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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] I think I'm gonna love this meme x3 
18th-Jun-2008 11:22 pm
mao distorted
I got this from duo_simulacra. Seemed like something I'd really loved to do x3

Lots of ifs and whens to think about heheh~

Section 1: Which?

Which J Rocker do you wish you could marry most. (Please do not name your favourite. Name the one you think would be the best husband for you)
Pardon me? ... Hmmm I was going to kick that sentence in parentheses in its royal butt but... かお Well actually that's hard x3 My first choice would be マオ but since I shouldn't put 'my favourite' [Whatever that means *glare*] I was about to put 葵 nnnn (///∇//) YET I have the feeling that if I'd choose him before Nyan, I wouldn't end up happy after all x3

Which J Rocker most deserves to have graffiti drawn over their naked body when they fall asleep?
AHAHAHA! Hmmmm... I'd love to do that to Gackt, and then see his face when he wakes up and checks his perfect body in the mirror AHAHAHAH!

Which J Rocker would look best dressed as a chav. (i guess gangster if your american....)
XD I want to see... Mao like that Uruha as a chav. I'd die X-x" Okay I take it back. NoGoD's DANCHOU! yesh x333

Which J Rocker would you like to keep as your own personal slave?
You mean, beside my usual one(s)? にひひ ネガの儿お願いx3 Nega's Jin kthnx

Which J Rocker would make the best father.
Not talking about ~my~ kids... mmm... ゆうや. SID's Yuuya ^^

Which J Rocker would most likely take their kids out and forget they're even there?
OMGS lol xD ... Erm... [Mao? He'd forget that he's NOT a kid anymore x3 ... And Kai would... forget his kids after driving from the playing ground MAHAHAHAH] Ummm... Kamijo ~ too obsessed with Self.

Which J Rocker would make the best Prime Minister of Japan?
Gods, that answer was perfect XD (Nao xDD) Mmmm... Oyy... what would Kai do to Japan? xDDD No wait... WHAT WOULD MAO DO TO JAPAN???? ahahahhaha!!!

Which J Rocker would make a good serial killer?
AnCafe's Yuuki. No one would ever suspect him xD

Which J Rocker looks like they belong to the Yakuza?
薫, Kaoru from Dir en Grey

Which J Rocker is a secret emo? (Kyo does not count as he cuts in public. DO NOT NAME KYO!!!)
Above mentioned Yuuki. He got problems with trying to unify his image, his music, and the killing.

Which J Rocker is the biggest geek?
NoGoD's Danchou... xD

Which J Rocker is really a witch?

Section 2: Name

Name two J Rockers you know would start having sex if you locked them up together in a room over night.
x3 I just have to mention Uruha and Ruki, sorry ^ ^" Else... 勇企と儿. Hehehe~

Name a J Rocker who best suits the "dumb blond" image.
Do I know of any dumbings? ... Hm... Not really oO Most of the hyper 可愛い ones seem to want to appear as one sometimes lol

Name a J Rocker who acts like they're American
O_O This question has me fail. Uh wait... I don't know their name xD ... Ah can't find them. mmm, that black painted guy of MixSpeaker'sInc then. You can't really see any of him, ne? XD

Name a J Rocker who looks like a fish.
Hiroto. A carp. Definitely. x3

Name a J Rocker who reminds you of an anime character.
Mao reminds me of Doraemon... -___-" Erm. Hide-Zou looks like a character from a beautifully drawn manga/anime.

Name a J Rocker that makes you happy.
Yuuya&Mao. And the rest of those that make me both happy and sad at times...

Name a J Rocker who you feel sorry for.
勇企 敬慕...

Name a J Rocker who is living the dream and has everything they could ever want.
Gazette are living their dream, no ^ ^ シドも。

Name a J Rocker who should really be working in McDonalds.
Jui. Just. Mmm. x3 I don't know why 目

Name a J Rocker who has done something you admire.
I admire Gazette for being Gazette.

Name a J Rocker who needs a good hair cut.
Hiroto. No matter what he does, his hair just always stands into all directions and is so much fluff it's just... lolish XD

Name a J Rocker who scares you.
Awww... Now I'm thinking of yuri_desu and her fear for Chacha that went on for a looo~ng time xD
But does anyone sc... oh. Well, 流鬼 can. He did.

Name a J Rocker who makes you go "OMG THEY ARE SO KAWAII DESU"
*___* ゾロのたつひ... Ayabie's Yume x3 ... And omgs that's not normal is it, the new Watashimeslug-look? @.@ ... Ohhhhhh wait... And Tohya x33333

Section 3: Random Words
(I will list random words and you name a J Rocker who comes to mind. Explain why if there is a reason.

