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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
☆ ~ Kagrra, autograph session ~ ☆ 
27th-Aug-2008 10:34 am
I thought I should start writing my reviews for the autographing session, and the concert, hehe... I took notes immediately after the events (more or less immediately, latest when I was back in my room), so using those I'll start writing. I probably forgot a lot of things, but well... We'll see.

Signing Session, 22nd of August 2008

-Part I- Finding the Place

It's 18:44, and I'm currently at a Chinese place with Dani and her friend. I think those running the place were staring at my left hand XD ... the one I thought I might want to hide from Chinese people, hehe, since it reads 鬼 on it, the word 一志 Isshi wanted us to remember hehe. And the first song playing here was "Big in Japan", how fitting. Tomorrow, 日本人 will be 'Big in Germany" ^---^

Damn, where to start... well, I left the hostel at about 11:35. I couldn't check in there yet at the time I arrived, because the room hadn't been cleaned yet, so I put my luggage into their luggage room and left for Kagrra, leaning against a tree to write 一志 and 鬼 on the backs of my hand, hehe... Well, and then I left for the place the session was supposed to be, the Saturn store. And at first, I actually passed it by, not believing it would already be that Saturn, my destination, because on the map it looked as if it still was a way to go to get to that street hehe...

So when a bridge appeared before me, I started doubting that I had to go any further, hehe, and asked a taxidriver for directions.

me: Excu~~se me... Could I ask you a questions? ^ ^"
driver: Of course~
me: Have I already been walking to far? I wanted to go to Pippinstraße...
driver: Where did you want to go exactly?
me: The Saturn...

(he should have told me to fly the third star from the left leg of the swan 100 000km, then turn left as soon as I see pluto at an angle of 70°, and.. erm... XP)

Well, turned out, it had been THAT saturn... of course. So I hurried back, and into the huge store - the saturn would be on the 5th floor of the building, all the other floors were from another chainstore. So I went up and up the staircases... Upstairs.. Floor after floor after floor... and I got a tiny bit nervous when I arrived at the last floor before the one that the saturn was on... ^//^ There were a lot of plushies~ ♥

Mmmh well, then I went around the place even though I'd already seen a couple of visus sitting on the floor in the cd-department xD Still, I looked around for a bit, for no reason at all, and asked a girl working there, if the signing session would be here.

girl: oO Signing session...?
me: Yea~h...
girl: Umm... I don't know anything of a signing session... Of whom?
me: *thinking 'Tokyo Hotel of course'* Kagrra,...~
girl: ... Who? ... *shakes head* Mmmm no... I have no idea.
me: *lifting an eyebrow, amused*
girl: Ummm... better ask at the CD department... (which was like 10 meters from her department xDD)

Well, so I went back and asked a guy with glasses and a knowing smirk around his lips, just to reassure the whole thing. He nodded and told me the autographing session would be held at the information desk 'over there', hehe~ So I went there and asked the four or five girls that were currently sitting down there whether I could sit down with them... They said something like "Ummm ya~h... but it's a bit difficult... we have to keep the place in a way the people can pass and all..." and one of them went like "With THAT BAG? of course you can!!!" ... my GazettE bag, the ticket to get in, huh? x3

Nyah, sat down around the corner, the 7th to be there... I mean, heh, the session would start at 5pm, ne. But I didn't have anything else to do, and why should I be somewhere else when I could wait there nyan~

-Part II- Watching the place being redone and listening to stories...

We didn't get so many more either so soon... only 8 to 10 the next couple of hours. It was fun though... A lot of fun. One of the girls talked just so much... and since I'm more the listener, I was entertained hehehe... Mom called me just when I got to the place and asked how I was doing and so on, hehe... I told her the place was already crooowwwded with people... joke~ hehe.

