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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Unhinged (Rain) [One Shot] 
15th-Sep-2008 12:32 am
uru drama
Title: Unhinged [Rain]
Author: outori
Rating: NC-17/R
Pairing: Ruki x Uruha [to be honest, I give a damn about the position of either side of the x. As to seme/uke, read and you’ll find out ^^]
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Smut. Not beta-read. Switching in POVs. Smut.
Disclaimer: Not owning anyone in the story, only the story, as usual.
Synopsis: After a night out with Uruha, and noticing his phone died, Ruki gets into a phone-booth to call a cab. Just somehow, he never gets as far as to pick up the receiver.
Author’s notes: As there was no smut in my last upps, I bring you smut no~w. Hehe. [Why does that feel as if I was Santa? ... ho ho? XD] Phone-booth sex, ladies (and gents). I had fun. A lot of fun. And ohhh I'm never gonna look at phone booths the same way again... heheheheh~~~ I hope you'll have as much fun as I had while writing <3 Enjoy~ [about 4000 words]

The vitreous walls around them were fogged, milky, making it impossible to make out what was going on on either side of the glass.

The air was sticky, so sticky, that it was almost substantial, almost tangible. If you stretched out your hand and closed your fist around nothing but air, you would have felt its dampness turn to water on your palms.

And it was warm. Tropically warm despite the heavy, cold rain that kept lashing against the walls.

A deep, rolling, shivering moan broke forth from the small man’s lips, a phone pressing hard and painfully into his back while he tried to both recline his head as much as possible and push it against that pair of lips that had started sucking at his flesh in a way that unhinged his rational thoughts along with his memory of what he had been intending to do, where he was, what time it was, how long he’d been in here and what he had been doing before he’d felt that tall, warm body press against his. The only thing he obviously seemed to remember, was the other man’s name, that now spilled over his quivering lips like a prayer of sin.

A feral growl penetrated his ears, forming the air around them into a word: “U...ruha…”. He groaned and furrowed his brow at realizing that the beastly sound had been his own voice, oddly deepened by the lust dripping from each syllable, and clutched at the taller man’s back.

How had it suddenly gotten so terribly hot? A while ago he’d been freezing outside in the rain, and now, with those plush, warm lips sucking at his neck, he felt everything but cold.

Uruha moaned against his adams’ apple, breathing too hard, too quickly, too hotly, as his hips pressed against Ruki’s and kept him in position. Suddenly, the guitarist’s right hand shoved under the other’s shirt, pushing it upwards, while his teeth scraped up along the already bruised, damp skin, gathering the sweat with his tongue. He knew that his own face and neck were covered with a thin coat of sweat, the warm fluid running down his nape, damping his hair. It drove him crazy. That small man was a hell of a feast, and he couldn’t get enough of it.

He’d already started wanting him half way during there get-together at the nightclub, and since the bit of alcohol they’d consumed, it had only gotten worse. Then, as they had left the place to walk home it had started to rain, having them decide to take a cab - and incidentally and totally convenient for the guitarist, just when Ruki had been about to call one, he’d realized that his phone was dead. The phone booth came in handy, and the way it kept lashing down gave Uruha the proper alibi for not having to stand outside and wait, instead squish inside with the other.

Too much closeness to hold it back. Too much want to even try to. That single drop of rain that had been rolling down the vocalist’s strong and sturdy neck was enough to set him off. As soon as Ruki was about to turn around, rummaging in his pockets for change, Uruha had him pressed against the machine, forcing himself onto him to catch that drop - only to find himself enticed by his taste, his fragrance, his warmth mere seconds later.

He was only mildly surprised when Ruki didn’t event try to fight his intentions. So he’d been right about the stares the vocalist would give him off and on.

Uruha moaned as his tongue ran upwards to Ruki’s chin, his fingers digging into his sides. Once his sleek muscle reached the tip of it, he slowly, slowly retreated it and let his eyes wander over the red, lush lips, the flesh he desired so much, yet, tore his gaze away to slide it further up over the cheeks, the nose, to eyes that were as dilated and black as they could possibly get.

He grinned, tilted his head and licked over those insanely plush, red tires that trembled under the wanton touch. Uruha groaned and retreated his tongue, only to feel the other’s hot breath strike his own lips. All he wanted to do, was crash their lips together and forget the time while melting into each other, however, the one reason that kept him from doing so was the knowledge, that Ruki wanted the same. Instead, he leant in and bit that alluring bottom lip, pulled at it lazily while fixating the other with a fluttering gaze. Then he let go.

