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[mem] 10 Drabbles ~ A Song/Fic meme~

The meme:
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Ahahah… When I read that meme (snatched it from lilja_june), “Stairway to Heaven” was playing. XD I would have been able to write a rather LONG "drabble" with that one [I'll just write for as long as the song plays, no more, nor less.] XD
Ne, there I’ll go ~ No cheating. *forbids*

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uruha X Sakito, different PoVs
Genre: angst, smut, despair, love,... a lot
Warnings: Biased (see A/N ^^;)
Disclaimer: Not owning anyone in the story, only the story
Author’s notes: This is my first time actually writing UruhaXSakito. I actually have been having a fiction in my head for a while now, and for once a real story, not just one shots. I just hadn’t started on it yet because I didn’t have enough time, or the mood wasn’t right eeteeshe. But of course, once I was set to write this meme with that pairing, it were them I had in my mind…
So somehow, these are a misty previews to my fic, yet they’re no previews… Some relate more to it, some less… I’m sorry in case I’ll leave you confused ~

My Pairing for this one will be… UruXSakito

1. UnsraW - Kyuumin Oyasumi [o-O]
麗 Uruha POV


Why did you take me to down there, why did you seduce me with your dark eyes, your faint smile and your gentle hands, why did I just have to follow…


It’s spinning in my head. Thoughts. No thoughts. Feelings. No feelings. I feel dazed and numb, yet at the same time I feel this prickling something that wants to fight against, that wants to break free…

I lift my heavy eyes and gaze into yours… Those hard eyes of yours, so cold, and yet… so warm.

They hurt. They hurt me right down to my soul. You’re reaching out your hand and I just keep on looking, until the fingertip of your index finger touches my cheek. I close my eyes, sigh. Give in.

This power… this radiance… why…

I never understood how you could catch me, just as if I was a butterfly and you were the light I was so unpreventably drawn to, not realizing that you’re not what I’ve been taking your for. You’re the darkness. Why…

I whisper as you draw near.

“Why… tell me… “

You say nothing. Pull close without touching me anywhere but my cheek. I can feel your breath on my lips. Hot. And cold.

“Please… please… just a bit more” I whisper to myself, in myself, within my head, but I know you heard… triumphantly leering without a sound, as your lips lock around mine.

Yes, you caught me.

Let this dream continue forever… please… even though … it will kill me.

Even though you are my death.


Our lips interlocked.


2. Dir en Grey - Shokubeni
麗 Uruha POV
I’ll fucking slam you against the wall you damn bitch. You fucking slut. You ~

The tiniest of smiles runs across your lips and I am charmed… enticed… I don’t know how to… escape and now it’s me being slammed against the wall, forcefully, I’m trying to resist, growl at you but we both know it will do … nothing.

My eyes narrow as I stare into yours, as you press your body against mine and grind into me… Fuck. Was that a groan escaping my lips? Damn I hate you. I fucking hate you. Really do.

Struggling as you grab my forearms and pin them hard to the wall, your nails digging into my white flesh, I groan, and scream, but it doesn’t stop you… not at all… your lips run down my neck, wetting it, dripping your venom onto my skin, I can feel it etching into my flesh, driving my wits right out of me, you fucking demon, leave… leave me…

Go away… I grab the hems of your shirt and wrench at it… and you … bite… warmth running down my neck… my eyes turn white… I’ll… kill you… next time…

3. シド - Aikagi [aarghhhhh]
Sakito PoV

Looking at your sad face I almost feel a pang of guilt in my stomach. Almost. Yet, I’ve never felt anything like guilt before in my … what you might call life. So I just smile, and stroke back a strand of hair that had fallen into your rain drenched, beautifully chiseled face.

You’re so beautiful.

You told me that I was, that I was truly beautiful, but shh… it’s really you. Don’t…. don’t cry now. I know it’s hard. Just give in, it will be alright. Just let me pull you into my arms and let you forget the harsh world.

Don’t laugh at me in that bitter way. It doesn’t suit you.

I smile again, lean in and plant a soft kiss onto your ever pouting lips, feeling how you keep them hard and pressed upon each other, not wanting to receive. I know your true reasons though…

I know you love me.

I would never expect you to tell me, nor would I ever tell you that I know… it is my heart that is talking to yours, and yours is talking to mine… no need for words.