Three girls arrived just an hour or so after me, with a basket full of presents for Kagrra, sweets were there, then they left to buy teddies for Kagrra, hehe~

The talkative girl and her friends had been camping in front of the hall since Monday... *cough* ... the concert was on Saturday xP Gah, they had so much to tell. For example, at one time (I don't remember whether it was early in the morning or late at nights), a woman passed them by while they were sleeping... They had something put over their faces over night, so the woman mistook them for garbage bags... until one of the girls moved her hand... and then they only heard the sound of her heels as she ran away... Dear Gods XDDDD

They already made friends with the owners of the place. They could even use the toilet there and all, and since it was private ground, and they let them be there, the police couldn't do anything against them lol... They came by every day to check if they were okay haha! And they talked to the postman everyday... and the ups-guy who drove by that place three times a day. Lmao ~

At about 3:30, the people in the store started reorganizing the place around us, where Kagrra, were supposed to be later on. Some of the girls told them they could help xD but were just totally ignored, lol. Ah well, we didn't really have anything to do, ne. Some of the guys were talking about us as well xD ... or more, whispering. "What are we gonna do with them...? They can't really stay there..." "Ah no, it's fine, leave them be..." and so on hehe.

That's the desk they were still going to re-organize

Excitement was increasing all the time... people got a bit nervous. Dani and her friend arrived around that time as well, about 3pm. Ahhh and my heart started beating for Isshi x3 The girls who'd brought the basket for Kagrra, had gone to buy teddies for them as well, and when they came back, I ended up with one of those bears, pouring all my love into it.. xP I told it it was going to be an Isshibear, and just in case it would end up with Nao or anyone else, it would have to make it clear to them that it really was an Isshi bear XDDDD Ah yes... nerves nerves... They had some Kagrra, songs playing there, but only Irodori no Sanka and Ujou in the beginning, I think... but I was far too 'dazed' to really notice xD As it got later, they had the whole CORE album running up and down nya~

Isshibear :3

Kagrra, appearing

And then at about 4:30, the photographer that had been taking pictures of us told us that they'd arrived... (he kept giving us information ♥ Nice chap. He also asked 'in the back' what Kagrra, would be signing, because it said they'd only sign merchandise. He told us though that Kagrra, themselves said they'd sign anything. *happy* Finally I could use the golden book I'd bought months ago, for autographs xD) So of course, everybody was getting up, and yeah, there they were - coming in from one of the emergency exits, Fist Shin 真, then Izumi 白水, Isshi 一志, Nao 女雅 and Akiya 楓弥, if I remember correctly... not sure though. People were astonishingly calm... Of course they squealed in the beginning, but I thought they were rather quiet then... argh, I didn't even dare to breathe, instantly fixating Isshi nnnaaah.... hehe... and then Nao looked over and I woke from my bedazzlement and ZING my hand was up and I waved at him, and he grinned and waved back :3 And everybody else (of us) waved back at him hehe. And a couple of seconds later, they had disappeared into another room. Costumers looked up like O-O" and (??__??) heheheh... Nya. Gosh. Far too exciting already xP I made him wave *heheh* And Izumi is just ~so~ cute. So chubby <3 (Him and Isshi are my faves hehe) They were in totally normal clothes by the way, and totally without make-up ^_____^

And of course no one would sit down again. But it was okay, I mean, we had been sitting enough, ne.

At 5pm, the guy from Jrock ID switched on the mic and started talking... introducing Kagrra,. It again was funny watching all the other people in the store, looking up, turning around, staring, curious... hehe. "And here they are, the band that came from Japan to Europe and will give a concert here in Cologne tomorrow at the Live Music Hall, so if you don't have tickets yet, go and buy them, and here they are, applause for KAGRRA,!!!!"


*SCREAMWHEEEYEAHCLAPAPPLAUSEMORESCREAMING* gah and I switched on my cam and filmed as they came out of the room, totally going *eeeek* inside but... haha... Dani had teased me a long time with just saying "Iiiishi... you're gonna see Iiiishiii" ... xD Bitch nyaaaa ♥ I just really like that man a lot *___*

