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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
St. Patrick's Day in Munich 
17th-Mar-2008 11:38 am
So yesterday there was this parade for St. Patrick's day in Munich. There were a lot of people marching neeee... Oh dear and how I love this Irish accent. Made me miss it. I really love it. And Irish elder men are just <33

... *sigh* Ah well. So I got a bit of Ireland there.

What was funny... Well I was there with Fredrikke, and Sarah, Tanja, later Sabine and Christoph and Margit too. There was this train of Vikings, or Pagans... ahahah and of course... it was me going like [I thought it was Pagans, who knew XD] "YEAH PAGANS GO GO GO!" lol... erm and of course ... it was me one of them ... running towards me and ... trying to penetrate me with his sword. MWAHAHAHAHH! *rabburabbu* I could penetrate you too Mwahahah! And I SO would have if his sword had hit Uru or ANY of the guys on my bag. *deathglare* Harhar.

There were some dancing shows and things at the end of it, ne, on some stages... ohhh dear Germans are SO boring... Irish people would cheer and clap to the songs, ne, as I did, but fcourse Germans are just blah when it comes to things like that. xD

Well... Fredrikke and me wanted to go to an Irish Pub afterwards... but... I didn't know where and how there were any. So I wanted to ask someone who looked as if they knew... one with an Irish Patrick's day hat for example XD So we were just about to leave, and there sat four ladies with those hats at a table. I went up to them and asked them, heh, in German "blablablablablalalllllalaund da wollte ich laldblalala" ne... and they just looked at me but didn't seem to not understand, so when I was done and didn't get an answer ohhhhh I so knew even before that they were Irish xD But then I had the proof hehe... "Ohhh you're not talking German, right?" "... no~..." "Ahhh, are yee Irish?" MEHEHEEH Oohhhh I was so looking forward to talking to Irish people again mmm with that little Irish accent and oohhhh...

They actually didn't know, of course but they had gotten a flyer and the address was on it. So I checked on my city map hehe. Man they were so nice... one of them actually came from Cork as well, Douglas as well... ♥ And one from Rochestown ohhh...

Well we went to the Pub... Walked in there, and behind the bar there was this old Irish guy oh, I LOVE elderly Irish men... They're just <33 "Hello there lads!" WAHHH *loveslovesloves*

... I miss it, a bit, ne... T__T

And I had had these Baileys cravings the whole day, so finally, the long awaited pot of gold mmmm... Baileys is sacred to me hehehe... Don't try and come close to it XD I might... mmm bite hehe. It almost happened actually XD Fredrikke and me were getting something to eat (stew and shepherd's pie... mmmm ... *misses them*), and when we were done, the elderly Irish rover came over over heh, and cleared the table. There wasn't too much in my glass left (but still about 8mm or so) and his hand reached out... and my fingers clamped around the glass, pulling it towards me "NO *snarl* taking away of my BAILEYS!"
"Ohh sorry dear, sorry, it won't happen again *laugh*"


Such a great day. Fredrikke was able to talk to Rosy when we got home. I wondered why she was still awake... maybe she was trying to stay awake so she could talk to her.

And haha... the cats love Fredrikke... and to Rosy, the cats are the most important thing, ne. When they don't like you... she'll be very VERY careful. But nah, they loved her. And Rosy did, too. They had much fun together, gosh. Even so much that when I went to the toiled, Rosy was bold enough to switch off the lights. *lifts an eyebrow* Ahhh well.

It's great they get along so well. [well of course ... Fredrikke is <3 Such a KUREEZI WUMAN XD]

18th-Mar-2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
*hehe* I would neither get too close to your baileys, nor understand any of what the irish men said *rofl* (did they speak in english? ... for some reason, I don't get their dialect. It's ... a foreign language to me xD)

It sounds like you've been having a fun time ^.^' ... and yeah ... it's always great if your friends get along that well ^^
18th-Mar-2008 08:41 pm (UTC)
Lol... no no don't get too close to it XD ME yes, but not the BAILEYS mwahaha... And of course they used English XDDDD

I think they're really easy to understand hehe. But ah well. They're just talking FAST. Scottish is something else though xD
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