Ruki stared down at him, his chest heaving and sagging rapidly, cursing the other inwardly for being so sinfully beautiful, so delicately demanding and absolutely irresistibly seductive. He groaned. Where the heck did Uruha take the liberty to just stop there. Not even the hand under his shirt moved. Ruki groaned and narrowed his eyes to slits, glaring at the man he just couldn’t look through at all, no matter how good he was at observing people. He was aching. Aching for more. Aching for those lips, those teeth, the hands, that soft skin of his… How could the man just stop? Ruki glowered. Was that a smirk around the other’s lips? It better not be.

That was just as much as he could take.

“Ohhh fuck you, you damn tease!”, Ruki erupted, struggling out of his disadvantageous position in a berserk rage, thrusting the guitarist against the opposite wall of the booth with a force that could easily have caused him a broken rib. Uruha groaned from the sudden pain, yet, the vocalist didn’t give him a chance to recuperate, as he pressed his body against the other’s. That should teach him. And no, he wouldn’t stop there. He definitely wouldn’t.

“How can…”, he panted against the guitarists lips, thrusting his hands under the thin, wet shirt without caring that it was buttoned, yet noticing that it was too tight to be pulled up just like that he started to hurriedly unbutton it. His lips pressed on Uruha’s, licking and sucking at them, too quickly to have the guitarist respond. “… you…”, he went on, catching breath with a gasp, forcing the last buttons open and pushing the shirt over Uruha’s frail shoulders, “… fucking just stop, when…”, he groaned at the feel of the soft skin, always wanting more, more, more of that prickling on his own skin and in his intestines. He felt the guitarist move against him, writhing, struggling. The glass was probably like ice in his naked back - not that Ruki cared. Instead, he pressed him the more against the cold material and rubbed his body against Uruha’s, “… you should not, you…”.

The guitarist promptly moved against him, grabbed his loins and urged him closer despite his struggles to get away from the cold wall. Ruki moaned huskily at the feel of their crotches touching, pure fire darting through his veins. His knees were about to give way, shivering, unstable, no, his whole body was overridden by the sudden force of the sensation. “You fucking tease…”, he merely whispered, breathless. Trying to support himself, he pressed his palm against the wall, only to have it slip away on the fogged glass with a squeaking sound.

Uruha chuckled, seeing a chance of overpowering the shorter man in his momentary weakness. “Hah, you’re one to talk”, he railed mockingly, abruptly thrusting the vocalist off him and against the opposite side, pressing close. “You call me a tease?”, he asked, just as breathless as the vocalist, his hands skipping under the black shirt to feel up the warm, smooth skin. “You, who …”, his hands glided up over it while his groin kept Ruki in place, wallowing his slender torso against the other’s, his lips only a straw away from the warm red. Uruha moaned at the feel of the marble skin under his skilled fingers, the man’s scent that started to dizzy him, the heat that inflamed his body. “… You who…”, he repeated, distracted from the heavy panting and struggling of the other, whose hands suddenly were on his naked back, clawing at his skin. “… kept shooting me those looks when...” - Why should he Ruki allowed to keep his shirt on when he was standing there halfway naked? Uruha growled, and with one quick movement, he ripped the clothing upwards, forcing the vocalist to put his arms up as he wrenched it over them and carelessly dropped it. He squished their heated bodies together in a fever, as he wound one arm around Ruki’s shoulder, while his other hand slid up over his arm, pinning it against the glass above them. The sounds that broke forth from those precious lips kept distracting him from talking. “When…”

Ah, fuck talking. There was no point in it anyway.

He felt how the vocalist tried to wriggle his arm out of the iron grip, but Uruha kept it pinned up relentlessly. The more Ruki would try to break from the grasp, the closer would he press against him. He couldn’t control himself, not like this, not when their erections kept throbbing hard against each other. Uruha groaned, then smirked, as he slickly moved his hand from Ruki’s shoulder to grope the piece of hardened flesh in his pants. Ruki moaned and bucked against the teasing hand.

That was enough. He wouldn’t humour any more of this.

