ballads are just masterful. ;)

Ooooh as for live, I can't WAIT to hear these songs live (they must come here, they must come here, they must come here). "Chain repulsion", and "Cause of fickleness" in particular, when I first heard them, I immediately thought how much they'd ROCK live. *___* Would be great if they played "Tefutefu" as well. That song is so groovy and amazing, it would have deserved to be on the regular track listing IMO...

I can't really wrap my head around how a person like Jared Leto can exist. XD I mean the guy must be a work/career animal with all the stuff he's got going on, his band, organizing so much stuff, his acting which he also seems to be amazingly good at... and then he also seems to be such a 100% nice (well, can't tell bc I don't know him of course, but from what he shows in public) and 100% dorky and crazy person. XD
But I get what you mean, no worries. ♥ Words are tricky. X)

My boyfriend is a big fan of Amanda Palmer, I myself never really got into her music thus far... who knows, maybe it'll take a few more years. :P Maybe the right moment will come. XD They interviewed lots of artists for that movie. The ones I remember right now are Chester from Linkin Park and Serj Tankian from System of a Down ^^ But I think there were more... But yeah, if you can find it somewhere, I really recommend it ^_^ Oh did I mention Jared is an accomplished director/filmmaker as well? Oh boy. If I compare myself to that man, I've already lost. XD

I don't know what babble batches are, but yes, I'm in! 8D
16th-Jan-2015 11:51 pm (UTC)
Shh, no, quiet. It's quite mutual, so |D Feels like I can pretend LJ is still alive ahahaha oh man (except for my FL it's still pretty much dead hah)

Haha, no I think I've always had the tendency to do lengthy entries. I feel like they've grown shorter oO' (but never SHORT I think xD) I know that thing about motivation... I think it's something you just get used to. The not-doing of it, I mean. I used to blog about every day I think... and not everything I guess was important, but still entertaining enough to write about. I could make a joke of everything though, heh. And it's good to have it, to look back on, you know? Like a diary. [I mean that's kind of the point of a blog anyway isn't it -_-] And I love writing, so there's that. Just sometimes things happen and you just lose every bit of... motivation, life, reasons to do anything at all.
so yeah~

Oh hey, is it rude to (not) ask your Tumblr? I never know whether people treat it as their secret escape and I better not ask about it xD or whether, since we both already established we both have one, it is ok to follow each other? XD

HAH! That also sounds very familiar XD I used to live with an old lady and she had her bedroom next to mine, so I really tried to not screech/giggle/other weird noises in the middle of the night, but ever since I started living on my own I don't have that barricade anymore XP and I just screech when I feel like it (or suddenly turn the music up like boomboom and yell how fucking great it is XD)
You know what?! When I got into JRock, I couldn't listen to the hard stuff at all, it was to hard and rough for me 8D I got into Dir through Akuro no Oka and Ain't afraid to die |D ... and yes, embryo, Yokan... they also were some of my very favourites in the beginning (Taiyou no Ao one of my most appreciated songs hah) together with the slightly insane songs like Macabre. Then bit by bit I got used to the harder stuff, and now I even listen to bands who mainly do the rough stuff. Funny how that works.

Ah yes, tefu... somehow when I heard it first I thought I'd heard it before... or parts of the lyrics are from a different song? But I haven't tried to hunt it down yet *laughs* Maybe that's why it wasn't an official part?

Oh hey, have you seen sukekiyo live? Or, how do you like them?

Sometimes I get the feeling Jared is a modern saint or something *laughs* I mean, transport him back into medieval (christian) times, the things he's been through and what he's doing, and how he's doing it... he'd probably been named saint after his death |D ... or heretic and burnt at the stake as a witch? The line is pretty thin here 8DDD

Haha, I personally don't even listen to Amanda Palmer, like not at all. I just love her for being the person she is, partially because she gave one of my favourite, most beloved and inspiring people a beautiful wife, happiness, and all the inspiration love gives ♡

I'll keep an eye out for it. Maybe I'll have to get it the traditional [read: legal] way if everything else fails 8D
... Why would you compare yourself to Jared. Why. Just. Stop it. No. Bad girl. Don't.

