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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Mao's Room ~ Newest SID comments 
12th-Dec-2007 02:39 pm
mao distorted
Ah, perfect. Just got home and マオにゃん upps. Had to risk a look, ne, and there they made new comments.

It won't show a preview here, so instead I just put the links, ne ^^

Ummm... 明希とマオのSunglasses look as if they were they same... Sunglass trade goin on? べーっだ!
[Don't really look the same if you look closely, but they seem to have the same taste in sunglasses at least XD]

And しんしん is wearing glasses to. So ummm cAaaArReFul all yee glassesfetishists yo! にひひ









笑 マオにゃん何ですか〜そのハットは素敵なあああ〜 笑 Actually... *cough* I'm trying hard to not say but... クチビル!叫び見つめていまっっっす〜ええ完全に魅惑させます。怖い。Those lips... I actually watched his eyemovement behind the glasses... ドキドキ MmmandhenibbledhislipsIminloveyargh

あのうね。その歌は...あたしの中で永久く流れるとみたい。That song won't leave... it's like in my mind, no, just, inside of me and... その所ですね。A place of peace and rest, ne. どうもちょっと。ちょっと〜たとえ涙が零れます私は嬉しこだなそんな感じでそうはい。

12th-Dec-2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah I just watched these too. しんしん is looking better these days- he was looking really tired before. o_o.

I got his card thing in my 涙の温度today too.
12th-Dec-2007 05:32 pm (UTC)
Sou desu ne~
Not as tired as some others look nowadays though. ≥_≤ *shinpai*
He looks good though. A friend of mine totally loves his glasses, pluss that kind of hairstyle. She will be... delighted XD

Ohh you did? Sugoi~ (☆。☆)b
12th-Dec-2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya Yuuya!! *jumps up and down* Thank you!!

Aki O-o XDDD
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