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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
☆ ~Kagrra, in Cologne live review~☆ 
8th-Sep-2008 12:26 am
So, here's the review from the Kagrra, live in Cologne, 23rd of August 2008. It took me a while to type the notes... but finally, I'm finished ^_^ I put the notes down right when I came back to the hostel after the live. As usual, the review is my own, personal view of the live... with all my existent or non-existent fangirlisms, daydreams... and so on. Enjoy~

Just took a needed shower, sitting down to put down notes for the review. My feet hurt. I feel good. It's gone by too fast...

They started at 7:30 and it ended at about 9:15 with one enchore they had us wait for for about 15 minutes... I'm rocking a bit in my chair, on one foot...

Before the Concert

There've been a couple of unfair things going on.

For example… Us (meaning the ones arriving long time before early afternoon) having been waiting for ages (I arrived at about 11am, ne, and I mentioned those that had been camping there for days in the autograph report), by counting I was Number 55 or so… and then after 4pm, fresh arrivers started to “queue” at the beginning of the actual queue, meaning, clustering up there. But well, we wouldn’t accept it, so the 5 girls and me went there as well, at about 4:30, a lot of the others that were in the queue just behind us following.

Well, when I arrived at the place, just that moment, the tourbus arrived from the Netherlands as well… it was quite funny. I didn’t really realize it were them on the bus, but the two girls in front of me went like “Wheee!” and the cat-girl turned around and said “Waah, perfect timing!” and I grinned… we tried to make out movements behind the black… it was only possible when the bus was in the shade… and I saw some one upstairs in the far back… well, I saw hair XD Distinctive hair. It might have been stuff too, for all that I know *lol* but I don’t know… that hair :3 Those two girls were the same girls that would sit next to me against the wall of the building just a bit later, queuing right there with me. Hehe~

Waiting time in general actually was lovely. According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be raining, however, there was lovely sunshine most of the time. Wind, but sun, warming us up. I wrote something in both かつ’s (the catgirl :3) and Yila’s book (whom I called “as-you-like-chan”, since she told me I should call her as I like XD 笑) I read a bit, socialized (lol), listened to music and daydreamt (*cough*眩暈) I even slept for about an hour there, I was surprised. Time went by in an enjoyable speed. And since a BurgerKing was close, we could go to the toilet for free as well. There also was Anne, she who reminded me of ル somehow, and who’d been the nervous girl at the signing, who was up front but didn’t want to be the first one 笑, and then there was Kai (since she loves 戒) - who’s still to find me on lj *cough* - and later a red-haired girl.

The Concert

First of all, sorry for non-existing chronology and incoherence. I’m just following the couple of notes that I took after returning from the concert.

There was nearly no security. We DID get checked before we got inside, but not that much… well, the usual way ne. And I don’t really know why I did it, I’ve never done it that way and could have kicked myself at first, that I went to the merchandise before I got my place in the hall … eh? oO” I don’t know what’s bitten me. But I was done there pretty quickly. Just telling the guy that I had the money ready lol. There was such chaos at the merch. So yeah, lucky me.

We only had to wait half an hour before it started… and it was the first concert I went to that played the band’s music before the live. Hehe.

The Intro, it was lovely… I don’t remember it, but for that it was lovely x.x

I don’t remember the playlist, nor am I sure about it, but I think songs they played were Amafurase Tanmaina, Ujou, Yousai (what a lovely fan-whirling *_*), Guilty, Yukikoi, Kaze no kioku, Urei, Hakkyakou, Sakura maichiru, Uzu… And of course, Utakata. The people kept shouting for Satsuki, but they didn’t play it, did they? And I think they did 忘却の果ての凍えた孤独 (at least I think I can remember ‘wasuretai wasuretai’ and me singing the ‘wasuretai’ with tears in my eyes… uh but I can be mistaken ne XD) And of course they played Irodori no Sanka as well. So lovely.