Shin (I still call him Shin, I know he's written Sin now... nah~) was out first, with his beatific little smile, they walked quite fast and whoosh, sat down behind the (posters-clad) information desk, and as soon as they were seated, the first 5 girls were let behind the barrier... ugh Gods. I didn't want to be so very very up front, so I let four others slip in front of me XD Anna, one of the girls, had been the very first in the row all the while, and was so nervous... she'd rather been more in the middle of the queue ... I could totally understand her XD I didn't want to be so much up front either. "It's too close I'm too close I'm too close I'm too close"... x3 Total nutcase... (me xD) Gosh. [And it's "only" Kagrra, though well... they're one of my faves, quite high rank at that, but still... ]


I had actually started planning to tell them things already at about 2 or 3pm, trying to figure out what to say to whom... if, at all... and kept forgetting things, just the most important things I wanted to say remained... And well... I'd never managed to say anything to the Gazemen, but well... that's almost a year ago now... but still, I know that when you're suddenly there in front of the actual guys, you just can't talk... heh ^^" It's like "Uh... *wiped out* *blank* uh... haaarigatouuhh... *___*" hehehe...

Mm well... then another group of girls were let in, and then another one... ah, it was all so ~slow~, you now, not as hectic as it was with Gazette. The security woman (she was so friendly, always with that big, but honest, sort of encouraging smile. Loved her) told me, I could go as well, and I actually went like O_O "NONO!" and took a few steps back... hahaha xDDD I just REALLY didn't want to go yet. "Ah, are you three..?", she asked me, meaning, whether Dani, her friend and me wanted to stay together, and I was like "uhhh yeah", so she nodded... but then said "Ah well, you can come in anyway... just wait here a bit, but you can look *smile*" WAHHH she was so great! *_* So we got in there and looked and ohmygooodssss... X__X"

I think I wasn't thinking, really... I couldn't really think. I just stared at them, grinning like an idiot, heh, until I noticed that Akiya, who was up first (it was Akiya, then Izumi, Isshi, Nao and Sin), didn't have anything to do anymore... and I was the next in line... He reclined in the chair, pulling his arms a bit back over the table, and put the cap on the pen again, looking straight forward. I was like *clutches her bag* *thinking 'ImgonnabethenextoneooooooogodsIcanseeIsshiarghhestoocloseargh* ... xD Hehe... the memory makes me laugh haha... So much tension. Hehe... Well, and the security woman just smiled and grinned (I'm sure she either knew how it was being in such a situation, or just generally was happy for all of us. She was so great. I just have to say it again hehe... though she's only been in my life for such a short time, for some reason, I'm really grateful... and she wasn't the ONLY security there, ne... there were at least... six? Eight?). And then she nodded and told me, I could go up there already ... nnnghhh!!!

Some of the girls had said that 楓弥 Akiya is learning German, and they'd planned to ask him in something in German... no idea whether they'd really done it haha... I had thought about asking him simply how he was, in German, but my mind was so scattered, I didn't say a word haha... Well, actually I did say a word... two, to be exact... I think xD Well, as soon as I stood in front of him, and him smiling back at me with those pretty lips of his and his dark brown hair, I said Konnichiwa and bowed/nodded a bit hehe... He might even have said "hallo" or something, I really don't remember xp He said "Konnichiwa!" back, nodded and I gave him the book... The way I gave it to him was already the right way up, but the douche turned it around again *laughs* I was like "errrrr... XDDDDD" but didn't say anything... just watched his hands and the gold-pen flit over the page as he did his sign and the little pumpkin head... (so cute :3), and maybe he'd already given the book over to Izumi, then I stretched out my hand to shake his (well, they never actually ~shake~ hands, you know, it's just a 'take and sometimes squeeze' ne), and he put the pen down (even put the cap back on it hehe) and took mine, smiling in this o-so-sweet way, saying "Danke" while I said "Arigatou" haha, sorry Akiya, hahaha... no German from my part xp I thought his hand felt rather small and fine... and a bit cool to the touch? I really don't remember how their hands felt as much as I (still) remember Gazette's but I know Akiya's hand felt lovely.

I think about all of them asked me, whether it was okay to sign here, or there... just with pointing and looking, not with words, ne.

