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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
17th-Oct-2008 12:44 pm
mao cry
It's getting better なのか

At College


My first grammar lesson in 3 terms in college... not that I didn't want to attend the others, I would have needed to do so at least in my second term to get the correct answers on the grammar questions in the exam... my schedule just didn't allow me to attend.

So there I was... and the teacher is great. ^ ^ He's very amiable and more on our, the students, level than any other. I diligently scribbled down everything he said during the 'quick repetition' of last term.

そのあと、new grammar。読練習/翻訳練習。

I love the way he has every possible kanji and the most natural way of forming a sentence on his practice sheets. Not everybody might understand, but that's the perfect way of learning. ... So we had to read and try to translate the sentences intent on the grammatical structures. I grinned innerly when I saw my sentence coming up... or well, I hoped it would be mine, since he was taking one student after the other as we were sitting... unless they wanted to skip. Wanted it because I could feel people around me cringe a bit... >3

Him: "So... the next sentence... *moving his hand into my direction, sympathetic look* ... just try, if you can, it's words you guys don't really know yet I think and -"

Me: *grinning, not even letting him finish, fluently* 嵐のあとには凪が来る。After the storm there comes the calm."

Him: ... Uh, yes. =D Splendid!

Others: o----O

Me: *broad smirk* *conversational* Yeah... it's more the other way around, here, ne.

Him: *nodnod* Yeahhh... The stillness before the storm ..."

Me: *nodnod*

I tend to be one who doesn't say much in a class. But when I raise my hand, I do it for things that I have the feeling that others might not know... Or when just no one opens their mouth. I find that annoying in Japanese, since I want to get the classes on, ne.

When class ended, I waited for my friend Dani outside. She complained XDD "EY what was that about, you striver! >_< Totally geeking around here ehh? ... First that red dragonfly thing, and now that...... [In a different lecture, about children and folksongs, we were about to discuss the song 赤とんぼ, and the prof asked around if anyone might know what that means... it's not exactly standard vocabulary, but I do, ne, so guess whose hand was up in the air ... and whose squinting gazes rested on whom... hai~]"

Me: *grin*

Other friend: Hehe yeeaaah... totally yoouuuu... I first didn't even see you, and when that sentence came up I was like ehhhh... and then you started talking like lalala, so ... >_>

Dani: Yeah... Voll der Streber :3

Me: X33333 *trying to not smugsmile too much* Ahhh well... nooo... it's just.. things you know, phrases like that.. *shifty eyes*

Dani: *rolling eyes playfully* Oohhh of COURSE, one just KNOWS these things...

Me: >3< Yepp. One just... knows xD~


On the Way Home

I stopped by a shop to buy bread and cream cheese... arriving there just as they put the fresh pretzel sticks (yuck... those things are called LAUGENSTANGE, not pretzel sticks for crying out loud x-x) from the oven into where you get them from... So I quickly grabbed three, almost burning hot, lovely scenting Laugenstangen... and the bread I always get, which also was a bit warm still.

So I walked back home from there, starting to eat at one of the really warm ones... Sunny autumn day, about no wind... crystal clear air...

And for the first time ever since I put it on my iPod, 「モノクロのキス」 came on.

So with that... I walked home with a huge smile, swaying a bit with the music, walking with the beat... greeting the neighbour in the 3rd floor from the plaza, he who always has his window open ... and at times, leans over it to look around. For a while now I always wave, grin and wish him a good day, when I pass under his window. Same today.

... モノクロのキス ... first time.

And when I got inside... putting down my things, the bread...

There was something there.

Gentle Lie came on next.


Today in the morning I estimated when it might arrive the earliest - I said, next Monday.

... 違った。

I saw it and started crying. [I actually went down on my knees]  くすん ( ノω-、)

And, 「涙の温度」was next.

That package is huge...


So yeah. I'm going to unwrap it now. このやつが背中の後ろで。


And I know what I'll be doing tonight, after work.

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