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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Ui, that quiz... 千...鶴?(couple of quizzies) 
16th-Jul-2008 09:47 pm
mao distorted
I just did this quiz on lifescript.com

What's your energy animal

You're a Comely Crane

Although one animal is usually dominant, keep in mind that "we all have tendencies of all four animals," says Hadady. Here are the typical characteristics of a Crane:

Face Shape: Narrow facial features.

Body type: Slender and willowy, or massive. Cranes always go to extremes and are always attractive.

Social style: You prefer to be alone and are drained by social activities.

Spirit: Proud and sensitive; often highly spiritual.

With others you are: Sneaky and secretive. You use your addictions as a barrier between yourself and others (i.e. leaving the dinner table for a smoking break, sneaking away from a card game for some ice cream).

Best traits: Dignified, courageous, dedicated.

Worst traits: Anxious, standoffish, secretive.

Celeb match: Marilyn Monroe. Despite her personal insecurities and poor health, she achieved worldwide fame.

Ideal job: No matter the profession, you strive for perfection. For example, you don't want to be just a pianist; you want to be a renowned musician. Also, your beauty makes you an ideal fashion model.

Food cravings: Pizza, bread, pasta; dairy products, especially ice cream and cheese.

Worst eating habit: Harmful tendencies like yo-yo dieting or drug/alcohol abuse.

Ideal exercise: Yoga, which will help you stay mindful of your own body and give the solitude you need.

Weight loss goal: Eat balanced, nourishing foods and follow a regular eating schedule.

Hmmmm... There are only 4 animals you could get heh. But it's interesting. I've never come close to a crane anywhere... I mean, in quizzes like these. And since I'm already on there, surely I'll do more quizzies...

How seductive are you?

It's on here

You're all seduction
Is "vixen" your middle name? Whether you're trying to seduce your main man or a new love interest, you aren't shy about pursuing your object of desire. You know when you want someone and have no qualms about letting him know that he's on your radar. Putting sexy at the forefront of your game is what you love to do. You also know that the secret to a good seduction is feeling sensual yourself. You often get aroused during the day and can't help but pass your sexual energy on to the lucky man in your life. [<マオGoddsdammit where ARE YOU X_X] You also know that seducing a man requires a mix between blatantly risqué moves, like showing up in a French maid outfit, and softer gestures, like brushing his hair out of his eyes. As long as you mix your bold moves with coy signals, you're good to go. This way, you'll leave him with no doubt that he's desired - but you'll hold back just enough that he'll want more.

Mmmmmmmmm...Iwasthinkingofanotsorandomguy,kay... XDD *cough*

Ummm... should I really... Rate my Sex Drive?
XDDDDDD *cough*

... *chuckle*... Should of known ne XP hrrrrrr

Your sex drive rivals the Indy 500
There's no shortage of sex in your bedroom, thanks to your high sex drive. Your healthy outlook on sex keeps your partner a happy man. Frequent sex does a relationship good; it's a great way to express yourself and to intimately connect with your guy. A good relationship is one where you feel comfortable expressing yourself sexually. Hopefully, he can keep up with you! If you ever find your libido dwindling, be aware of the typical lust busters all women will experience. Stress, depression and antidepressant use, birth control pills, menopause, illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding, past sexual trauma, and even aging can all be sexual buzz-kills. For many women, it's relationship problems, like unresolved anger or resentment toward your guy, that shift your sex drive into reverse. Be sure to nurture every aspect of your relationship, and a great sex life is sure to follow.

Meowwwwrrr... come on lovers x333 ... Anyone who could say "That's so not you..." with some proofs, please raise your hand and speak now XDDDDDD
NyanwhereareyouwhenIneedyou?T__T ... Ah yes I remember... withholding. *bursts out in frustrated tears*... xD

Mmmm I like quizzes more that provide you with more questions and more possibilities of what to answer, ne. But ah well.

Can you speak Body Language?

You're fluent in the dialect of body language
You understand people better than most because you pay attention to their body language and not just what they're saying. You're probably also very aware of the unspoken messages you're sending. You realize that even the smallest things, like toying with your hair or crossing your arms, sends a certain message. Keep in mind that when you're studying someone's body language, you don't need to analyze every move they make. Body language is meant to be viewed in context. You don't need an interpreter to understand this language

Yeah, I'm fluent x3 Got them all right by instinct ^ ^ Check it yourself~

Ahhh there were more but now I lost the mood to do any >_>
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