白水 Izumi signed rather quickly. I giggled innerly when I saw him draw the little huge-eyed, lippy-face haha... and I just ~grinned~... Hah, I totally forgot to mention anything about ドラ息子, the word he said he'd wanted to remember his fans xD I was totally taken away by how sweet he really is haha... I always found him cute, but now in front of him, with his shiny black hair, and his none existing height (sry xD)... the dark eyes and that grin, the little spot on the right ala of his nose, the way his hair formed around his face and ... ♥ *laughs* Yeah, I like Izumi :3 Well, he signed rather quickly as I said, then I stretched out my hand again, and wah, that smile (♥.♥) ... and he was just about to turn left to get the next thing to sign, when I suddenly started talking to him... haha! I don't know whether you watched the comment that Kagrra, did about their Europe tour... I think there was the question what they were looking forward to, and Izumi said something about that he totally wanted to eat pizza. XD The others laughed, and Isshi replied that they weren't going to Italy though... and Izumi was like O-O... and almost T_T and then smiled widely and said "Well, what about pasta then?" or something... haha... Well, so when I was there, I asked him quite quickly whether he'd eaten pizza yet hahahaha! And it was funny, at first he didn't understand (I think I even said it wrong, but who cares xP), and leant in still while I was taling, looked all concentrated and held his right ear closer to me, leaning over the table... hahah! So I repeated hahahaha... And he was the funniest thing ever when he understood what I'd asked him the second time:
He seriously almost ~jumped~ back into his seat, straightened up with eyes that were more little black stars than actual eyes, beaming and laughing as he shook his head in a way his hair flew all the way to the sides, saying totally surprised that no, he hadn't eaten pizza yet (I don't remember the exact words, or lets say, the exact verb-form lol, I just remember what they meant XD), but totally wanted to. 「食べタイ!!!!」Gosh, that man makes me flail :3333 That moment between us was just so cute XD I replied something on that, but honestly forgot what it was... just some conversational sounds I think... and laughed lightly before I took another step and UH there I was...

In front of 一志 Isshi. OoO"
I must confess, I already stole a glance at him while I still was standing in front of Izumi, about when he laughed, or I, or both of us, and just before I headed over... and Isshi was signing something at that moment, and grinned as if he'd overheard our conversation... it was that little Isshi-grin when he tries to hold back a laugh XDD Hehe~ So I was kind of still laughing a bit when I suddenly was in front of him... watching his hands as he signed my book, the way he wrote "Kagrra," and then the other part of the signature, looking down at those oh so beautiful, slim and slender hands, the fine, black-polished nails, the way his muscles worked in his forearm as he moved the pen... Uhhh did he have moles on his arm? oO' I get the feeling he did... Well, anyway, he'd done signing and looked up at me, smiled and said "Thank you", while I, again, said "Arigatou", and he was just turning his attention to the next thing to sign, I had almost taken a step over to the left but then I started... "あー...一志..." and at that moment, even though I wasn't thinking at all... there was 零 in my head... I knew that now I started it, I had to end it... and just as I had spoken his name, he turned completely back, all his attention directed at me... I think I looked more ~down~ at his hands rather than up at his face, probably both though, as I staggered and stumbled verbally (even though I actually didn't, I just spoke slowly - it only felt that way xD) to tell him what I'd wanted to tell him... even though I had no idea about the verb-form *laughs* (To be honest, I care very little about having it perfectly perfect as long as they understand what I mean... now that I crossed that line and am finally able to actually SAY something *laughs* ... way to go, but it's a start =D) He, like Izumi, turned his head and ear, and he leant in so much nyah... and nodded lightly while I spoke ... *cough* Just what I really had wanted to tell him, 「一志の美声は。。。あたしの心を。。。降れー」that his beautiful voice can touch my heart, and since I really wasn't able to think, I had no idea about any verbal form, so it came in handy that right after "fure~" he practically exploded with that happy smile and an 「ハ!ハリガトウ!!」... I swear, I was beaming like a Cheshire Cat. That 'Arigatou' of his was just so damn heartfelt - the way he emphasized it was just so~ touching. Wah. Yeah. Love that man :3 That I didn't even show him how well I remember 鬼 as the one word he wanted us to remember wasn't important anymore at all... ^ ^" [and now when I think back of it, it seems he was almost disappearing under the table with how deeply he bowed over and over again... but that's just what my mind makes out of it I think *laughs*]

