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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Holy oh my fucking Gods... < about the Japanese xD 
25th-Jun-2008 10:41 am
So... my mom is working in an office...

And yesterday she messaged me (she's about never doing that), saying that there were some Japanese there, and were staying until Friday. One of them young, slender, pretty, and fucking great hair x3... She said she's getting a 'cardiac flutter' as substitute for me! LOL! Bad excuseにひひ

Later she wrote like THIS HUGE EMAIL about how pretty he actually is, he's in his 30ies, and such a beautiful person, terribly thin, high cheekbones... (the other Japanese guys that were there had those 'round faces, typical, ...')... They had their 50yrs anniversary at the office, that's why there are some guests from other countries.

She's been goggling at him about all the time... omgs xD She's totally infected with the Japanese fever. I mean... it's getting to all of us at one point, ne XDDDDDD

I'll just put here what she originally said... Unfortunately he seemed to have knocked out the English-center in her brain xD

"er heißt kazu toyoda, ist etwa 30 (aber sauschwer zu schätzen).
knapp 1,70, schwarz-glänzende etwas längere very stylishe fransen-frisur, zaundürr, mit extrem ausgeprägten hohen wangenknochen und einm MUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aoi-oberlippe, total volle unterlippe. ich war so beschäftigt ihn anzuglotzen, dass ich nicht mehr dazu kam, die hände zu betrachten. allein schon seine kleidung: schwarze enge jeans, schwarzes sakko, helles hemd, mindestens 3 knöpfe offen - und schwarze cowboystiefel (schuhgröße 46?????), auf jeden fall riesen füße, wie man das von den japsen ja gewohnt ist, hahaha.

krass, der typ ist echt wunderschön!! ich hätte ja nie gedacht, dass mich ein japaner umhauen kann. aber das ist immerhin der erste SCHÖNE japaner dem ich gegenüberstehe, und ich hab schwer geschluckt!!!! hab dann erfahren, dass der sogar etwas bayrisch spricht, weil er mal in salzburg gelebt hat."

She didn't even dare talking to him, she said XDD I messaged back she should tell him... 娘は日本人の男性が好きXD。。。and I put 私も好き at the end, lol xD She wrote back that she doesn't know what I said there and was afraid to say it! Hahah... Well actually I had texted her something else, a variation that was... worse Japanese XD I wrote her that again, later, in an email ニコニコ

But she told me in the morning that she noted the sentence down and will try talking to him, though she's already getting sweaty and flushes xDDDD Omgs hah x33 可愛いな〜

とのかく。。。Just a couple of hours later I got another mail by her. I only read the header and already knew she actually did. The header was


Anyway... I like... almost screamed when I finally opened the mail and read it...

She's been talking with him a lo~~ng long time she said. He said I have to come (there xD), he so totally wants to talk to me. Omgs. *hides*

He's been...



I'mmmmmma goinnnnntocollapse! @__@"

He loves Dir en Grey, has been to their shows, he also loves Luna Sea and Kain... he didn't know UnsraW, but mom said that he could listen to them in her car ahahahah xDDD And he was like O.O when she told him Miyavi is gonna play here this Sunday x3 ...

And their company is in Tokyo, ne, right next to Shibuya *_____* omgs...

And in the end she told him my sentence 得意げ ... nnnn and said that he laughed cutely and said he was married in Japan, but the other one, Kenny, (his boss xD) was still 'vacan't XDDDD awwwww hahaha!!!!


Oh... MY.... Goddddssss.... 叫び

*gonna turn my attention back to college x3*
25th-Jun-2008 10:21 am (UTC)
He's been...

ich glaub ich verfehle meinen beruf D:
25th-Jun-2008 08:31 pm (UTC)
LOL!!!!! was isn dein zukuenftiger Beruf? xD
25th-Jun-2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
tontechnikerin XDD schätzungsweise >D
wobei das ja aber auch ein praktischer beruf sein könnte, ne * O *
25th-Jun-2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
Heheh oh yes, could come in handy xD
25th-Jun-2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
hehe XD hoffen wir das beste >D
25th-Jun-2008 10:26 am (UTC)
I started laughing SO much at one point when reading this.
Oh my god XD

I want to meed cute japanese guys who once played in a visual kei band as guitarist (or whatever, actually XD), are damn nice and such as well *gg*

It's soooo cute and funny and ... cool, actually O____o

(dammit, I'd love to see a picture now *hehe*)
25th-Jun-2008 10:19 pm (UTC)
Oh you did? xDDD It's rather amusing, isn't it.

yeahhhhh though... xD... turning quite red at the sight?
I mean hello? Aoilip? O_O ... though I don't believe that though I have a hard time typing right now but nnn maybe I'll see. she said she'd take her cam tomorrow O-O
27th-Jun-2008 03:36 pm (UTC) - pics, lalala
sweetheart, there will be pics, promise!! I just don't want to publish them now, that's Outori's task.

