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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
漢字テスト, a possible Job and sudden pains 
7th-Jan-2008 10:53 pm
aoi thinking
So, for once, an update on what's happening around me.

Vacations are over, and huh, I made it ... I actually was able to go to bed a bit early yesterday... [still an hour too late XD But well] and I managed to get up at quarter to seven.


... We had a kanji test today... I didn't know what to expect, heh, now I know. It was a loooot of sentences (in Japs)... and we had to either write kanas in kanjis, or the other way around. Hrr... I know I did two mistakes... of them I'm sure. I was so very bright to forget how to write 英語 ... ... I don't know, I just always seem to forget it. ... ... The ei just doesn't like me XD I forget that it has the... erm... leafy roof er... kusakanmuri 艸 and instead either add the hi 日or sanzui 水... don't know how to only get radicals on here. ≥__≥ So yeah... EiEiEi... Everytime I see it again it's like *headdesk* of course it's that way. ... I should never ever forget that again. I always use it. Shame. Tsk.

And then I wrote おやぎます instead of およぎます for 泳ぎます. Hrm. Ah well. For the rest... I'm not 100% sure. We'll see.

Then... uggh... *small intersection* ... tayru your new layout killed me. V_V Thanks ... *loves*

So, well.

Then later that day I rang up that place ~ I wanted to apply there for a job, had already called them before クリスマオ but he said to call back during the first two weeks of January so we could figure out something, from my university schedule, ne.

So I called, to decide upon a time we could meet to talk. Heh. He had time today, 5pm, fine, heh, so I went there. I already arrived at the Schlecker market (yes... Schlecker... ... hey... omgs... I just remembered those dirty jokes about it now AHAHAH!!! ... *instant love*) a quarter of an hour before our actual meeting, so I walked around a bit listening to iPoddu, and finally arrived there again at five minutes to 5pm. Went in, asked my way around... to the boss... went into the "office" which wasn't more than a normal room... a little disordered... or well, not disordered, but quite improvised XD... Only two seats, both were taken, lol, she got up to get another one and left me hers... so I shook hands (warm, firm handshake), sat down, before his phone rang ... Warm brown eyes, with that inner cheekiness that only women can coax from them, heh, that kind... friendly, but strict in a way. Seems to be a good boss.

So we talked about 10 minutes... or lets say, he talked, telling me what he wanted, what he didn't wanted, what to expect. I only nodded and smiled and said "Nn... nn..." (is it bad? XD Well he knows I'm studying Japanese. And I can't help it. It's part of my life. Just sometimes I notice that maybe for other people it's not normal when the other says "nn... unn... hai...nn... n... nnn..." all the time XD

So erm... Well after the time... he wanted to take a look at my schedule to see when I theoretically could work... during my studies, before vacations. They really need the people. Seriously though... Whenever I go to a Schlecker, there's one, maybe two people working in there. Doing all the jobs. You have to wait for SO long until somebody shows up at the counter. =_=


So well... basically he told me... to get this and this and this, give it to him [... hand those things over to him... ] and then well. Basically. ... I have the job. ... ... O____o"

I HavE tHE GodDaMn JoB!!!!!!!


I... ... have... ... well, okay. Possibly. Possibly I have a job.

Oh my.


Earn some money, be independent FINALLY PLEASE!!! ... maybe I'll even be able to... buy some things for myself... other then food... just... please... Really... Argh... [Even if I'd be exhausted from working 20 hours per week while studying full time... well, twenty hours at university ... ]

Hmmm well, and then later that day.

Rosy was already in bed, I sat here at my laptop, talking, listening to music, writing. Suddenly I hear her groan... and then get up and go to the bathroom, coming back, groaning more... I was like... slightly intimidated. Then she called my name, and I rushed outside, finding her grey like ashes, leaning at the wall, barely hanging on, and I jumped to support her... she shivered in my arms... and went all weak... I talked to her, she sort of moved her lips, but no sounds were coming out... "Are you in pain?" (Stupid question...) "Where??" (better question) "Do you want me to call a doctor? ... A doctor?"... She couldn't really talk. I was afraid she'd faint in my arms... really... damn... I was a tad ... uneasy.