I just made that up. You know, just make a batch... one of those things you stick to your jacket/bag/wherever that read "I'M SO PUNK I'D POGO YOU ALL NIGHT LONG" or "ANARCHY" or "the ULTIMATE BABBLE BATCH!!!" ... you know. Those XD
18th-Jan-2015 04:50 pm (UTC)
Same here, same here! 8D I'm glad it's mutual ♥

I love keeping diaries!!! It's really important to me. Not just LJ, but also actual physical diaries (there are, after all, some things that are too personal to share online :P) and all sorts of things to have some sort of "chronicle" of your life. I'm someone who tends to look back a lot, sometimes too much I admit, but I'm very fond of many memories I've accumulated over the years, so I'm happy I have LJ to remind myself of them! :) I really should start writing again. Even if nobody but me reads it, I think it makes you more aware of what's happening in your life instead of just letting it pass you by? But maybe I'm getting too philosophical here. XD

And OMG it's not rude!!! I've been meaning to ask but I keep forgetting! XDD My URL at the moment is inlukewarmcrimson, though I tend to change it a lot, but follow me there if you like! 8D (If I post too much stuff that doesn't interest you I won't be mad if you unfollow me, either ^^) If you'd like to tell me yours, I'll check it out as well ♥

Haaaa having a place where you can turn up your music like that sounds great!!! I've become so used to headphones. >_> And not singing along loudly, which is really annoying. u____u If I ever move (which I really should at some point), I need an apartment in a house with thicker walls! XP *fondly remembers times at her dad's house with watching diru concert dvds with the volume turned up in the evening*

Haha I got into metal/hard music via Diru, too 8D I remember one of the first songs of them I heard was "OBSCURE" and I hated it so much I never wanted to listen to them again XDDD Then later I heard "ain't afraid to die" and once I'd gotten used to the harder stuff, I listened to it again and got to like it. 8D And after a while I started listening to the western bands Kaoru mentioned in the fanclub magazine and bands from the Family Values Tour and so I got into western metal (and other genres, gradually 8D).

About Tefutefu... hmmmm I didn't remember any part of the song from elsewhere, but that might of course be due to my brain being like a sieve XDD

And I agree about Jared. XDD And not just because of the Jesus beard/hair Him, 30STM and their "Echelon"... I've read that in the past they were often asked whether the Echelon was a cult of sorts. 8D So even that fits...

Ahhhh a Neil Gaiman fan then ;) I must confess I've never read any of his books (I really must, though!!! Again, boyfriend is a big fan XD). He's written a few episodes for Doctor Who though, which I really liked (my favourite TV show which you will find a lot on my tumblr, be warned 8D).

IMO it's worth getting the traditional way 8D Lemme know if you can't find it, maybe I can get it to you so you can check it out first... buying a pig in a poke isn't very cool :P

Ahhhhh I see now, I see 8D Yay, I should make something like that XDDD I've just started putting buttons and stuff on my bag again, but it's dreadfully empty so far, so I need more :D
31st-Jan-2015 03:42 am (UTC)
No, I find that's the thing with diaries. Or in general, writing things down - it makes you digest it easier, you reflect on it and might even see a different side of it while doing so. It's definitely therapeutic. And of course also helps with inspiration in writing as well :3
I keep physical diaries, too. Not as regularly anymore (basically as irregularly as LJ ahah), but used to write it daily. It's so... odd sometimes, flicking through those pages that happened 5 years ago or so, but while reading it feels like it was just a week or two ago. And sometimes it feels like you were such a different person, too. I love that.
Sadly I have that tendency to stop writing altogether when something crass happens in my life, and so I've lost memories of certain things and how I managed to cope hah... oh well.

Followed 8D ♡ But of course you know that, it already happened a while ago 8DD And don't worr... or... worry? I doubt I'll unfollow you. I tend to keep following those people I've linked up with somewhere else, even though they might post stuff I have little interest in lmao. And you don't count to those actually xD Which reminds me, one of those Miyavi pictures you posted... uhm... around the time I just followed you, I was like holy fuck he looks like a grown up now. When I "got to know him" he was just this little, cheeky boy with the tongue-thing and wink going on and... yeah. He's grown so much. Guess family also does that to you.

Personal space agh ♡ Not having to use headphones is gold, too. ... Although I'm not really doing too much of the sing along, I don't want to kill the neighbours 8'D

Hehe, obscure... omgs what was my first ones... I think Hydra was one of the songs I knew first and I was like WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS *SKIPS SCARED* XDDDD And now I'm like "fuck yes hurrr *face of evil*" XD
I didn't get into western metal though. I find it too aggressive D: Somehow I don't feel that with Japanese Vkei with "metal" touch - it's powerful, but not aggressive. Nor did I get much into western music in general for that fact actually, I find a lot of western music too... flat? Meaningless, shallow. Or at least, it doesn't make me feel what I can feel through most of the Japanese things I listen to, so there's that 8D I do listen to western stuff though, but it's quite different genres then. Like, dancy stuff, or world(ish) music or w/e 83

A cult... isn't everything though |D I mean, all fandoms are in a way a cult, no?

