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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Miyavi ☆ 雅 ☆ Live in Munich 2008/06/29 
30th-Jun-2008 11:15 pm
Ohhhh I just got back home from a hot that was too live... I mean... a live that was tooooo hot x333 Excuse me for not remembering everything in detail, and possibly mixing up some other details. I have no clue about neither playlist nor the Kavki Boyz' names [EDIT: I know at least Teddy and Saro now XD thanks to sanjichan]. I'll do my best though. 頑張りマオ。

Before the Show

Mom and me arrived at the hall at about 12pm and got a place in the entrance area of the hall. It was unbearably hot... fortunately, the whole place was in the shades. Else I'm sure there would have been dozen people fainting during the first couple of minutes of the concert... So, waiting was okay. I intended to study a bit but... lol. Like, after ten minutes, I was like "ohhh what page am I on... oh. =_= Page... one." Mom: *laughs*

The bus was visible when you just turned around the corner ~ before we arrived we saw a couple of fangirls stand there, waiting for Miyavi to show up x3. After maybe an hour or so we heard screaming and squealing from that side ... ah, the boss had left the bus lol! From where we were sitting, we had a view on the outside area of the venue. There was a staircase leading up to probably backstage, or their rooms or something . . . Some staff members were running up and down it, with suitcases, boxes, clothes... his and the guys' clothes, it seemed.

And shame over shame I have no clue whatsoever of the boyz' names really o.o But the tap-dancer ran up and down it a couple of times, also the guy with the crazy hat (on drums later, I think xD) Aaaaaand ~ ~ ~ Miyavi walked up the staircase as well... 〜> hysterical screams x3 I'm so glad I'm not a MeevFangirl... and I guess it's just cause I missed it all and cause I love Meev's ways and music and he meant so much to me when I was in Ireland but I kinda got teas in my eyes there ^ ^"" Mmmm... well he sauntered up the stairs, gazing over us and smiling a bit. Huge sunglasses hehe. He came downstairs again, lifted his hand to us hehe.

There were a lot of people arriving the next couple of hours... I went to look for a toilet at about 16.15, and found the closest one at a gas station... a couple of others waited there with me in the queue... o/O Took about 20 minutes before it was my turn. If not more than that... (guess some were doing their hair in the restroom =_=)

When I got up there again a bit before 5, people had already gotten up and I squeezed myself through the crowd to where mom was standing - she hadn't moved with the crowd =_=' but it was okay. As usual, some people in the front rows had gotten up, consequently everybody else rising and shoving and pushing inwards. Gah. Especially, as mom put it "Some Spanish bitches that had just arrived at the venue and went aaaaaall the way to the front. -___-

Ne, anyway... time went by quite quickly after all. I ate a bit then, at about 5, so I'd have enough strength. Didn't drink much, maybe three gulps of the vitamin-water mom had taken with her. The show was supposed to start at 7pm, ne, but it was kinda clear that it wouldn't. I mean, already before 6 you had that "Back back back! Just everyone take a few steps backwards already!" There were one or two girls with extreeeeemely aggressive voices O-o"

Going inside

They started letting the people in at about 18.30, I think. It didn't take too long before we were inside either. There were just two people women to check our bags, and of course I had "perfekt vorgefiltert" [perfectly filtered my bag beforehand] x3... it took them about 6 seconds to check it hahaha ニコニコ

That's the "queue" in front of us~

Got a place quite up the front, well... not what you'd have called 'front' in the Versailles concert, it would have been middle then, if not 'back' xD About 7th row. Aaaa blessing I'm tall enough x3

The hall had doors opened both on the left and the right side, and we were happening to stand close to one of them, which made it bearable in the beginning. I went and got me some merch... well, only a towel, cause the pins I thought were too expensive. 10€ per piece? Gargh. They were really pretty though T^T

Well. It was too damn hot in the hall. It really had been a blessing being in the shade all the time waiting, but already when people had gotten up and were pressed against each other... uwah. I'm so glad I had my fan with me. *relieved* It made it all so much better. And luckily people distributed cold waterbottles before the live. I got a couple of gulps there, trying to get some energy for later.