I remember that all of them (at least as much as I could make out XD) had their clothes in black and red. At least there were both colours at all of them. I loved 一志’s outfit. You can see a bit of it down there on the picture… else, that robe was held together by a thick, golden rope that was knitted in front of his chest. I loved the gloves… it looked as if there were little bells attached to them [Though it actually were small chains]. And then the see-through, long glove… Not to mention his hair. Loved his hair. It looked much more fanned out than on the picture to follow. It was straight down in the front, and the sides, and the back of it was all spread ♥.
Someone on the Kagrra, community posted a link to photographs that had been taken professionally in Paris.


Ahhh I love these pictures…

At one point, 一志 said “Jetzt spiele wir alte Song =D” (now we gonna play old song), and they started with Urei. … Woah, that one hit home. Out with the fans, the crowd just one sea of waving sensus…. *__* Isshi made us sing with him, too.

Us: Aiiii haaaa... *Isshi singing on*
Us: Fui niiii *Isshi singing on*

Aww I loved the way he held contact with the people… and of course, all his gestures, his facial expressions, just as they were the first time I’ve seen them. The time I fell in love with his hands, the way he moves them… splays his fingers over hist chest… *///* such beautiful hands at that… And I really love the way his face looks from a low angle… just the way when you’re down, he’s up (… for some reason, I was going to type “on top” XD), raising his head just a bit… and wah, that smile… *_____* The fan dances, the dances, even the headbanging…

Erm, anyway. Of course there was a sea of sensu at Amafurase, ne. It’s THE sensu song. (I’m going to write ‘sensu’ instead of ‘fan’ because ‘fan’ makes me imagine all the people in front of them, not the hand-fans xD [And yes, handfans are tiny fangirls you can keep in your pockets and pull out, seat them onto your palms for when your voice won’t come out any longer….])

And I thought, you could really see how much Kagrra, themselves loved it all. The live, the atmosphere, playing here… It was all so damn lively, and they all looked so happy… it was wonderful.


Ah, once quite in the beginning, I seemed to have a rather long contact with 楓弥 Akiya… it’s funny, hehe, I don’t mind him … I mean, I like them all, ne, just, he’s not my favourite - though once he got close xD - And naturally, I was looking mostly into direction Isshi, ne, rarely at those that weren’t close enough to be seeing both the lovely singer and the other person. But there I was looking over, and Akiya happend to let his gaze roam over the people, and I just grinned a bit boldly at him… *laughs* I don’t really know why and all, but I had this almost mocking expression in my face… the way you look when you’re amused about someone or something and look at somebody else who knows what it is that amuses you… ne… So I grinned at Akiya, and he looked at me, and held the eye-contact, his lips contracting softly into a smile that appeared almost playful, as he played on, and then there was this expression in his eyes, that made me grin really wide… and I made some gesture at him, and he grinned, and then looked away again. *laughs* It was really great lol.

It was quite hot, too… for them, at least. You know what is really handy about Kagrra, concerts? You get always fanned =D It’s so … luxurious haha! *hehe* And so smart :3 The guys were bathed in sweat at some stages of the live though, haha~ And again and again, 真’s beautiful smile… I love it so much. He can look so damn serious and concentrated, but when he smiles (well, he still looks concentrated when he smiles X3), he’s just so… aw.w…

Now, I didn’t get into such deep contact with 一志 as I seemed to do that one time with Akiya. I mean, of course, Isshi had his eyes in the crowd most of the time, and naturally, his eyes would fall on you a couple of times, ne, for a bit here and there, smile at you with that beautiful, peaceful smile, then let his eyes roam around again (and I loved each and every of those short moments ♥. However, I thought there was something during the first quarter of the concert (one of the very first songs, too). I wasn’t 100% sure at that time… Well, he’d looked at me (and I of course had my hands up, with his name, and of course the 鬼s on them heheh), and then there was this sort of wink/sign he did at me… Like, laying his head to the side, curling his lips just a bit (rrrrr… uhhh it was the only time I think that he actually looked something close to feral during the live… he resembled more the tenshi than the oni during most of it… or did I miss those other precious oni moments? *gasp* …. xD Anyway, cocking his head while looking, curling his lips, and then he made a quick movement with his hand and a nodding of his head that was like a beckoning “hey you, I can see you, you, come here” or a “yeee~~~ah *growl*” and wooosh, he whirled around to the right and went on singing and moving in direction 女雅 Nao… Leaving me like “*SWEAT* O__O Uhhhhhhwhatwasthat...uh… aww *____* … but… did he really mean me with that? *warm* *not daring to look behind her*”
*laughs* Hmm xD

