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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Shiikureta Haru ... and NoGoD 
4th-May-2008 07:24 pm
mao distorted
Ahhhh nya... There you can go and listen to a song hundreds of times, and the hundred and first time you listen to it, you notice something you haven't noticed before.

Lately I got the feeling I wanted to listen to Shiikureta for no end... mmmm and today I started doing that today. Well for a bit, because I got so much into the song I couldn't concentrate on writing that talk XDD

Anyhow, I suddenly noticed more about the guitars. Just before the chorus... or right at the 「あたしを助けて下さい」. It's just... WARH! I seriously leant into the right side of my stereo and SCREAMED at how awesome it was! ahahaha...

*wipes tears away* Damn I love that song so much...

And then I started listening to Mugenkyou, that new album of NoGoD again... And holy Gods it's so... awesome. Listened to Rinne Tenshou 輪廻天昇 over and over... and my heart almost burst. It's so damn beautiful... Or at least, I really felt it in there.

And 夢 ... T____T Wah. Damn. And the instrumental 青空! ARGH! It's just so so so lovely. I mean, seriously, those guitars... just raw. And then the bass... and guitars guitars guitars. Five minutes and 46 seconds without a single sound from 団長, yet, it's addicting.

I think, the way MF happened to work lately, you should be able to listen to the songs by clicking the links. Maybe, maybe not, we'll see.


Have fun ^ ^

Jamie sent me that link... o......o

Oy? Well. This one, it's so... erm. Well, whoever made that one up must even be the most innocent or the most perverted person ever.

In case you can't see it, you should by clicking the ? or whatever it is you can see.

Well. Check out the link. *warns you* So. You have been warned xD

Two guys, one horse... O.O

There. My senseless post for today xD
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