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[翻訳] SUGIZO feat. 京 - 絶彩

I haven't properly translated lyrics in way too long, so I thought I'd challenge myself.

Just today, I found Zessai on YouTube again and so somebody had posted the lyrics, which I've taken from musixmatch. I took the chance, and here I am, bringing you a new translation haha [Especially since I find the fan-translation I saw floating around on the Dir wikia to be kind of lacking to say the least.] I guess I needed this for my own satisfaction. If you find some yourself, the better!
Either way, prepare for a lot of notes. Kanji from where stated, romaji and translation done by me.

Don't repost without linking back to this post, and please leave me a message if you do, thanks ♪

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So ARCHE/Sukekiyo. I saw someone comment on the video how hopeful this song is. Translating it myself, I'm not so sure that it is. ^^'
Despite the lyrics being quite overseeable, there's so much going on, my notes almost imploded haha. Just the way I like my lyrics - a monster.

Feel free to comment and object! But don't object too hard, my ego might not be able to take the pain ~.^

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

aoi thinking

If you wanted to make it count

I've noticed a sort of trend in me, that I fight and fight when things seem tough or even impossible, like a marathon through the desert, I run 19 miles, just to let it all go 100m before the goal. I had come to another of those points. Those 100m are easy, aren't they? Just sit down, and read, and write. Peasy.

But somewhere in the process of stopping and staring at the goal ahead of me, I felt like I couldn't move on. People I have known had already passed their second, third or fourth marathon, somewhere a thousand miles ahead of me, not having to do anything with me other than a short shared distance of a few miles or less.

So I just stood there, and shrugged.

And when the rain started to fall in the desert, I smiled, threw my runner's badge aside and started walking toward a small, deserted oasis that I'd been noticing for a while, but never really dared to find a path to. Because what you need in life is medals, right? What you need in life, is recognition written on a piece of paper.

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That's it. There's that. Let it rain in the desert.
mao passion

How a random action triggers a huge portion of memories

Brains are amazing sometimes.

So I started watching the Spanish horror movie Verónica, a random action born from me wanting something to watch while otherwise occupied, and Netflix thought I might be interested. For some reason I kept watching, despite it being Spanish craved more of my attention than originally intended.

And somehow the rock band the main character kept listening to sounded familiar to me. Not the songs so far but the voice. Reminded me of a song that I used to listen to a lot in my teenage years, when I was being engulfed by my mom's rock LPs and her tapes. Listened to them up and down and up and down.

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Ruki despair

Meme time! Because why not. Because we love music oracles.

Actually I had an answer to the "why not" pretty soon into doing this meme.
I used to love doing music memes. They're so much like oracles. They've always been creepily accurate for me. So after my friend Nell sent me one, I couldn't resist.

So I put my 12k songs (only about 93GB) on shuffle. Love these things and the last song oracle has been way too long ago, so thanks Nell.

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

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I’m so done with today.
uru drama

A working woman

I realise way too much time has gone by since my last non-private statement of how my life has progressed the past months. A lot of things have happened, and I keep making notes to maybe at some point make into some sort of entry, and it rarely ever happens, which makes all those amazing little and big news completely outdated by then, but hey, you have to start at some point.

The point is now.

To make a huge update a little shorter [a little... *cough*], I've applied to and successfully acquired some jobs in late August, which I meant to update about. My main job (both part-time actually, since my official full-time job is university aaaahahahah...hah... haaaaahhhh) is in sales, or correctly, so far it's been in door-sales for a company that sells products for well known Norwegian firms, both in door-sales and phone-sales. The second job is a tutoring job. I started out with one student, by now I have officially 3-4.

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I meant to add more recent ones, but in the spirit of trying to actually post more frequently, I'll uhm, try to do just that! 😝
edy 出口

Beeep. ... Beeep.

Let me tell you a story.

The kind of story that is a little, let's say "painful", while it is happening, but probably quite funny in hindsight. Once it's a story, not an ongoing event.

Part I

So, about a week ago, at 6am I suddenly find myself awoken with a start (after about two hours of sleep, and tell you what, two hours of sleep and me don't agree. It's almost worse than not sleeping at all) to the noise of an alarm. So I sit in bed, heart pounding, get up, look around... realise it's not the fire alarm. What the fuck is making that noise?

Disoriented, I think I went to the bathroom first to get changed in case it was a fire alarm, but wait... it wasn't. The sound came from my stove alarm. Peculiar little thing, came pre-installed but without manual. Had freaked me out a few times after I had just moved in and was making food the normal way when it would suddenly go off. Just touching it makes the sound go away though, so all good at those particular instances.
Well, I touched it. Believe me, I did. Nothing happened.

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Part II

But WAIT. There's a part two.

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Well I'll see how this goes ahah.

Not the kind of Finale I had expected

That was not how I imagined my last day at work to be.
I was just supposed to work for flimsy three hours, then it'd be bye bye for good. I had not reckoned with a mass shooting, panic, and dead people.

My boss had gotten me some parting gifts, something that looked like a little worm inside of a tiny school cone, and a pizza made entirely out of jungle gummy-animals. I am yet to open any of those gifts.
He left me and my Bolivian lady co-worker around 5:30pm.
Despite it being sales-time, the weather was probably too good outside for there being too many customers on Friday evening. Not that it was bad. It was fairly ok.

I'd told her that I would need to give a friend back her keys - she lives on top of the mall, and since I'll be leaving Tuesday and wasn't sure I'd come back to the mall until then, I wanted to drop the keys off already then - and leave for a short time. At some point, around 5:45 I would say, when there weren't any customers around, I said "Hey, is it ok if I go now? Gotta go buy something real quick, too." So we had a little exchange of

Her: Mhhh do you have to go now? :3
Me: Well if you'd rather want, I can leave you here while it's super busy and you just deal with all the customers yourself =D
Her: Ehhhhhhhh noooooo!!! Hahah!
Me: So I better leave now?
Her: ... Hmm...
Me: I can stay a little while longer if you're lonely... ;D
Her: Hahah, noooo, you can goooo!

Later we had a conversation about "if you hadn't gone then...", but I will get back to that later.

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[poem] Dream of Accuracy

I found one from a few years ago that, for some reason, I hadn't posted. Probably because it was too personal back then. If that even is a thing, poems tend to be personal.
Either way, it is a dream of accuracy indeed.
Let's stir demons in their dreaming.

Dream of Accuracy

(29. May 2011)

The ticking of the clock reminds me I still
haven't taken the steps I should take, I still
don't know which way to go
and my head so empty, no to or fro,
No thoughts clearly stay,
they just flutter, and wince, and ebb away.

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uru pain

[poem] Reticence in Silence

I might have written this for someone.
Maybe it was just for myself.
Then again, these things always just happen, because they are meant to, not because there is intention.

Reticence in Silence
(29. May 2015)

Can you hear that which is silent
Can you love what is unknown,
do the walls of crimson crumble,
or do they flourish as they've shown

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