And then I skipped over to 女雅 Nao - though I think I still looked over at Isshi ^^" I don't remember too much of him unfortunately... guess Isshi blew my mind just a tiny bit XD I remember that Nao asked whether he should sign where the other three had, since there still was a bit of space on the page, or if he should use the other, so pointed to the blank one like んん、はい, and he signed... He was the only one to use a silver pen XD His fingernails also had a silver glitter polish... I went like "Aw Gods, Naaaooo" in my head... I'm sure he picked that pen on purpose, having to totally be something special xD Ah, I loved his long hair. His hands are quite beautiful. *__* And such a sweet smile. Well. Nao's smile XD When we had left the desk and just watched them, I started to make fun of Nao "Heyyy I think Nao really got something into his eye... look, he's always twinkling when looking up at a girl... surely there's something wrong with his eye." And since he was doing it with everyone (that flirt tchhh xD), I guess he did it with me, too, yet it left me somewhat unimpressed... But it would indeed have been a hard task to impress me, after 一志鬼様 mehehe...

Then I was over in front of small, fragile looking Sin ~ seemingly fragile, surely strong Sin. I was still beaming from ear to ear when he looked up, and twittered my isshienized こんにいちは, he smiled his little smile that stops somewhere in the middle of his cheeks and then continues around his eyes... and I watched his hands as he put down his arty signature. His hands were really slender... I noticed two moles on his right hand, and a huge, red scratch running down it... ouch~ Plus, in comparison to the others, Sin had noticeable black hair on his arms and wrists :3 Speaking of hair, I liked his fawn/blond/gold hair colour.

And then it was over. So fast, yet not too fast. I'm glad I could say what I wanted to say... though, afterwards I regretted it a bit when I remembered that I had wanted to tell Sin something about how great I thought it was that they integrate his koto play into their music, or just generally how much I love the sound of his koto. I stayed there in the front for a couple of more seconds, not even noticing that Dani already stood next to me, and I quickly did a picture before the security guy told me to please not take pictures... ts, always the same old song.

Too bad 白水 was leaning back just that moment ... nyar... still *__*

Remaining there, watching ~

We went around the corner and watched them from behind... hehe... Isshi's hair ラブラブ. I tried taking some pictures when no security was looking *grins* I then noticed Isshi's adidas shirt again... Haha... adidas is always going to remind me of him :3 ... At least it wasn't Mao... if it was, I'd probably wear adidas 24/7 =____= The queue was still so damn long... It was fun watching all the other people in the store as well. Some had gathered around the barricades to watch... and of course they had that scene here a couple of times:

A-san: What's going on here? oO"
Fanko: An autograph session
A-san: Ohh... *curious* By whom?
Fanko: Kagrra,~
A-san: WHO?
Fanko: Kagrra, a Japanese Rockband
A-san: ... ... Aha... hm. *shrug* Never heard of them.
Fanko: It's the guys on the posters here, here, and there, and the music playing.
A-san: Ahh...

Lol. I had this episode with two girls wanting access to some CDs they couldn't reach from that side, because of the barrier. One of them asked, what was going on, so I told her, autograph session, and so on, and she went like "Who?" so I told her, the guys on the poster... then that tarted up bimbo made a sour face and went like "uuuhhh GOD, they're u~gly... let's leave..."
Tch. I just lifted my eyebrow and grinned, while Dani went like "WOAAH!!" hahah... That girl has no idea what she's missing. Why should I tell her haha. [Just like on of the girls in the queue had pointed at a picture on my bag and said that 麗 looked like Dieter Bohlen just without wrinkles. ... I just said "... No." while Dani went like "!!!! WOAH! That's and insult!!!!" xD]

Nao turned around a couple of times... sometimes when somebody called his name, I think. Once he turned around for one of the official photographers, holding up a present he'd just received - it was a bottle of something I didn't recognize. He held it up, gave one of his thumbs-up with the other hand and winked in that way of his, with that winking-nao-beam... Haha! So cute.