The Beginning of the Live
At about 19:30, the R:ID guy came on stage and had his usual talk, about not wanting to see neither cams nor mobile phones in the crowd etc... trying to fire up the people a bit with "Who do you want to see?" -"MI YA VI!" - "WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE?" - "MII YAA VIII!!!" - "I can't HEAR you!!! WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEEEE?" - "MIIIIYAAAAVIIIIIIIIIIIIII *screaming souls out*" - "Well here you go then べーっだ!"

... lol にひひ

Well, the boyz came on stage first, of course, each of them doing there thing homfgs that DJ's so so so so *_____* The way the Rapper pulled a show reminded me of UnsraW's Jun x3 aww~ They fired the crows up and made them hot for Miyavi (literally xD). Then they threw some (paper-) petals into the crowd and theerrrrrre he came 叫び The Boss himself, from the left, slowly slowly entering the stage oooooooo so pretty *__* He was hidden behind that umbrella of his, took one step after the other and then tuuuuurned around, once he'd reached the mic... ohhh yeah, flirty Miyavi, how much we all love his flirtiness べーっだ! I think he had his guitar (the orange/brown one with a couple of stickers on it) pressed to his body that had too many layers of fabric attached to it ~得意げ and a fan in front of his face... I have no memory whatsoever who took the umbrella off him, but suddenly he was there without umbrella, playing with the fan [T^T Reminding me of 一志 there so so SO much T^T], moving his hands and arms oh so elegantly... wah. Mom just went like "OMGS he's so PRETTY!!!! ラブラブ! He's sososo pretty I'd never have thought grggghll" ... xD Yeeeaaaahhh~

... Nuuu and when Mr.Oresama had decided it was enough playing with the fan, twinkling into the crowd, grinning in that slightly salacious way of his, so very very coquettish, he commenced playing... or... putting his guitar on fire. O.O ... Well, not literally.

One minus point that kept slightly bothering us during the whole show: The speakers. They were much too loud. His guitarplay sounded distorted in an overly shrill way, which was especially painful for your ears when the D.J. ♥ had his solo. But we were distracted so much that it just seemed to be a minor annoyance. Because the show was so so fucking great. GAH.

And tell you what... I think we were drenched in sweat ten minutes into the show. Seriously. I was looking over at mom, and she about never sweats... Her whole face was baaathed. As was mine. Sweat was running down my arms. Practically... everywhere. After maybe 40 minutes, more or less, mom tried to tell me something ~ I looked down to my bag that I'd put on the floor after a quarter of an hour or so, and the whole ground was WET! O>O Mom said it reminded her of Matrix, when they dance in Zion x3

Meeves very soon took off his jacket. And the way he did... ahhhahahah... what a Flirt XD He did it ohhh so slowly, always with that special look of his, ne, moving his head slightly from side to side, rolling his eyeballs in that meevy way [*meow*] pulling it slooowly over one of his tattooed arms, slowly slowly, before slipping it off. And damn that man was drenched in sweat just as quickly. He wore a white sleeveless, long top with something printed on it, shoot me I don't remember if it was a skull or a face or ... but the printed colour was of a light brown. If I'd been such a MeevFangirl I would have died so many deaths. It was interesting to experience me NOT doing it ドクロ Cause... damn he's looking fine O.O Sure, thin, they usually are ne, but he's got muscles and all... and that skin that's just realllly shiny from sweat... meow x3

Actually, all of them were ~soaked~. When the tap-dancer clapped his hands for example, you could see tiny drops of sweat fly everywhere. Mom told me later she'd seen the sweat running down Meev's arms, and dripping from his elbow at one moment, and... how much she liked it XD She told me quite fascinated that she thought their sweat looked so appetizing ... Hahahahah! I mean, with most Western Rockers, whenever they sweat for her that's more like "eww x-x", so she was surprised to suddenly find herself in a situation where she'd just want to lick the sweat off someone's body xDDDDD

Ohhh I just remembered something ~ It was quite in the beginning of the live, after a couple of songs, not that many, he hmmm... he stood more on the left side of the stage, all in the front, close to the crowd and ran a hand over his body... slo~~wly, and then pulled his shirt up... *___* I saw the tattoo under his belly button *_______* and then he ran his hand over his skin, upwards under his shirt, and down, and then ... x3 into his pants... It made me thing so much of that one macro...