There was little contact between 白水 and me. I thought that maybe once, he looked at me for a second, but that’s about it. I didn’t get too much to see of him, of course ah, Isshi kind of standing in front of him :33 But I loved looking over at Izumi. Such a sweet face. This smile of his, all of the time. He looked really happy. It was bliss looking at him, I thought :3 I never really had recognized him before JRockInvasion. He just totally stunned me, at that time. He actually looked damn beautiful back in December, so beautiful I started to doubt that what I’d seen of him before was his actual self. Already back in December I loved looking at him… *happy sigh* =D

The Show - Interacting and Flirts

Sin and Akiya switched places quite a lot of the time, or went up front, heating up the people. Of course everyone would scream, cheer and shout when they just moved a tad somewhere else than what was their usual place to be haha! I remember Akiya’s red (of course) guitar, and the black one… He kept raising his guitars over his head while playing at times *____* And Nao’s black and white bass. Aw, I loved his hairdo. His hair is quite long now, and he bound it sort of in the back and the side of his head?

The sound of Sin’s koto was just sooooo lovely… I held my breath whenever he started playing it. So damn beautiful. Especially the Utakata solo, ne. Just… breathtaking. The crowd cheered so damn much when that song began… and everybody sang with them. Such a sight, seeing them on stage, in return seeing and hearing all those people singing their song… those faces… awwww…

I just thought that the sound of the micro was a tad less than perfect… at least as I seemed to remember it, the sound was much clearer at JrockInvasion. However, it was nothing to worry over, it wasn’t really disturbing in any way, ne… the rest made up for it.

And Nao of course the perpetual flirt and tease. Always winking at the girls, going like “heeyyy you *hehe*” and having his thumbs up in the air hahaha… Such a love. One girl told me thought that she thought at one point he turned around, and his hand quickly grabbed his side, making a pained face, then turning his back to the audience… and went to the back of the stage (in front of the speakers/drumset - it was after one of their songs) and Shin went up to him, putting his arm around his shoulder, talking to him. I don’t know if there was something up with him or not… nu…

But ohmagawds, I just remembered something really hilarious between Sin and Nao, quite in the beginning. Nao had gone over to Sin’s place, so they were standing close next to each other, both of them playing their instruments. Nao totally looked down and had such a face of pure concentration that he usually does NOT ever have… x3 While still nodding his head and rocking out… And Sin just glances over at him, again and again, not stopping looking at him, while Nao just ignored him. Sin started to grin, then giggle lightly, moving a bit to get Nao’s attention… but Nao just kept on playing, not reacting to Sin’s nagging at all… Hahah… And Sin totally went like “*giggle* hey… hey… HEY you… NAO... come ON, look at me or something… naaaoo…” It was SO hilarious… Did I see a little smirk on Nao’s face? xD *cackles* And Sin just couldn’t control his facial features for long, he just grinned so much, swaying a bit and always looking, no, rather staring at Nao, trying to get him to look back at him… however since Nao never did, Sin moved to the left and poked him with the neck of his guitar XDDDDDDD THEN Nao looked up at him and grinned, and Sin laughed back at him and… awwwwwwww it was SO damn cute :3

About their clothes… I already mentioned Isshi’s clothing. I seem to remember that Akiya’s outfit was mainly black, with a dark red seam. And he had high, light (suede?) boots. (I liked them :3… But they looked so terribly warm x-X) Nao wore something with very long sleeves - well, like those kimono sleeves, ne - and it appeared to be greybrownish, though I seemed to recognize the red/black with it as well.

I think it was in Urei, when Nao had went up to the front to play there, and Isshi skipped over, putting his right arm around Nao’s shoulder… and leaned in leaned in, his face closer and closer to him uhhh so close to his neck… his hair blocked the view from what he actually was doing but uhh it looked nice X3 Nao grinned, and then turned his head (I was like “WAH PURIZE! first heavy Kagrra, fanservice ever PUREEZE!” *haha* It sure looked as if they might kiss just there XP) and then they sang the song together so damn close mwahah awww I loved that. They both grinned at each other when Isshi let go hehe.