Some girls even got hugged. :3 I loved standing there in the back actually... seeing all those happy faces pass me by on their way out, it almost made my eyes wet as well :3 Of course it reminded me a lot of the Gazette session ne~... I could understand all the girls that were about to cry when they left the place. Nya *patpat* I wasn't feeling that way... I was just grinning so so much, and felt totally happy, calm, and at peace.

Some girls even got hugs. ^____^ As one of them passed us, with THAT huge grin on her face, she said "Well... you just have to ask ^--------^" hehehe... it's lovely of the guys to hug them nyar~

After about 30 minutes of seeing all those happy, almost-crying or really-crying faces, we went around the barriers and stood behind the barrier in the front, able to see their faces. I took a couple more pictures, or well, tried to, but the security there was manifold... and always waved their arms so it was impossible to get really good pictures *mwahahah* well... xD

Hehehe... I got quite a good shot of 楓弥 there though ^-----^ The people you can see between her hands are fans in the queue

A couple of girls pretended to be talking in their phones and took pictures instead XD I just stood there and gazed at them, trying to memorize the ways the partings of their hair was, the shades of their haircolor... and so on, hehe.

I think it was when 雨情 was playing, or maybe 賽, when Izumi totally moved with the song... bopping his head up and down and moving in his chair, until the next person reached him to get their things signed... hahaha... ドキドキ 雨情 is totally reminding me of all those hours of waiting, and the session... Irodori, Ujou, and hmmm Sai? were the 3 songs that Saturn played here and there a couple of times before they started playing ~nothing but~, until they finally let the whole album run up and down.

At one point, people shouted Akiya's name - he looked up and made チョキ, shaking that hand twice up and down hahah!

I was really curious as to how long they'd actually be there for the signing session. The queue still seemed long when it was already 5:40... However, after about an hour, they slowly got up... Isshi stroked his hair back (mmm he's doing that a lot ne ♥ *hnnyu~*, and then they left the way they came from, rather quickly, waving back at us. Everybody cheered, some costumers again looking as if thunder had struck them... The fun thing was, the way they went was NOT barricaded in any form. Yet, people stayed where they were like icicles. Apart from ~one~... one of the girls ran after them... I lost sight of her *laughs*

And EVERYBODY got their signatures. 音譜

Finally, we left the place. It had started to rain... Dani, her friend and me went to a bookstore close by, then to the Chinese place I started writing at. Great, I got my dinner for free since they didn't have that much appetite in the end *hehe*

Ne. I'm so happy. It was such a fantastic day. 嬉しこ>。< Thinking back to it makes me smile so so much... Being able to stand in front of them, shake their hands, actually even ~say~ something to them... convey something, ne, it's so special. I'm so terribly grateful T---T
I mean, Kagrra, aren't my absolute favourite band ne... 一番好きなバンドじゃないけど。。。but they definitely are one of my favourites. あー、一志ね。。。一志に伝えられる事。。。にゃ〜 *_* And being able to actually talk... なんと最高な日、本当にぁりがとぅござぃまっす ♥

So much to day No.1 with Kagrra, ... Going to start writing about the actual concert soon ^----^
27th-Aug-2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
I hate that one can't really take pictures at signing sessions for whatever reason >_<''' (these waving security ppl?? geez Oô)

Haha, I laughed out loud when reading the 'the taxi driver could have also told me' part .... XDDD

Gah, I somehow wish I would have been there. Not even to get an autograph. I don't know. I like the band, but I don't know enough of their music. It would have felt unfair towards the other fans (well, ok, everyone got one, so ... maybe not ^^)
... but just to watch. That atmosphere. All those happy people and such. Just ... observing.
I actually would have liked that.
[And it's weird to know that I COULD have been there 'cause dammit I AM in cologne already XDDD and have been on Friday *laugh*]

Oh, and ... though I'd never camp in front of a venue, those girls sure had fun XDDD nice

Hm ... about the pic ... Nao ^__^' *likes him*

I'm happy you've been having such a good time that day =)
(And yeah, cologne can be really small *laugh*)
27th-Aug-2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
Well, it's not allowed... hm, dunno~

XD Hnf well, would have been funny.