LMAO... hehe... but srzly... ~NICE~

He kept flirting soooo so much. But not really with single persons, you know, rather with the crowd as such. ^-^

In-chronological Details

The first one or two songs he performed mostly with Mr.Rapper. I loved all those duels Miyavi did with the boyz. Just... awesomeness. It was either after the first or the second time he'd redressed that he played a little melody [his guitar so often didn't sound like a guitar but... something else... amazing O.O], and Mr.Rapper did the same sound ... oy, komatta na... was that really Mr.Rapper or Mr.DJ? Now I confused myself ショック!

Anyway. After two or so songs, he introduced his tap-dancer, that crazy very VERY elastic guy on the right side of the stage hahaha... He did a rather fantastic tap-dancing solo there... wah... [and the way his arms swayed from side to side and his rastabraids whipped up and down and all just was such a great picture XDD] and damn Miyavi tortured him with going totally berserk on his guitar, you know, doing rhythmic melodies that Mr.TapDance was trying to dance to... Or well, he did ne, Miyavi did the melody, then he danced it, Meev did another one, usually it would be faster, and Mr.TapDance danced it... they played that game quite a while... and though you could clearly see how much Mr.TD was enjoying that battle, he also had this despairing face sometimes like "WAHH you're too cruel to me x-X"... maybe a masohyst? XD He really enjoyed it after all lol

Not so... great...

Another occurrence that was... hm. "not so great" to call it like that... It was REALLY really really hot. Ne. And right now I forgot which song it was ~ I definitely know it but I can't remember the title right now. Anyway, it was about one hour, or 45 minutes into the show, everybody drenched in sweat, jumping, screaming, shouting, having so much fun. Just, wow. Well, and the guys on stage totally rocked it, having so much fun... I think just a couple of minutes, maybe one or two songs before that MYV had said "Habt ia schpass?" ["Are you havin fun" ... with his accent x3] and again "HABD IA SHBAAS??" and "Ihh habe shbaas!!" [I'm having fun] "Könnt ia meea?" [can you do/take more] - "*SCREAM*" - "Ihh KANN mea!!! [I can] *huge grin*" ...

Well, and then in that song, towards the end, he kinda fell down. At first we thought he just went down in his knees to play that way, or just ... well whatever they sometimes do, ne, leaning down or something. But then staff members from the side came running in to him. That's when I went like Oo ... they pulled him up again, and he went right at the micro again, going on playing and singing, smiling, before he suddenly wasn't visible again. And AGAIN, the guys rushed in while the Boyz kept the song up ... Again they pulled him up ~ the first time it just looked as if they went to him and he got up by himself, reassuring he was okay, sort of. The second time they really pulled him up by his sweaty sweaty arms.

And then... he fell a third time. And... he didn't get up. The staff ran, and then one of them picked him up. "Fuck" I thought. He was lying totally limp in the man's arms, his baseball cap(s) on his head, head rolled back... ... that man had totally collapsed. I mean. FUCK! ガーン Just... FUCK! I stood there totally dumbfound, worried, thinking "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" over and over again... just... argh.

Well, the boyz tried to keep the mood up while the staff disappeared behind Meev, Mr.Rapper introduced Mr. DJ... ドキドキ and off he went. That was about 8.15. The only guy on stage then was the D.J... he tried his best, and a lot of people were moving and dancing to it... lol, in our area me especially... I just had too much energy to be spent XD... even though the trouble with the speakers was especially... troublesome cause some sounds just really hurt your ears. ショック! He was really cute though, sang along and moved and jumped and so did I, hoping Meev was going to be okay... So damn worried, but not letting my mood come down. The images of Gazette after NLSG, collapsing in the back rooms, came instantly up in my head.