Haha, I get the feeling you don't trust your boyfriend's taste a lot? Neil Gaiman is an entire SPHERE, he's like... ah, no words. I guess he's one of those you either get into and fall forever and there's no back, or it doesn't touch you and there's that. He's deep though. Damn, so deep. I pull my hat. All of the hats.

I've seen one of those episodes he's written :3 The one with the tardis (lmao like... the one where she's a woman |D The doctor's wife? I think that's what it was called) Aaaand I've also seen one season of the Doctor, and a few scattered episodes here and there :3 So I really don't mind Whovian spam hehehe.

I'll think about it and i haven't yet, I mean the untraditional way, so I would not say no to that 8D if you do... have... uh... access IfeellikedealingfordrugsorsthORZ

Heheh, I haven't quite gotten away from them either. I used to have lots of stuff on my bags, guess that's gotten less over the years, but can't resist a good badge or button here and there.
3rd-Feb-2015 04:42 pm (UTC)
I know, I know, everything you say sounds veeeery familiar, haha. >< Sometimes I have such a romanticized vision of what I was like in my mid-teenage years and when I read the stuff I wrote then, it kind of brings me back to reality. XD But there's also stuff that I love reliving in my head by reading it! But I can also relate to "stopping to write when something big happens" - especially something BAD big. It would be a great help for later hard times to read through those times and see how you overcame them... but I guess during those times, I mostly can't bring myself to write about it because it's too hard? I don't know...

HAHA oh yeah, Miyavi looks very grown-up and "tame" now, doesn't he? XD I've been ignoring him for years, though he was one of my earlier J-Rock discoveries (actually a video of him was what made me pick up a guitar HAHA XS), but I also remembered him with his 1000 piercings and hair dyed in 100000 colours being a total weirdo and now... this. XD Now I need to check out eeeeverything I've missed these past few years... Not that I was a huge fan before, only knew a couple songs then as well ^^; But eh. New music. I need new music.

Ah, western metal. It's hard to find stuff that doesn't sound "genre-typical" :x Like, a lot of metalcore bands sound aaaaaaall the same. I've always like that about Japanese rock, that they don't seem to let themselves be molded into a certain genre. Sadly I think that's changing as well *cries* But there's so many good bands (again, I mostly know those that were popular in the mid-00s ^^;; Like Kagerou and DéspairsRay and stuff XDD) that each have a sound all of their own, which is amazing!
But I think it's cool that you like lots of different genres X3 I wonder how people manage to listen to "only metal" or only one other genre when there's sooooo much out there! X3

Ah, the thing about cults you're saying is true though, I guess. Depending on how intense the fandom is. XDD

Hm, it's not that I don't trust my bf's taste in general. I trust his movie/tv series taste a lot (before I met him I wasn't much into movies AT ALL :P He got me into so much stuff, haha... though he does have his obsessions which I can't share AT ALL as well, like old Japanese monster movies, Godzilla etc. XDDD), but his music taste isn't always up my alley. It's not like we're so horribly different, there's a lot of things we both like, but when it comes to what we're HUGE FANS of, we are different, I think. (Thankfully I can still drag him to pretty much any concert I wanna go to XP)

Aaaaanyway. I should try Neil Gaiman. I really really should. I've got so many books to read though, like... three and a half Game of Thrones books, all three His Dark Materials books, the third part of Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 (you know Murakami? I swear the man can't write anything I don't like...)

Haha yeeeeeeeeeees The Doctor's Wife!!! Such a sweet episode ♥ Dark, of course. But sweet. ♥ The idea was brilliant and I'm glad he was the one who got to write it!

Hehehe okay, lemme see what I can do. X) I'll probably be slow though, so if you don't get anything within a few days time, remind me...

I used to have soooo many buttons on my old bag... well, not THAT many, but quite a few. XD I went through some old photographs from a class trip to Prague years ago the other day and there was a picture of my bag because I bought a few buttons there... damn, I miss that. But I dunno where to find any, except online and I find ordering online a bit annoying. U___U I prefer buying stuff in a store most of the time... Like, actually touch the thing when I buy the thing... but maybe I'm just old-fashioned. XDD
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