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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Who am I? Hmmm~ 
5th-Oct-2007 11:43 pm
mao distorted

Interesting (^人^)

Which member of Alice Nine are you?

I'm Tora. You are rather calm and sometimes you seem cold and uncaring to the rest of the world. You are just not the type of person who likes to show off their feelings.
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*shrug* I don't... mind that, hehehehe. Not at all.

And of course I'm in the mood for moar mao, hahaha...

Which JRock band are you most like?
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And I surely liked that one mehehehe~:

Which JRock Whore are you?

You Are Uruha, guitarist of the GazettE. Yeah, you're a whore. Do you mean to be? Yes. You have a nice body. You know you do. But, you're still a little insecure about it. You have a tough time being in front of people you know, but friends know what a whore you really are inside. But, in front of strangers, to be yourself, you're usually drunk. Also, you have awesome fashion taste :DCongratulations, you're a shy whore.
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Butt of course XD

Who is your JRock pet?

Your pet is Toshiya from Dir en Grey! You got the feminine bassist of Dir en Grey. Also believed to be quite perverted, you've got yourself in a smexi mess of doom!! Take care of Totchi and he will definately be worth it!Rate and Message!
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Which Member Of The GazettE Is Your Soulmate?

YOU GOT AOI! Aoi is actually the oldest of the group, but you wouldnt believe it by the way he acts. When someone sets him off he gets angry really quickly but overall he's a really gentle and loving character, the big brother of the group and a real hyper person on occasions. Who could not love this guy?
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Which Gazette Hottie is your Lover?

YOU GOT AOI! You two met at a convienant (sp) store and you were buying LOTS of Momiji Monju (maple buns) Aoi's favorite! he told you you had great taste and you noticed his belly button ring. You told him how cool that was and he asked you if you wanted to see the rest of his peircings, over dinner at his place and you accept. Be good to him, he's a great guy! You might not notice how much he likes you at first, and be careful, he gets very angry very quick, but probably not at you. He is verrrrrry hyper and a total SPAZZ, so you have to have a LOT of patience, but its worth it in the end ; ]
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Hahaha... Ummm... Show me... more of his piercings? Hm. *thinks* ... ... I ... like it. It's very blunt. I like it. It was the first quiz where I actually got him straight away, haha. I like that fact. I think it even was that quiz where it said that only 9% of all people had gotten that result. Hehe. You're destined to be my babe, yeah.

Gazette and you! Find out who/which one would like you

Aoi would have fun with you. Playing guitar and eating noodles and getting into trouble. He's so cute! He likes being funny but he's also very adult-like...yeah right! HE just wants to live a fun life.
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Ha. Again, my first result. (=⌒▽⌒=)

I think I should stop now. Hahaha... it's addicting... but keeps repeating itself after awhile. Mrm. [not that I mind to repeat things with Aoi but... hehe]

5th-Oct-2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yay for quizzes!!!! Now Im going to have to do these too!! Hahaha!!
5th-Oct-2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... I'm still at them... [more to be added XD]
6th-Oct-2007 03:38 am (UTC)
LOL! I see so many Aoi's. XD LOL! I'm going to try this and post stuff later..
7th-Oct-2007 12:19 am (UTC)
Haha... tried yet? XD

Yeah... I personally liked the fact I got so much Aoi... *sigh* Or maybe I didn't exactly like it... It just... well does it want to tell me something? Something I already know anyway maybe?
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