Hmm... After about 15 minutes (a version of "Dear my Friend" was the last thing D.J. had played), the boyz came out again, and again had us go wild first, Senor Senora was playing, and Mr.Rapper made us clap the sound before Miyavi came on stage again. *relief* He looked good again, all dried, new outfit. He smiled and told us he was okay. [uhuh...] Mom said later that she saw him chewing on something, they probably gave him something for his ... circulation, Kreislauf, ne.

Much greater ^----^

What Miyavi did a lot was raising his guitar to behind his neck/back and play like that, turning around and all that... So much fun. He redressed twice... The second thing he wore was pretty amazing... and I don't remember x-x It was when they'd put out the Japanese drum before he got on stage. He wore Hugeeeee sunglasses, hehe, and some staff helped him bind a drapery around his forehead. Miyavi had his back to us when he bound it. He wore a black jacket then, and I seriously thought why the heck he still wears jackets when he knows damn well he'll have to take them off so soon... which he did. Just as flirtatious as before. ... Sliding it over one shoulder... sliding it over the other... The rest of his clothes were just ドキドキ. And the first song after that pause started with those drums being drummed... *love*

He also climbed on the speakers... well... the frames, or what to call it, climbing up them, looking out over the crowd... Hehe~

I mean, the crowd was totally crazy. They heated us up so damn quickly, and we shouted and screamed our souls out and jumped and hopped and moved so damn much... And it seems whenever there's a concert, a Jrocky one, I pull out energies from somewhere inside myself that I only get energies from when it's a situation like that. I think I had my hands up for more than 20 minutes without putting them down once, maybe even more than 30. I had them up most of the time ~ until about the second time he'd dressed, I wasn't even able to shout for enchore then. I really had to concentrate on breathing and trying to concentrate on getting my singing blood into order, trying to stand and keep standing. After a while I got enough energy to clap xD... That was when I was really close to collapsing, but as soon as MYV was on stage again, this time with a Germany-tricot (soccer, ne XD), with his black guitar, finally giving in to the people demanding Freedom Fighters [the crowd had been shouting "Freedom Fighters" a lot of the time] ... Oohhhh yeah, there my energies were back.

He talked a lot of English and German by the way. When he came out with the tricot, he asked something whether we didn't want to go home and watch soccer instead, but NOOOOOO we went, never xD And he asked who we're supporting? So of course the crowd went like "Germanyyy", and he grinned and said "yeah, me too." And then I think he said "Who's playing anyway?" hahahahahahahahahaah!!!!! (of course he knew XD)

Mr.Rapper talked a lot, too. And I remember counting with our hands in the air a lot of times. In English, in German [they loved having us count in German XD "LET ME HEAR IT FROM YOU! Let me hear it in GERMAN!... Fiaa! Duraaiii! Tsuwaii! AIN!" fufufufufu~] and in Japanese haha~ He also had us jump and wave and move allll the time. *sweat*

There was sooo much interacting with the crowd... all the shouting and talking for one... ["What'z my name????" - "MIYAVI!" - "WHAT'Z MA NAAAAAMMME???" - "MIYAAAVIIIII *growlscream*" XD] The guys were drumming and beat-boxing with the crowd ~ and Boom-Hah-Hah was KILL X_X I think it was after the 2nd time of redressing, when there was this energy down at first... and Mr.Rapper wanted us to have our hands raised and clap the boom hah hah rhythm, shouting 'boom hah hah' at the same time, WARGH, and I did it all though I was so *about to collapse about to collapse about to collapse* ... lol xD