You know what: when I saw Kazu first in my company, I KNEW there was a connection to Visual Kei, just because of his hair-style. And I was fucking right!! He showed me his thin shaved eyebrows, too ... haha

Isn't it crazy? There are 10 or 12 men working in our Tokyo office. Two of them come to Germany. One of them is fucking gorgeous, Dir en Grey fan and former Visual Kei guitarist.

Aaahhhh, (working) life (sometimes) is great!!!!!
27th-Jun-2008 05:00 pm (UTC) - Re: pics, lalala
PLUS he loves Luna Sea as well ^___^'

Well, seems like there indeed are people like those even ... hm. Even at "reaching distance", so to speak ... not just high-up musicians, nice and cute and funny and good looking, but famous, thus out of our reach *laugh*
Gives one hope, actually ... XD

haha, great *will wait for pics, then* XD

Oh, and about the connection: It's amazing, isn't it? Even if someone is dressed completely different, simple things such as ones hairstyle immediately "show" a part of his "character", kind of *g*
25th-Jun-2008 01:33 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! Omg, thats so funny and cool ^^
25th-Jun-2008 08:32 pm (UTC)
It is ne XDDD I'm just talking to her, or rather, she is talking to me... about him... and is still speechless xD *flails*
25th-Jun-2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
This just makes me not want to give up on my own mother.she's starting to look...but she's not interested yet. What a stroke of awesome luck, yes? I would not be able to concentrate on anything after that. XD
25th-Jun-2008 08:46 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha . . . No, don't give up on her ... XDDD It took a while with mine ... XDDDD
I'm just talking to her on the phone or rather... SHE's doing the talk... 20 mins so far only about Kazu... ohhhhhh *_____*
27th-Jun-2008 03:32 pm (UTC) - NEVER give up!!
to be honest ... I couldn't concentrate on work after having the 1st glimpse on that colleague from our Tokyo branch!!!

PLEAZZEEEE don't give up on your mother ... our "old" brains work a bit slower, hahaha, some months ago I was sure that Uruha MUST be a woman and I didn't see anything male in him. Well ... that changed ... now I can't understand what happened to my eyes before to NOT see how fucking male he is!!
27th-Jun-2008 05:04 pm (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
*laugh* I showed my mom quite some things already, but ... I mean, she's not interested and they're not her type, ok ...

... but she even looks at them weirdly and such. And then at me *scratcheshead*

[Uruha would NEVER be a man to her *laugh*]

But as long as someone's interested, hope it not gone, I'm sure XD
[Hope for my mom was gone even before I was born *rofl*]
27th-Jun-2008 05:12 pm (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
Awww don't you give your hope up completely ne ^ ^

It's a bit cruel to say that all hope was gone even before you were born ^^"""
27th-Jun-2008 05:23 pm (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
We just played something and we've seen one of the DVDs I bought while doing so (Luna Sea - 1998.08.10 *loves*) ... I at one point told her "Look, Johne Lennon [she's been / is a HUGE fan] has had that same one" ... no reaction ... and about the music she once asked "and THAT'S good?" ... -_____-

I just said that other thing 'cause I think it is simply not at all her kind of music & style, you know?
Which is my bad, 'cause we can never really talk about that, but well ... ^___^' I'll have to live with that *g*
28th-Jun-2008 12:39 am (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
Ha! Yeah my mother is like that now. She actually looked at me one day and said "If you dated someone like...him...It would technically be a lesbian relationship. Sad thing is I wouldn't know which of you to consider the "dykier" one; you're both too pretty." Sad thing, it made me laugh.

My mom isn't really into it at all. She semi-supports me in my desire to go back to college and minor in Asian studies and all that; but she's not exactly happy about it. She'd prefer I just got a "normal" job like everyone else and "grow up". She doesn’t hate it; she's just set in her ways until I convince her to come to the dark side...**rubs hands together evilly**
28th-Jun-2008 06:32 am (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
Ooooo Love that DP

Srsly... Your mom seems to be extremely defensive about the idea that guys are pretty, beautiful, dress good, take care about the way they look and often enough are perfectly styled and wear make up. Because, technically it wouldn't ever be a lesbian relationship o.O ...