He growled, and with a force the guitarist hadn’t expected, he ripped his arm from the tall man’s grasp, hissed and pushed the other off him roughly as he lowered his head and glowered at the surprised beauty.

“Fuck you…”, Ruki hissed between his teeth, “fuck you, you fucking bitch…”, growling and thrusting his body hard against Uruha’s, yet again pushing him against the opposite wall, he stared into the other’s eyes as his face inched in, coming close, dangerously close to the guitarist’s. Ruki’s eyes were flames. Flames that consumed every piece of flesh that was attached to Uruha, and his breath was molten lava that made the skin on the guitarist’s face feel as if it was crumbling up and turning to ash.

Ruki’s hands skidded down Uruha’s flushed flesh, down his chest and stomach, not tending to the inviting, smooth skin, but skipping down, down, grabbing the hem of the other’s jeans to pull at it, coercing their crotches together at the same time as he forced open the tight pants.

Uruha’s eyes fluttered - it was hard for him to keep them open, yet he was too mesmerized by those demonic eyes that just stared him down, the lust contained within them, along a want that he’d been noticing a while ago, actually, for a couple of weeks of practicing and shooting together. Now, as Ruki’s hands pushed his jeans down, he felt himself unable to move. Just a moment ago he’d been the one forcing himself on the other, and suddenly the tide had turned. And there was nothing he could nor wanted to do about it. Uruha’s own eyes sparkled from lust. He grinned at the other, then, noticing his hands had been hanging limply next to his hips, he lifted them to wind around the other’s back, yet his actions were cut off as Ruki’s gaze dropped a notch, releasing Uruha’s eyes as he forced his lips against the guitarist’s tender neck. Uruha moaned and dropped his useless arms while the other dug in.

Ruki was enticed by the scent, the feel, the radiance of the other. He felt just as helpless as Uruha did, only in a different way. It was as if everything about Uruha had him totally hypnotized, manipulated, making him act not in a way he would have done if he’d been conscious of his actions, rather, moving and acting as if he just was a little marionette forced to move by their lusts’ steal-threads. Ruki groaned and bit down into the soft, delicious flesh, feeling how the other’s throat vibrated from a held-back moan, feeling how the slim body trembled against his. That soft motion made him remember what he had been about to do, and finished his deed by pushing Uruha’s pants down his slender, mesmerizing hips.

“Take that… you fucking tease…”, he growled, scraping his hard marble teeth up that slim neck until he reached his earlobe, biting it hard, having the other groan and feebly grasp the skin of his back and his hair, too weak to keep up a firm grip. When Ruki started sucking at the small piece of flesh, sucking and flicking his warm, sleek tongue against it, Uruha could do nothing but whimper and buckle. Ruki leered. He was pretty good as a tease himself - if he continued like that, he’d have the other on his knees in an instant… yet, that wasn’t what he intended.

Instead, he let go off the sweet patch of skin, and went down on his knees before Uruha had realized what was happening. “Uhh…”, came from the reddened lips above him as Ruki snarled up the tall man, gnawing at his lips. He wondered if the other was ready for what he had waiting for him but…

With a quick move, he pushed the last piece of clothing that had kept Uruha in some acceptable state for publicity, down, greeted by the hard and throbbing answer to his question whether the other was ready. Ruki smirked. “Now… how great is that…”, he chuckled.

“Uhhhnn…”, was the only thing Uruha managed to say, trying hard not to just thrust his erection into the vocalist’s face, and between those lush velvet lips that had kept teasing him with their words and actions for far too long already. He was getting impatient. He was very close to just fuck that mouth that was so damn close to his most sensitive skin.

Ruki didn’t waste another second. Uruha’s body was telling him enough. The need and want were as visible about the other as if they’d been written all over his body in neon-colours. With another chuckle, he wound his hands around the back of the leggy guitarist’s thighs to press him closer and keep him in place. The feel of them managed to distract Ruki a moment from his new target, letting his eyes slide from the inviting penis in front of him to the white, smooth skin of his thighs. He couldn’t help but lean down and lick them, slowly. From next to his knee up to his crotch, fighting hard with Uruha’s hips that started bucking against him. “Fuck… Ruki…”, the other groaned, the back of his head bumping against the glass. “Fuck…”

The vocalist let go off yet another chuckle. He reveled in this situation far too much… wanted to go on teasing that tease forever but… his own need and want were too large to be ignored and kept at bay. Thus, with another snicker, he finally wrapped his lips around Uruha’s flaming cock. The immediate reaction was a groan that sent shivers down the vocalist’s back, plus Uruha gripping fistfuls of Ruki’s hair in an attempt to keep himself balanced, hoping the kneeling man wouldn’t go on teasing him now that his need already exceeded the level of barely-bearable.