And the way they played on stage... as in... played... games hehe~ For example, Teddy = Mr.DJ [Teddy is such a perfect name XD Thank you sanjichan I'll try and put their names up there as well xD Mr.TapDance is Saro, anyway haha] came to the front of the stage, together with MYV, between one song and the other, and Meev crossed his arms, his guitar was on his back I think, and then he kicked his one leg up, and stomped on the ground, and Teddy made a stomp-sound into the mic xD then he lifted the other leg and "stomped" it down... And Teddy made it sound like he was some Kami walking the earth... Then he went around the mic stand and came back again, slowly, ne, one stomp after the other, and stood in front of us, pouting... x3 And Teddy made about every movement into a sound. When he lifted his arms and folded them again... sounded as if air was evading hahahah! Just soooo~~~ much fun xD

By the way, there were people with banners, ne. I couldn't read all of them, being behind most of them xD but somehow, the people got them on stage... and Teddy had wrapped himself in the German-flag banner awww ♥ And Saro played a bit around with another white one, later. ^-^

And I really loved Kimi ni Funky Monkey haha... and I guess everyone else also did. It was still in the first third of the concert, totally rocking, and then towards the end of Kimi ni Funky Monkey he stood there behind his micro... and interpreted that "Kimi ni Funky Monkey"-part in different ways... at least ten, it was so awesome uwaaah~ べーっだ! After every "monkey" we would shout "vibration" and the more he did the louder we (tried to xD~) got.

Like... first he said it with his normal voice, then with a hard, rockier voice... several times in different ways, then he shifted into a soft gear... then almost whispering, and slooowly... then a sultry whisper... mmmm and when he rubbed up against it just a tad... and sounded just like a whore, moaning and... omgs x33 ... And then went like "ROARR KiminiFUNKEYMONKKKEEYYY *rawr*" OMGS hahahah! We had so much fun........... Miyavi's ...erm... rawr-harhar-pirate voice is soooo drop dead sexy O.o" And the way he looked... nnaaaaa... salacious. *lick* x3

*cough* AnyWAY. *cough* 得意げ

That reminds me that I totally haven't yet mentioned the...

Fan Service

Lol har har x33 Well apart from that Miyavi in some way IS fanservice... he did some ~real~ one as well hehe. And seeing to that it was Mom's first JrockConcert, she went like "WAH, was ne SAU!" hahaha... [what a 'pig', or rather 'female pig', to translate it verbatim ... 'sod' in BE maybe?] ... If she'd seen Byou... O_O" ... urm yeah.

It was either the first or the second part... I think though that it was the second. Not sure though. Anyway, Teddy came up to the front of the stage again, the right side (his POV) while MYV played some riffs on his guitar, I think he beatboxed to them, and then Meev raised his guitar up, brought his face closer and closer... opened his mouth ... all so slow... and ne, you kinda know what they're going to do [Nothing beats Saga's bass-make out in that though x3] and he started to lick the neck sloowly while going down in his knees... And Teddy lowered his head, and came closer to the guitar's neck from the other side and then... Miyavi kissed the neck of the guitar while Teddy kissed the opposite side... >>INITIATING FANGIRL SCREAM<< ... Not me, I'm talking about the crowd. Erm xD Yeah, okay, that's including me but... erm. Well anyway xDDD So they kissed the guitar... but you couldn't really see details from our position cause they were so low on the stage, ne, but then Meev leaned in and pecked Teddy on the cheek *flail* and they smiled and went on doing the song x3

Things he said

I can't really remember anything else right now, not much but details of instants. The tribal make-up Mr.Rapper had during the first part, and came off when he went backstage. But I noted down a couple of things Meev said in English and German xD

For example when he first came on stage (I think, JPN pride was the first song they played) he asked "How arrrrre you?" - "YEEEAAHHHH!" ... lol, I mean... "We're good, and how are you?" doesn't really work in a concert XD And then he said "It's so hoooo~~~~~t!!" I was imagining him saying 「アッツイ!」just the way our 村田先生 did on our first day when she came into the class room x3... *another flail*