You might think that you hate me now… Me, the evil one having pulled you down into the shadows, killing your light… but it is still there. The light. In your eyes. I’ve seen it once. I still can see it.

4. Led Zeppelin - I can’t quit you, Baby
Sakito PoV

Why is it I feel this sort of pain when I look at you, now. … It’s been so long since the time we first got to know each other… or… I got to know you.

Here I’m sitting at that tiny table in the smokey bar you’re performing in. The blues started to play, slow, agonizingly slow… that rhythm is eating me. I sigh and snip the ash on my fag into the ashtray. Or right beside it. I don’t know. Nor do I care. My eyes… my eyes are fixated on you. And nothing but you.

From the very first time I’d seen you dancing, I knew I would have to have you. The way your move your hips to the beats… it’s even possible to dance sexily to that one, slow, painfully slow song… a song that I can see poker players raise their glasses of whisky to, wearily, remembering that once there was a time they had had a girl… Until the alcohol had driven them away…

But you. With you, there wouldn’t be any weary looks. Rubbing your barely clad thigh against the pole as your slender fingers run along it. Leaning in to it, that sultry look on your face… Oh sacred… My face is burning. Hah! Everything about me is. Your heavily lidded gaze… lips, slightly parting, having me and probably everybody else in the room, men and women alike, imagine how a moan would sound like if it escaped from there, if you could just put your lips to it and… run your fingers along that pearly white skin, up and down your body, causing you to grow goose bumps, causing you to moan in that way… that way I’ve heard you moan before…

My shaking hands knock over the whiskey. I can’t quit you. No.

5. Ayabie - I’m Vogue [oh dear gods XDDDD]
Uruha PoV

Ohhh how do I remember that look in your eyes. Wanting to pin me down. Wanting to do the naughty just by looking at me move… while I dance. The next song initiating a fast rhythm, so much in contrast to the last one, driving the last drop of blood that had been hidden somewhere in your body to your most sensitive areas… and showing on your face. It is amusing. It always is amusing, watching those watching me but… with you it’s different.

Because you’re you. Because no one ever managed to attract you’re attention so completely as I did… and do now. I know that I have you at my disposal, here and now, when I’m dancing, and only then. You’re the one owning everything and everyone with just a nod of your head. But not here… this is my world.

I love driving you mad. Swaying and rubbing up against the pole, having you wish the pole was a living object, one with your name and your face … you indeed. I love staring at you with my lust-filled gaze, running my hands along it, and along myself, in ways only known to lovers…

You’re about to jump at me…

6. Led Zeppelin - Going to California
Sakito PoV

It’s gotten tough. For you, Uruha, not for me. For me, things never get tough… or so I want to believe. I can feel how much it’s hurting you.

I can feel you straining. I can feel you wanting to leave.

But like a dog chained to the cruelest master, you’ll stay for as long as I keep you fed… Or… for as long as I just give you bit for bit… here, and there… a bit of affection, a bit of lust, then nothing but a look…

And it’s enough for you. Poor creature. Lying to my feet now, exhausted, sleeping… tossing and turning in your sleep. I’m watching how your eyebrows twitch every once in a while, as I sip on my blood red wine.

You’ll never leave… because you love me.

You love me, right?

The thing I saw in the depth of your eyes today, it was… it wasn’t anything else, was it, it wasn’t… fuck no…

7. MUCC - Fuzz [omgs it’s getting difficult XD]

A hot wet tongue running up white flesh. Skipping the hipbone and proceeding over the well trained stomach up to a nipple.

Lips locking over it, sucking. Eliciting a deep, long moan. Wanting more.

One hot, naked body rubbing against the other.

Hands in the back of the assaulter grabbing, clutching, as he’s increasing the suction and starts to bite at the erect knob.

“Fuck… oh gods… Sakito… “ A buckling up body, making the other smirk and push it down.

The wet cavern locked over the small piece of flesh opening, having the skilled tongue running over the nipple again, around it, before the prayer is heard … and he’s licking up that sweaty porcelain neck, over its crook, along its side, pressing down against the pleading body, the pleading, very helpless body beneath him… crotch rubbing against crotch in a maddening way… but being the one in charge, the assaulter feels no need of giving in whatsoever… no… he likes his pray to squirm and wring under him.

