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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Cold Shivers and possibly a New Baby 
10th-Sep-2008 11:19 pm
mao distorted
Magazines and Cold Sweat

So today, after going to the optician, I went to NeoTokyo, a J-store in Munich.

I just wanted to see whether they'd gotten any new magazines, and if there were any among those that I ~might~ find the need to buy... I doubted it, since all the Gazette issues are still due to be released (they did have the new FoolsMate though).

Well... but since I'm already infamous about staring for 10 to 20 minutes straight at a single page, they're already used to me just being there, going through all their magazines and then leaving without buying anything... or one thing... or two. Hmmmm yeah... But seriously, I was actually trying to translate the interview at that time, so I wasn't just staring for ten minutes at the shoot xD~ らら ら〜

Though, to be totally honest... I tend to gaze at some single photo-pages for a while nnnn...

Anyway... I immediately went for the shelves with the magazines, scanning them for new ones... and then just taking one after the other to see whether there was any シド in the directory. Ahhh yes... I always scan the directories for my bands. Won't buy a magazine that has too little of those in them (unless a shooting in there was really good.) So hmmm... I grabbed that *I already forgot what it was but I think NeoGenesis* because it did have that name on the cover...

I only realized after six pages or so that I had already looked at that the last time. It was the issue that has excerpts from all the recent issues, one issue per page... Once I realized, do you think I put it back? Uhhh no... there was faa~ar too much シド in there. Okay so I admit it, I wouldn't remember any of the other guys' looks but for マオ nnn... o-o"

But why o why, while I was gazing at page after page, why did it feel so terribly warm in that store? ... It wasn't that hot outside. A warm day, but enjoyably warm. And as soon as I started turning the pages... Uhh I was so close to ask the guys if it was just me, or if it really was that hot in the store... somehow I didn't feel that it was so terribly warm when I had first gotten there but .... ngh. I seriously felt damp about everywhere. Clam and damp... my thighs, my shoulders, my nape, the upper part of my back, and mah faaace... sooouuuuuu damn warm x____X" I could feel the sweat form on my skin. Uh! o-o' I didn't ask them because I couldn't take my eyes off the pages nn. <_<

And noooooo it didn't help that I'd seen them all before. X___X" And then those pictures of them live. That tattoo. Staring and nibbling at my lips for too long. I drank so much water in there, but I still felt dizzy and sickish. Fucking shit...

Ahhhh I first cooled down a tiny bit when I started to concentrate on the Suteki Column. *sighsh*

... And when I left the place... got outside and felt my forehead... fucking cold sweat.

*blinks* ... Now someone tell me I'm totally in control of my body ^ ^"

That reminds me... last time I was in the car with mom, going home to her place, of course we were listening to Jrock. At one point, I think it was Despa that had been playing, I just stared at the display... just stared, feeling a bit threatened by the digital bars that soon would turn into the display for the next song. Suspicious, lifting one of my eyebrows... ZING as if I'd known.

Car Ride


One of my personal, little deaths, and the only song she has on that CD that is by Sid. Suddenly I wasn't sitting in my seat anymore, I was crouching in it, pressed hard against the door, whimpering... Haha... okay so that was an overreaction maybe... but... uh... (mom chuckled at that), yeah well I sat back down calmly and just listened, but just somehow that didn't work. I mean, it did. But... you know, I sat there without moving, and felt how my hands got damp. I don't have damp hands, ne. My hands aren't sweaty. They're totally normal hands. But there, they just totally went all damp. I just looked at my mom and took her hand in mine to let her feel. She was like O---o" ... I just shrugged with a face like "OooOo I'm sorry... ^ ^;;"

When the song was about to end, mom shook her head and said "Holy fuck... I swear the temperature in here went up by one or two degrees..." and looked at me with that *tchtch* face... and turned on the air conditioner.

Sheesh... I felt a bit... 恥ずかしい。 *blink* Ehehe... Yeapp, totally in control ^ ^"""

New Baby?

So ... Rosie had talked to me about that yesterday... and today, she came home late (drunk x-x), totally in awe... ahhh her heart taken away already. See...

It looks like we're gonna get a baby.

One of her sons had called her yesterday night, telling her that there was someone whose MainCoon had kittens... they were giving them away. ... Actually, they nagged and nagged she should come with them to take a look at the eight week old babies. And that she did.

She had wanted another male cat... but it looks like we're going to get a female. It's better for her other cats anyway, since she has two males, neeeee...

OoooooooOoo... A black and white female Maine Coon baby *__________*

We'll get her in the middle of October... if she doesn't change her mind (I'm sure she won't. Cause both her sons will get her brothers XDDDD)


I might get a new baaaaabyyyyyy!!!!!! ワーイ♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/ワーイ♪

I mean, I wouldn't feel any need for a soft, plushie, smart, lovable, (possibly) loving little creature if her tomcats weren't lazy old farts. X_x *cough* Naaaaahhhhhhhh *_______* And a Maine Coon at that... ♥

10th-Sep-2008 11:18 pm (UTC)
Omg, new kitty?? (>_<)!!! You have to take pictures when you get her; thats so cute!! I saw a bunch of kitties this weekend for adoption but they didnt like dogs (;_;)
10th-Sep-2008 11:38 pm (UTC)

I so will :3 It's still about a month to go before she comes... if she does... but I definitely will ^_____^ =DD
11th-Sep-2008 06:41 am (UTC)
First: it's not you not controling your body, it's your body controling you! Though I can't say anything, really, because it happend once (only once *sigh*) to me. Not in store thoug^____~

Two: it's so nice that you can listen to jrock in the car, and with your mum nonetheless!

Three: new kitty (o^^o)
11th-Sep-2008 11:04 am (UTC)
Yeah Yeah, Rub it in will ya x_X
Once? Ahahaha... *maniac crylaugh* it happens to me all the time. =____= Not always and every single time, but a LOT. *pouts at the eyepatch*

haha with my mom nonetheless? xD Ohhh darling... she got really into Jrock since December last year. Her favourite band is UnsraW... she's going to concerts with me as well xDDDD So nnnn... so much about tolerant moms xD

=DDDD I do hope sooooooo~~~~
13th-Sep-2008 10:12 am (UTC)
1. The rise of temperature in my car was definitely MORE than just one or two degrees, honey, so pleazzeee don't understate the heatwave that came out of your body!!!!

2. Maine Coone kitty???? aawwwwwww oohhhhhh arrggghhhhhhh
I hope so much that the two OLD LAZY FARTS (quotation!!) won't eat it up!!
And I hope that Madame R. won't make another lazy old fart out of it ...
ENVY ENVY ENVY!!!!!! ... oh, and pooooor Miro ... you will have a new baby ... *sobbing*
13th-Sep-2008 11:52 am (UTC)
1. Ehhh now it's MORE than that? Tch. You said 1 or 2... and anyway, don't you have a thermostat in your car? You could have checked x-x

2. YESSSSSS she's black and white and soooooooo cute!!! *___* But we won't get her before the 31.Oktober (whooo nice date :3) because then she'll be 12 weeks old. And well, Main Coon are much livelier than persians so ... hehe... plus that she's still a kitty so uhoh xDDD
Ah, and Miro will stay my number one baby (when it's about cats that is XD), no question nee~
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