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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
SID シド Comments 
3rd-Oct-2007 03:00 pm
mao distorted

No way I can watch those comments without posting the links somewhere else.
My my how I love them. They're total win. Absolutely crazy... *loves*

This here has absolutely Fanservice intus. But so. MaoXYuuya fanservice... マオにゃん ish fantalasticlove...me ish addicted. I mean... *cough* PET THE YUUYA! XD

Umm... And Mao's introduction is just total crack. He's all serious and gentle... "Konnichi wa... Shido desu. Bokaru [vocals]... ... ... ?" and then he says nothing at all, just turning his head looking somewhat expectantly at Yuuya, looking back into the camera... this little head and eyemovement kylled me. >_____< ... and as if he just remembered he still has to introduce himself, he continues all happily "...Mao desu!" lmfao...

SID What's in web comment on Natsukoi 夏恋

Then... Hahaha!
He's so... commanding here [me likes] Maybe it's the hat? xXD

Same commanding ... man... here... [I like this too much >/////<] Ummm... and Yuuya is just totally mad here XD You could be scared even, if you didn't know his good nature haha. マオ...なんと奇麗...*ギラギラ* Aki is like "no~~~t interested" xD

This is one of my favourites... Mitsuyubi Oricon comment. Yuuya looks really good. And ummm... it's the ... tishhu peepa alarm! Yay! Yeyay! Yuuya is so funny not even Aki or Shinji can resist. This is worth a lot. Those two usually always keep their composure. Hee~
Actually, this really is one of my alltime favourite videos ever. Aki > tissue. Then... Mao >> Yuuya >> Mao >> Yuuya >> Mao
A lot of giggling... a lot of trying not to... [Ha! Aki's trying to look at Shinji for help at about 4.20. Just what exactly are you looking at? XXD]

The *cough* way Yuuya is 'blindfolded' in this one makes me think several things. None of them innocent. Some of them including a certain bandmember doing certain things to another certain bandmember. But there are a lot of other thoughts...
And I love Mao's 'haihaihai'... itshshohawt It's another What's In Comment.

はいはいはいはいはい!そうすね。Next comments These are all the SC24project ones. All of them crazy XD~
Want to see a totally yuuyaish Shinji? Yes? A real crazy, hot, crochexposing, evil, smokingly hot, relaxed, wild, totally hot Shinji utterly cool? Yes? Yes? Then... Watch this. [I can hear the others laugh in the background. Haha!]

*starry eyes* I LOVE you!!! 本当にとても愛してるよ!(/ω\)

Here's Akishiko's part. He is the only one who is acting NORMAL. xD Sometimes I get the feeling his utter sexiness bothers him. [everybody say 'awwwwww']

And then, crack for the stack... Haha... Yuuya's. Someone I know got scared by this Hahaha...

And... to sum it all up... SID again. So pweatty... and the hat. I like that Akioutfit. It's classy. And, duo_simulacra will like the little fact that Shinji is wearing glasses. It's a little interview, a bit of a photoshoot, and an excerpt from their song Otegami お手紙. FoolsMate TV.
3rd-Oct-2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
*dies laughing* tissue paper > the best video ever XXD
3rd-Oct-2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... it's class, isn't it XD

I love him haha... Is so not talking about Yuuya though >.>

Well. My obsession. *sweats*
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