Dani's friend wasn't a fan at all. She just waited with her and was bored xD And yeah, you could have come there. And if you'd gotten into their music, you'd probably fallen in love as well. So maybe you shouldnt' get into it lest you'll regret it. ... Nothing but Kagrra, running up and down here ~

Cologne can be rather huge too xD I was walking around on sunday, for a bout 3 hours... nya~ I like the markets at the Rhein'ufer'... I love Cologne anyway. .___.
27th-Aug-2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
Well, the only reason why I don't know that much of Kaggra's music yet is because I suddenly 'got to know' that many bands ... rather heard of that many bands ... it was impossible to listen to all of them XD so the ... hm ... number of those bands I really know is still rather ... small *laugh* *gg*

And well, I think I wouldn't have regretted going there at all. Look at what happened after I went to gazette's signing session XDD (and I know more about Kaggra than I did about Gazette XDDD easy, I know, but still *gg*)

Yeah, ok, it can be quite big at times XDD But nothing compared to Berlin. It's weird at times *gg*
I like the Rheinufer in general. We've been there almost every day so far.
It indeed is a quite lovely city. ^^
28th-Aug-2008 01:13 pm (UTC)
Ah, I know that 'problem"... But I'm definitely glad that Kagrra, are amongst those that I got into... and I'm seriously glad that they seem to be a coherent band-love of mine, not like some others whom I WAS strongly into, but then it just got.. dispersed, somehow. as it was with Alice ~ v-v

Bakachan for not turning up... .___.

Hmmm yeah... maybe. I don't know how many people there are in Cologne... it seemed bigger than munich, than again, it didn't... I don't know. I just really love the stores much more. Much more interesting ones, it seemed. Nyar.
And I never liked Berlin as the city... hm... just for things happening there, but never really the city. ._.
27th-Aug-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Ahhh that sounds so amazing! I'm glad you had a lot of fun. ♥♥♥♥
27th-Aug-2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
27th-Aug-2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
^----^ Thanks~ we did have a lot of fun there. *hehe*
28th-Aug-2008 11:56 am (UTC)
oh man...

I envy you a lot now that I've read this report...
You are so lucky!!
And your words almost made me cry - I love such emotional reports like this one.
In some moments I got the feeling to stand directly in front of Isshi and the others.. you described it sooooooooo touching!

It's a pity I couldn't be there.
But I hope to meet them next time when they'll come to Germany.
Maybe together with you?? =)

I am feeling so so so happy for you!
It's great to read you had so much fun and made those real everlasting experiences with Kagrra.

Thank you so much for this awsome report!!
28th-Aug-2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
Awwww... thank you so much :3

Don't envy me... T-T
But yeah... I'm so happy for that experience, really... it was so so lovely. I'm so grateful. m(T_T)m

I'm always writing my 'reviews' as to not forget what it felt like to be there, next to not forget what happened... but I think the feelings are just as important - if not more important than the actual matter. And since I'm really writing them for my memory first of all, they turn out that way ^ ^" And lengthy at that (^ ^;)

You're welcome ne~ I'm going to sit down for the live-review as well soon :3 It will probably be a bit shorter... not as many personal experiences, ne, but we'll see to that :3
29th-Aug-2008 09:35 am (UTC)
Yap, like diary ^^
I do that also.
But I do not make my reports public because there are so much personal feelings which not everybody needs to know ^^

Oh, don't worry about the length!
I like that because I now cane imagine how much fun you had!
And it helps me to not be so sad because I couldn't be there.

I'm really looking forward your report about the concert!
29th-Aug-2008 10:08 am (UTC)
Ah well, I don't mind people seeing in the kind of feelings that are in my reviews. I tend to write two versions anyway, when I happen to put very personal things into them, then I save a different file and modify the one I put online.

^ ^ Ahh, that's why I put them online after all. So people can partake in what I experienced. ^,^
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