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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Christopher Street Day 
13th-Jul-2008 12:28 pm
mao distorted
Woot! I'm gonna post a couple of the pictures I took yesterday. ^,^

I've never been to CSD (A once-a-year-festival of some sorts, for homosexuals, bisexuals, transgendered, eeteeshe eeteeshe) before - nor had Yuki/Janine/whydowealwayshavesomanyfuckingnames XD and well ~ mom had said "YOU HAVE TO GO! *___* So many pretty men!" lol [Janine had said "yeah, and all gay or married =_="] xP well I would have anyway, I guess, even though Yuki didn't chain me to anywhere as she'd threatened me to do in case I wouldn't go there with her XD Subway schedules had me chained to her place lmao x3 Too bad xDDD

Unfortunately it was raining when we left for Christopher Street Day, and it kept raining most of the day. There were some periods where it would stop and then again it would rain down... usually just a light rain, sometimes a bit heavier. But no one really seemed to mind. People had their umbrellas, so did we, and the atmosphere was just sooo right.

That was the big stage~ They had danced up there ... hehe ~ YyyyyMCA... *laughs*

and then departed~

There were two stages - or at least we had found two stages, we went from one to the other and back again all the time. On the big one there would be gigs and bands playing... a lot of people were there, but it was kinda boring most of the time. There was this dancing, moving center, the rest of the people were quite stiff and boring. x-x At the smaller stage, a couple of minutes away from that one, there was a D.J. only and sometimes dancers on stage. There were far less people, but so much more crowded x3 And here it was where they partied! Wah, the atmosphere there was just nnnnn *____* Every time Janine would see a gay couple petting or kissing each other she'd poke me or wink at me and go like "awwww :33" hehehe ♥

It was funny watching other people's reactions... I mean, it would be the straight ones who just wanted to have a great time who'd be like O.O' whenever some guys made out in nnnnnnnnnnice ways x3333 Ohhhh it's so great loving Yaoi and all xDDD It makes you so happy watching them xD *shot* I just grinned whenever some girls behind us went like O___O""" when Janine's friend and his boyfriend made out ... Rawrrrr x3

Most of the girl-couples there were the 'typical lesbians', very very short hair, male features, strong bodies... But at one point, when we were near the small stage, there was a couple of women, pretty ones in my eyes, and they danced together and started to make out in such a sweet way I was all *____* and... nf it was hot too x33 I was all *BEAM* *stare* *BEAM* heheheh ^^"

This was the dancer(ess?) who danced on/at the small stage for a bit -

We tried figuring out whether it was a woman or a man... cause well obviously she has breasts, (but that doesn't mean much xD), and her shape was very female... yet since it was Christopher Street day... and Janine wasn't sure if her face was so very female... hmmm...

She moved verrrry nicely *___* Even though at times she seemed to be a tiny bit ashamed...hmmmm ^ ^

That guy xDD

I had wanted to take a picture with him only, but sooo many people wanted to have their pictures taken with him it was kinda impossible xDDD Yet, when that man let himself be photographed with him, and they did that little pose, I thought that was even greater hehehe ~ x3

And this here was the silver man... *blink* You could zip his mouth shut x333... There were a lot of (hets) people who wanted their picture taken with them as well... Janine refused to have our pictures taken with them (either she was 'afraid' or it was cause she still was eating her burger XD) so I asked them before they went on if I might take a picture of them two together... and the sailor nodded (the silver man didn't talk x3) and then said 'wait...' and removed his shirt *__* ouuuuuuii thanks x33 hehe~

Somehow I had to think of DJ SiSeN....... why? XDDDDD

I didn't take many pictures, unfortunately, but this one I thought was rather great xDDD I mean, there wasn't really much space, but with THAT dress you need a ... bit XDDDD Soo~~ funny hahah~

"Mann iss dea Diiick maan~~~", (s)he said xDDDDDDD Hahahaah! *lovelovelove* The candyman ehhh hehehe~

Those chocolate and wafers just looked sooo damn yummey *____* ... S good I didn't get too close or my teeth might have sunken in there XDDD lmao~
14th-Jul-2008 02:34 am (UTC)
That festival looks like so much fun!!!
14th-Jul-2008 05:10 am (UTC)
Heheheh it was x3
14th-Jul-2008 04:35 pm (UTC) - CSD
WOW!!!! It was good that you went, nee?? Unfoortunately, again, I can't read the stories, but I love the pics!!! Well, that person with the yellow hair definitely is male (under the skirt, haha) ... believe me ... MEN most of the time are the more beautiful women, yeah!! Oh how I would have loved to be there, too!!

And I'm sure that I know "Miss Negerkuss" - there's one rather prominent transvestite in Munich - and that's her/him. I HAVE a pic of her/him + me when I was on the Munich Union Move lots of years ago! Maybe you remember that pic. She/He had a whig made of straws in neon-colours.

Huh, nice six-pack of this guy with the white trousers on, good that he took off his shirt, LOL

(fucking damned, why didn't I come to you??)
14th-Jul-2008 08:12 pm (UTC) - Re: CSD
Yeah it was great that I went... ^ ^
What do you mean, you can't read the stories? *confuzzled*

Yeah but he/she had also very female arms and all, ne. Often their arms still look male, but those looked neither muscular in the way a male arm would look, nor did it look like a thin male arm... but yeah, the face was oo And we're pretty sure she had been male once. ^ ^"

Ahhh she is? Well she seemed very prominent x3 I mean, SO AUFFAELLIG heheheh and she/he behaved so great XD

Well you couldn't have come 'to me' cause I wasn't at home ^^" But you could have come to Munich alright hehe.
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