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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
ほっとした〜 *relief and a sort of all-clear* 
30th-May-2008 10:26 pm





I really noticed how I missed it. Even though I wasn't listening to any music, or wasn't able to, since being at college or at work, yet, the bare knowledge that I couldn't anyway was... ouch.

I tried again when I got back home, after early to college, straight to work afterwards, working 8 hours... x0X" ... And when I got home, neither internet worked, nor my iPod had 'calmed down'.


I got my internet to work again, or rather, the company did, yet my iPod still... just totally blanked out. Hmmm... I kinda attacked Suba with cuddles and much love x3 ... cause I needed some cuddles. Really did. T_T
Him and me, it changed, ne. That affection you can sometimes get from him at times had me feel a little insecure. Never knew how to take it, or how to react. Nowadays it's totally alright. I even like it. Him. I'm fond of that little cute devil x3

Just a little while ago *laughs* he told me that I was the only woman in his life. ... I asked him to think of that again, and after a while he meant that well okay, there are a couple of more... but I'm on rank 1,5 xDDD

And yesterday he told me a bit stunned over msn that he thinks he actually likes me... (as in 'be fond of'). He said that during the lecture he was actually looking at me almost half as much as he was looking at Allessia. (He loves her so damn much x3 She's a lecturer of Old Norse Studies and Icelandic.) Which means a damn lot. ^//^

Uh, actually... well maybe I'm biased by how he's always doting her but... uhh... there seems to be something she has in common with Mao. Uhhhh yeah. O_O""" Which is... d...dangerous cause... well. *cough* nn... if Mao was a lecturer ... x3... I don't know why, but it's so damn easy just to imagine him at her place... [I enjoyed one class a bit too much, a couple of weeks ago x3]

Hmm well I told him my problem, while I already had my iPod 'connected' to my laptop for an hour or so, still the same restarting over and over again by itself, no reaction, no actual connection. I had told him all, and how much I just really need it and all... and suddenly *BLING* connection... o-O

And it even let me restore it!!!

嗚呼よかった〜 You have no idea how much that could have pained me x.x

But now it's all good... My day has turned to the better I really don't like working so long...

I blamed it on his magic x33 Well. He's 'God', ne. xP And Genious. Hehe.

The rest of my day in another post. Or else the headline would get too long. ^^"
30th-May-2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
I know how having no internet can be (-_-) it sucks but in a way its weird to realize how much we rely on the internet, you know? Glad everything worked out for you ^^b
30th-May-2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh well I didn't care so much about the internet as I cared for my iPod. If I had to choose between a working iPod and working inet, I'd choose my iPod.

Unfortunately both didn't really want to work... but it's allright now ^ ^
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