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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
(Short) Notice about possible absence 
16th-Sep-2008 07:01 pm
mao distorted







Ahem. Yes. Well.

Just umm... ehe. ^ ^" Wanted to say にゃん先輩のしっくりな雅言でthat um.


Fucking Internet 野郎s once again greeted me with utterly incoherent staff members, something I really dislike. *polite smile*

I know my babylaptop very well 馬鹿野郎, additionally, your company is so very incompatible of keeping up a proper line in the middle of the city that I have already been in contact with your dear colleagues frequently, and I dare say I even know what helps and what definitely does not help bringing the line back to working.

*politer smile*

So there really is no use in telling me...

"Please click the apple symbol in the top left corner of your screen. Then go down to "System Preferences". Once that opened, please click..."

... with your hamburger-like face.

It's utterly unnecessary, you obviously reading out from a manual how to tell your costumer in a robot-like voice how to set up a new network.

ハンバーガー野郎。If I had wanted to, I could have set up a new network within seconds, yes, I happen to know my babylaptop.

If that had helped. *politest smile*

However, I happen to know that anything to do with my network preferences is neither the cause of the disfunction in my internet connection, nor is it of any help to set up a new one.

Thank you for your incompetence and not admitting you simply can't do your job as well as others could do it, instead telling me the 'problem' will go over to another section of the department and I best remain waiting for their call.



Haaaaaaa I love how I can be all smiley when I really dislike someone. Just look in my eyes and you'll meet the iciest fire you've ever seen. ^______^

So, internet has started to behave like a bitch again...

Just in case I'm not there... That will probably be the reason.

Right now it's working again but

Today noon was when it all started to buck, and then I got it back again irregularly and for short periods of time, until it totally stopped working for a couple of hours.

So no idea how long it'll stay this time.



あはーん!  ヨガフレーム!w(>ω< o))
16th-Sep-2008 06:11 pm (UTC)


I want you to stay here.....online. ;____;
16th-Sep-2008 06:51 pm (UTC)

A much nicer and more competent 野郎 called me up just now heehee... It was like... "Ohhh ich sehe, Sie sind schon wieder online..."
"Yoah... aber warten Sie mal..." (cause I was online via Airport, somehow gekoppelt with ppoe, so I wanted to check whether LAN actually worked again, cause THAT was the one striking, ne, and the one I always use ne)
me: "... ich bin hier nur grad am was tun..."
yatsu: "*lach* Na das ist aber mal ne nette Art was gerade am tun zu sein sein. *lach* .... Ich hoffe, nichts illegales..." [x33333 I practically could hear him say 'kawaii' instead of 'nett' XDDD]
me: "nyaaa... hehe... nee... ich bin nur grad am blog uppen... *hehe*"
yatsu: *hehe* *wart*
me: "ich mach ja nix illegales... xD"
yatsu: Hehe... na, war ja nur spa~ss.
me: henhen.. Nyaaa... ich schreib wo ma von illegalem un so aber *cackle*
yatsu: *lach*

yatsu: was ham Sie denn fuer ein Betriebssystem?
me: Macccccc :3
yatsu: Ach du... *lach* na damit kenn ich mich ja soooowas von aus... [hey, WOAH, he admitted it ♥]
me: *lach* Hihi.. nyaa macht gar nix. *laptop streichel und denk 'aba isch tus heheeh'* Da ham auch scho leute gemeint dass das irgendwas damit zu tun hat, und so weiter, aber das hat halt gaaar nichts mitm mac zu tun.
yatsu: Neee, klar, das kann damit auch nix zu tun haben [^5s]
me: *hehehe* Yoah... *rumklick um wlan abzukappen und wieder zu versuchen ueber LAN reinzukommen* Hat ma auch schon versucht, neues Netzwerk zu machen eteze, aber das bringt halt gaaar nichts.
yatsu: *hoerbar nick* Hm, ja... daran kanns ja echt nicht liegen.

So I cut off my wlan connection and tried getting back in with LAN, but noouuu didn't work... so I kept running back between my laptop and the router to see which lamps were still on. In the meantime, I had no internet again ne.

yatsu: Hmmm ich seh Sie hier aber noch online...
me: Na... ich hab grad gekappt... aber kann ja sein dass Sie's noch sehen
yatsu: Ja, kann sein... ist ja immer son bisschen verzoegert...
me: Yoah... Hmm.. ne aber das leuchtet net.
yatsu: *gruebel* Hmmmm ...
me: Yoah... seltsam. *wieder zu compy renn* .. Neee.. geht net... .. ummm oder?
yatsu: bekommen Sie ne Seite aufgebaut?
me: Yepp yepp, krieg ich. *wieder zu router renn* ... is aber komisch, is immer noch aus... und *zu lappy renn* bei mir steht das auch net angezeigt dass ich verbunden bin.. oO"
yatsu:... hmmm komisch...
me: Yoah heut is irgendwie alles komisch hehe XD

... xDDDD *squeak*

War ganz lustisch keheehhehe... well, in the end I got it back... no idea how and why, but wheee it's back again... for... a while at least XDD

And I'll be online in a bit, just makin' the foods <3

▢ ユー!

Edited at 2008-09-16 06:56 pm (UTC)
16th-Sep-2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
Aww that is funny. *hehehe*

But great it's working again, ne.

口 ユ back again.....and again...... and again..................
16th-Sep-2008 09:08 pm (UTC)


。。。「くち」って?口で?XD *rrrrrr*
16th-Sep-2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
You really know hat I mean. ^-^
16th-Sep-2008 11:49 pm (UTC)
Hai. But you used 'kuchi', ne? ^ ^
... Kuchi you?

hahahaha, that one isn't bad either... Though the other one is slightly better hehe <3333
16th-Sep-2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
Well I just used the kanji as a symbol, ne.
17th-Sep-2008 12:16 am (UTC)
I knoowwwwww neee... 凹 xD ... waaaah Japanese is great :3
16th-Sep-2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
Why do I know it so well... Internet... Computer...

16th-Sep-2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Oh yes oh yes, well it's not my babyyylapptoopppsss sei, ne, it's the ハンバーガー野郎ホットライン はいそうです。><

...Nice way of dying though <3
17th-Sep-2008 10:28 am (UTC)
I'm not even having internet atm XD ... well, when I'm at my girl's, yeah *g*

[It looks funny. I can't see any of the japanese on Alina's laptop Oô XDDD so I can't even make out names and such *grml* *g*]
17th-Sep-2008 10:45 am (UTC)
well, there still is that huge difference in 'not having internet' and 'supposedly having a contract and having the right to come online' nee~ xD

You should make her install the Asian language kit that comes with the startpaket hehe.
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