Yet, what was Ruki’s ultimate intention? He now started with sucking at the head of Uruha’s cock, making his toenails curl up and shots of electricity lash through his veins. Tossed around as to whether he should keep his head pressed against the cold glass to maintain a somewhat stability, or force himself to stare down and watch how those huge lips swallowed him, sucked at him, the tongue curling around his erection like a snake. He honestly didn’t know what to do with himself. Uruha was lost in sensation. Things started to turn in front of his eyes, not able anymore to look away once his gaze had locked with the scene that was going on to his feet, the sweet sucking noises that made his ears buzz and mushed his brain. His face was flushed, his breathing erratic to a point where he didn’t even know whether he was breathing at all. Uruha swallowed hard when Ruki suddenly deep-throated him, sucking hard, his tongue rubbing against his cock in a way that…

“Oh holy fuck, just fucking stop that and FUCK me!”, Uruha burst out, panting, gasping for air, not caring that whatever was surrounding them in that confined room couldn’t really be called ‘air’ anymore.

Ruki didn’t have to be asked twice. His lips and mouth broke away, leaving the guitarist’s hard cock neglected and desperate between their bodies as he skipped back up, forcing his lips against the other’s jaw, gnawing at the sensitized skin. “Nothing rather than that…”, came the half-growled, half-panted answer, while he fumbled with his own pants, not wanting to wait until the dazed guitarist would wake up into a state when he could help him undress in the speed he wanted, at the same time feeding on the sweaty, yet somewhat sweet skin. Too good to be left untouched.

Not even ten seconds passed before Ruki was as naked as Uruha. Their boots and jewelry were the only things they wore except for their skins. Uruha exhaled audibly as Ruki leant back, staring up at the one staring down. Both of them were flushed, both of their breathing heavy and unsettled, both of them looking as if it only needed a word, a look, to set them off and savagely descend on each other.

A rather embarrassing thought started to inevitably form in Uruha’s beautiful head. “Uhhh… Ruki…?” he said in a voice that sounded as if he was just about to utter a secret, chewing on his lip as if was nervous about sharing it.

“Hm?”, Ruki replied, short of breath, not in need for conversations.

“Do you have uh… um… lube?”

Ruki stared at him unmoved, expressionless. He was just an inch away from bluntly telling him that no, he hadn’t, he’d have to do without… he just loved the flustered look about the other. However, he wasn’t that mean. Not today, anyway. So instead, he chuckled a ‘yes, of course’, and went down in his knees to get it.

Uruha sighed a breath of relief. He’d feared Ruki really hadn’t had any… though on the other hand, wasn’t it rather queer that he would carry a tube of lube with him? Uruha wrinkled his brow. No… he probably shouldn’t start thinking about that now. Instead he turned his head to see what Ruki was doing, locating the man on the floor, rummaging in the bag he’d tossed carelessly under the phone when he’d first gotten inside the booth. Uruha turned his head away, finding it hard to keep his head in that position. It just felt so damn heavy. He shuddered lightly as the cold on his shoulders became noticeable rather painfully. The guitarist shifted while he heard Ruki get up and plop something open. As long as he was pressed against the hostile material, he’d try to be in as little contact with it as possible. Which wasn’t much but… The smacking sound of something being lubricated with grease brought his attention back to his current situation.

“Alright.”, Ruki stated and added a quick, low and husky “Turn around.” before Uruha could reply, grabbed the guitarists shoulder without further warning, and whirled him around, this time slamming him with his chest against the wall. Uruha’s little moans and whimpers were turning Ruki on too much as that he would try and be gentler in his actions, and the fact that the leggy man loved it all just as much as he tried in vain to not show it, made it all even better. Ruki chuckled low, with a hint of evil, as he pressed his front against Uruha’s back, and glided his hand down the curved cheeks of his bottom, and between his legs, forcing the other to part them - which he instantly complied to. Just a second later, Ruki slid his hand between the other’s buttocks and quickly found his entrance.