“Please…” the other whispered. “Just…. oh Gods… touch me… no… fuck me… please…”

And that begging turned him on. The assaulter bit into that beautiful, immaculate neck as an answer, and growled. “Not yet… not yet…”, proceeding to the quivering lips, licking over the plush bottom one as if it were the prey to be devoured ~

8. Mucc - Libra [oohhh nice… that goes with fuzz *lol*]

Initiating the serious part of the matter… He reached down and pulled at the pleading, desperate lip… Oh, the prey wouldn’t last for very long… it was too… delicious, the predator was thinking. Far to delicious.

He went down with his body now, letting the victim have what it had been asking for for so long now ~ the bodily contact. Under him, he buckled up, groaning muffled against those relentlessly greedy lips that kept pulling and wrenching, ripping the skin, but it didn’t matter, there were only moans, and groans, and hands running over backs and sides as the sweat on the skin started to form in small pearls, then started running, and dripping, and mingling, as the heat just got higher, and higher, and the voices dropped octaves and octaves and the adjustments and preparations suddenly weren’t needed anymore as the begging just added up and a first, single thrust had the other clutch his back like a needy whore… always begging for more. Until the voices would break. And the bodies would crash. And the world would turn … silent.

9. Dir en Grey - Conceived Sorrow [… f… uck]
Uruha PoV

I can’t be… without you. Yet. Being with me… kills me. More and more each day…

I don’t know how I’m still holding out… I don’t know why you’re charms still are working on me, you’re little spells, now that I know who you are. Now that I know… what you are…

The only thing… is… that I think I love you, still do, and always will, and that is why I can’t part from you… Yes, your butterfly. Glued to the wax that is running down along the candle, slowly, enclosing, embedding me, taking me down on it’s way, down down down to the hot pool of wax…

I’m so numb I can’t even feel when I lose my wings on the way… or when my legs grow less… my ability to move is being weakened, yet, I gave up…

No struggles.

No struggles.

I once had my pride.

Guess I had too much of it…

Then you came. Looked at me, spoke to me, touched me, captured me… encaged me with your… love. If that really is what it is.

I trace the tears that have stopped running, from my eyes down to my chin.

I can’t even feel the way my fingernails dig into the flesh.

The cold, wet stone floor you left me on does nothing to take the numbness from my limbs… You said that there was life in my eyes?

I don’t believe you. Not. Anymore.

10. Dir en Grey - Cage
Uruha PoV

Whirls of snow, covering my footprints when I look back. Icy cold wind, tugging at the rags of cloths that cover parts of my body.

I’m looking for something… I don’t know what…

Snow turning into hail, cutting my skin… I scream and notice they’re knives, formed like something about you, no, they are you, your leering face is reflecting in there blades, I tumble, there’s nothing under me…

And then it’s all gone and I stand in a forlorn avenue… it looks as if it was back from England in the 17th century. There is fog. I’m blinking against the thick wafts of mist. I feel lonely. I feel as if I need somebody here, right now, right now, or something bad will happen...

Footsteps behind me. I turn around, and despite everything I’ve ever seen in you, my face lightens up in one of those beams he likes so much… and there he is, in old fashioned clothing… yes indeed as if taken from back then, with a cape and a cylinder. I stand still, welcome you, but my lips won’t move…

At first I get scared at the blankness in your eyes, the way you see me but don’t see me…

I can feel your body as you walk right through me, and as you passed from me again it feels as if you’d just taken a part of my soul with you…

Coldness. Pain. So much pain… Falling down onto my knees, clutching at my heart, tears trickling down and …

Then I’m somewhere else. Somewhere dark. I know it’s just a dream but… everything feels so real. I feel something hit slightly against me, and open my eyes…

You, lying next to me, your arm wrapped around me. Something feels heavy in my chest as I see that expression on your face.

So beatific. So utterly peaceful. It cuts… my soul.

Ahhh so I’m finally finished. Sometimes it’s both a blessing and a curse being able to type fast… I’ve never written drabbles in my life, and always … tend to write detailed, so this was a real challenge. [Suddenly I was typing even faster than usually xD]

And.. hehe… I rather like fuzz now XDDDDDDD //end random

I feel like doing another one with Uruki one of these days, a non-biased, totally independent drabble-meme. ^^;

It’s a bit of a pain though, having to cut off in the middle of developing something…

Thanks for reading, I know it was quite a lot all together, but please comment, ne ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ~イ

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