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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The Netherworld. Illusion or Truth? 
22nd-Sep-2007 01:33 am
mao distorted
Interesting word by the way. Netherworld ~ the world beneath. Or... the lower world.

In German, it is "Jenseits" ~ the other side.

A Japanese word I found "yomi" ~ shadow borough [HA! YOMI! XDD Interesting name, my friend]

I just saw a documentary on TV about the netherworld, neardeath-experiences and the like.

Very, very interesting. The host Aiman Abdallah was talking to a lot of people. Scientists of all sorts, like neurogolists, another biologist, I forgot his speciality... with people who had had neardeath-experiences and with a hypnotist, a theologist... and some more.

The women he talked with, those who had near-death experiences... The first one, Christine Stein, had a difficult heartoperation. While the surgeons tried to safe her life, she was clinically dead for 23 minutes. During that time, she reported that at first, she saw herself lying on the bed, saw the surgeons around and could hear them talk. She felt strange. Then she saw a tunnel with light at its end, and as she went through it, she found herself in a wonderful place. She referred to it as "heaven" because that was what if had felt like. The light was overwhelming, and the colours were of a sort she had never seen before. There were people, dead people, trees and greens, and also animals. She saw her neigbours dog who had to be put to sleep a few years back. She also met her grandparents who she had never seen in real life, because they had died before she had been born. She recognised them though ~ she had seen pictures.
Her grandparents showed her around the place. Christine also mentioned an 'angel' (a creature made of light) she had seen. Her granparents led her to this one place where she could see down to earth. She only had to think of a person and she could suddenly see them in their present day situation. Her parents in the waiting room of the hospital, crying together, holding each other, trying to comfort one another. Why she went back down... Her grandparents had told her she had to, what she had to do in life, her duty or mission, had only begun. Her time hadn't come yet. Christine went back so, and found herself under the sheets again, could hear the surgeons as they had her heart beating again, saying "We got her, we got the little one. She'll be back." [She was in her mid-twenties I would say]
When the host asked her where she would rather be, in that heaven, or down on earth, she said "For now, here."

Wanting to find out if it was possible to 'leave the body' without almost dying, Abdallah had invited a hypnoticist and a test person into the studio. After having talked a bit about hypnoticism, the hypnotist put Axel, the test person, in a state of hypnosis. [I have actually done a group hypnosis once. Very interesting] In the filmstudio, in a seperate room, they had arranged a few things Axel [I just have a deja vu about telling something about something similar, writing on my laptop at the same time, deleting a word because I had spelt it wrong... @_@] did supposedly not know about. There were pairs of people: Two Karate figthers training, a dancing couple, a man painting a model on a canvas, and two juggle performers.
If he could really leave his body, so was the theory, he should be able to see them.
The hypnotist started asking Alex questions, and tentatively, he started speaking. He sounded really tranced out... I know what it sounds like when you try speaking in such a state of mind. Very low and somewhat incoherent. He babbled a little at first until it was possible to understand him. I'll type what he said in coher sentences... imagine him pausing after every few words. That's about what he said:
"There are things, they are flying in the air. They are small and whirling. Roundshaped. They have a certain bright colour, I think it is organge. Yes, a light orange." The camera showed the room: the woman's juggles whirling through the air were orange, the man's green. "There is someone, it is if he was writing something in big strokes. Another person is showing off, or presenting. The strokes are getting more. There is someone else, he seems to want to block something, wants to protect himself from something. Blocking. There are two persons. They are clothed very bright. They are also attacking." It showed the people doing karate. They wore white cloths and yellow belts. Suddenly, something in the background clattered and Axel winced and stirred. The hypnoticist brought him back then, and when asked what he had felt, Axel said that when he had reached that state of hypnosis, there suddenly was this image. The images got more and more and it was very hard to keep them in place. He would already have forgotten them, there was such a rush of images. When this noise suddenly appeared, all the images were gone, and everything went dark. It had felt as if everything suddenly had been emptied.

The host went to talk to some scientists after his talk with Christine, too. He asked them if it was possible, that the brain only hallucinated those things. When people die, things start to happen in their brain. One thing is that nerves are over-reacting, sending little nervous explosions out. They could cause hallucinations, especially when they happen in the temporal regions. The so called "Godly Center" is supposed to be in the temporal lobe. That's where any religious or spiritual feeling is supposed to come from. So theoretical, it might have been hallucinations.

