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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
19th-Jul-2008 05:16 pm
Ruki despair
Today, I found the head of a red rose on the street.

I picked it up. Took it with me to work. Took it back with me from work. Sat down on a bench in a playground at noon time.

I've never really loved flowers the way some girls and women love them. I've always preferred them on the field than in a vase, withering to die.

I've always preferred larger plants to flowers, and I've always preferred trees to larger plants.

Yet I have started to love roses.

Dark roses.

And only roses in fool bloom.

So I sat there with that head in my hands... this beautiful dark red rose in full blow. I felt its petals, gently, one by one...

So soft. I stared at the rose and felt ... I wondered if Uruha's thighs could ever feel that way. I did, actually, think that, but I thought it through Ruki.

Roses, they are ルキ to me. Him, and no one else. He IS them.

So I sat there, and touched it, marveled at it, loved it. Wondering how it would smell.

I didn't dare to smell at it.

It seemed like a forbidden fruit to me. Take up its scent and it will vanish.

Just like a dream.

Just caress it, look at it, marvel at it, love it with your eyes and your gentle touch.

Never get closer.

Never smell it.

Forbidden fruit.

Forbidden temptation.


Able to resist?
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