Tree That MixSpeaker'sInc that looked like a tree once o0
Rabbit Usagi... x3 Intetsu hehe
Flower *_* 涙の温度のマオにゃん ... And Kai x3
Grass Wasn't that Atsushi rolling around on the grass? xD
Pancake Kai. No one else. Doesn't need much of an explanation now, does it?
Hat Meow x3 Mao. Of course. I damn me love those hats...
Bed OhhhhhhhbaaadddddddddddddMaobaredchestedandmebetweenUruandAoisnugglingup HAY THUR! I never said a word. =-='
Goat Mi...mi..mikaru. Cause... he's got.. horns? oO
Nail File Tomo. Him and his beautiful nails. *stabbed* Oo
Pens Gackt. I just got that picture of him pouting, with that pen against his nose into my mind heee~
Glass Uruha
Computer I don't really know why, but Yumehito? ... Cubic may be the reason xD
Carpet On the floor? Aoi. Under my boots. Meheheheeh~~~~ *cough*
Kitchen Kai, once again heh.
Biscuits (Cookies to you americans) aWww.... erm. I go 'aww' and don't even have a picture in myHOLYCXRAP! Mao of course. *fails*
France Rentrer en Soi
Sweden o-o Ayabie
DVD Gazette. Cause I own a couple of theirs.
Pencil Sharpner Yuuki. Because I wanted to put "UnsraW" into the DVD section, hehe, and then was reminded of Yuuki and hmmm... his hair looks like sharpened with a pencil sharpener, yes? [Okay I KNOW I don't make much sense right now OO] OH YES! Then it must be Reirei, too xD
Bottle Moeeeettt x3 (Uru). Ni~ya following closely after him. (sadly)
Cardboard Box Yomi. He's a gamer hehe~
Black Ruki
Red Uruha
Green That took a while, but 匠 from UnsraW. His outfit hat some green in it on Screaming Birthday.
Potato Erm. First I had SerialNumber's Jun in my head... then Charlotte. All of them. Don't ask me why.

Section 3: If...
(Name a J Rocker you would like to help you...)

Escape from Jail
Since Tomo is the one with the nail file... If that won't work, Uruha and Ruki. They're a perfect team, so they should manage to... wait no. They'd be too distracted by another. ... =_=' I mean... dangerous situation, right, adrenaline rising, right... they'd probably make out against the prison walls and still wouldn't notice when all the spotlights would point at them. =___=" Okay, bad idea. ... Ruki only then xD Uru can wait outside ... in the... ~far~ distance x3

Ride a polar bear
O_O' ... Shinya. Cause... when the bear isn't tame... I'd have an angel to go to heavens with, at least. o.o

Get home when drunk
Oy. A lot of. Steamy. Images all of a sudden. Erm. Oy. *fumbles around for the off-switch* ... Oy. That came out wrong x3 erm... uh... Mmm... yeahhhhh... x3... あはーん!ドキドキ

Get revenge on someone who hurt you.
Yuuki? Ruki? Hm. 'Kyo will eat your babies' just popped into my head x3...

Be a secret time lord and take you on an adventure during any place and time. (Name place and time)
Adventure you say? Aww... XD I just hat do think of どこでもドア. . .Hmmm... Mao. To the time and place he fell in love with me x3

Find the perfect partner (who is not a celebrity, just a regular Joe)
Kai? xDDDDDD Though wait. He might just ~lose~ my purrfect partner once he got him o0

Cast a hollywood movie
Well ... Gackt has experience with that, no? XD For some weird reason I'd want Hide-Zou to help me with that though O.o

Do your makeup
Mrr... Maosohecouldtouchmyfaceallover? ^ ^"

Redecorate your house
Oh gods. I was about to say 'Ruki', since he's so much into decoration but... I'm somewhat afraid my house wouldn't stand anymore once he's done 叫び

Burn down your school/place of work
All the rebels out there <3



(Deleted comment)
19th-Jun-2008 07:18 am (UTC)
Haha... Well I seriously think Yuuya would be a lovely father x3... Unless his ways frighten the children LOL! But lets not hope that XD

And Yuuki xD... *laughs* Srsly, those glasses are a mafioso's.

x3 Of course you agree. You're meant to agree. You're made to agree.

xD There's this perfect picture that Shou took, once. With Hiroto and some carps in the background. It's just perfect XDD And for some sTrAnGe reason I tend to associate Rei with 'catfish' Oo"

Lol awww yeah... I totally fail when it comes to him. I mean, long time I watched anything with them, but usually as soon as it's him I'm like *can't help self* ... 'SqueeEEEeeEEEEEeEE!♥♥♥♥" ... It's really bad xD

Ummmmuhum x3333
19th-Jun-2008 07:20 am (UTC)
Note to self: Do not use the word 'mafioso' again. It makes you read /maofish/ instead only. Do. Not. Reuse. =__='