His pronunciation was really good, both the English and the German, though the English was... a bit more understandable. Sometimes. ^ ^" At one point, quite in the beginning, he was actually telling us quite a lot... He said something like:

"Foa... Foagestan ... waa ihh in Spanien... Barcelona waa SUUPA! *beam* ... ... ... Seid... seid bessah als foagestan!! =DD"
[Practically: The day before yesterday... I was in Spain. Barcolona was GREAT! ... ... ... Be ... better than the day before yesterday!! =DD]

Oh and we did our best, believe me... And well, I haven't been to there, but I can tell you that that live was so damn exhausting it was waaaahhhhh ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ ニコニコ

He said "Schrei mihh!" at some point, as in "scream me" and hmmm... whatever he meant there... "scream for me"? ... "scream my name"? ... [Uh oh... now that I wrote it down... too many connotations of just these two sentences in my head @o@ ...nfnnnfnfnf~~~~]

And towards the middle/end he screamed "Can you hear me??" - he actually asked that in the beginning, too, and several times during the live. But then he asked "Can you FEEL me?" as well. - "YEAAAHHHH! *growl* *scream* *squeal*" lol xD My voice went down the gutters. Now, the day after it feels as if I had a muscle ache in my larynx, lol. べーっだ!

At one point he wanted to tell us something, but it took him a while to phrase what he wanted to express. He stood there in front of his micro with some expectant facial expression, as if he wanted something of us and now tried to put it into words. He said "Ihh kann nich... " [I can't] and then he faltered, and tried again "Ihh kann nich... " laughed and turned away, laughed more, another try... "Ihh kann nich... ihh kann nich..." Latest then people were laughing. The Boyz laughed, he laughed... he just didn't seem to remember at all ... :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: He then rephrased it and said "Ihh kann es nicht..." [I can't... it] and while Mr.Rapper seemed to have a lot of fun where he was standing, and Teddy grinned and smirked, and Saro seemed to giggle quietly he suddenly remembered... just... about 70% of us didn't understand. XD Ohhh fail. But people were shouting anyway, and he went into the next song. Mom looked at me like (?__?) and I leaned over and tried to tell her that he wanted to say "Ich kann es nicht hören" ~ "I can't hear it."

Hehehe... and towards the end of the live, probably the very last song, he told us how 'super' we were x3... and said "Saikou" several times... "Saikou.. ist super *huge grin* *laugh*" Hai hai hai... we were saikou XD Then he addressed us and asked how the crew was "Wie waa die Kruu?" - "SAIKOU!!!" and the staff "SAIKOUUUU!!!" and the show - "SAAIIKOOUUUUUUUU~~~~~"

And it must have been the last song before the last song... because he'd just talked a bit... and then somebody shouted either I or We ~ "MYV, we love you!!!" and he smiled so bright =D and said "I love you too~" And then he had JUST started the song, when another voice shouted "I LOVE YOU!", then he stopped playing, leaned in to the micro and said "I love you too."

*___* Aww~ Hehe.

Some of the Songs ~

Naahhh I really don't remember any playlist neither a proper order... XD But I ~think~ they played all of those (and more):

JPN pride
Sakihokoru hana no you ni -Neo Vizualizm-
my name is oresama.com
Kimi ni funky monkey
Ossan Ossan Ore nanbo
Coo Quack Cluck (possibly, don't remember exactly)
Kabuki dansei kavki boys
Hi no hikari sae
Jiko Shijou Shugisha no Nare no Hate (Instrumental)
Jikoai, Jigajisan, Jiishiki Kajou (Instrumental) ... he played a lot of the instrumentals actually xD
Teddy played amongst other the Dear my Friend and the Señor Señora)
Freedom Fighters
Boom hah boom hah hah
Are you ready to rock

Ossan Ossan was such a screamo one *.* They sang/shouted "Ossan Ossan Ore nanbo" then it was our turn, and they wanted us to go louder and louder and louder .... gaaah they knew so damn well how to exhaust people XDDD