Nao also stuck his tongue out at some points, I was told XDDD

Isshi talked so much, introduced so many songs… Always in German, of course =D Just like he did at JrockInvasion, but a lot more. For example, “Wie gehts? (how are you)” and “Wia sin Kagrra! Bitte … habd… shpas! (We a’ Kagrra,. Prease hab fun!” ( xD Ahhh… I do know how to type German/English, I’m just trying to somehow illustrate his way of talking *laughs*) And ALWAYS that smile when he was talking… about to burst into laughter at some points *haha* I love how his voice sounds when he’s talking, trying not to laugh :3 He also said things like “Jezz spiele wia unzere neue Song!… 渦!(Nou we’ playing oua nyuu song! Uzu!)”

And damn, did we cheer when they did! Only ever saw the tiny preview on their homepage, but ah gods, that was so beautiful already. And yes, wonderful song. Koto solo… so damn beautiful. So beautiful you could cry. ;___; I was really close to crying a couple of times during the concert for sure. I did have wet eyes here and there… ah, but I didn’t cry. ^ ^

Once when Isshi talked, he introduced Nao, and went a bit to the side, wanting Nao to do some talking. Nao laughed, and seemed a bit embarrassed XD… he got a bit of paper, wanting to read from it, just like Isshi did… But he snuffled an awful lot! *laugh* I’m sure it was all just a game of his (he never snuffled the day before at the signing… and he didn’t seem to have a cold any other time during the concert either ahahaha!). He snuffled while trying to find on the paper what he was going to say, snuffled, said nothing, read read (silently), snuffled audibly, everybody on stage noticeably amused xD. Then he read out a bit of it, snuffled again… lol… he wiped his nose as well xDDD It was like “hmmm *silent read* Hmm *snufflewipe* *wipesnuffle* *reading out* Hmm… *silent read*… *snufflesnufflewipe* *eyes flitting around on the paper, trying to find the right place* *snuffle*” Hehehe! I don’t remember what it was he actually said lmao… *shame* But at one point, he suddenly went all silent, and then looked up, grinned, and said “Bin ish sexy?” with THAT huge grin! (“Am I sexy?”) ahahaha!!! We laughed so so much, of course some going like “WOOHOOO” and all, while I just wanted to shout “baka!” or something XDDD Isshi just stared at him with that grin, and Sin, having his arms crossed, furrowed his brows and cocked his head, probably wondering what the heck Nao was talking about… Nao repeated “Bin ish Sexay? =DDDD” while looking expectantly at us, and Sin just shook his head, his little body rocking from silent laughing *hahahaha* Sooo cute ~ Nao’s pronunciation isn’t as good as Isshi’s, but still good enough, hehe.

The Show - Going to an End

During some songs, Isshi ‘knocked’ at his heart with his hand… I know that it was during 悲しい時 for example, that he did. So many emotions in his face as well… Such beautiful handmovements and all. Sometimes I just stood there and stared in awe, going ‘O my Gods…’ in my head over and over … xD Ah yes, I got a bit lost in his voice at times as well.

At one point, Isshi said “Und jetz spiele wia… unsere letzte … song.” [now we’re gonna play our last song] - of course everyone went like “awwwww!” and “noooo!!!!!!” … it was before the encore hehe. So he said “ABA! [but] … Wia komme wieda =D” [we’ll be back] :333 Soooo adorable aahaa awwww…

And if I’m not terribly mistaken, then they played Amafurase (again?) as the first song for the encore, and that also was the song when Isshi threw his lovely fan. Not all the way to the back over my head like last time, but into the front rows. One of the girls I was at the live with said she knew the one who got the fan. She seemed to be someone everybody knew xD

After that one, they played Uzu again, again introduced by Isshi. Of course they went on stage with their bandshirts for the encore. For some reason I remember how Akiya looked in the shirt and his boots and pants… *laughs* No idea why, though.

