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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
That man... 
16th-Jul-2008 07:26 am
mao distorted
... won't leave me alone. It seems I am developing a Neil-spam blog as well.

I got a new camera to replace the one that got battered in Brazil. It is much cleverer than the old one, with a touch screen at the back, as a result of which I can't work out how to do easy things like turn the flash on and off. I tried it out on the dog and some cherries...

He is being too witty. And that dog - it's such a Neil Gaiman dog, Cabal. Such a lovely creature.

And now I began remembering what he blogged yesterday. Which was that he is going to go on a blog-holiday? If I could reach out now I would pat his back.

He's been signing tee shirts for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

He signed fifty of his black tee shirts today, going to sign fifty more tomorrow... And we all do wonder how, for one, it is possible to have 100 black spare tee shirts, and for the other, how one would recognize one's very first black tee shirt all of them. Somebody guessed because maybe it is more hole than tee shirt...

Frankly for sure... every owner of one hundred (spare) tee shirts will know each and every one of them by heart. It's the feel (cotton?). The design (black?). The print (black?). The size (he didn't grow?). All those factors that will make one discern one black tee shirt from the other.

Ahhh that room looks too nice. And the garden beyond the doors... Dreamy, dreamy...
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