And "Are you ready to rock"... I don't now whether that was the last song or the one before the last song but it was another KilL. Already about dead and then he gives us THAT song O_O" ... And Mr.Rapper told us to headbang... Gaahhhh of course I couldn't and wouldn't resist... the rhythm wasn't right for the lovely headspins but... instead I did a left right one (my neck doesn't really like it but XD... nnn tis okay lol) The song lasted at least 10 minutes, if not more... I don't remember much because well, after a couple of those shorter episodes of head-bang-rhythm, I think I didn't really stop... or I did, but I rocked out so hard that I didn't know what was going on lol. And the fun thing was, something hit me, or my hair got caught with it, and I looked over to my mom who so often said she can't headbang because she gets too dizzy after well, two or three bangs already [poor her] but HECK NO! There she was headbanging like crazy, and if I hadn't been too busy with doing it myself I would have... dunno... laughed? It was so... n... cute and so awesome to see that she actually can do it after all x333... I mean it's just so MUCH FUN right ... RRRRIGHT? waaahhh *lovelovelovelove* ... And she grinned back when she saw me looking hehe~

And all that was long after that phase of almost collapsing. I had waved in the air with the scarf, just as Saro and Mr.Rapper had done during one of the songs, me trying to keep my arms up... that was shortly before the third part of the live. When they'd left the stage for the enchore, I was so exhausted I couldn't even shout encore anymore, couldn't even clap in the beginning. Mom had looked ready to collapse and had taken the towel to wave some air into her face but it didn't really work so I mouthed to her whether she'd wanted my fan... I needed that too after a while. I was so close to just faltering, I had to tell myself to breathe slowly in, out, in, out, concentrating on standing and all ooooo O.O' [And then after that phase I rocked out just as hard as before XD... if not more, since they fired it up more neee]

All in All

They had played from ca. 7:30 until about 9:30 ... And just as they distributed flower petals in the beginning in the show, they did so in the end as well. [They also had balloons in the beginning of the 3rd part... no idea what happened to them during the show oO]

*sigh* And when it all was over and people started filing out... slowly, slowly... mom and me just stood there and hugged another and I was so happy to have a mom in my arms who's crying with tears of joy, happiness and gratefulness. *sigh* ♥ It was awesome. So so awesome. And neither her, nor my friend Dani whom we met afterwards, nor me are into HipHop, Mom actually "hates" it, but Meev... is ... just... Meev xD [Or, how Mom says: "He's just so CUTE!♥"]

... And yes, totally soaked. We went to the restrooms right after, I DRANK and put cold water onto my face ~haaaaah nice x3... then staggered outside. Seriously... my eyesight wasn't ... as it should be oO Couldn't really focus. lol. Still staggered a tiny bit today xD But it's okay hehehe~

Seriously. Awesome. Show. To us anyway. So awesome that all the little annoyances turned to ephemeral things to easily forget...

And now I kind of don't want to end the review because... then it's really really over, ne. Last thing to be done done. But... well.

Kinda long review XD I laughed so so much because... when we left the venue, already inside when I noticed that I didn't really consciously suck up details as I sometimes do, I thought "Hmmm that's gonna be a rather short review..."

Short my ass xDDDDD Anyway. Hope you had some insight and fun while reading <3
30th-Jun-2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
WOW. that is a lot of writing 8D
i was there toooooooooo~ but i don't think i can manage to write so much x.x
where did you stand? more at the front or the middle? ^^
1st-Jul-2008 05:12 am (UTC)
Hahha yeah I tend to ... do that XD
YAY for you being there too x3
Well ... since the hall was filled pretty ... well XD ... quite in the front. leftish front, about 8th row of heads, lol xD What about you?
1st-Jul-2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
it's cool ^^ i loved reading it. it was like i was in the hall again x3
it was very much filled up yes XD i was in the very front. first in the third line and then towards the end in the second line more to the left side of the stage. i touched tedyy's hand when he gave hands to the fans there 8DD
1st-Jul-2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thank you ^-^
Very much is an understatement LOL.