(it was actually hard typing the actual way right now, and not said fish. When I read through the comment again my eyes stuck to that word and never wanted to read anything else o-o
19th-Jun-2008 03:08 am (UTC)
EEEK Yuuya as a father *giggles* I couldn't see that coming XD

*posts in her original journal*
19th-Jun-2008 03:49 am (UTC)
Which J Rocker would make a good serial killer?
AnCafe's Yuuki. No one would ever suspect him xD
^ I DIED. That was perfect. even I didn't think of that! XDDD
Also, all the jokes about Kai losing things were win. Because those never seem to get old. *hugs poor Kai-kins* XD
19th-Jun-2008 07:42 am (UTC)
Hahahaha... Well of course it's perfect xD Because it's true XDDDDDD

Hahah! And those Kaijokes just can't ever grow old, just because I'm pretty SURE he STILL is losing stuff... aaaalll the time XDDD
19th-Jun-2008 12:28 pm (UTC)
I truly would never suspect him, despite the fact that he never shows his eyes XD AHA! An indication of his true, sly, nature! 8D

He's such a love XD It's so cute that he's the one that gets picked on the most, apparently, and he's the band Leader. XD Oh, the respect...
[but it's because he's so loveable <3]
19th-Jun-2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
Ah well, when you can both respect and tease someone in that way ne, it's just a sign of that deep friendship they really share x33

Yuuki is so sly, he's the slyest of the sly and I officially don't know what I'm talking about Blame it on me having gotten the Gazette in Yoyogi in the post and just finished looking/staring through it oO
19th-Jun-2008 08:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, very true X3

[I understand your distraction XD]
19th-Jun-2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
[uh..huh... x-X R... ruki... o-o']


*leaves feathers and swoons*
19th-Jun-2008 10:24 pm (UTC)
[that was awesome XD]
20th-Jun-2008 09:11 am (UTC)
oO I dunno. Lately ... since yesterday... it seems I'm transforming into a ducky o_O"

20th-Jun-2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
20th-Jun-2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
*laughs* ... Dont you start freaking out XDD
19th-Jun-2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Name a J Rocker who looks like a fish.
Hiroto. A carp. Definitely. x3

19th-Jun-2008 07:43 am (UTC)
Hahahahhahaha... Well it's too true, isn't it XD....

(I'd have put him, too, if the question was who looked like a squirrel... or a beaver. ... Though for squirrel, I might have put Kaggra's Nao xDD)
21st-Jun-2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
Yuuya I can see as a father. He would probably be kind, if a little stern, and of course sense of humor is good too^^

No wait... WHAT WOULD MAO DO TO JAPAN???? ahahahhaha!!!

You know, somehow Kaoru really gives yakuza vibes-_-;

Noooooooez, Hiroto is a squirel!!! :P

Do your makeup
Mrr... Maosohecouldtouchmyfaceallover? ^ ^"

Oh yessssssss :)~~~~

Nice meme, nice^^
21st-Jun-2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
Mmm yeah ^ ^ As long as he doesn't scare the kids... xD [I can see him suddenly appear in front of the buggy and (accidently) scaring the shit of someone's child XDDD]

HAHAH HE SO WOULD!!!!... x3333... And he'd totally redo their language systems... over and over... and over again x3... There might be マオ語 taught at college, and... he'd reform it all the time and... there's be a lot of tako and... shoes and... x3333

Haha! It's the tattoo. And the stare. ... oo"

HAHAHA yeah... XD That he is TOO

oh yesh x333 MaoourpersonalsemeslaveasyouwishMakeUpArtist x33

I loved it heheeh
21st-Jun-2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Omg, can you imagine all those maiu-, chikubi-mu and so on? And he'd probably made new ones everyday!!!

I always thought Kaoru is scary-_-; Maybe that's the reason?

Yes,I'm afraid we can rule out Mao slave:P It would be sooooo gooooood:DDDD
21st-Jun-2008 09:24 pm (UTC) - aha~~~~n x33
Omgs yes... they're floating around in my head too much x333... They'd BE EBERIBEA!!! O_O"""

Lolll maybe? xDDD

ShhhatleastletmepretendabitthatImightwinoneday... *heheheheheh* oh yesh x3333

Mao: Ohh but Meikyuu, what did you do with that lipcream I showed you? *shakes head*
Me: *grin* Well seems... she didn't take your advice serious enough. x3
Mao: *looking back at me* Hmmhmmmnyanyan~~
Me: *grin*
Mao: *looking at you, leaning down* Noooo you really haven't neee... hnnn well I have no choice but... *putting some special maolipcream on his finger*... putting it... *slowly slowly coming closer* ... on... *touching your lips with the creamed finger*... myselfffff x333 *rubbing it over them o so slo~wly, leaning in so close you can feel his breath on your lips*
Me: x333...
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