Uruha moaned and pressed the palms of his hands against the glass, pushing back into Ruki as he shoved his lubricated finger up and inside him to slacken him, while he pressed kisses on the high shoulders, biting them every time he wanted the guitarist to moan louder. “Mmmm”, the vocalist droned in his silky voice, “I love your moans…”, he panted, pressing his forehead against the other’s back now, moaning from the feel of the tight hole around his finger. He wanted Uruha now, he didn’t want to have to wait even longer, now that he got closer and closer to his ideal, closer to the realization of his dreams, every part of his body throbbing and screaming in need.

When the other’s squirms and buckles intensified, Ruki saw his golden ticket tangibly near, pulled his finger out, grabbed his aching length and did what he’d been wanting to do ever since they’d started with this sin, being pushing it up the other’s warm, tight, welcoming and dizzying hole… and once he felt that the other got accustomed to his feel, he started thrusting.

Uruha almost screamed at the feel of Ruki’s cock between his legs. The sensation was more than he’d imagined, overwhelming, tousling his self, his body, his soul, his everything. It was as if Ruki now was wrapped around him entirely, even though in reality, the man only pressed against his back and into him, his hands grasping Uruha’s loins tightly as he groaned, thrust, bit, kissed, scratched and snapped. Yet, Uruha felt as if the vocalist was everywhere, drenching him, filling him, becoming him… He groaned as Ruki advanced briskly, gaining speed and intensity, while Uruha hit the glass with his flat palm, parting his legs even more as he gave himself over completely to the other. Uruha had no idea how the short man managed... but he managed well. Maybe he himself had bent down in his knees - he didn't know. Reality seemed to get caught in a vortex of lust. His neglected erection was too close to the cold glass, it ached, throbbed, hurt, wanting to be released, yet the cold painfully repressed it.

“Oh Gods…”, he murmured against the glass, losing another part of his consciousness, another part of his sanity, his mind fogged, yet on some level sharp as the glass in front of him seemed to be, were it to splinter. His ears buzzed, his blood sang, his voice rendered homage to the every single way of the man that was Ruki. Uruha had had his eyes closed most of the time ever since the other had started thrusting into him, however now he opened them, slowly, lazily, staring at his blurred reflection. His hot breath hitting the surface intensified the thick haze, while his head occasionally bumping against it would smear the fogged parts and make him able to stare into his own, dilated eyes. The hands that he kept pressed against the glass would start sliding every now and then when the mist turned into water, and he had to find another place to press them against. He wondered why the two of them had gone so far, taken it so far, so abruptly, so unexpectedly and overcoming… staring through the glass without seeing beyond it, he asked himself how many of the couple of people that rushed through the rain, were actually able to see them… if people were able to see them at all, if their gazes would penetrate the clouded glass. He didn’t know. And he didn’t care.

All he cared about was the moments that kept overlapping, lining up, melting into another… until the point when everything seemed to stand still yet move with incredible speed, the point when he felt Ruki’s muscles tense up, felt him thrust harder, faster, erratic, heard him howl just before he locked his teeth around an already bruised patch of skin and bit down as hard as he could, making Uruha scream out in sweetest pain while coming hard inside of him, spilling his seeds, groaning, pulling out of him and wrapping his arms over Uruha’s shoulder and chest, pulling him back from the glass and causing him to come, adding his own seed to the cold fog as he groaned and pushed back against the other.

A second passed in complete silence, then another one, or maybe two, maybe three, while they stood pressed against each other in the middle of the tiny cell, doing nothing but breathe. None of them dared to move just as much as an inch. The feel of the moment was perfect. Their bodies crushed together, wound around each other as much as possible without falling over, their chests moving spasmodically, their voices a choir of soft moans and sighs. It was the most sinful bliss they had ever given in to.

That moment passed, and when Uruha felt it was okay to widen their distance, he moved in Ruki’s grasp and turned his head, trying to look at the other from over his shoulder. Ruki smiled and loosened his grip as he felt him move, and slid his hands over the guitarist’s shoulders and arms to wind around his stomach to hold him loosely.