I got her a few steps ... and we started to have some communication going on... I understood there was something with her back, and she did some movements, said something, and I started massaging it... Could feel she was in pain, but I managed to massage it better. (hurr, yeah, my hands) Ummm... she took a pill after that... she had no idea what it was. Maybe the lungs, she wondered. Had problems with getting air. Hm. Hmmm... Well now, I'm no paramedic. Can be heart, too, hm? I don't know. Sheesh.

Ah well... There was more to tell. I forgot one thing now. Oh yes... 愛してる。

Hmmm... *gets starry eyes and sways from side to side* ... I mean, seriously...

君にとって 特別な場所でありたい 願うよ
迷って もがいても 答えは一つ ただあるだけでいい 君の声

To you  I'd like to be a special place  I wish for it

Even if I'm lost And writhing There's only one answer Good enough by merely existing Your voice


For being better, 本当に有り難う。ちょっと...傷ついたな〜
7th-Jan-2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
Ah, this thing about the kanji, I know it. I forget so often how to write. I know them, if I read them, but writing them out of my mind?

Thank you for this, I love it so much, too. Good work that has been done for me.

When will you finally know the thing about the job? It sounds great. Well at least it's hard work, but it's not so often and a good way to get a little money. I'm so glad that school starts next week. Even though it's nice sitting here everyday. For this time that is now at least, I don't wanna have it all the time.

That thing about Rosy sounds bad. She should go to a doctor tomorrow, to see what was the reason for it. It can be so much. It can be the spine, it happens you cannot breathe, I know this from myself, even though not that extreme. But it can be something else, too.

8th-Jan-2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Well he said... I just have to give him those things, and then we'll do the contract. And they're always short of people. So I guess ... I have it. But... I don't really want to say so until I'm eventually there, ne. ^^'
Haiii... earn money... it's lovely. *nods*

It sure is... she wondered if she should see a doctor. But she isn't really one to go asap. Pluss, she has to work. She'd put her job over her health... I'm sure.
9th-Jan-2008 10:52 am (UTC)
Yes, it's always the same about me. I believe it, if it really became true. Not before.

That's always the problem in this fucking society, isn't it?
9th-Jan-2008 12:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, indeed so.
7th-Jan-2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
ah i hate kanji -___-
i dont get the whole radical/kun/on? readings D:
it might be b/c i'm' teaching myself kanji, but blah, i dont get it XD
i'd freak out if someone were in my arms in pain. unable to talk o__o
i hope you get the job :D
8th-Jan-2008 12:06 am (UTC)
Ohhh I love kanji XD It can be terribly complicated but... I love them.

Yeah... wasn't really a nice thing ... I'm glad it stopped though... I'd hated to see she needed the ambulance. O.o"

Thaaank youu~~~ <33
8th-Jan-2008 12:15 am (UTC)
*Reads through this and smiles* I hope you get the job, lovie. Yeah..take care of Rosy. It sounds like she needs to go to a doctor.

*Reads the last part...and just smiles knowingly..secretively. Sighs to herself and leaves you much love cause you know she harbors similar feelings for another voice.*
8th-Jan-2008 12:46 am (UTC)
Hai...hai... thank you... She should...

... V_V Don't make me cry. *smiles*[not so secretively to me, petlove] He's just... he's just... ... ... ... that's a part from namida no ondo, ne.......
8th-Jan-2008 12:51 am (UTC)



I have so much envy with your kanji skills! We're so behind you in our Japanese! Then again, I'm not in university or anything, but, I'm so jealous! Dammit! You're lucky. Two mistakes shouldn't be bad, though...

Also.. Maybe this is weird, me asking this, but who's Rosy?
8th-Jan-2008 12:54 am (UTC)
Ahhh ahah XD things just keep me from going to bed. ... |X

Yeah, see, it's not college... they really really ... well. It's hard for people who don't know anything at all. I was lucky to start there with already knowing myself around a bit in Japanese. (little, but better than nothing, really) ... Don't envy me ^^'
No... two mistakes, all in all shouldn't be bad xD But there might be more... due to... not nice and lovely writing where I was rushing. *cough*

Lol. Rosy is a 57 year old woman whom I'm living with... like... she has a room in her apartment and I'm her subtenant. (her and... her two cats' XD)... and she's in love with my jrockers. Which is.. nice. XD She's a lovely woman. Much fun.

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