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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
A declaration of love... *has a bunch of roses on her lap* 
15th-Jul-2008 03:56 pm
mao distorted

Mmmm actually I have a book on my lap but... that means just as much *___* ... Mmmm *clears her throat* I just wanted to say something... I wanted to say...

I love some...body... I...

I... love...

I love...

I love Neil Gaiman.

... and this is where I went over into infatuated sighing and directing my dreamy gaze towards my prettily light-blue-painted walls. Aahhhh yes... It is true.

The man that influenced my writing, my dreams, my life the most of all ... Ohhh how little I was thinking consciously. There is no other living man - apart from a couple of musicians you should all have a slight idea of whom they might be - that I look up to as much as him. If I could choose one man to be my uncle, there would have been no one else but him that I would have declared.

Only recently I syndicated his blog to my LJ... Frankly, I was rather surprised to learn that he keeps a blog - yet I knew, have been knowing for quite some time now, but as things go that don't seem to be important: they are being forgotten. I myself hadn't been blogging at the time I first stumbled, rather, staggered, over his blog. Now that I am blogging and just happened to syndicate his blog... now happened to read his latest entry . . . I am left speechless at some of the nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-things he writes, left speechless and in an awe-filled state of love.

Neil... I love you. If I will ever write and publish novels-to-be-published, I will thank him, and I will make the editors thank him in big letters. If I won't forget to do so just as he did with his last novel...

Following some excerpts from today's entry.

"Fanmail" ... and Neil answers:
Hi Neil, a friend has written a book and has asked what I think of it. The trouble is that this book is one of the worst I have ever read. It's terrible in so many ways, but I don't want to hurt my friend's feelings because he's so proud of his work. I know that people love books others dislike but this book is really bad. Any tips on how to deal with such a delicate situation? Thanks!

Ow. Yes, I know that one. [♥] It depends on whether your friend wants to be a real author one day and learn his craft [♥♥] , or whether he's just proud of having made something. When it's the latter, I just try and find something positive I can say that I mean. If it's the former, I try and tell people how they can make something they've done into something publishable, or fix it, which is going to involve pointing out it's not publishable yet.

It's also possible to find ways to say you hated something that won't crush the spirit of the person in question. Phrases like, "It's not my kind of thing, but I bet it's great if it's the kind of thing you like," can be deployed. "I don't really have anything much to say, but I'm looking forward to your next one,"
[hehehe those, of course, can sting a proud character, too... hehehe... but they're gentle compared to... (look further down)] are phrases that Miss Manuscript Manners would probably approve of. You can probably come up with better ones on your own.

Or you can take the approach that my friend the wondrous Jane Yolen takes when people ask her to read their manuscripts, which is to say up front, "I'll read it, but I have to warn you that if I do I will be honest, and you probably won't like what I have to say." Which gives them the opportunity to back off, and at least tells them that you are not there to tell them they are very clever for having written a whole book.

And if you do decide to tell them what's wrong with their book then you don't have to tell them everything that's wrong with it. Pick the biggest thing -- "I hated all your characters and kept hoping that they would die and that we would get nothing but a description of the landscape for the rest of the book"
[AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] or "It reads like you're recounting a D&D game, not a novel" [oh dear gods, Mister! I need to wipe my tears, please excuse me for a bit haha] or "All of your characters sound like you" [*guilty as charged* AHAHAHA! ... At least... I've heard something similar XD ... once... hehe] or "Nothing actually happens until Chapter Four by which point anyone who isn't a personal friend of yours would have stopped reading" -- and talk about that. Don't do a laundry list... [Yes, no laundry lists, loves.]

Oh that man had me laugh ... and cry. And talking about that...

I think we're approaching a blog holiday.

I've been posting more or less daily since 2001 -- 2,741 blog posts so far, according to Blogger and 1,158,002 words
[I checked those. When I reached 'm' I looked for... no, not that word, my dear friends ^ ^" ... I flew over them to see whether he had the word 'moan' on his blog. ... Nopes. The man is clean hehe~] -- with only occasional enforced breaks when I was away from a computer, and I'm starting to feel like it's time to stop blogging for a bit and recharge my batteries. (Historically, on this blog, announcements like that are normally followed by a spate of twice a day blogging and a few long essays.) At this point, I think I'll definitely take Clarion off, and possibly longer.

Ahahaha... Compulsive blogger? That really made me laugh. See, it is quite impossible to fight against one's compulsory needs and wants. They will come back manifold.

And with that, my friends, I will not fight the urge to resist マオ, nor will I give in ... right now I will just keep him at bay and for once be the one to keep him nervously strained and needy wondering what I have planned.

P.S: Whom of you thought they'd know whom this post would be about? ... And how many did I have to disappoint? I am truly sorry for that. I might even go as far as to promise it will get better in one of my next posts - better meaning... the usual maoning. Ah so maybe I was looking for that word on his blog because it's gotten such a synonym already?

P.P.S: By the way... He's got a new book coming out as it seems...

P.P.S: For all of you who might have wondered upon whether this is really me, who has been typing all this - yes my friends, it has been me, all excluding the excerpts of Neil's blog. Though to be honest, somewhere during writing this, I clearly had this image of my own old and grey self, blogging to all of you and my faithful readers in my self-designed wooden hut with fast lane internet access... Yes, that would be a favorable conclusion of my life.


15th-Jul-2008 04:01 pm (UTC) - Liebeserklärung
Oh honey, what a wonderful piece of art!
Yeah, you reminded me too of my own love for Neil Gaiman and his witty and smart and beautiful way to write and to make you nervous about the next page ...

Oh yeah, that writing was not typical for you. Maybe there are times of genesis or metamorphosis (think of butterflies ...), it shows that you are moving on and I like it!

Am so proud of you, am so proud of ALL your writing, yeah, and the picture of you, old and grey, in a self-designd wooden hut (would be interesting to think about the design, hahaha - will THAT change, what do you think??) - but with a FAST LANE internet access, hahahaha!!! Hmmm, I'm sure that the hut-style will not change too much, coz I'm sure you have lots of my genes - and look at me now?!?! Rooms full of pics and posters of strange looking rock-stars ...

A toast on our crazyness!! Skol!!
16th-Jul-2008 05:15 am (UTC) - Re: Liebeserklärung
Wonderful piece of art? Where? XD
Mmmm *____* Neil... *_____*

Hehe... I actually write like that sometimes - when I get more serious. And those serious entries aren't really that public ^ ^ So it wasn't very untypical, just something most people might not be used to.

Hehehehe yeah fast lane xD What did you expect? XDDD I love that image hehe.

skål! kanpai <3
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