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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Murder... [dream] 
13th-Jun-2008 07:36 am
Aoi red
Oh wow... Had this dream last night. When I woke up I had that feeling I should still know what it was about... and I remembered a few parts.

It was a time and place close to middle age... Knights and maidens, in some way, yet, set in this modern time. We had a king, and several high men beneath him. And then, there was this rebellious group. Fighters for freedom, in a way. Their leader was a woman. She had an aura similar to Galadriel...

People were both afraid of that group as they respected them.

Suddenly, they were there... A couple of people, including me, had been in this room in a castle, when they suddenly entered. In shiny, beautiful armor. They made us stand in rows, behind each other, in a certain position with our swords pointed in a way that none of us could move freely... My heart was going so fast, I knew something important was going to happen.

She told us that they will chose one... only one of us, and none of the others will know whom that was. She'd elect the person by touching them with her sacred sword. The job was to... kill... not the king, but one of his closest vasals. Not that the group had much against the king. I'm not so sure... but it seemed they were more against some of the other guys.

So heavy my heart went... and then... I felt it at my side. Oh fuck...

I knew then what I had to do... she looked at me with those eyes... those eyes that just looked you trough... demanding... yet gentle. She gave me that sword she had touched me with... to kill him with it.

... They disappeared. And then, after a bit, the king and his men arrived... My heart pounded so damn heavy. I'd actually never killed someone before, and I knew the king shouldn't see me doing it, noone should, at least not HIM, it would be... treachery. But he went into the room with all the higher men, and I KNEW I had to kill him now, this very time.

And I was having a lucky moment... because while the men went inside, the king stopped near the entry, near the doors, to talk to some of the people that had been with me in the room before.

I quietly, and nervously, went to the one that had just sat down... the sword shivering in my hands, I gripped around it faster... imagined what it would feel like to do it... I went up to him... There were guys sitting on the bench to his left and right it seemed... but apparently that wasn't important, just as long as the King didn't see.

So I went up to him... he didn't know me. I don't even know if he saw my face. I just raised the sword, quickly, praying he wouldn't move, wouldn't notice, and Sneshhhhhh I slit his throat.

And what a nice feeling at that...

That's what I remember. I know that after that, I joined the group. It's the way it was ~ you do what they say, and then you can join. It's an honor. They had a huge tunnelsystem underground where they lived and operated... it was like... woah.
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