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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[The Truth is your Judge] 
25th-Aug-2007 01:09 am
mao distorted
Warning: XD Hidden explicit language and quotes.
Note: I've been so angry... it's a lyrical revenge really, or a curse XD Either way it makes me feel good whenever I read it. Guess the other person won't be so happy hearing all this >

[The truth is your judge]
(01. august 2005)

Once you said I aught to rely on you
But relying on words is what fools do.
Nay, my soul is much too handsome -
Hearken, I can see what you long for,
In nights as black as velvet curtains
You wait for the agony to be curtailed.
You walk a line but what for reason
The lines dissolve within our treasons.
Walk the lonely plains inside your mind
A loner in the hope for a spark to find.

I’ve never seen a fire inside of ice,
never I’ve seen such love spilled twice.
I am the corruption, you are the law
You’re the defendant, in deed I saw
with eyes of ice with a view of flames
You’re the guilty, but I am to blame.
The truth may give no answer
For the judge is a blurring cancer
expanding in your trusting bowels
and clutching your name’s vowels.

Now walk the shores inside o’your dwarfish soul
Those rusty billows of pain will tear apart what is whole.
I’ll speak daggers to you but use none
Avenging is what still has to be done.

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