As for other things they that got thrown into the crowd - of course a lot of picks were taking that direction… a couple of Nao’s passed me by a some points during the live… one time, one landed just a row or so before me, and two girls immediately threw themselves into that direction. It was so interesting watching them fight over it (without knowing where exactly it was, ne XD), that I even lost sight of the stage for a bit XDDDD *laughs*

There were a couple of balloons as well… but I have no idea where they’d come from originally. Kagrra, threw a couple of waterbottles, and Akiya and Nao were the ones that kept throwing their picks. In the end they threw out about all the rest of what they still had in their guitarstands… and Izumi threw at least four of his drumsticks. Aww. *3* Wish I had gotten one of them (ハアト)

What I found funny, was that Isshi always said “thank you” despite all the things he kept reading out in German xD

One time, he actually read it wrong… He said something he’d said before, probably realized, then stopped reading, laughing, and turning the sheet around, to look for the place he’d actually wanted to read out. *laughs* … Trying a bit, noticing it wasn’t quite right either, so he turned it around again… aww x3 Ah yes, and he kept stroking his hair back. I love that. He always keeps stroking his hair from out of his face. In interview, comments… on stage … *3*

When they played Utakata, the whole hall cheered. Practically everyone had wanted that song - and according to that, everybody sang with them.

They’re very last song was Sakura maichiru ano oka de. Isshi introduced it with “Unsere letze song… [everybody going ‘nooooooooo! ;______;’ again] Bitte… singt mit uns.” (Our last song. Please, sing with us) Aw, I was so moved… unfortunately, not many seemed to know the song… nor the lyrics x-X … Ahhh but we tried XD I mean, I know the song as the one they always let the crows sing, so I’m at least able to sing the refrain… yet after the concert, some of the girls, I think it was Katsu, asked me whether I knew all Kagrra, songs, and whether I’d knew that one… cause they never heard it before. I just went like ^ ^”… Cause well. At least after seeing their live DVDs, one would know. They also played it at JrockInvasion, when I didn’t know that song yet… But Isshi sang it to us in a way we could just sing along… it was incredible. I mean, Keiyuu from Kra had wanted us to sing along to some song as well, but it just didn’t work out, and in the end he just made “lalala” or something, to have us sing that (I refused… <_<) And then Kagrra, play that song that only those know that have been into Kagrra, for a bit longer, ne… I mean, not even I had a clue, but the way Isshi sang the refrain bit for bit, then let us repeat after him… so crystal clear, anyone could have sung it without even knowing what the words meant. It was amazing. And so so touching…

So that didn’t work out so perfectly this time… but people still sang with all their hearts… less lyrics, more heart ^ ^” … Nyah~

Oh yes… they also played Hakkyakou… Ah, I love that song. The guys made us shout “hoy! hoy! hoy!” during it hehe~

All in all, the guys really rocked the place. The guys really loved it… Nao and Akiya kept singing the songs, I think maybe even Izumi did… And the expressions in their faces aww… I loved that concert. So so much.

And the very last words Isshi said… he neither used German nor English, but I think for the very first time during the whole concert, he used his mother tongue …


he shouted, with so much feeling I was like gnnyaaahhh *_________*~

はあー *sigh*

P.S… I lost something...

And you know what? I lost my petit, beloved black fan that saved my mom’s life at the Miyavi live (she told me so…), and that kept making my days at college during the summer so so bearable… aww… I know I had it still during there last song, and then I put it away (as I’d done so often during the concert… ) Just that time, it seemed, right that time I didn’t put it into my bag deeply enough… well, it was after the live, I’d already gotten my bag from the wardrobe, and my cam from the security… and I think it was then that I noticed my fan was gone. I went back inside, into direction stage. The sec were already telling the people to back off. As far as I know, there would be a party at that place later that night, that’s why Kagrra, started so relatively early, and the sec wanted us out as quickly as possible. Well, I walked up to two broadly standing sec guys and asked them, peeping over their shoulders, lol, whether they’d found a little black fan… I showed them with my hands how big ca… they shook their heads… and about that time, I saw that guy heading into our direction. He seemed to be Japanese, possibly a staff member… I don’t know. There were two other girls standing to my right, else the place around us was cleared of people. I just saw something white in his (right?) hand, that he gave to the girls next to me… when I saw that… and he got closer to me… I swear, my eyes surely must have been either heart-shaped, or extremely dilated… xD I was just like *_______* when I realized what he had in his hand were left over Naopics… I seriously stretched both my hands out, cupped, like somebody who’s asking for a drop of sacred water or something… He looked at me, did a quick movement with his hand