Anyway, I'd help pull your mom over to the dark side x3
And after all it's not tha~~t bad if you just have your own thing going... I mean, it would be lovely if she would support you... More than lovely, just really... great. But the way it is... just go your own way, ne. Dont' let her or others discourage you, ne.

28th-Jun-2008 10:00 pm (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
I try not to let it. I just have to go get all SEVEN of my shots and I'm pretty much good to go. Its just something I really want and I'm fighting for it. Even though no one else here really likes the idea of me going back to school; *I* like the idea. I want to do something more then flip burgers or bag groceries.

She's no disgusted by the idea. She just doesn't quite get it. She's 100% more open then to other woman we're living with. She pretty much does everything in her power to try and make me feel horrible. "You look like an idiot. You don't even know what they're saying; and lets me honest no one like that would be interested in you anyways..." Stuff like that. I think it makes her more angry that my usual response is just turning the volume up so I can drown her out. People like her piss me off... It used to get to me and make me cry [I'm way too sensitive] but I'm okay with it now. I think my mom just needs more exposure. She DID cry when she watched The Gazette cry...I assume that's a step in the right direction XD

And feel free to take the DP if you want it. XD I have a lot of them; just never have enough room for them all. **has a folder full that she can't do anything with** been considering just posting them for people to take...but been too lazy.

And I type too much. Shutting up now. =X
29th-Jun-2008 11:21 pm (UTC) - Re: NEVER give up!!
Oh wow, that's pretty heavy. I totally understand it gets you down. I'm glad you're not as sensitive to that anymore, cause the way she's putting you down is really... wah. Painful. =_=

Going back to school is a good thing for people who really want to. Good, good... no, terrific luck and all you need to get them, really <3

Yeah, maybe she'll get softer after a while... One can hope, or just... see what's gonna happen, let's put it like that, ne. *snuggles and strokes your hair*

Mmm okay x3 I'll take it and save it somewhere XDDDD

Nothing wrong with typing too much ^ ^ I'm always in for long comments on my journal <3
25th-Jun-2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
25th-Jun-2008 09:57 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Yeaaahhh but that was ages ago... I just had a 30 min talk with my mom, that means, she talked, about him x3... and oyyy sounds so terribly ...great oO

And she told him she needs a picture of/with him before he leaves (which will be tomorrow evening T_T), so yeah, she's taking her cam tomorrow x3
27th-Jun-2008 03:29 pm (UTC) - just wait ...
... I took my cam as promised, and there are pics of Kazu YEEAAHHHHHHH I'm sure Outori will blog some *giggles*
Oh that guy was so cute, so nice, so ... very Japanese (and I AM NOT INTO japanese men!!!!)
27th-Jun-2008 05:07 pm (UTC) - Re: just wait ...
so sori for butting in here as well, but ... I said I was not into Japanese guys (AT ALL!!!) until October 19th/20th 2007 as well. Not at all. Then I saw Gazette. And now I'll notice every Japanese guy within ... whatever, a 200m radius or whatever *g*
26th-Jun-2008 09:41 am (UTC)
Your mom is so cute! damn I would LOOVEEE to met cute japanese guys that are in a VISUAL KEI band.... but sigh!!!

It was a fun read, made my boring day ^^
26th-Jun-2008 03:46 pm (UTC)
Nnnfffnfnfnfnfnf... ssshhhh I met him today x333333

27th-Jun-2008 03:28 pm (UTC) - *argghhhhhh* again and again and ...
Sweetheart, I KNEW I would read something here ... and that was BEFORE you visited my company eventually, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry that my English totally failed when I wrote about Kazu for the 1st time ... but ... *giggles* sorry, it was hard enough to write in German!!
That guy blew me off my feet and STILL I'm not into japanese men, u know what I mean ... not THAT way, maybe another one?? (well, yes, I must admit that I said on the phone I would like to lick his cheekbones *cough*)

Hei all the girls that commented here: WE DO HAVE PICS and WE DO HAVE a small movie hahahahaha couldn't resist!!!!! But I won't publish it now, I think that's Outori's task, ne???

AAHHHHHH what a great day that was!!!!!

Let me tell you: It was *gosh I nearly faint* so crazy when Kazu was standing at my desk, showing me his mobile/MP3-player, starting Dir en Grey's "Conceived Sorrow" ... asking what I heard this morning, I said it was "Hydra" and he was like *WOW* and I said *hey, it's good to start a working day!!*

27th-Jun-2008 05:13 pm (UTC) - Re: *argghhhhhh* again and again and ...
Hehehehe... Of course you would ^ ^
And yeah, I'll post them someday. When I got time and all. Should do it soon though before things fade. x-x

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