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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
16th-May-2008 10:34 am
Mao eye

Fuck emotional bla bla that makes me not post the post I'm fucking supposed to post.

This. Is. My. 410th entry on LJ.


Just cause I forgot both the 300st and the 400st time, and 410 is SID's number... xD


Mao: Rreeeets sheeerebureet guudo taimusu nnnnyaaaa~
Yuuya: Eh? What's there to celebrate now? ショック!
Mao: Nyaaaashedid410entries hehe =D ... Andabout90%ofthemareaboutme *chuckle* Bring on the fanta and sake, let's partiiiii~ にひひ
Yuuya: =____= Yeah of course. *sarcastic* Cause she doesn't have anything better to do.
Mao: Nyahhhiya, of course not. I'm the most important thing on her mind ever ニコニコ
Yuuya: シラー Sure. Heh. That's what I call 'wishful thinking'...
Mao: *ignoring the whispered bit* Nnnnsousousosoouuuuu *jumps around on a fried-tako-high and annoys the hell out of anyone close* Totally. *singing on* Rreeeeeets sherebureeeto guud taimmmmss nyaaaa
Yuuya: . . . .
Yuuya seems critical about the matter にひひ

...Gods xD Makes me wanna sing ahaha! Everybody hyyyyyyde!... *everybody looking around looking for someone* ... Erm. I meant... with "I".......


Let's see... They made it from...


...over ~this~

to THIS...

and now you're going major.

I fucking love you guys.

*sigh* Fucking damn much. ニコニコ

Especially you fucker. Yes. Talking to you =___= Steal it and crush it maybe I will care some time that I lost a rather huge part of it to you. =-=

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