But then the host talked to the second person, who was an American woman. I forgot her name. I'll call her Peig. She had an operation on her brain. Her body was being cooled down to 15 degrees, and set into a clinical state of physical death, in order to prevent her brain to react in any ways. She, too, could see her lying on the bed from above. She watched the surgeons operate on her. It was uncomfortable, because the sound she heard [they had put plugs into her ear] reminded her of that dentist-sound. She then could see that it was a bonesaw, and she described what it looked like. She also saw a box that looked like the toolbox her dad used to have, with lots of top pieces.
The surgeons could only confirm what she had seen really had been there.
Her brain though wasn't capable of having hallucinations. Those regions were 'ice cold'. Didn't work.

Abdallah then talked with the third woman. She also told about seeing a tunnel, seing her life pass by... and then, after the tunnel, there were trees, and birds. She saw a lot of people that were dead already... her grandmother for example. And there were people made of light, she said. What was particular about her was that she had been born blind. She never had seen trees, leave alone birds. She theoretically could have 'made up' what she had seen, with all the things people had told her about what they looked like. But the details were amazing. And she was particularly amazed about it herself. Especially about the light. She had never seen light before and was just standing there in awe. She had asked the person who was with her at that place if the light was God. She answered no, it's the "breath of God". [Whenever someone uses the word 'God', it never means the Christian God. Just the ... godly entity there is]

Then there was this scientist who had invented the "God-hat". It is a device that is wrapped around one's head and stimulates the above mentioned 'god center' in the temporal lobe. It sends electromagnetical waves into one's head. Nothing dangerous... you'ld be much more in danger if you used a mobile phone.
They used it on another testperson. The machine would send waves to the right side of her brain first for half an hour, then the other side.
She stayed very calm the first 30 minutes. Then she started to move and twitch slightly and woke up eventually. She also had ear plugs, and she had a cloth on her eyes. The girl told them what she had seen and experienced. First of all, she had been totally relaxed. Now she felt both really calm and very bouncy and fresh at the same time. [I know that feeling from meditation] She had been in a desert. The ground was fractured and dry. There was a well and a man at the well. She could feel his utter sadness, the sadness so overwhelming that her eyes had watered slightly, too. There was another image then. It was raining, and they were dancing around the well, so happy because it was raining.
The woman had seen another story, but I can't recall now.
Anyway, she had neither seen a tunnel, nor had she seen her life passing by, so no, you cannot simulate a near-death experience. [I would say, what she experienced was what you see and feel during a trance. It's just like meditating]

The conclusion was surprising. They really tried to disprove the reports of the near-death experienced. No matter which religion, two things they saw always were the same: The tunnel, and the "life-movie".

Abdallah spoke to a natural scientist then. [I was like 'oooo go and talk to a scientist, they always try to press everything into scientific terms.' But I was being surprised] He asked the other man about what is happening to your body when you die. And asked him about the idea of a 'netherworld'. A world beyond. After-life. The scientist said... well something that I have always found to be true. Or at least... so far I haven't found any proof against it. That nature never does and invents things for nothing. There is always a reason for an invention. A question asked was, if those things people see when they die are meant to make it easy for them to die, since they always were so comforting. But human beings, or any beings, don't need to feel good in order to be able to let go. In order to die. [I can't express or say it the way they said it. I lack the proper words. It sounds odd...Because of course if you feel good you'll let go more easily, but that wasn't the point... X_x]

Anyway. There are lots of programs in our brain. How to smell, to speak, to sneeze, etc. Everything has there reason for existence. It wouldn't make much sense if there were things we would never need for anything [unless it is for example a vestige of former states of evolution]. Then there is this strange progam that our brain seems to boot when we die. It is quite complex. Why is it there?
That scientist was convinced, since there must be logic behind everything, that this program is only there to prepare us for a next stage of 'life'. A next stage of 'existence'. That's what it's doing.

I watched with great interest.

I think it was actually my first time that I heard a serious scientist saying he believes in after-life.
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