Uruha turned a bit more, until Ruki met his gaze with his own, with a look that warmed Uruha’s heart at the same time as it made it beat faster, making him turn around completely and lean down, just as Ruki leant up. Their lips met, softly, starting to innocently move against another. Yet, in spite of their gentleness, the sweet motion sent electrifying shocks through their bodies that made their skins tingle. It made Uruha smile against Ruki’s warm lips, who smiled in return with eyes that told him of a happiness beyond comprehension’s reach, before the guitarist closed his eyes, wound his arms around the naked, short man, and kissed him.

For as long as that ephemerally perpetual moment would be granted to last.

I really felt like supplying my want to describe every move and turn of that kiss, yet... I thought that somehow... you'd all be able to imagine it yourself... so I decided to leave you that freedom.

So yay~ I actually made it to completely finish another fic! ウワーワー(0∀0)/~∞☆

Nyaaarrr ~ Comments are LOVE ♥

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14th-Sep-2008 11:08 pm (UTC)
*a tiny whimper* Perfection.....
14th-Sep-2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Awwww <33 I love you hahaha ^_____^
Glad you ... li~ked it hehe
14th-Sep-2008 11:53 pm (UTC)

i like~

lol side story... i was listening to this song by takeshi the chopper while reading this. it's all beats and music. when i read to the part where uruha screamed at ruki bit him >.> .... there was actually a scream in the song too.... so .... that was intense <3

thanks for writing ;D
15th-Sep-2008 12:00 am (UTC)
*laughs* Listening to music when reading/writing fics is great. Gives it some spice and underlines, ne. ... That was quite awesome :3

You're welcome... And thanks.
And, your icon is great xD
14th-Sep-2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
Second isn't so bad. Atleast I hope I'm second xDD
Lurker-Sama's hurr~

Is it safe to ay that I LOVE YOU? 8DDDD

“Mmmm”, the vocalist droned in his silky voice, “I love your moans…”
Like seriously. I DIED. *3*
and the setting you chose...♥ 8DD

I love yer writing so damn much<3333333
..and I had to turn the fan on halfway though the fic xDD
Gawd. It was IS so incredibely hot I'll read it again.
15th-Sep-2008 12:04 am (UTC)
*laughs* Ohhh well, third to comment, but that's still copper ... hehehehe... Though your comment was rather great.. you should get gold, too xD

*gasp* You're a lurker? *doublegasp*

Haha... oh yes, it's safe... just say it ;33

I loved that setting x3 So far I've not ready anything the like, and I love finding new things so that was... a tiny accomplishment hehe.

Omgs thank you <33 (at least you had a fan....) Thank you thank you! ♥ =D
15th-Sep-2008 12:21 am (UTC)
Holy...shit! This was the hottest thing I've ever read. So freaking intense. I didn't know who was going to be on top. First Uruha was dominant then Ruki, then Uruha, then Ruki....I was like O_o! And the fact that they did all of this in a public phone booth! Zomg....If I was walking by and saw something like that I'd hide behind a tree whip out a recording device and record that shiz! XD

This was an awesome fic and I like your writing style. Thanks. =]
15th-Sep-2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Haha.. Oh damn, your comments make my night :3 Thank you so much for that one, I loved it. ^___^
Ahh I tend to write intense... it's the way I like things ^,~ So do check out my other fics if you like neee. (link to my archive is at the bottom of the fic ^,^)
Hahahah... oh yes... recording... or at least, watching :3... Voyeurs...

Thank you so much =DDD
15th-Sep-2008 12:51 am (UTC)
I was supposed to be going to bed but then I read the first few lines and had to keep going. Now my brain is a puddle of goo O_o
That has to be the most smuttiest smut I've read in a while and, even better, it is superbly written...mmmm...well done my dear!
15th-Sep-2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Uh oh... I know that situation xDDD In the end I'm both like "uhh yeah babe that was great" and "uhh shit, I should have gone to bed long time ago and uhhh anyway".. xD
*laughs* Puddle of goo... mrrrrrr nice ~ :3
Aww why, thank you... lovelove compliments like these... *bright smile* thank youuuuuu! =DD ♥
15th-Sep-2008 12:53 am (UTC)
Uuuuui. I was so aching to read another of your excellent fics.
And...Wow. You thrilled me. As always.