I was like *SQUEE* when I left that place, my fist closed around that (yeah, unused, but so what XD) Naopic, as I danced outside, and yesssssss so I lost my beloved fan but hey, I got something in return *______* waaaah and I’m not even a Naofangirl… it’s so embarrassing… my reactions, I mean xD

So yeah… ^-------^

I’m happy~

After the Live

When I went out to look for Dani and her friend, I heard a voice calling me from somewhere and I abruptly stopped… it was [Bad username: keimaxwell] whee! Don’t know how she recognized me :3 We hugged and she complained about me just running past her while she’s shouting my name XDD Aww gomen neee x-x’ I’ll do it better next time hehe. We talked a bit, and she told me her and her friends would be at the MacDo at the centralstation later, if I wanted to join. Well, depending on the other girls, ne~

I met with the other five then again, on the opposite side of the hall. It was funny…. Katsu went like “Oh dear Gods… I’m in love now…” I just grinned. Yila said the “Uhhh me too…” and I grinned the more. Of course it was 一志, who else X33 … I was amused.

We had a really great time together after the live nah. Actually went to MacDo as well, but I didn’t see [Bad username: keimaxwell] there. ;__; We got some things to eat and then sat down on the stairs in front of the Dome… funny… a lot of other visus were there, too xD Haha. We just sat there and talked… was really lovely. Two of the gals couldn’t finish their chips lol, so I became the voluntary left-over eater again *chuckle* … I had bought those farm potatoes, ne, and of course I always have chopsticks with me… so as to… not have to eat with my fingers. I took them out, and then Katsu just stared at me and my chopsticks… I was like “Oo’ What?” and she said “Kawaiiiii!”….. XDDDDDDDD Gargh. xD *laughs* I just mumbled 「可愛いじゃない…」but frankly… whether they understood… xD Yila (same birthday as マオ *_*) and me exchanged msn addys… she said she’d call me 一志 from now on *honoured* neeeh =D and Kai said she’d try to find my LJ (… =_=) well, we’ll see.

[and here’s what I had written as my last words on the script I used to put down my notes at the hostel]

Well anyway. People are heading to bed here… it’s 1:11 now. I don’t really know much anymore anyways, am going go bathroom, msg Ruks, and take this to bed für alle Fälle.
♡ Loved them. Love them. 嗚呼一誌。。。
7th-Sep-2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
Awe! I love this band so much, they are amazing live!
I want to see them live again so much but everytime I go to Japan, they are only doing FC shows (>_<)!!!
8th-Sep-2008 12:10 am (UTC)
Yeah they are...
Damn, that sucks. X___X Hope you'll be able to see them again anyway. (^^)b
8th-Sep-2008 05:13 am (UTC)
Aw~ the concert was awsome, ne? X3
I spotted you because I've seen pictures of you! XD
We WERE at McDo the whole night. I think, at one point I also saw you walking inside, but I was a little worn out. XD We sat near the entrance, but I changed quickly after we get there, so maybe that's why you didn't recognize me? ^^"
8th-Sep-2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
Haiiii totally awesome :3333
Oh you have nnnyar ... Hehe~
And you were... Did I look at you? xD I don't remember. I think I must have glanced around but I don't think I was scrutinizing the place.

8th-Sep-2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
Aaaa, urayamashiiiiiiii~~~~~ I'd love to see them live! They were the third Japanese rocks band I heard and I really like them.

Is Isshi as lovely live as he is in the photos? *sigh*

Thank you for your report^^
8th-Sep-2008 07:38 pm (UTC)
I love Kagrra, ♥ Such beautiful music nnnn sou... *____*

Omgs... Isshi is much more lovely live as in the photos... I mean, the photos up there *points* are from the live but nnnnnnn... *______*

Welcome <3
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