Aww ~ Love being in the front rows. x33 When did you arrive at the hall?
1st-Jul-2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
you're welcome ^^

it was very nice to be so close yes but it was no air there XD we got there around 1pm i think.
1st-Jul-2008 01:18 am (UTC)
sounds like you and your mom had fun. i wish meevers would have a concert in chicago so i could go. he was the first jrocker i ever listened to XD

it seems like it's very hot where you live -remembers what you mentioned about diru live-

uwa, i want to see myv so bad now!! and lately i haven't really liked his style, but his music is still awesome.

and homg! he fell three times? poor meevers. when you mentioned that i felt sort of worried like "oh nuuuuu!!" but im glad he's okay -feels relieved- XD

and damn him and his strip teases. why must he torment his fangirls so? -is not a fangirl- ^^

im glad you had fun even if you seemed to be tired stuff!! ^^
1st-Jul-2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Tons of fun x3 Hehehe, he was one of my first, too, though I must say I that for some reason he slipped my attention completely for a couple of months before a friend told me about him xD

Yeah, it can get pretty hot in summer X-x And yeah, his music, and he, they're awesome enough to even like it when one prefers a different style than his new one XD

Yeah he did x-x And he seemed okay again, but I'm sure they went straight for ... their bus or hotel afterwards. [But... I think he had a live the day after in a different country, no? Poor guy x-x]

*not a fangirl either* XD Cause they all LOVE it of course XD

Not tired at all xD ... Just... worn out lol!
1st-Jul-2008 08:14 am (UTC) - Meeeevvvster recall!!!!
Oh sweetheart, what a lovely live report!!!! Reading it, all that feelings came back to me in an instant (and the sweating too, hahaha)!!

But you forgot one thing: When he came back to stage after his collapse, he smiled (only lifting the right half of his mouth *makesmegoing aargghhhh*) and said (I think it was in German): "Es ging mir nischt guuut. Aber jetzt geht es mir wieda guuut. ARE YOU READY TO ROOOOCK?????" And then he started that minimum 10 minutes headbanging song, YEAAHHHHHH!!!! Yeah, am so proud of myself, coz my neck really is headbang-compatible - means, I DON'T have an ache now!!

And, at the end, he and his rap-guy said "you are PSYCHO" and also asked "what are you?" and we all SCREAMED "PSYCHO", yeah, that's what it was!!

Oh yeah, I was so STUNNED how pretty he is. No pic can show that!! And his flirting, grinning, showing his tongue, licking his guitar, holding his guitar, rolling his eyes, way of moving - it's all so fucking damned SEXYYYYYYY - yeah, that made me wanna lick the sweat off of him (I'm absatively sure, it would taste great, haha)

One time he took a gulp from his waterbottle and spit it into the crowd and I screamed like hell coz one big drop hit my cheek ... uaaaahhhhhhhh ... I didn't scream coz this was disgusting - I screamed coz I LIKED it SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Hei - don't misunderstand - I'm NOT a Fanwoman, NO!! (and I'm not - like most of the crowd - between 15 and 20 years old) ...

Thanx, Outori, that you painted the Miyavi-Kanji on my chest. I was proud to wear it!!!!

1st-Jul-2008 12:24 pm (UTC) - Re: Meeeevvvster recall!!!!
*giggle* x3
Ohhh did they play "ready to rock" so early? I didn't think so... Cause I had in my mind that they played it way aaafter I had that collapsing phase. That was after the 2nd time he changed, one of the last songs ne.

But yeah, forgot to mention the waterspitting xD And what he said after he came back out again. And right, psycho xD I loved that *laughs*

And the water... lol... I got Toshiya's spit-water into my mouth XDDD *dances* And of course we all like it =_=" cause we're... psycho xDDDD Totally haha~

You're welcome. <3
And that new icon is ♥
1st-Jul-2008 08:24 am (UTC) - *cough*
... totally wrong pic before ... here is the CORRECT one, YEAH!!
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