I can go to bed happy now...And try to be optimistic for tomorrow. (School starts and I feel like crap x__x)

Thanks for shating this ♥
15th-Sep-2008 01:16 am (UTC)
*blinks* Ui, aching? ♥ You flatter me... (as always)

My fan
Makes me be able go to bed with a happy sigh... *laughs* Just like you.
I'm glad I could make you feel a bit better about things... Hope it won't be so terrible x-x'

You're very welcome neeeee~~ Sleep tight. ^___^
15th-Sep-2008 02:47 am (UTC)
that was awwsome *___*
(bad commenter :3)
oh! and srry for the random qestion but, in your banner thingy, is that reita? with the blind fold? excuse my dumb-ness D:
15th-Sep-2008 11:53 am (UTC)
Hahah thank you ^_____^

No, it's Mao (SID). ^//^
15th-Sep-2008 04:31 am (UTC)
not a fan of the pairing but..lovely smut 8D
very descriptive, and the ending kiss was so sweet.
still couldnt really imagine the dynamics though since ruki's crotch level would be uruha's thighs while standing xDDD *offers him a small ladder*
15th-Sep-2008 11:55 am (UTC)
Hahaha thanks :3
Ah yes, the dynamics can get problematic when it involves short vocalists *laughs* Maybe everything about him grows in ...certain situations? XD
Hehe. I'm sure he accepted that gift of heaven, being your small ladder XD
15th-Sep-2008 05:10 am (UTC)
omfg...... you amazing piece of ass.
15th-Sep-2008 11:58 am (UTC)
*laughs* Why... thank you xDDD

You made me laugh~ ♥
15th-Sep-2008 07:59 am (UTC) - holy...fucking...shit...-dies-
nao: why did you do that?! why?! now she's fucking ruki! uwa! i hate you i hate you i hate you--! DX
-pushes nao away-
ignore that little..guy.. -laughs-
i fucking love you for writing this.
the domination was confusing...but in the end..my hubby won -grins-
and----lemme say this. i would do anything to be urukun in this situation! i mean ANYTHING. well actually....almost anything .__.

15th-Sep-2008 12:07 pm (UTC) - Re: holy...fucking...shit...-dies-
*laughs and ignores 'that 'little...guy'*Hmmhmm... I know he doesn't really hate me...
*smiles* Thank you ~ Hope it did make your night a bit more enjoyable after all.
It's not so much about winning or losing, ne. ^_^
Almost, hm? ^ ^

... *beam* *covered with a huge white heart* :3

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15th-Sep-2008 11:17 pm (UTC)
oh... wonderful *no other words*
16th-Sep-2008 12:34 am (UTC)
And it's a wonderful word at that

<3 Thank you ^______^
16th-Sep-2008 01:01 am (UTC)
holy shit *dies*
your fics makes me imagine them right there in front of me
I love you *licks*
pure perfection
I give it a million thumbs up ^__^
16th-Sep-2008 01:04 am (UTC)
Nyaaa thank you so much <33
(I love your icon... just had to say it again)

... Hehe, I'm like beaming with a faint blush on my cheeks haha.
*sways* Thank you again~ Glad you liked it. ^,~
(Deleted comment)
16th-Sep-2008 11:48 am (UTC)
If my heart had wings, they would flap now.

Thank you.
(Deleted comment)
16th-Sep-2008 03:33 am (UTC)
this fic took away my energy *sighs* sp beautiful u///u
16th-Sep-2008 11:58 am (UTC)
Awww... Thank you so much...
It drained you? That's interesting. Fics usually energize me ^_^ (unless it's a destructive one ne)

Thanks again for your comment ♡
16th-Sep-2008 12:08 pm (UTC)

Oh my dear lord. That may have been one of the best things I have ever read. Going straight into my mems XD

Ah, fuck talking. There was no point in it anyway.
That line was epic win XDD

GAH i would write a longer comment, since this really deserves it, but you have rendered me utterly incoherent, thank you very much.

16th-Sep-2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
Awwww... Damn. Thank you so much for your comment... and the mems *laughs* You can check out my other fics if you like, ne. ^,^ I posted the link to my somewhat archive at the end of this one ne~

*laughs* You liked that line? Hehehe... It's true though, isn't it XD~

Your comment was lovely already the way it was :3 but thank you thank you =D ... I have the feeling I find (a lot of) pleasure in rendering people utterly incoherent ... Hehe ... You're welcome. And thank you ^___^

♥ Another comment that made my day *^_______^*
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